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“Yo Ho! Yo Ho! A pirate’s life for me!”

Who doesn’t enjoy the pirate life? There’s adventure and excitement! There’s treasure and glory! There’s magic and mystery! Most importantly, there’s freedom!

Throughout Sea of Thieves’ rich lore, whenever we hear tell of a pirate’s journey to the Sea of Thieves, a common theme rings out: pirates brave that journey for the promise of freedom!

Now, it seems the Sea of Thieves’ promise of freedom has lured to these shores a pirate of some renown: Captain Jack Sparrow.

Captain Jack Sparrow

Fleeing the wrath of the ever-vengeful Davy Jones, witty Jack stole “the greatest pirate treasure of all time: a golden key to other lands.”

Aye, the Sea of Thieves was already such a vast and wondrous world. Yet, this golden key could open these seas to another beloved pirate world: the Pirates of the Caribbean!

Jack Sparrow and the Golden Treasure

But, more than that, this golden key can open a portal to a hitherto unreachable world within the Sea of Thieves: the Sea of the Damned!

Ah, yes. Although Captain Jack Sparrow did make it to the Sea of Thieves, he is not quite as free as he’d hoped.

Upon discovering Jack and the golden key, the Ferryman locked both aboard the Ferry of the Damned.

Captain Jack Sparrow With Dog

You see, me hearties, the Ferryman worries who else might use that key.

Aye, but if dark forces threaten the pirate life, we need to learn all we can about the threat we face. To do so, we must first find and free Captain Jack Sparrow!

Thus, we embark upon this noble quest—the first Tall Tale in the epic, original story “A Pirate’s Life”—also aptly named “A Pirate’s Life.”

If you are looking for just journal locations, check out our guide here! Finding all ten journals will earn you two commendations: (1) “Tales of the Damned” and (2) “The Crew of the Headless Monkey.” However, if you need help with the Tall Tale and finding the journals, read on!

The A Pirate's Life Tall Tale: Step by Step

Step 1: Starting the Tall Tale, "A Pirate's Life"

After reading the lore above, you might be thinking, “Wait! How are we supposed to reach the Sea of the Damned? We don’t have the golden key!”

This is true.

However, there is someone who does not need this golden key to travel between worlds: the Mysterious Castaway.

The Mysterious Castaway has her own magic—magic that allows others to travel between worlds, too!

Mysterious Castaway

Thus, to begin your daring journey, you must first find the Mysterious Castaway at the “Castaway’s Camp.”

Do not worry. You can find this camp at any outpost!

Conspicuously placed on the beach—relatively near the main dock—you’ll see a large structure made from a ship’s hull. Just outside the structure, beneath a tattered sail, you’ll see a campfire lit with green-teal flames.

Standing in front of those flames, you’ll see the Mysterious Castaway.

Castaway's Camp

You may speak with the Mysterious Castaway, but she will be awfully cryptic at first.

Along the wall of her ship’s hull, you’ll see all five Tall Tale books. You’re looking for the book next to a small galleon.

Approach that book, and you’ll see its title and a brief description. You’ll also see the prompt to “Vote For Tall Tale.” Follow that prompt!

Vote for Tall Tale

Once you and your crew have voted, the Mysterious Castaway will begin telling the tale—what has happened thus far, what you must do, and the fate that awaits if you do not.

She will also give you a Tall Tale quest book to assist you on your journey. You can find this book in your Quest Radial. The same way you might pull up your Voyage Quests.

Her spoken and written words are still less straightforward than poetic, but she shows you your next step in her mystical flames.

Mysterious Castaway showing the Portal

Step 2: Sail through the Mythical Portal

You must sail through the Mythical Portal.

After the Mysterious Stranger has finished speaking, you will see the portal appear near your outpost.

Don’t worry, you’ll see it. It would be hard to miss this green, glowing light filling a colossal rock formation and beaming up toward the sky.

Pirates, Ye Be Warned:

You cannot bring treasure with you into the Sea of the Damned. Your worldly possessions must stay behind. So, if you’ve got something worth selling, do so before you sail through that portal!

Step 3: Sail through the Tunnel of the Damned

The mythical portal will take you into the Tunnel of the Damned.

In the Tunnel of the Damned, you are no longer in control. It will ferry you where it will.

Ah, but there’s still plenty to witness!

For starters, you’ll be met by a ghostly parrot—or at least we were on our first sail through. Keep a weather eye on your ship, well as your horizon. You might be visited by something or someone else.

Well, our little parrot chattered a bit but didn’t really say anything to make heads or tails of. Then, as suddenly as it appeared, it was gone.

You’ll hear an ominous voice intoning cautionary advice. It’s the familiar voice from the Pirates of the Caribbean ride!

Tunnel of the Damned Parrot

Gradually, you’ll see rowboats approaching, each seemingly ferrying a soul. But, tempted though you may be, you cannot jump off the side of your boat to get a closer look.

You’ll also see shadowy ships in the distance. Ah, but there’s no cause for alarm; they seem to keep that distance.

Finally, you’ll see your destination’s portal up ahead. There’s naught to do but take in an out-of-body experience in a cinematic view of your journey through to the other side.

Tunnel of the Damned Rowboats

Step 4: Dock your Ship

You emerge from that second portal in “Strange Shores.”

After not having control of your wheel, you might be tempted to allow your ship to continue its course. However, it is now time for you to take the wheel, lest you fancy wrecking your vessel at the beginning of your journey.

You’ll see your destination straight ahead: an island silhouette of jagged rocks and palm trees.

Sail on over, raise your sails, and disembark!

If you pull out your compass, you’ll notice that you are roughly on the East-by-Southeast side of the island.

Step 5: Find the Cliff's Entrance

Look along the coastline for a large, hollowed-out hull emerging from the waters and up the beach.

From there, head inland (in a Southwest-by-West direction).

Up ahead, you’ll see another such hollowed-out hull. Follow where it leads.

Soon you’ll see a ghostly statue in the Ferryman’s characteristic garb. It stands before a corridor carved into the cliffs.

Head down that corridor, me hearty!

This statue is called the Wraith Statue. It functions similarly to the mermaid statues in the Heart of Fire Tall Tale.

Essentially, if you have a Tall Tale Checkpoint saved, you still must sail through the Tunnel of the Damned to arrive in this other realm.

After doing so, this statue can transport you to where you last saved a Tall Tale checkpoint.

Step 6: How to Navigate "Dead Man's Grotto"

Along this next part of your journey, you will walk through corridors that each lead to a cavern. In these caverns, there will be a gate, door, or other barrier preventing you from continuing along the path.

There are no journals to find in Dead Man’s Grotto. So, there is no need to fret about missing one as you enjoy your journey.

Scenes in the Dead Man's Grotto

How to Open the First Barrier

Taking in the scene of this first cavern, your eye will likely soon wander to a campfire.

Approach that campfire, and you will notice a prompt indicating that you must equip your lantern to take the flame.

Pull out and raise your lantern (left trigger). You should then receive the prompt to take the flame.

Take Flame of Souls

Interestingly, this is called the “Flame of Souls.”

We’ve had “Flames of Fate” in the past. Time will tell what all the differences might be.

If one member of your crew has taken the “Flame of Souls,” don’t worry if you cannot take the flame yourself. Once one crew member has collected that campfire’s green glow, everyone in the crew will have it flickering in their lantern.

You’ll then use the flame to light two lanterns.

Aye, there are two skeletons sprawled out on either side of the door. Each is holding a lantern. Light both lanterns and the door will open.

How to Open the Second Barrier

Follow the corridor into the next cavern. You’ll begin to hear more unmistakable sounds from the Pirates of the Caribbean ride—including a Seagull.

You’ll find this Seagull on the right-hand side of the room, sitting atop a skeleton’s hat. This skeleton also holds a lantern. Use your Flame of Souls to light this lantern.

Second Barrier Lantern

Next, approach the skeletons to the left of the next door. You should stumble upon the remains of one pirate with the prompt “move arm.”

Once you move its arm, you’ll see yet another lantern. Light this lantern, too.

Second Barrier Lantern

Ah, now you may notice an opening further off to the left of this cavern. It leads to a narrower tunnel, with a little rivulet slipping out to a cave opening.

Follow that trickling water until you come to a broken rowboat. In that rowboat, you’ll find the third and final lantern. Light the lantern and behold what happens next!

As you head back from the rowboat, you’ll see apparitions dragging chests up the rivulet and into the cavern. You’ll then see them circle the capstan, using it to lift the gate and clear your path.

Second Barrier Lantern

The Stormy Locked Ship

From this path, you’ll emerge into the open air—and a strange scene.

You’ll see a ship with a captain at the wheel—perhaps the iconic storm-battered ship from the ride—and what appears to be his crew on the shore.

Meanwhile, an echoing voice issues warnings about the curse of “Dead Man’s Grotto.”

This ship’s captain’s cabin is locked. It seemed as though we scanned every nook and cranny of this scene, but we’ve not yet made it into the captain’s quarters.

Although we must say, we’re mighty suspicious of the rope dangling off the ship’s stern.

Stormy Shipwreck

How to Open the Third Barrier: A Door that Needs a Handle

Waterfalls and grottos surround you along this following path—and a  heartwarming tune fills the air: “Yo Ho! Yo Ho! A pirate’s life for me!”

Ah, but then the path grows darker.

You then come upon a scene of pirates drinking around a campfire—all except one. One pirate stands off to the side. Slowly, she reaches for her blade. We can only assume what befell the others.

On the West side of this cavern, you’ll see a waterfall. Jump through that waterfall, and you’ll find yourself in another cavern.

Propped against the North wall of this cavern is a shattered rowboat with a skeleton inside. You’ll also notice the glint of treasure!

Approach the skeleton, and you should see the prompt, “Pick Up Oar Handle.” Pick it up, and bring it with you to your next barrier.

This barrier looks like a proper door. Next to the door, you’ll see a lever. If you do not have the oar, the prompt will read, “Needs a Handle.”

If you approach while holding the oar, the prompt will read, “Repair.” So, repair the lever, use the lever, and continue on your way.

The Fourth Barrier: How to Lower the Double Drawbridges

In this next section, you’ll get a bit of platforming. Falling is not so bad, though.

If you fall, your walk slows to a saunter, requiring you to amble your way to a spot where you can climb back up (usually the beginning).

Next, you’ll see water cascading down to and over your pathway. Don’t worry; simply walk across the rushing water to where your path continues on the other side.

Pirates, Ye Be Warned:

If you decide to take a dive over the edge, you will find yourself several caverns back, and you’ll need to follow the path once more to rejoin your crew.

Path Around Waterfall

Continue along the path, and you will walk into a large room with a raised drawbridge. Before the drawbridge, you’ll find a small dock jutting out over the water with a few broken crates and a lantern.

Light that lantern.

Lantern Before Drawbridge

A rowboat carrying a ghostly crew will appear and begin rowing along towards the raised drawbridge. Though, they will disappear as their path is currently blocked.

Follow the ghostly crew up the path to the drawbridge to find a capstan. Raise the anchor to lower the drawbridge. Cross the drawbridge to a platform. At the edge of that platform, you’ll see a pulley. Use the pulley to create another platform.

This platform will allow you to jump across to the other side.

Once again, if you fall, it’s only a minor setback. Underneath the platform connecting to that first drawbridge, there’s a ladder underneath the platform you were standing on. Clamber to shore, climb the ladder, and try your luck again.

Walk along the dock to the next drawbridge.

Below the drawbridge, off to the left, you’ll see an unlit hanging lantern. Light that lantern. This will, in turn, light the remaining torches around the room.

Once you have lit both lanterns, the rowboat carrying a ghostly crew will suddenly appear again and begin rowing along the path towards the second drawbridge.

When the rowboat reaches the second drawbridge, the scene will end, and the drawbridge will open—but not before you’ve witnessed yet another dastardly act of betrayal!

The Treasure Cavern!

Aye, follow these spectral sailors to the infamous treasure cavern!

If you’ve ever been on Disneyland’s “Pirates of the Caribbean” ride, you might remember suppressing an urge to clamber out of the boat and up to that mountain of treasure.

Well, now’s your chance!

You must hop over to that treasure-laden rock anyway because your path will continue on the other side.

This path will lead you up to a mildly perilous precipice. There, you’ll hop across what looks like fallen stalactites and into a tunnel, which leads to the final cavern. 

The Final Cavern

You’ve come to your final cavern of platforms. Again, it’s not a far fall, but falling will mean you’ll need to go—slowly—back to the beginning of the section.

When you first enter, you’ll likely notice that the walkway marking your path forward has a significant gap in the middle. However, you’ll also likely spot a ladder to your right.

Climb that ladder up to the platform above. There you’ll see an armory chest.

If you don’t have a sword on hand, you’ll want to equip one now. Just ahead of the armory is a threadbare rope. Cut that rope to lower a platform. The walkway is now complete, and you can walk safely across.

Keep that sword equipped! You’ll need it again.

If you’re feeling a bit daring, you can also use your sword to lunge across the gap.

To the right of the next broken bridge, you’ll see a pulley. Use that pulley to bring the mast over.

Once you release the pulley, the mast will begin slowly falling back into place. So, you’ll want to board the mast quickly.

Next, you’ll come to another threadbare rope. Slice that rope and hop on over.

Finally, you’ll see a rushing river to your right. It looks a bit like a water slide, no?

This is a point of no return.

Aye, but there’s so much to explore ahead! Step on in. The water’s fine!

Soon, you’ll emerge with a beautifully eerie view of Sailor’s Grave!

Slide to Sailor's Grave

Walk down the pathway to your right. Doing so will trigger two milestones in your Tall Tale journey!

First, you will unlock the Commendation for “Strange Shores”: “You successfully navigated Dead Man’s Grotto.”

Second, you will earn a checkpoint for the Tall Tale, allowing you to return to this spot in a later session.

Sailor's Grave

Step 7: Enter Sailor's Grave

You’ll need to open the gates of Sailor’s Grave to proceed.

As you walk down toward the town, look for a brazier to your left. Light that brazier, and you’ll see beacons light up throughout Sailor’s Grave.

You’ll then see apparitions raising a capstan, opening the gates, allowing you to enter.

Upon further inspection, that capstan looks an awful lot like the “Silent Barnacle”?

Step 8: Do a Good Deed for a Cursed Captain

Find and Rescue the Cursed Captain

Slowly, as you descend further into Sailor’s Grave, you’ll hear the Cursed Captain begin to speak. Walk down to the shoreline, and pass the Sailor’s Grave sign on your right.

Continue following his voice until you see a glowing cage high overhead. He’ll beckon you up to where he dangles. If you look for a path up to the captain, you’ll soon notice stairs to your left.

As you climb those stairs, lanterns will guide your steps up to a ship.

Cursed Captain

The ship is quite close to the Cursed Captain but just out of reach. So, you’ll need to head the opposite way to reach him.

Walk across the fallen mast. Once you reach the other side, drop into a hole in the hull and into the waters below. Swim across.

You’ll emerge from the water to find a pulley. Use that pulley to hoist you and your crew to the next platform.

After letting go, the platform will lower back down. However, it will do so rather slowly. So, you might want to make sure your whole crew is aboard before you start to lift.

On this platform, you’ll see your next pulley ahead, a little to the left.

Ah, but to the right, you’ll see a captain’s quarters—with gold, too! Unfortunately, when you approach, you find the door reads, “Key needed to unlock.” Aye, best be saving that for after you’ve rescued the Cursed Captain.

Go back to that pulley. Use it to raise a platform of barrels and crates. Don’t worry; if you let go of this pulley, the platform stays.

Once you’ve made it across, you see a few stairs up to your right. There you’ll see the pulley you’ll need to make it to the shipwreck.

This pulley will move two platforms across the gap—one from your side and one from the other.

Pull the platforms just enough so that you can hop from one to the other without falling.

On the other side, you’ll see a brig with glinting treasure inside. However, again—since you do not yet have any further clues on how to enter this locked brig or what to do once you’ve entered—it would probably be best to continue to the Cursed Captain.

Climb the bowsprit over to the captain’s cage. Looking down at the cage, you’ll see another threadbare rope and a prompt that reads, “Requires lantern to Ignite.”

Despite the Captain’s plea for a gentle descent, it seems this is the proper way to get him loose.

(Alternatively, you can cut the rope with your sword if you prefer.)

Find and Retrieve the Cage Key

Ah, despite the fall, the cage remains intact. You could leave the Captain to his fate. However, seeing as we know so little of this new world, and he’s offering words of wisdom, perhaps we’d better find the key.

From the fallen cage, head South toward a wrecked galleon. You’ll see a sign swinging from its bowsprit reading, “The Last Stand.”

You’ll see the key glinting atop the chandelier.

On the south side of the tavern—on the middle deck—you’ll see a pulley. That pulley is connected to the chandelier. Use that pulley to lower the chandelier and retrieve the key.

Be sure to read the journal on the top deck of the tavern before returning to the Cursed Captain with the key.

Click images to Enlarge

After you have read the journal, bring the key back to the Cursed Captain, and set him free.

By doing so, you will unlock the commendation, “Tales of the Dead: Do a good deed for a Cursed Captain.”

Before continuing through the Tall Tale, two nearby journals are off the beaten path you’ll want to ensure you read.

From the Cursed Captain’s cage, walk North to find a wooden path that leads North East to a shipwreck.

Following the wooden path will lead you to a door you can open to access the shipwreck’s hull. Open the door and step inside. You’ll find the journal on a table to the right of the bed.

Click images to Enlarge

After reading the journal by the bed, head back out and make your way back to The Last Stand tavern. Instead of walking inside, turn left and enter the rear of the nearby shipwreck. You will walk to a gambling den and find the journal on a table to the left of the chess game.

Click images to Enlarge

Step 9: Restore lost light and summon a rescue.

Back to the Tall Tale! Go back to the Cursed Captain and pick him up. Then, walk toward the lighthouse with the Cursed Captain in hand. You’ll soon come to a large gap, where it seems a bridge should be.

Luckily, it seems that the Cursed Captain has a way to bring back that bridge.

Simply wait at the bridge’s entrance; soon enough, the ground will rumble, and the bridge will rise up, allowing you to cross.

Entrance to Lighthouse

Cross the bridge and continue up the lighthouse. You’ll know you’ve almost reached the top when the steps turn to stone.

Once you reach the top, the Cursed Captain requests that you place his skull upon a suitable body of bones. You’ll find such a headless skeleton seated with a spyglass in his grasp.

Cursed Captain on Lighthouse Skeleton Body

Be sure to read the journal nearby in the bookshelf before climbing up the ladder to the top of the lighthouse

Click images to Enlarge

After you’ve read the journal, climb the ladder up to the very top of the lighthouse. There you’ll find the lighthouse brazier. Approach it, and you will see the prompt “Raise Lantern to ignite Lighthouse.”

Once you’ve revived the flame, you’ll see a beam of light emanating from the lighthouse. If you want to summon the Ferryman, you’ll need to aim this beam.

On either side of the flames, you’ll see two wheels. One wheel allows you to pitch the lighthouse lens. The other allows you to rotate it.

So, where are we aiming this beam? You are looking for three nearby beacons.

You’ll find one to the Southwest. From there, turn left, and you’ll soon see two more.

Light all three, and you’ll unlock the commendation, “Waiting for Eternity: Restore lost light and summon a rescue.”

You’ll also see the Ferry of the Damned sail into view.

Step 10: Find the Cabin Key

Next, the Cursed Captain will request that you take him to his old ship: The Golden Hare. The Captain will direct you from there. Soon, the Cursed captain will ask you to reunite him with his body.

You might not wish to oblige him just yet.

Pirates, Ye Be Warned:

Once you place the Cursed Captain’s head on his original body in the Captain’s Cabin of his ship, you will no longer be able to complete several commendations and find the rest of the journals.

We’ll discuss those commendations in the section below.

So, if you’d like to earn those commendations, do not honor the Cursed Captain’s wishes just yet.

If and when you are ready to continue progressing through the Tall Tale, you may grant the Cursed Captain’s wish.

In exchange for your services, the Cursed Captain gives you his Cabin Key.

Before leaving the Captain’s Cabin, be sure to read the journal on the nearby bookshelf.

Click images to Enlarge

After you’ve read the journal, use the Cabin Key on the back door. Walk through the door and head to a rowboat which will allow you to row out to the Ferry of the Damned.

The Sailor's Grave Commendation Adventure!

There are six commendations to be found in Sailor’s Grave, and they are unlike any Tall Tale commendations we have ever encountered!

  1. A Powerful Thirst
  2. Raising the Dead
  3. Treasure for the Dead
  4. Ship of Thieves
  5. Secret of the Grave
  6. The Crew of the Headless Monkey

Most Tall Tale commendations occur naturally in the course of completing a tale. A few require little detours, but they generally don’t require pirates to stray too far from their main Tall Tale objectives.

Good examples of such little detours include two in The Sunken Pearl Tall Tale: Chest of Sorrow and Tale of Eternal Sorrow.

By contrast, this series of commendations is a complete departure from the Tall Tale path, and—to complete all six—you must do them in sequence and in one session.

Aye, completing these six commendations is its own grand adventure—and we love it!

Below you’ll find miniature guides for each commendation where we’ll walk alongside you every step of the way. Between the Cursed Captain and Rare Thief, we like to think Sailor’s Grave offers mighty fine company.

Initially, we tried to fit all of these commendations in this guide. T'was a valiant but ill-fated effort.

In an attempt to make it all fit, our descriptions were a bit too cursory. Let's just say they weren't up to our usual Rare Thief standards.

Brief as they were, it was also still a massive and cumbersome interruption to insert a guide to this grand adventure smack dab in the middle of a guide for pirates trying to complete the Tall Tale.

Plus, separating the guides allows pirates who are only looking for help on a particular commendation to find what they need quickly, without scrolling through the entire Tall Tale guide.


TLDR: Funnily enough, it was too long, and we didn’t want to make people read it or scroll through it if they didn’t need it. TLDR, indeed.

Step 11: Board the Ferry of the Damned

Begin by rowing your boat South. You won’t be able to see the Ferry at first, but it should come into view as you pass the lighthouse.

Ah, and what a sight it is! Keep a weather eye. As you hear a bell toll, you’ll see a darkly cloaked figure bringing souls from Sailor’s Grave to the Ferry of the Damned!

Upon beholding this sight, you will unlock your next Checkpoint!

Sail up to the back of the ship, until you see the prompt to dock the rowboat. Disembark from your little vessel and climb aboard the Ferry!

Rather than heading left to the captain’s door (which is locked), head around to the right. There you’ll find a ladder.

Upon reaching the top of the ladder you’ll hear the Ferryman giving a speech to the souls he brought aboard. Aye, and you’ll gain a bit more insight into the lore of Sailor’s Grave—and, indeed, of the Ferry of the Damned even as we know it in the Sea of Thieves.

Once the Ferryman has finished his remarks, the ship sets sail on what the Ferryman promises will be a long journey. Now is your chance!

Souls on the Ferry of the Damned

Step 12: Get Below Deck

To reach the prisoner you seek, you’ll need to get below that top deck.

Approach the Well of Fates, raise your lantern, and light the well with your Flame of Souls! Lighting the Well of Fates with the Flame of Souls will destroy the well and leave a hole where you can enter the lower deck.

Once below you’ll see a few resource crates. Stock up if you need.

More interestingly, you’ll an unlit lantern mounted beside a closed door. Light that lantern to open the door.

In this next chamber, you’ll see a room of sarcophagi—similar to the one seen in the Fate of the Morningstar Tall Tale.

Approach the sarcophagus on the right side of the room. Move the lid, and you will reveal a lantern. Light that lantern.

You’ll also need to light the lantern across from it on the left side of the room. Illuminating both lanterns will open the caged door.

Now, you must simply walk down the now-infamous stairs to the brig and its prisoner.

Step 13: Release a prisoner from their captivity.

There you’ll find the famous Captain Jack Sparrow attempting to cajole man’s best friend into handing over the Brig Key. Unsuccessful as ever, he baits you into doing it for him.

Beware: the pirate that gets the keys, gets to pet the dog. We’re just saying.

Put the key into the lock and free Captain Jack!

By doing so, you’ll unlock your next commendation: The Prisoner: Release a prisoner from their captivity.

Take Brig Key

Step 14: Fight for the Ferry of the Damned!

After you’ve released Captain Jack Sparrow, follow him as he ascends to the top deck of the Ferry. As he meanders, he let you in on a bit more lore.

Upon reaching the top deck, the Ferryman spots and chastises you all. Ah, but someone else has come to join the fray: Davy Jones!

Thank goodness for those resources barrels, eh? Oh, and there’s an ammo crate by the main mast on the top deck.

The Ferryman calls you to arms. All that’s left to do is answer that call, and watch the story play out.

When the Tale has ended, the Ferryman returns you to the Tunnel of the Damned, which then soon delivers you back into the Sea of Thieves.

Aye, but we can’t wait to go right back in…

Walk Through Portal

All Commendations

Strange Shores: Make your way through a lair of treasure and treachery.

Tales of the Dead: Do a good deed for a Cursed Captain.

Waiting for Eternity: Restore lost light and summon a rescue.

Raising the Dead: Learn what happens to pirates who betray other pirates.

Treasure for the Dead: Return a treasure to its ‘rightful’ owner.

A Powerful Thirst: Help quench the thirst of one who cannot help themselves.

Ship of Thieves: Find a way to open the door of a locked ship.

Secret of the Grave: Discover the secret of Sailor’s Grave.

The Prisoner: Release a prisoner from their captivity.

A Pirate’s Life: Complete ‘A Pirate’s Life’.

Tales of the Damned: Discover the Cursed Captain’s Journals in Sailor’s Grave.

The Crew of the Headless Monkey: Discover the Journals of the Headless Monkey’s Captain.

Mist and Memory: Legendary Commendation: Complete all Commendations for ‘A Pirate’s Life’.


Cursed Captain’s Hat: Earn the ‘A Pirate’s Life’ Commendation.

Cursed Captain's Hat

Cursed Captain’s Sails: Earn the ‘Mist and Memory’ Commendation.

Cursed Captain's Sails

Ready for your next adventure in A Pirate’s Life? Head on over to our The Sunken Pearl guide to continue the story of Captain Jack Sparrow and his Treasure!

To the Tavern!

Aye, we pirates do love a good tavern. ‘Tis a place to share our findings and adventures. ‘Tis a place to clap each other on the back. ‘Tis a place to glean further insight.

Happily, we’ve found proverbial taverns on several social outposts—each bustling with a vibrant pirate community! Want to join in the merriment? Ye will always find a hearty welcome at our table!

Follow Along

To the Tavern!

Aye, we pirates do love a good tavern. ‘Tis a place to share our findings and adventures. ‘Tis a place to clap each other on the back. ‘Tis a place to glean further insight.

Happily, we’ve found proverbial taverns on several social outposts—each bustling with a vibrant pirate community! Want to join in the merriment? Ye will always find a hearty welcome at our table!

Want to keep a weather eye out?

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No Idea how to get the drink for the Skeletons? Door needs no key etc. We wanna have all commendations.

Amir Abdollahi

We are also stumped on that one at the moment…we will let you know when we figure it out!


There is a small opening on the side


If you look to the right of the cage with all the rum bottles, there’s a hole in the wall you can jump into from the platform to grab the rum for the skeleton.

Justin Put

Yes you find it when you are doing the pulley system when the two pieces pass each other there will be a little cave you can jump in

Allan Tidd

On the part with the two trollies you can move near that cage there is an opening on the side of it you can access for recipe

Justin Put

Does any on know how to do the secret of the grave commendation


nNed help, cant find the journals of the headless monkey crew got 4/5.


its on the mast bro, walk around it, right next to the wheel, we just spent 20 minutes searching for it


Where do you do all of the commendations?




I can’t find how to open the locked ship door. I got all the gold, but it’s a commendation. Arhggg.


How do you buy-in to the game once the skeleton’s head explodes once you give him the special drink? Also, what do you do with the Headless Monkey Key? Also, where is Poor Dougie’s Key?

Amir Abdollahi

The Headless Monkey Key is used on the shipwreck you found it on. It will open the Captain’s Cabin where two journals are located.


Follow the gold under the dock and dig in hole for Old Doug’s body. Once you find his chest, in it is a coin you use to buy in. But you need cursed captain head. So do this first before you take him to his ship.


buy in?

Ogre Steinbjorn

Just ran this, Raising the dead, Treasure for the dead, Secrets of the grave, and crew of the headless monkey are giving me some trouble. I’m assuming they are all connected to the graveyard area.

Ogre Steinbjorn

Just found Poor Dougie buried beneath the Dock for raising the dead and treasure for the dead

Ogre Steinbjorn

Dougie’s treasure is the item used for the buy in

Ogre Steinbjorn

Which wins you the key for the treasure ship

Ogre Steinbjorn

That in turn allows access to the sails, which need to be adjusted so you can use the lighthouse to light the brazier behind the treasure ship…. possibly opening the secrets of the grave area. (untested at this time.)

Ogre Steinbjorn

Theory confirmed. By turning the sails aside you can light a hidden brazier behind the treasure ship that opens the Secrets of the grave area via the lighthouse

Ogre Steinbjorn

Full Commendation. Two Books in cabin, One near forward mast, One near rear mast, One near wheel with key.

Jacob branch

were are all of the headless monkey crew journals can’t find any of them

Amir Abdollahi

We have a guide over here talking about how to get to them. You have to complete several commendations and side-quests before you can get to the area where they are.

Jacob branch

I have done every commendation besides this one

Ogre Steinbjorn

Check my post


At the top of the tavern there are some pirates looking at a map, which marks a cross on it, I went digging there and I can’t find anything, any help?

Amir Abdollahi

Yep! We go over it here in this guide. If you go to that location you will find piles of gold. You will also see a trail of gold that leads back to the docks where is actually where you want to dig 🙂

Nico schembro

Put the head on his old body before he beat the guy in chess what do I do?

Amir Abdollahi

If you were able to put the head on the skeleton playing chess you should be good. Did the Cursed Captain kill the other player and did you get the key?


I did all the Commendations but the hat and sail are still locked, Help!


guide was perfectly put together without letting in too much info on how to progress.


Hey ! How do I easily load a save ? I’ve just finished Sailor’s Grave but I can’t find a way to go back at my save without starting all over again…

Amir Abdollahi

Ahoy there! So you can use your Checkpoint by going to your voyage table on your ship and proposing a Tall Tale Checkpoint. More on that here. You will still need to sail through the Tunnel of the Damned though. Once in the Sea of the Damned, use one of the grim reaper looking statues near the entrance of Dead Man’s Grotto. It will take you to where you last left off in Sailor’s Grave.


Game is not instanced, been trying to pass the second chapter for the past 3 days… It’s buggy as hell and you run into other players that just constantly kill you…

Amir Abdollahi

The only instanced part of the first Tall Tale is while you are in the Sea of the Damned, after you go through the portal. As for other pirates before that, have you tried throwing up an Alliance Flag to show your intentions? That could help 🙂


once you complete the commendations and have done the tell tale before can you leave and keep the commendations?

Amir Abdollahi

Yep! Once a commendation is unlocked, it stays unlocked. Regardless if you complete the Tall Tale or not 🙂 So if you come back to get some commendations you missed the first time, you don’t need to complete it again.


Can’t get passed the part were Jack Sparrow is fighting the monster while Davy Jones attacks the ship.

Amir Abdollahi

Hmm, that part can take some time. Just make sure you keep shooting the Flying Dutchman as it passes by and get rid of any boarders. Be sure to check below deck. Sometimes a boarder can get stuck down by the Cannonball Barrels.

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