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The Sea of Thieves Anniversary Update introduced a glorious new addition for lovers of lore: Tall Tales!

Nine Tall Tales weave together a storyline deeply embedded in Sea of Thieves cannon. Collectively, these nine Tall Tales are known as “The Shores of Gold.”

These Tall Tales will lead you on journeys through the Sea of Thieves’ vibrant past, introducing you to famous and infamous pirates alike. Some of whom might appear in the present—or return in the future.

Even better, each Tall Tale has many variations! So, even if you’re doing a Tall Tale you’ve done before, you’ll likely sail to new destinations and encounter new clues.

As with any epic journey, you might feel a bit lost from time to time. Never fear, me hearties! We’ll be here.

Here you’ll find in-depth walkthroughs for each Tall Tale—and their variations. With in-game images, infographics, thorough explanations, and a trusty map, we hope to help you on your way.

The Shroudbreaker Guide

Embark on the very first Shores of Gold Tall Tale: The Shroudbreaker! There are nine Tall Tales in all, leading you to “Tribute Peak”—an island which is also often referred to as the “Shores of Gold.”

Scour your maps, but you won’t find this island. It lies hidden beyond The Devil’s Shroud. Worse yet, any ship attempting to sail through the Devil’s Shroud is doomed to wreck against the Shroud’s mighty wrath.

There is only one way to reach those shores. The ship must sail with the protection of the Shroudbreaker. Thus, your journey begins with a search for that Shroudbreaker.

Sea of Thieves Rare Thief Shroudbreaker Guide
Click the image to sail to The Shroudbreaker Guide.

The Cursed Rogue Guide

If you’ve completed the first Tall Tale, then you’ve found it: the Shroudbreaker! Unfortunately, this artifact is of no use in its current state. It is missing four stones; all of which are necessary to unleash the Shroudbreaker’s power.

At the end of your first Tall Tale, the Mysterious Stranger mused that there was a pirate who once made it to the Shores of Gold: Captain Briggsy. She might know where to find these stones. Alas, Captain Briggsy is now a fearsome Skeleton Lord, jealously guarding her secrets.

Ah, but the Order of Souls has ways of extracting such secrets. To do so, Madame Olivia will need Captain Briggsy’s skull.

In this Cursed Rogue Tall Tale, you must find Captain Briggsy, slay Captain Briggsy, and retrieve Captain Briggsy’s skull for the Order. Madame Olivia will help you on your way.

Sea of Thieves Rare Thief Cursed Rogue Guide
Click the image to sail to the Cursed Rogue Guide.
Briggsy’s Memories
At the end of the Cursed Rogue Tall Tale, you brought Captain Briggsy’s skull to Madame Olivia.
Madame Olivia then performed a powerful ritual designed to cull from Briggsy’s skull any memories linked to the missing Shroudbreaker stones.
Four names emerge from these memories—names of those who “know of the precious stones you seek.”
These names and memories will be your starting point for the next four Tall Tales.

The Legendary Storyteller Guide

For the Legendary Storyteller, we will begin with the following memory:

“Tasha… a girl in a tavern, staring in awe as the firelight flickers and great tales are told…”

As it turns out, these great tales were stories Briggsy told Tasha about her adventures at sea. Perhaps Briggsy thought there was little risk confiding in a child.

Yet, unable to sail with Briggsy herself, young Tasha wrote stories and drew pictures reliving Briggsy’s adventures.

Although young Tasha’s vibrant imagination adds plenty of color to the stories, the underlying information as to Briggsy’s exploits remain—and might just lead you to a Shroudbreaker stone.

Sea of Thieves Rare Thief Guide for The Legendary Storyteller
Click the image to sail to The Legendary Storyteller Guide.

Stars of a Thief Guide

For Stars of a Thief, this memory may help light our path:

“Sudds… A dear friend who threads his way across the wildest oceans by the light of the stars…”

Sudds and Briggsy were dear friends, indeed, sharing a deep respect for the storied skies o’er the Sea of Thieves.

Believing she and Sudds were likely the only two to truly know the constellations—and the only two to possess an Enchanted Spyglass for viewing such constellations—Briggsy used this knowledge to hide a Shroudbreaker stone.

Sea of Thieves Rare Thief Guide for Stars of a Thief
Click the image to sail to the Stars of a Thief Guide.

Wild Rose Guide

Our next tale begins with the following memory culled from Briggsy’s skull:

“Wild Rose… True love shining like a beacon that calls across the waves…”

Despite Briggsy’s reputation, it seems Briggsy fondly recalls a romance that bloomed aboard her ship. Seeing as Wild Rose and George once sailed with Briggsy, they might have a bit of insight on those Shroudbreaker stones.

Ah, but no one seems to know where to find Wild Rose and George. That is, except perhaps their dear friend Madame Olive.

Sea of Thieves Rare Thief Guide for Wild Rose
Click the image to sail to the Wild Rose Guide.

The Art of the Trickster Guide

It seems Sudds was not the only person Briggsy sought out for their expertise.

“Salty… trembling before a blade, revealing the lair of a Trickster.”

You might remember Salty from “Cursed Sails.” Though Salty undoubtedly learned a few trade secrets from Wanda, it was not Salty’s expertise that intrigued Briggsy.

Rather, Briggsy sought an acquaintance of Salty’s —a Trapmaker—known as the Trickster.

Heralded as the best Trapmaker in the Sea of Thieves, Briggsy was determined to have the Trickster craft sinister traps along the path to yet another Shroudbreaker stone—whether the Trickster wanted to or not.

Sea of Thieves Rare Thief Guide for The Art of the Trickster
Click the image to sail to The Art of the Trickster Guide.

The Fate of the Morningstar Guide

If you’ve completed “Wild Rose” then you’ll know that there is a malevolent ritual cursing pirates throughout the Sea of Thieves. It is a ritual that can trap souls.

Once slain, this ritual encases the victim’s soul in a physical object, prohibiting the soul from reaching the Ferry of the Damned.

Neither dead, nor free to live, these souls languish as they linger.

Charged with overseeing the souls on the Sea of Thieves, the Ferryman cannot allow this. However, neither can he leave his helm.

Hearing of your deeds, the Ferryman seeks your assistance.

Sea of Thieves Rare Thief Guide for The Fate of the Morningstar
Click the image to sail to the Fate of the Morningstar Guide.

The Revenge of the Morningstar Guide

Like so many, Graymarrow and the Morningstar’s crew each aspired to reach the Shores of Gold—and each were seeking the Shroudbreaker stones.

The Morningstar found one. Graymarrow found out.

Alas, you know the Fate of the Morningstar. Rather than simply slay the crew—and risk them returning from the Ferry of the Damned—Graymarrow wielded that vile ritual to trap their souls in the land of the living.

Although Graymarrow never seems to have found the other three Shroudbreaker stones, he still jealously guards the one he stole.

On behalf of the so cruelly cursed Morningstar Crew, what sweet sweet revenge it would be to steal that stone in turn.

Sea of Thieves Rare Thief Guide for The Revenge of the Morningstar
Click the image to sail to the Revenge of the Morningstar Guide.

The Shores of Gold Guide

You’ve done it! You’ve acquired each of the four stones required to awaken the power within the Shroudbreaker.

Ah, but the Shroudbreaker only provides safe passage through the shroud. It offers no additional safety or clear passage once you reach the Shores of Gold.

Considering how jealously guarded the path was that brought you this far, it’s hard to imagine that no one would have placed additional riddles, traps, and tricks on the island.

Aye, and it’s easy to imagine that a pirate might become so twisted in their obsession over this hoarded gold that they might never have left…

Sea of Thieves Rare Thief Guide for The Shores of Gold
Click the image to sail to the Shores of Gold Guide.

A new threat emerges!

These nine Tall Tales were just the first batch of lore-driven adventures for us to experience. There are more Tall Tales after the Shores of Gold that will have you and your crew uncover a mysterious new threat to the Sea of Thieves…

The Seabound Soul

The Seabound Soul
Click the image to sail to The Seabound Soul Guide.

Heart of Fire

Heart of Fire
Click the image to sail to the Heart of Fire Guide.

Fair Winds, Me Hearties!

We’ve done our absolute best to be as thorough as possible, and we update these guides regularly.

Nevertheless, with so much to explore—including the in-game updates and additions—we’re bound to have missed a few spots. Let us know if you come across anything we missed in the comments below!

Together, as we all stumble upon new permutations within each Tall Tale, the Rare Thief crew will continue enriching these guides for all pirates set to embark upon their Tall Tale adventure!

Journal Locations

Looking for the Shores of Gold journal locations? We also have a Journal Guide, helping you find each and every journal for all nine Tall Tale.

Shores of Gold Tall Tales Journal Locations

To the Tavern!

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To the Tavern!

Aye, we pirates do love a good tavern. ‘Tis a place to share our findings and adventures. ‘Tis a place to clap each other on the back. ‘Tis a place to glean further insight.

Happily, we’ve found proverbial taverns on several social outposts—each bustling with a vibrant pirate community! Want to join in the merriment? Ye will always find a hearty welcome at our table!

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  1. How about make some clear guidelines for most of these quests? I can’t make out what place I need to shovel for a Rock and Piece of wood… It aint that simple

    1. they are already providing an extreme amount of help especially considering it was just released try looking at the book and figuring it out yourself

    2. Your nickname says already a lot about your “style”…
      This guides are so detailed that if you read everything it will be no fun… what do you ask more?
      Maybe you should watch someone play the game instead of playing it… try Twitch or Youtube.

      In the game you’re a pirate, supposed to find hidden treasures using clues, brain and a bit of luck … do you think it’s supposed to be that easy? I don’t think so.

      I personally think those guides are very clear and easy to understand, even too easy if you still want to figure out most of the things yourself.
      Life isn’t easy, that’s the beauty of it.
      Don’t be mad, look for happiness and kindness, life’s too short to get angry.

  2. This guide could use some clarification but we did make it work, and managed to be among the first (first 0.16% of sea of Thieves players) to complete it which I’m estatic about. Thanks for this guide, it helped loads on parts we got stuck on.

    1. Amir Abdollahi

      Congrats on completing it all! That is an awesome accomplishment 🙂 *high five* As for the guides, do you remember any parts in particular you wish were a bit more clear? We would love to keep refining them to help future pirates!

  3. Yea, don’t lose your skull. My crew got killed and never got to take the skull back. Spent a lot of time trying to figure it out. Will not do it twice. 14 hours to do the golden was way to long.

    1. Did the Golden, only to get attacked by a Kraken, but how fortunate we would be a ghost galleon decided to pick a fight with us and got wiped by the Kraken instead, gave us chance to Vamoose all the way out of there xD

  4. Yep that was the biggest waste of time… Finally finished everything and just after I come back out of the fog I get attacked by a kracken. So I grab the skull that’s only worth 10k anyways and start swimming but that doesn’t matter because of the sharks and meg that are already swimming around in the water. So in the end I don’t even get the crappy payday.

  5. Have they fixed the glitch on the fairy on the dame tall tail I really wanna finish to get to go to the treasure island please and if haven’t how long tell it’s fixed?

  6. Charles Carmichael

    Great guide I do like the fact that you still need to use your skull. Don’t want it all figured out. We just need Rare to fix that pesky bug in Fate of the Morning Star.

  7. Hello, I just find out that I am really masochist.. Few more atempts to kill Gold Hoarder, every time the same effect, each time he is eating banana, but I am to slow in killing him. Please do anybody know if type of boat (sloop-galeon), or solo play, have effect on his lives? Because I allways trying it with galeon, but we are mostly two in final fight not four.. Thanks a lot

    1. friendly neighbourhood pizza time

      hey mate just keep on trying or like plan it so that as you are reloading your friend attacks or something like that
      it does work with 2 people and a galleon

  8. This is a very challenging tale which i applaud but the redrawn rate of skeletons when u need to turn the wheel to open last door before boss is ridiculously fast…especially if your crew can’t make it back to help it feels like a eternity before you make it through

    1. Amir Abdollahi

      Ahoy there! We have updated The Cursed Rogue with new locations for the Skeleton Key and Skeleton Chest. Have you come across any other updates we are missing? Let us know and we will get the guide updated! Thanks 🙂

  9. I agree the guides are very helpful takes a person with no sence of direction or a lazybeard to get mislead

  10. Hello. I ve just realised that the Fate of the Morningstar tall tale does not work. It just pops an empty webpage. Just wanted to let you know! Thanks!

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