Shores of Gold Tall Tales Journal Locations

Sea of Thieves – All Tall Tale Journal Locations Guide

Sea of Thieves’ Tall Tale adventures add yet more depth to this fantastical, piratical world. Immerse yourself in these stories, and the seas may never feel the same again.

You’ll see the lore weaving through landmarks and rock paintings.

You’ll understand the deeper meanings behind dialogues as you learn the backstories of characters you’ve long visited throughout the seas, characters from the past, and characters you’ve yet to meet.

You’ll unlock hidden vaults, lairs, and even an entire island!

Shores of Gold

Why Read the Tall Tale Journals?

You will discover much of this lore in the Tall Tale books that outline the steps of your journey, and through the people you meet on your journey.

However, you will find some of the richest lore spilled into the pages of each Tall Tale’s accompanying Journals.

As you find and read each journal, you will not only acquire deeper insight into this world, you will also acquire commendations. This will likely interest you, if you seek the Gold Curse.

If you seek the Gold Curse, you must earn every commendation in all nine Shores of Gold Tall Tales.
The Gold Curse

How to Find the Tall Tale Journals

Often, you’ll be given a clue as to a journal’s whereabouts, but sometimes the only clue is an island name.

Some of these islands are rather massive, and the journal could be tucked anywhere—including some places you might not have known you could go!

Never fear! That is why we’ve created these trusty guides.

Tall Tale Journal Guides—Locations and Text

Originally, we had the locations for all fifty journals in the Shores of Gold Tall Tales listed below. Even with rather cursory directions, it was quite a long scroll to find a specific journal.

That scrolling was poised to get worse… We’d long wanted to provide a bit more detailed directions, as some of these journals were still a bit elusive. We also wanted to provide the journal text.

All Sea of Thieves lore—both inside and outside the game—is cannon. We wanted the ability to read this lore alongside other sources without sailing all over the map, and we thought our fellow pirates might appreciate that, too.

Uncharted Island N13 Journal

With the added directions and journal text, the scrolling became rather comical.

So, we’ve created individual journal guides for each Tall Tale, all accessible from this landing page—including not only the Shores of Gold Tall Tales, but also all the Tall Tales that have and will come after.

A labor of love, we hope you enjoy these new and improved Tall Tale Journal Guides. Fair winds, me hearties!

The Shroudbreaker Tall Tale Journals, Locations and Text

Shroudbreaker Book Cover
Click the image to sail to the Shroudbreaker Guide.

The Cursed Rogue Tall Tale Journals, Locations and Text

Cursed Rogue Book Cover
Click the image to sail to the Cursed Rogue Guide.

The Legendary Storyteller Tall Tale Journals, Locations and Text

Legendary Storyteller Book Cover
Click the image to sail to the Legendary Storyteller Guide.

Stars of a Thief Tall Tale Journals, Locations and Text

Stars of a Thief Book Cover
Click the image to sail to the Stars of a Thief Guide.

Wild Rose Tall Tale Journals, Locations and Text

Wild Rose Book Cover
Click the image to sail to the Wild Rose Guide.

Art of the Trickster Tall Tale Journals, Locations and Text

Art of the Trickster Book Cover
Click the image to sail to the Art of the Trickster Guide.

The Fate of the Morningstar Tall Tale Journals, Locations and Text

Fate of the Morningstar Book Cover
Click the image to sail to the Fate of the Morningstar Guide.

Revenge of the Morningstar Tall Tale Journals, Locations and Text

Revenge of the Morningstar Book Cover
Click the image to sail to the Revenge of the Morningstar Guide.

Shores of Gold Tall Tale Journals, Locations and Text

Shores of Gold Book Cover
Click the image to sail to the Shores of Gold Guide.

The Seabound Soul Tall Tale Journals, Locations

Dark Relics
Click the image to sail to the Seabound Soul Guide.

The Maiden Voyage Tall Tale Journals, Locations

Maiden Voyage Journal Guide
Click the image to sail to the Maiden Voyage Guide.

Heart of Fire Tall Tale Journals, Locations and Text

Heart of Fire
Click the image to sail to the Heart of Fire Guide.

41 thoughts to “Sea of Thieves – All Tall Tale Journal Locations Guide”

  1. The “To Whoever Finds This…” (The Legendary Storyteller) is no longer there and seems to have been moved, do you know where it is now?

    1. Was the correct Tale active? The book should still be there as long as you are on The Legendary Storyteller Tall Tale.

      1. Just to clarify for others that may make the same mistake, these journals are in the correct place but you must still have the mission active while searching for them.

        1. You will want to collect them all to complete very commendation. Completing every commendation will unlock a super rare cursed cosmetic for you to wear!

      2. See in the fate of the morningstar, where will the journals be if you get krakens fall instead of Old faithful isle?

    2. It’s in the cage hanging from the wreck on top of the island. I got it just today. The guide says to “drop down to one of the cages” and after several broken legs trying to drop and land on the cages, I realized you don’t have to drop down at all. You can read the book from standing on the mast pole from which the cages hang.

  2. The “I can’t go back…” (The Legendary Storyteller) is also no longer there and seems to have been moved. Please let me know the new location if you find them.

      1. Ahh you may be right, I did try those two after the tale ended, I thought they would be always in the world like Wonda’s journals are without needing it active. My bad I will try it again soon with the tail still running. Thanks for the response.

        1. No problem! Yeah, each Tale’s books can only be found when you are running the Tale. Good luck!

  3. I cant seem to find the answers journal from shores of gold ive found all the others what part of the room is it in? my friend and i have looked for 30 min

    1. Hmm, shoot! Sorry, I don’t remember exactly where in the room. I just wrote down in my notes that it was there. I have been running through all of the Tales again now that they are live to take pictures and I haven’t done the journal pictures for Shores of Gold yet. Did you end up finding the journal?

      1. Answers journal, Same trouble finding same journal, spent an hour looking on floor for journal still not found it. Hopefully next time.

        1. It is on the middle scaffolding on the South wall of the room. I will have pictures soon but can confirm it is still in the there lever room 🙂

    2. Alright, so it is still in the three lever room. It is on the middle scaffolding on the South wall of the room. I will have pictures soon but can confirm it is still there 🙂

  4. no we didnt and we spent like an hour looking i feel like my friend and i are just blind and its probably really obvious when you get pics up im sure that will help

  5. The shark bait journal in the row boat that is part of “The cursed Rogue” tall tale is no longer there as well. I have the tale currently active and am standing in the rowboat and no journal is here.

    1. That’s really odd. We just ran it again and found it there in the rowboat. Maybe try cancelling the Tale and voting for it again?

  6. Where is shores of gold journal in western vault on the bottom of the stars. There is no journal.

    1. It’s not in a vault as the image shows. It’s in a section of Tribute Peak that is require to solve a vault. It is in the area West of the row of ancient thrones.

  7. Do you have to find the journals in any specific order? I found 2 journals in the Shroudbreaker Tall Tale however in the reputation menu it said I had only found 1.

    1. No, the order doesn’t matter. That is weird about it not counting. Maybe just give it a little bit to catch up?

  8. if i finish the shores of gold tale, and for example I change server, can I go back to the island?

    1. You always need to start the ninth and final Tall Tale to get the Shroudbreaker so you can make it to Tribute Peak.

    1. They are all set locations. The books reference each other when you read them and help you along the way to find each one.

  9. Climbing masterclass on for Golden Shores we searched all of the statues and couldn’t find it. Is it still there?

    1. Yep, I just got it again the other day. It is on the same side as the cracked open throne. Do you have the tale active? If you are trying to do it after fighting the Gold Hoarder and you see the Pirate Lord, it won’t be there anymore.

  10. Ah ok, yeah we looked after killing the skelly lord. That makes sense then. Will run it again. Thx for the response.

  11. You may want to include in this article where to start the quest. Since you’ve said you need to be running it, and if someone is just looking for the books, they may not know.

    1. You need to use the cannon from your boat. Park it in that small cove to the North of the line of statues.

  12. i found all some of the shroudbreaker journals but I couldn’t ‘pick them up like I could read it but I couldn’t get the accomadation for it. and I re-did the quest from the start and yeah I couldn’t pick it up

  13. Can you go back to find journals after turning in key and leaving game? When I log back in does it give me credit for turning in totem and then find journals, or do I have to do it all over again to find journals, ran outta time.

  14. You have to read the journals slowly as if you’re actually reading them. No skipping thru really fast or it will not count.

  15. Where the gold goes ? I have searched this area twice on two different journeys and it was not found. This is the only thing keeping me from completing the Tall Tales. Any location updates

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