Sea of Thieves Rare Thief Shroudbreaker Guide

Sea of Thieves – The Shroudbreaker Tall Tale Guide

The Shroudbreaker Tall Tale is the first tale in the Shores of Gold storyline. 

If you have already completed The Shroudbreaker and are looking to do other Tall Tales, head on over to the list of all our Tall Tale Guides. If you are looking for journals, click here for a guide to all journal locations.

If this is your first sail through the Shores of Gold Tall Tales, then you are in the right spot!

for those trying to solve the Tall Tale themselves
This Guide Contains Spoilers!

Here we’ve created a guide to help you through your first adventure to reach the Shores of Gold! You might take a look at your interactive Sea of Thieves companion map, too! There’s an entirely new series of markers specifically for the Shroudbreaker Tall Tale to help you chart your course.

Shroudbreaker Marker Series for Rare Thief SoT Companion Map

You can find the web version of the interactive SoT companion map here.

If you’d like to use the interactive map on your phone or tablet, you can always use the SoT Companion app.

Rare Thief Sea of Thieves Interactive Map Shroudbreaker iPhone and Android App
Apple Pirates Click Here
Android Pirates Click Here

The Shroudbreaker Tall Tale: Step by Step

Step 1 – Starting the Shroudbreaker Tall Tale

Perhaps because it’s the first tale, you can start your adventure as soon as you arrive in the Sea of Thieves—no matter which outpost tavern you wake up in.

Approach the mysterious stranger in the tavern. There will be a curious new book on your right. This is Shroudbreaker Tall Tale’s book.

Using the prompt on the book, vote for this tall tale. Once you and your crew have voted, the Tall Tale will be activated and the book will be added to your Map Radial.

Sea of Thieves Shroudbreaker Start Mysterious Stranger

Don’t set sail just yet! The Mysterious Stranger has a few words for you—foretelling the dangerous and epic journey you are about to begin. He also mentions a Shroudbreaker artifact. That is what you are after! You will need the Shroudbreaker to make your way to the Shores of Gold!

Now that you’ve heard what the Mysterious Stranger has to say. Go to your Map Radial and select your newly acquired Tall Tale book. These are the notes from the Pirate Lord himself!

Out of context, these notes might seem a bit disjointed. However, within the Pirate Lord’s notes, you can piece together the challenge before you:

Your ultimate goal is to retrieve the Shroudbreaker. The Shroudbreaker is hidden in an Ancient Vault. To access that Ancient Vault, you’ll need a Totem. The Totem is locked in the Ancient Chest. To find the Ancient Chest, you’ll need to check the Ship’s Log. So, we begin by finding the Ship’s Log.


Step 2 – Find the Magpie’s Wing Ship’s Log

In the early pages of the book, you learn that the Ship’s Log went down with the Pirate Lord’s ship—Magpie’s Wing. Chased by a fearsome ship called, “The Burning Blade,” Magpie’s Wing made its final stand at an uncharted island between The Crooked Masts and Crook’s Hollow. 

If you are familiar with the uncharted islands in Sea of Thieves, you will know that the book is referring to the uncharted island located at N13. Go to your map table, place a marker in the coordinates N13 and start your journey!

Once your ship is nearing N13, look for a small island with a bright red plant in the middle. This is the uncharted island you seek.

Sea of Thieves Uncharted Island N13

Dive below the water on the North West side of the uncharted island. You will see the shipwreck of the Magpie’s Wing. Where’s the Ship’s Log? It’s just where you might expect: the captain’s quarters.

Swim on over to the shipwrecked captain’s quarters, pick up the Ship’s Log, and the Ship’s Log pages will be added to your Shroudbreaker Tall Tale book.

Sea of Thieves Magpie's Wing Ship's Log

Finding the ship’s log will also unlock the The Lost Voyage commendation.


Step 3 – Locate the Ancient Chest

The Ship’s Log that was added to your tale book will lead you to the location of the Ancient Chest—eventually. The Ship’s Log documents the fateful chase before the Magpie’s Wing met its end. For it was during this chase—with the “Burning Blade” in pursuit—that the Pirate Lord dropped the chest overboard in an attempt to prevent its capture.

In this manner, the log will give you a starting island and then compass directions and island descriptions to guide you to the chest’s resting place.

You’ll likely want a map nearby—either the map table on your ship, or the interactive map. This will help you determine which unnamed islands are discussed in the log, and follow the route the Magpie’s Wing took to evade the “Burning Blade.”


Helpful Hints to find the Ancient Chest

While we cannot be sure how many routes there might be, we can provide a few helpful hints that may illuminate your path.

Which island?

If the log describes a chain of islands or a clump of islands, it is very likely referring to Snake Island.

If you read about a fortified island, the log is talking about a fort.

A large tangled nest of islands has been known to be Shark Bait Cove.

A large island with tall arches has indicated Thieves’ Haven.

Small shallow isles has described Old Salts Atoll.

These descriptions should help you locate which island the crew dumped the chest off at.

The Ancient Chest is often found at Paradise Spring. However, it has also been found at Snake Island, Devil’s Ridge, Lookout Point, Chicken Isle, Fools Lagoon, and Cutlass Cay.

Where on the island?

Note the side of the island on which the crew dropped the chest, too! The log might be quite direct and tell you the side by specifically stating North or South.

If no compass direction is given, you’ll likely still get a hint. If the word top is mentioned, it’s on the North side. If the word bottom is mentioned, check the South side.

Once you know the side of the island, it’s time to go for a swim! It likely won’t be too far. You’ll want to look for the glint of the chest about 20-30 feet from the shore.

Take the Ancient Chest aboard your ship and open it up. Inside you will find more pages to add to your tale book, as well as the Totem!

There are six possible totems you might find, and each Totem acts as a key to a vault on a specific island. The pages added to your book will give you a hint as to which island corresponds with the Totem you’ve found. If the hint is not enough… 

Boar Totem – Devil’s Ridge

Crab Totem – Uncharted Island at N13

Moon Totem – Crescent Isle

Scarab Totem – Crook’s Hollow

Snake Totem – Mermaid’s Hideaway

Shark Totem – Kraken’s Fall

Find your Totem’s island on your map, and set sail!


Step 4 – Locate the Ancient Vault

The six islands mentioned above now have secret Ancient Vaults hidden within them. They can only be opened by placing the corresponding Totem in the lock to the Ancient Vault door.

Upon unlocking an Ancient Vault, you will also unlock the Vault of the Ancients commendation.

For many pirates,
finding where to place this totem is the trickiest bit.

Here is where the interactive SoT companion map might really come in handy. Each vault is marked on the map, and you can get your bearings zooming in and out to your heart’s content.  

However, the descriptions and pictures below might just be enough for you to stumble upon the right path.


Helpful Hints to find the Totem “Locks”

First, it helps to know what this “lock” looks like. It does not look like the typical image your mind might conjure when you think of a “lock.” Rather, it’s a small flat-topped rock, etched with a small square—about the size of your Totem’s base.

N13 Ancient Vault Lock

If you are struggling to find this “lock,” try holding the Totem. Walk around the vault’s general vicinity and hold the Totem out toward nearby rocks. When you see a prompt to unlock, you will know you’ve found it.


Ancient Vault on Devil’s Ridge

Happily, this is a rather easy find. The Ancient Vault is located on the southeast beach. Look for the boar head rock paintings. The Totem’s lock is just off to the lefthand side.


Ancient Vault on the Uncharted Island at N13

This Ancient Vault is quite well hidden. You’ll need to swim to it! Remember the red plant discussed above? It’s on the West side of the island.

Dive underwater next to that red plant and you should see an underwater tunnel. Follow it. When you surface, you’ll find yourself in an underwater cave.

Once you’re in the cave, look around for a workbench. Behind that workbench—on the back wall—is where you’ll need to place your Crab Totem.

Uncharted Island N13 Ancient Vault

Ancient Vault on Crescent Isle

Crescent Isle has a hollowed and hallowed center, leading to ground level caves to the north and to the south. The ancient vault location is in the northern cave.

So, if you enter into the island’s center archway from the east, you’ll turn right to enter the northern cave. Once in the cave, turn to the right yet again (facing east). There you will find where you must place your Moon Totem.


Ancient Vault on Crook’s Hollow

Locating this Ancient Vault is made easier by its proximity to the island’s most identifiable feature: the waterfall. It located in the south cave behind the waterfall’s veil. Look for Scarab rock paintings on the South wall of the cave. If you’re looking at the waterfall from within the cave, it will be on the right. 


Ancient Vault on Mermaid’s Hideaway

This Ancient Vault location is also mercifully easier to find. Head to the northwest side of island. No doubt you’ve come under this archway in the past to reload your weapon from the nearby ammo chest.

You’ll find the Snake Totem’s resting place below—and a bit behind—the archway, on the western side. After you place the Snake Totem, the vault will open up on the eastern side.


Ancient Vault on Kraken’s Fall

Archways seem to be a good bet for finding these Ancient Vaults. On Kraken’s Fall, the Ancient Vault is located underneath the island’s main archway.

This archway is rather large. So, let’s narrow it down. The Ancient Vault is on the north side of this archway, and you’ll see shark paintings nearby.

As conspicuous as the archway might be, the Shark Totem’s final resting place is not. To open the vault, you will be placing the Shark Totem among a few nondescript rocks on the beach.


Step 5 – Solve Ancient Vault Puzzle

Inside the Ancient Vault you will see an altar. To start the puzzle, you will light all four braziers—one on each of the altar’s four corners.

Do not start the puzzle just yet, though!

Before you light that altar, you will want to study the last page in your tale book that you got from the Ancient Chest. That last page contains the solution to the puzzle. 

You’ll want to study those solutions first—and perhaps decide who among your crew will be turning which columns—because, once you light that altar and the puzzle has begun, the room will begin to fill with water!

You will have until you drown to solve the puzzle, and you only get one chance at it!

If you die during the puzzle, the entire tale will fail. This means you will have to start again, all the way back with the Mysterious Stranger!

The solution page will have three lines of four symbols each. In front of the altar in the ancient vault are four columns. These columns have a block in the middle of them with which you will interact to rotate.

While the puzzle is active, you will rotate each pillar until the correct symbols are showing, in the correct order, sequence by sequence.

Sea of Thieves Shroudbreaker Vault Solution

For example, the first sequence on the last page might have a Shroudbreaker symbol and then three Warrior symbols following it. You will then go to the first pillar and rotate it until it shows the Shroudbreaker symbol. Then move onto the next three pillars to rotate all three of them to the Warrior.

You do not have to rotate the pillars in order. In other words, you could rotate the three pillars on the right to the Warrior before rotating the pillar on the left to the Shroudbreaker. It only matters what the combination is when you actually “enter” your solution at the altar.

Shroudbreaker Rotate Block

After you have all four symbols showing in the correct order, you will confirm your solution back at the alter table. Interacting with the button on the altar and having the correct symbols will progress you on to the next sequence of symbols.

To continue the example above, the next sequence of symbols is three boats for each of the three columns on the left ending with the Shroudbreaker symbol on the rightmost column.

The third and final sequence starts with the Shroudbreaker and is followed by three symbols of a group of three.

After the third sequence is entered and confirmed, the water will dissapate and the first part of vault puzzle will be complete! Now, onto the next step of the puzzle.


Step 6 – Retrieve Vault Medallions

Retrieving Vault Medallions

After completing the symbol-matching section of the vault puzzle, a map will appear on the altar. This map is a section of the island you are on, and it shows the location of a Vault Medallion. Find the Vault Medallion, and bring it back to the altar. You will do this three times.

Each time you retrieve a medallion, the image appearing in the altar will change to a new area of the island for you to dig at. The glowing circle shown in the image is the exact location of the medallion in that area.

Be warned! When you dig up one of the medallions, two skeletons will spawn to thwart you! Not just any skeletons though, brand new coral skeletons. Have your cutlass ready to dash them to bits!


Finding Tricky Vault Medallions

If you’re not too familiar with the island, you might try using the interactive map. On the interactive map, you can zoom in on your island and find where it matches up with the altar’s map.

You can also turn on landmark or rock painting markers to see which ones are close by. That way if you see them while you’re wandering about, you’ll know you’re close!

Although we’ve not found all medallion locations just yet, below we’ve listed locations where these medallions have been found on three of the six islands: Crook’s Hollow, Devil’s Ridge, and the Uncharted Island at N-13.


Crook’s Hollow Medallions

The Crook’s Hollow medallions are located at the Scarab rock painting in the Southern cave, behind the waterfall that covers the East entrance of the South cave and on top of the island in front of the Stone Head.


Devil’s Ridge Medallions

The Devil’s Ridge medallions are located in front of the pond near the waterfall, on the middle level of the island on the walkway above the Ancient Vault, and in the cave in the middle of the island in front of the Boar Shrine.


Mermaid’s Hideaway Island Medallions

The medallions on Mermaid’s Hideaway are located on North side of the island above the Ancient Vault, on one of the West pillars that can be walked to South of the wooden bridge and near a lantern below the bridge.


N13 Uncharted Island Medallions

The medallions on the Uncharted Island at N13 are located near the cave entrance on a pillar, on the southeast-most islet and southwest of the shipwreck under two arches.


After returning all three medallions, the Ancient Vault puzzle will be complete and the Shroudbreaker will present itself in front of the altar between the two middle pillars.

Best be quick once you grab that Shroudbreaker. A horde of those coral skellies will be spawning to chase you off the island!


Step 7 – Return the Shroudbreaker

Grab the Shroudbreaker and get back to your boat for a daring escape. Completing the puzzle will spawn a horde of those new coral skeletons. Some intense chase music will follow you off the island.

Shroudbreaker Escape

During this grand exit, you will also have unlocked the The Key to Adventure commendation for claiming the Shroudbreaker artifact.

You can return to any Mysterious Stranger with the Shroudbreaker, but we suggest you head to Plunder Outpost. That is where you will be starting the second Tall Tale: The Cursed Rogue.

Walk up to the Mysterious Stranger and return the Shroudbreaker. Completing this Tall Tale will grant you the The Shroudbreaker commendation.

Shroudbreaker Finish

Ready to head to the Shores of Gold? Not so fast! It appears that the Shroudbreaker is missing four important stones, which are required for its power. The Mysterious Stranger directs you to Olivia at Plunder Outpost to help you find these missing stones.

The Cursed Rogue

The Cursed Rogue is the second Tall Tale in the Shores of Gold storyline. Check out our guide to help you find those missing Shroudbreaker stones!

Journal Locations

We also have a guide here to help you find the five journals for this Tall Tale.

Congratulations on completing the first Tall Tale! Your adventure has barely begun. Head on over to Olivia to get one step closer to the fabled Shores of Gold!

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    1. this happened to us lastnite “medalion floats to ceiling” – DO NOT RELEASE THE MEDALLION UNDER WATER – it naturally *as programmed* floats to the “water surface” – which is above the air pocket in the tunnel of the island – glitch in the game when in under water caves…..we had the last medallion and set it down to read pages of a book we found, and it floated to the ceiling, rendering it a waste of nearly 3hrs time and couldn’t grab the medallion! HAD to start it over by resetting game! You have enough air to swim through the caves – DO NOT LET THE MEDALLION GO ONCE IN HAND!!!

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