Maiden Voyage Journal Guide

Sea of Thieves: All Maiden Voyage Journal Locations Guide

The Maiden Voyage has arrived for all pirates new and old!

This voyage is a perfect adventure for fresh sailors looking to learn the essential skills and tools needed to survive the Sea of Thieves.

For veterans of the sea, Old Sailor’s Isle a fun playground to explore while learning more about the famed Pirate Lord.

Pirate Lord

Whether it be your first or hundredth time wielding a cutlass, the Maiden Voyage has something for you pirate collectors out there. Old Sailor’s Isle has a total of 10 journals to find during the Maiden Voyage!

These journals will give you some backstory to the legendary Pirate Lord while also teaching you key mechanics in Sea of Thieves. The journals will instruct players on such things as how to use the help of mermaids and how the Sea of the Damned will bring you back to the land of the living.

So where are these 10 journals hidden away on Old Sailor’s Isle? We have the locations of each to help you discover them all!

You can either watch our handy walkthrough video below or scroll past and use the text descriptions with accompanying images.

Whichever you prefer, you will have all 10 collected and the commendation unlocked!

So let’s being the hunt going from North to South of Old Sailor’s Isle!

You will find two of the journals are located in the Northern part of Old Sailor’s Isle. Six more journals are in and around the giant shipwreck at the center of the island. The remaining three journals are at the large rock mountain to the South East of Old Sailor’s Isle.

Regarding Merfolk

UPDATE: This journal has been slightly moved after the November 18th, 2020 update. Below you’ll find the new and old locations of this journal.

New Location: This journal is located just outside the Captain’s Cabin of the wreckage found on the North West side of the island. You’ll find it in the shallow water beneath the surface.

Old Location: This journal is located in the Captain’s Cabin of the wreckage located on the North West side of the island. Swim into the cabin and you will find the journal on the ocean floor.

The Sea of the Damned

“The Sea of the Damned” can be found in the cave behind the waterfall near the North beach.

From where the Pirate Lord is standing on the North beach, head South by South West towards the pool of water sourced by a waterfall. There is a cave behind this waterfall.

Head into the cave and you will find the journal here next to a skeleton laying in the sand.

They Gave It A Name

Head to the giant shipwreck, The Magpie’s Fortune, located near the middle of Old Sailor’s Isle. Climb up the shipwreck to the helm where the ship wheel is. Just to the right of the ship wheel will be the journal.

Lost Secrets

There is a giant mast near the helm of The Magpie’s Fortune shipwreck found near the center of the island. Climb up this mast to the crow’s nest to find the journal.

So Near and Yet…

Head to the South half of The Magpie’s Fortune shipwreck found in the middle of the island.

On the lowest level of this half of the shipwreck will be two resource barrels on the East wall of the ship. The journal is on the ground laying against them.

My Secret Plan

This journal is found in the secret hold of The Magpie’s Fortune shipwreck found in the center of the island!

How do you enter the secret hold? It requires a key, the Old Sailor’s Key, that is at the bottom of the pond located to the West of the shipwreck’s helm. Swim on the bottom of the pond to find the key.

Take this key to the ground between the two halves of The Magpie’s Fortune shipwreck. There will be a hatch on the floor that can now be opened. Hop down into the secret hold and find the journal there.

Be sure to explore a little bit while you are down there as you can also find 25,000 gold and 200 doubloons!

Lords of the Sea

There is a bridge that connects the two southern parts of the island between the large rock mountain and The Magpie’s Wing shipwreck area.

On the West side of this bridge is a ladder that leads down to a rock platform near the ocean. Climb down the ladder to find the journal against the wall on the rock platform.

Paintings from the Past

Follow the path up the giant rock mountain that is on the South East side of the Old Sailor’s Isle. Climb to the top and you will find the journal on a perch point next to a stool.

Making Camp

On the lower level of the rock formation to the South East of Old Sailor’s Isle, there will be a lever along the path that leads to the top. Pull that lever and walk through the opened door. Next to the campfire right after the opening will be the journal lying on the ground.

A Ship That Fits

Continue along the path from the “Making Camp” journal. Use the capstan to lower the bridge and use the pulley to open another door.

You will enter a cavern with a rowboat. There will be a ladder in the cavern that leads up to an iron gate. Climb up the ladder to the iron gate and you will find the journal against the rock wall.

Congrats! You have just found all 10 of the Pirate Lords journals on Old Sailor’s Isle.

On top of the journals you need to collect, there are several other commendations that you can unlock during the Maiden Voyage that require some exploration. If you are stuck on any of them, head on over to our Maiden Voyage guide for some help!

Maiden Voyage

Once you have made it through the Shroud and to the Sea of Thieves there will be plenty of adventure waiting for you there!

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