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The cartography hobby that started it all: the SoT Companion Map!
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Not all knowledge can be charted on a map. So, the bulk of this website is devoted to the written word.

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Aye! Sometimes we add videos to the articles, and we feature a select few on this home page, but you can always find them all here:
The Rare Thief YouTube Channel

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Community Day

Season Eight Community Day is upon us!

On February 11th, set sail to earn extra Gold, Renown, and even Allegiance!

In addition, the extremely rare Ebon Flintlock Pistol and Celestial Steed Sails are returning for those pirates who enjoy extra-curricular activities and watch their favorite Sea of Thieves streamer!

Sea of Thieves Season 5

Buried Treasures

Sea of Thieves, Season 4

The Sunken Kingdom

A Pirate's Life

Here you’ll find the complete guides for every Tall Tale—every step and every commendation for getting the most out of every Tall Tale! Aye, but we’re not done.

We want these to be more than informational guides. We want these to be a true companion to your in-game experience, drawing you deeper into the magic of these worlds!

Aye, we’ll be adding more images and infographics. We’ll be polishing the organization and the language. But, more than that, we’ll continue adding little details, tips, and insights for as long as there are more to discover!

Ah, and we plan to do so much more!

A Pirate's Life—Tall Tale Guides