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In the past, pirates new to the Sea of Thieves awake in a tavern—having used a grog-infused table for a pillow. Ah, this harkens to where Larinna’s story begins in the novel “Sea of Thieves: Athena’s Fortune.”

Yet, we’ve never quite known how pirates came to the Sea of Thieves. Even in the novel, not much light is shed on this matter.

Although the Sea of Thieves is surrounded by the Devil’s Shroud, there is no mention of pirates using a Shroudbreaker to reach the Sea of Thieves. Instead, it seems as though there is a tear in the Shroud that allows passage.

This tear provides only a narrow, precarious route. As such, only small, nimble, well-captained, and well-crewed ships have any chance of making the crossing.

We finally get to experience this crossing ourselves with the Maiden Voyage.

Maiden Voyage The Path through the Shroud

Beginning the Sea of Thieves Maiden Voyage

To embark upon the Maiden Voyage, look no further than the main menu when you boot up the game: “Choose Your Experience.”

In the lower right-hand side of the screen, you will see an option with the words “Maiden Voyage” next to a wee bitty sloop. Select that option.

This will take you to where your voyage begins: an island set up as a haven for pirates hoping to reach the Sea of Thieves. It is called, “Old Sailor’s Isle.”

The Maiden Voyage on the Main Menu

Like a true weatherworn pirate, you awake lying facedown on a beach. It seems you already sailed a daunting voyage just to make it to this isle, where you clambered ashore and found rest near a campfire.

Ah! The campfire! As if from within the fire’s glow, an ethereal figure emerges: The Pirate Lord!

Even well-seasoned pirates know to listen closely when the Pirate Lord speaks. The Pirate Lord was the first pirate in living memory—human memory that is—to reach the Sea of Thieves. He tells of why he sought the Sea of Thieves long ago.

If you are not a well-seasoned pirate, you’ll also appreciate the Pirate Lord’s tutelage, as he prepares you for the Sea of Thieves.

There are tutorials and little tasks sprinkled throughout the Pirate Lord’s monologue. You’ll need to follow the Pirate Lord’s directions to continue the conversation.

As the Pirate Lord takes you through a few of your paces, you’ll also learn how you came about those “Sailor” cosmetics you had when you first awoke in the Sea of Thieves.

Maiden Voyage Finding your Food
Maiden Voyage The Pirate Lord's Old Sailor's Chest

The Pirate Lord will then invite you to explore the island! There is much to do and discover!

At the very least, you’ll want to ensure you’ve taken the time to earn your Maiden Voyage commendations. So, next we dive into the commendations. We’ll guide you through what the commendations are and how to complete them.

Maiden Voyage Commendations

However, the commendations do not cover everything of note on this island. So, we will then point out a few more highlights you might want to experience before leaving Old Sailor’s Isle.

Finally, we’ll end with a wrap-up of everything you can expect to learn here on Old Sailor’s Isle to prepare you for a pirate’s life in the Sea of Thieves! 

Maiden Voyage Commendations

Below we will go over each commendation for the Maiden Voyage. We’ve put them in an order we believe will flow naturally with your exploration of Old Sailor’s Isle.

You can do the Maiden Voyage more than once.

So, you do not need to complete all of the commendations in one session. Just pick up this guide wherever you left off in the previous session and you’ll be well on your way.

A Fine Catch

You will earn this commendation for successfully catching a fish while on your Maiden Voyage.

If Ramsey has invited you to explore the island, that means you’ve just acquired your Old Sailor’s Equipment, and you’ve successfully selected one such piece of equipment from your Item Radial.

So, this seems like a perfect time to select one particular piece of equipment: your fishing pole—especially since you’re already on the beach!

Open your Item Radial just as you did before and select “More.” On the second page of items, you’ll see the fishing pole on the bottom of the circle. Select it.

Maiden Voyage Selecting your Fishing Rod

Next, walk up to the water, and begin following the tutorial prompts.

You’ll learn how to cast, how to reel, and how to avoid snapping your line. Once you’ve successfully reeled your fish all the way in, you will earn your commendation.

Maiden Voyage A Fine Catch Commendation

From varieties of fish, to types of bait, to where to find certain fish, to cooking times, there is much much more to know about fishing in Sea of Thieves! Here’s a guide to help you make most of your fishing rod: Sea of Thieves Fishing Guide.

Hunter's Call

A Hearty Meal

There’s more to cook up than fish. For this commendation you will need to slay a chicken and cook it up before leaving Old Sailor’s Isle.

You’ve already learned how to select your weapon of choice. Pick your Cutlass or your Flintlock.

Now, it is time to hunt your prey. Standing on the beach, you should hear some clucking about you. Find the source of that clucking and silence it!

Maiden Voyage Chickens on the Beach

You’re not quite done yet. Pick up the pale drumstick and you should be given a prompt to cook the meat on a campfire. Luckily, you already know where to find a campfire—right where you woke up.

Walk up to the campfire and select “Cook Chicken.”

Maiden Voyage Cook Chicken

Selecting “Cook Chicken” won’t immediately cook your chicken; it will just get the chicken in the pan and start the cooking.

Chicken takes 1 minute to cook.

You’ll know it’s cooked when it is fully browned—though not blackened…

Maiden Voyage Cooked Chicken
Maiden Voyage A Hearty Meal Commendation

This campfire happens to be lit already. However, once you enter the Sea of Thieves, you’ll need to build that fire yourself. Ah, yes! You can now wield fire in SO many ways throughout the Sea of Thieves.

Learn how to harness this devilish power—including the various ways to build a campfire—and how to stave off its ravages! Sea of Thieves—How to set the World on Fire!


Saluting the Pirate Lord

To earn this commendation you will need to fire a cannon from that grand shipwreck perched atop the island—a ship once known as “Magpie’s Fortune.”

It’s time to head inland! Follow the footpath up to the wreckage, and you will see that the ship has been split in two—a waterfall flowing between the halves.

Eventually, you will want to explore the entire shipwreck. However, to salute the Pirate Lord, you’ll want to begin by poking around the half that is on the left as you approach (the ship’s bow).

Maiden Voyage The Magpie's Fortune

Collect some Cannonballs

First, you’ll need some resources. Climb up to the 3rd level. Over in a darkened corner, you will see a cannonball barrel. Gather your ammunition!

Maiden Voyage Cannonball Barrel

Fire the Cannon!

Next, climb up to the very top of the ship’s bow. There you will see the cannon. Follow the prompts as you interact with the cannon to load your cannonball, aim, and FIRE!

Maiden Voyage Saluting the Pirate Lord Commendation

Hidden Secrets

To earn this commendation you must open the Pirate Lord’s Secret Hold. Arrgh, but the blasted trap door is locked. So, first, you will need to find the key.

Where to find the Old Sailor’s Key to the Pirate Lord’s Secret Hold

If you’ve been following along in our order of completing these commendations—meaning you just fired the cannon—you should be in an absolutely prime position to find the key!

Standing near the cannon, face north to face the top deck. On the westside of the deck, you should see a fallen mast leading from the bow down to an area with a little pond.

Maiden Voyage The Fallen Mast Beam to the Key Pond

Totter on down the beam. Once you arrive at the pond, you will notice that on its northeast side the water trickles out into a miniature waterfall.

Dive down to the sand just before that waterfall. Soon enough you should see the Old Sailor’s Key.

Maiden Voyage Finding the Old Sailor's Key
Old Sailor's Key
Maiden Voyage, Old Sailor's Key

Where to find the Pirate Lord’s Secret Hold

Now it’s time to head over to the other half of the shipwreck. From the pond, scamper on down the waterfall and into the pond below. 

Emerge on the north side of the pond, facing the staircase that leads into the hull. Walk toward the staircase, but don’t go up. A few paces before the staircase, turn right. There, on the ground, you will see a trapdoor.

Maiden Voyage, The Pirate Lord's Secret Hold

Stand close enough to that door while holding your Old Sailor’s Key, and you will be able to unlock the door. Once you do, descend the ladder and behold a handsome pirate stash!

Aye, you’ll receive more than your commendations. Down in that secret hold there are bags of gold and doubloons! Don’t leave that hold until you’ve secured all 25,000 Gold Coins and 200 Doubloons.

Maiden Voyage Take Doubloons

There is also a journal down there. For many reasons, we’ve kept the journal guide separate.

Howeversince this particular journal takes a few extra steps to access—we thought it best to give you a heads up that you might want to peruse those pages before you leave the hold. 

For the complete journal guide: The Maiden Voyage Journal Guide.

Yer Boat

For this commendation, you will need to find the rowboat on Old Sailor’s Isle.

Where to find the Rowboat in the ‘Maiden Voyage’

After you come up from the secret hold, turn to face southeast. You should see where the water cascades out of the pond and into the sea below.

Maiden Voyage Head SE to the Waterfall
Maiden Voyage North Island Waterfall to the Sea

Follow it! That’s right, take a plunge! Once you’ve wiped the salt from your eyes, you’ll see a whole other half to this island. Head left to begin swimming around this other half.

Soon enough you will see a waterfall flowing over a cave entrance. Swim into that cave. There you will see the rowboat in all its glory! Swim right up to it and you should see a prompt: “Climb into Rowboat.”

Maiden Voyage Where to find the Rowboat

Earning your Rowboat Commendation

After you’ve climbed aboard, walk toward the front of the rowboat, and you should see another prompt: “Use Oars.” Following that prompt, you will be given a few tutorial marquees on the screen.

Go ahead, give that ol’ rowboat a whirl! It is only after you’ve completed each of the tutorial tasks, that you will receive your commendation.

Maiden Voyage Yer Boat Commendation

A Storied Crossing

For this commendation, you will need to find and read all of the Pirate Lord’s Journals. This will take you all over Old Sailor’s Isle—which is a fantastic way to explore the island!

However, it is a cumbersome way to explore the island if you are trying to find the journals whilst also trying to complete the other commendations. Our attempts to write a combined guide only served to make it untenably convoluted!

We have found that it is less confusing—and more expedient—to simply go through each of the other commendations. Then, separately, go hunt down the journals.

So, we have separated the journal commendation into its own distinct article. Find all of the Pirate Lord’s journals here: The Maiden Voyage Journal Guide.

Maiden Voyage Journal

Unto the Horizon

To earn this commendation, you must make the final voyage through the Devil’s Shroud and reach the Sea of Thieves!

Remember: you don’t need to complete all of your commendations in one session. You can do the Maiden Voyage again.

So—whether you’ve completed all of your commendations or you just can’t wait to make the crossing over to the Sea of Thieves—once you are ready to set sail, find Ramsey on the beach.

Maiden Voyage, Speak with the Pirate Lord when Ready to Leave

The Pirate Lord will direct you to your ship. Once you have boarded your ship, you will be prompted to perform little tasks to ensure you and your ship are seaworthy.

Follow each prompt and soon you will be wending your way through the shroud, marveling as the Sea of Thieves magic comes to life!

Maiden Voyage Unto the Horizon Commendation

The Adventure Begins…

Completing every other Maiden Voyage commendation will unlock this final commendation: The Adventure Begins.

To check your progress on your commendations, use your menu button, tab over to your reputation, and select Tall Tales. Next, scroll right to find the second page.

Select “Maiden Voyage” and you will see a page with the Maiden Voyage commendations, including those which you have unlocked and those which you have yet to earn.

Maiden Voyage The Adventure Begins Commendation
Maiden Voyage Reputation

What will I learn on the Maiden Voyage?

The commendations are designed to help you learn a thing or two about pirating. However, there are also tutorials and little experiences to try on Old Sailor’s Isle. All of which will help prepare you for the Sea of Thieves.

You can use this as a checklist of sorts to ensure you are ready to set sail!

Formal Tutorials on Old Sailor’s Isle

After you wake up—but before Ramsey invites you to go explore the island—Ramsey will lead you through several tutorials on the basics of pirate life.

  • How to replenish health
  • How to use a sword
  • How to stow your weapon
  • How to find and use a quest map
  • How to find buried treasure
  • How to dig up buried treasure
  • How to give items
  • How to equip and switch your weapons
  • How to use your Item Radial
Maiden Voyage, Learning How To View Your Maps

As you complete your commendations, you will receive formal tutorials on:

  • How to catch a fish
  • How to cook fish and meat
  • How to fire a cannon
  • How to row a rowboat
Maiden Voyage, Learning How To Cast Your Fishing Rod

After you’ve explored the island and you’re ready to set sail, board you boat for another round of tutorials. You will learn:

  • How to raise a fallen mast
  • How to repair your ship
  • How to bucket water
  • How to raise your anchor
  • How to lower your sails
  • How to steer your ship
Maiden Voyage Raise Anchor on your Ship

Pirate Experiences to Try on Old Sailor’s Isle

You can also try your hand at a few skills you’ll need out at sea. Head over to the top deck of the Magpie’s Fortune.

Climbing the crow’s nest, you can test your nerve for heights. At the helm, you can accustom your grip to the feel of your wheel. Gripping your capstan, see how long it will take you to raise anchor in the face of an approaching enemy.

Maiden Voyage, Use the Wheel on Wrecked Ship

You can also take some time on Old Sailor’s Isle to get a handle on some ways you might need to unblock cavern passageways.

Situated between the Magpie’s Fortune’s two wrecked halves, there is a pond. Standing in that pond, face south. You should see a path into a cave. Follow that path. When you emerge from the cave, turn left.

Maiden Voyage Head South into the Tunnel

You should see a little foot bridge between the North and South sides of the island. Cross the bridge and tromp on up the hill, following the path on your left.

Maiden Voyage The Bridge Connecting the North and South Islands

Use a Lever to Raise a Wall

This path will lead in you through a cavernous opening, in which you will see torch-like wall sconces on either side of a closed wooden door. To the left of this door, there is a lever.

Walk right up to it, and you will be prompted to “Use Lever.” Go ahead! Down goes the lever. Up goes the door!

Maiden Voyage Use Lever to Raise the Door

Raise an Anchor to Lower a Drawbridge

Go through the door and follow the path down, and down, and down… until you cannot go any further because your path has blocked by a drawbridge. Near this obstruction, you should see an anchor.

Select “Raise Anchor.” Unlike the lever, selecting that prompt alone won’t do the trick. You must now walk forward to actually raise that anchor and lower the drawbridge.

Maiden Voyage Raise Anchor for the Drawbridge

Pull Down to Lift a Wall Up

Cross over the drawbridge and venture deeper into the cave. Soon enough you’ll come to another wall, blocking your way. Next to the wall, you will see a pulley. 

Like the anchor, simply following the prompt “Use Pulley” will not clear your path. Once you’ve grasped the pulley, you will need to pull down to lift the the door up.

This is similar to how you raise a fallen mast.

Maiden Voyage Use Pulley

Delight in Discovering your Journey’s Origins!

More than anything, take a bit of time to enjoy Old Sailor’s Isle!

Enjoy hearing more from the Pirate Lord himself. Enjoy exploring this island he has set up for any and all sailors who hope to reach the Sea of Thieves. Enjoy the cinematic experience of your final voyage as you steer your ship through tendrils of fog.

Whether you are new sailor or an old salt, we share this Maiden Voyage.

After all, this is our shared history. This is the last leg of the journey we all took. Waking in a Tavern, it seems this journey became a distant memory as the realization hit us. We’d made it to the Sea of Thieves!

Maiden Voyage Sea of Thieves

There’s More to Explore in the Festival of Giving…

As with all Sea of Thieves updates, there is so much more to explore from Gift Seeker Voyages, to new Ashen Skeleton Forts, to the Black Market, to the Pirate Emporium! Lucky for you, we’ve got guides for it all!

The Maiden Voyage Journal Guide

If you haven’t already, you might want to finish your Maiden Voyage commendations by finding those journals! Tucked away in darkened caves, perched high and out of sight, hidden in nooks and crannies—journals are often the most difficult Tall Tale commendations to earn.

Happily, we have a guide to help you locate each and every journal the Pirate Lord left on Old Sailor’s Isle: The Maiden Voyage Journal Guide.

Maiden Voyage Journal Guide

The Festival of Giving

Holiday Cheer is spreading throughout the Sea of Thieves! New gifts have been scattered throughout the isles.

Ah, but acquiring these gifts will not be a simple little holly jolly task. To find these gifts you’ll need to face new foes. To deliver these gifts, you might need to face your fellow pirates—it depends if they’re naughty or nice… The Festival of Giving Guide.

Festival of Giving

The Tomes of Power Ashen Treasures Guide

Do you recall the Tomes of Curses from the Seabound Soul update? Now, you will be searching for Tomes of Power!

A new fort has awakened in the Sea of Thieves: the Ashen Skeleton Fort. Before sailing to red glowing Skeleton Cloud, you might want to know a bit more about what awaits on its shores… How to Get an Ashen Tome of Power: The Sea of Thieves Ashen Treasures Guide.

Skeleton Lords on Ashen Skeleton Forts

In Store on the Shores! December 11th, 2019 – January 8th, 2020

Just in time for the holidays, the Pirate Emporium has stocked its shelves with festive merchandise to help you celebrate the season.

The holidays are also often referred to as the “Season of Giving.” In that spirit, the Pirate Emporium also features new sails, which can be “purchased” by donating to the SpecialEffect charity.

In Store on the Shores! December 11th, 2019 – January 8th, 2020.

Pirate Emporium

What is Duke Selling? December 11th, 2019 – January 8th, 2020

Ahem. Well, it’s still Stitcher Jim who will be doing the selling in Duke’s stead, but you can count on Duke’s quality and keen eye for covetable cosmetics.

Although not expressly holiday themed, most of the items for sale boast a red or green color palette—helping you celebrate in the latest styles! What is Duke Selling? December 11th, 2019 – January 8th, 2020.

Duke's Black Market Ashen Dragon

To the Tavern!

Aye, we pirates do love a good tavern. ‘Tis a place to share our findings and adventures. ‘Tis a place to clap each other on the back. ‘Tis a place to glean further insight.

Happily, we’ve found proverbial taverns on several social outposts—each bustling with a vibrant pirate community! Want to join in the merriment? Ye will always find a hearty welcome at our table!

Follow Along

To the Tavern!

Aye, we pirates do love a good tavern. ‘Tis a place to share our findings and adventures. ‘Tis a place to clap each other on the back. ‘Tis a place to glean further insight.

Happily, we’ve found proverbial taverns on several social outposts—each bustling with a vibrant pirate community! Want to join in the merriment? Ye will always find a hearty welcome at our table!

Want to keep a weather eye out?

Jot down yer email, and we’ll be sure to let ye know when there’s something new on the horizon.

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