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Wild Rose Tall Tale Journals, Locations and Text

Briggsy was not always a dark and twisted shell. Her memories betray tender recollections of “Wild Rose… True love shining like a beacon that calls across the waves…”

Ah, yes. Briggsy could not have been who she is today when romance sparked between two in her crew.

The journals for this Tall Tale were penned by these two—some by Rose and some by George. Like their heart pendants, when pieced together, these journals paint a complete portrait of their love story.

Here you’ll find the locations and text for each Journal in Wild Rose.

The locations will lead you to each of their journals—some of which seem to be left in rather significant places.

The text of these journals will be here for you to reference in the future. After all, these journals are not just about Rose and George’s love story. They’re also about a dark magic that haunted so many throughout the seas.

Since you’re likely here to earn your journal commendation, we’ll start with the locations—wending through the seas along Rose and George’s adorably clumsy path to love.

Wild Rose Journal Commendation

Where are the Wild Rose Tall Tale Journals?

These journals appear only if the Wild Rose Tall Tale is active!

Thus, before you set out for your first location, slip into the Order of Souls tent on Sanctuary Outpost. Just to the left of Madame Olive, you’ll see the Tall Tale book.

Once you and your crew have successfully voted for the Tall Tale, you’ll hear an enchanting melody drift over the breeze. Let it stir your soul and fill your sails!

Wild Rose Start

The Location for Wild Rose Journal #1

For the first journal, you’ll want to head over to Cannon Cove. Since the dock is often a convenient place to park your ship, you’re likely quite familiar with the cove for which the island is named.

(Well, that combined with the cannon shaped precipice, but we digress…)

In that cove, there is a humble camp. It’s small, but it seems to have serviced quite a gathering, as it seems they made extra fireside seating out of a halved barrel. That barrel actually looks rather cozy.

Before you rest your boots, you might take a peek underneath.

Wild Rose Journal #1 on Cannon Cove
See the journal’s location on your map:

The Location for Wild Rose Journal #2

For this journal, you’ll sail to yet another cove: Lone Cove.

You’re likely already familiar with the island’s large central rock, as it figures rather prominently throughout the Tall Tales. Head to that rock.

On the East side of that rock, beneath a few well-placed flowers, you’ll see this journals. Perhaps those were the flowers that inspired George’s musings…

Wild Rose Journal #2 on Lone Cove
See the journal’s location on your map:

The Location for Wild Rose Journal #3

This island seems a rather fitting place to confide your secrets: the Lagoon of Whispers.

It’s a small island, so the journal should be easy to spot. On the Northeast side of the island, you’ll see some barrels. The journal you seek is sitting atop one such barrel.

Wild Rose Journal #3 on Lagoon of Whispers
See the journal’s location on your map:

The Location for Wild Rose Journal #4

For this journal, you’ll need to sail to Sailor’s Bounty. With trap-guarded watery tunnels deep within, Sailor’s Bounty is quite a large island on which to find a tiny journal.

Luckily, the journal is actually on one of the smaller islets on the Northeast side. Heading North from the large center island, it will be the second islet.

There you’ll see some busted barrels strapped together and a makeshift ramp, all leaned up against a rock. Perhaps these were once used to clamber up and cut George down from the palm trees above.

Whatever its purpose, you’ll find the journal in the sand to the right of that ramp.

From the writings in this journal, it seems Sailor’s Bounty has long had a few tricks up its sleeves…

Wild Rose Journal #4 on Sailor's Bounty
See the journal’s location on your map:

The Location for Wild Rose Journal #5

This final journal is on one of the smallest specs of land throughout the seas: Rapier Cay.

Right smack dab in the center of this island, you’ll see barrels and a few well worn cast iron pots. Tucked into those pots, you’ll find your final Wild Rose journal.

Wild Rose Journal #5 on Rapier Cay
See the journal’s location on your map:

What do the Wild Rose Tall Tale Journals Say?

The Text for Wild Rose Journal #1

This journal is titled, “He’ll Get Himself Killed! – By Rose

It reads:

So we’re at Cannon Cove and there’s just gold sat there like a big dumb trap for idiots.
Guess who runs right up to it and gets jumped by an enemy crew lying in wait? YUP!
I had to fight all four of them myself. Luckily I had Georges sword and mine also.
I was angry though so it was an easy fight. He never realized it was him I was mad at.
Let’s see if we can make it to Lone Cove without me strangling him. I say its 50 – 50.
Wild Rose Journal #1 on Cannon Cove

The Text for Wild Rose Journal #2

This journal is titled, “I Think I Love Her – By George

It reads:

We have stopped to rest on our way to the Lagoon of Whispers, but the only whisper I can hear is echoes of the question.
Asked so plainly, the shock of it has completely dulled my senses, and I’m still no closer to the answer.
It’s like that game where children pull pearls off flowers one at a time.
She loves me, she loves me not.
Although it’s more like…I love her, I love her not, I love her…I love her…I…Oh dear.
Wild Rose Journal #2 on Lone Cove

The Text for Wild Rose Journal #3

This journal is titled, “A Kiss and a Miss – By George

It reads:

Only the Captain’s Cabin affords any measure of privacy on a galleon such as ours.
I knew that if I were to act, it would have to be while we returned aboard our rowboat.
I leaned closer. Rose tilted her head, quizzically. With my heart in my mouth, I moved nearer still…
My oar struck a sandbar just then. We touched! Or rather, collided. Rose’s forehead, my (now rather bloody) nose.
I am dismayed, but not defeated. Once Quickshot is returned to the soil and we reach Sailor’s Bounty, I shall try my luck again…
Wild Rose Journal #3 on Lagoon of Whispers

The Text for Wild Rose Journal #4

This journal is titled, “He Proposed! – By Rose

It reads:

Today has been one of the best days of my life and one of the funniest too. My sides still hurt!
George had been thinking (too much) about how to propose to me. Where to take me and how to stand and what to say.
Too bad he forgot to look where he was walking! He turned and said “Rose will you marry aaargh!”
He fell into a tree and got stuck upside-down swinging all day! Until we chopped it down anyway. Ha ha ha! Laughing again.
But of course I said yes anyway. As if I could refuse my George after all of that!
Wild Rose Journal #4 on Sailor's Bounty

The Text for Wild Rose Journal #5

This journal is titled, “I Want to Fight! – By Rose

It reads:

She was following us again all day. I could see her sails on the horizon. Just out of reach of the cannons. COWARD.
I knew I wanted this life. Ever since I fell from my parents’ sloop as a nipper and got saved by Captain Briggsy herself!
She looked me up and down and said I was going to be the sort of pirate who never let danger scare her away.
And thanks to her I never have. But they all say it’s still too dangerous to take on Rooke.
I guess to keep George happy I will just keep writing my feelings down instead of wasting all our ammo. Ugh.
I wish things were simple again like they were back at Cannon Cove…
Wild Rose Journal #5 on Rapier Cay


If you’ve sailed along these lovers’ path, you’ve now discovered all five journals, thereby unlocking the commendation: True Treasure.

If you’ve been reading the texts, you’ve followed along as George and Rose’s love began, grew, and fortified all amidst a perilous sea—and you’ve gotten a glimpse of one such peril, which may haunt others, too!

Note: like a somewhat stubbornly guarded heart—your commendation might still appear “locked” at first. Do not give up hope. Back out of the commendation page. Then, channel faithful George, and try your luck again.

“True Treasures” might simply need more time.

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