Sea of Thieves Rare Thief Guide for The Fate of the Morningstar

Sea of Thieves – The Fate of the Morningstar Tall Tale Guide

The Ferryman has summoned you for some assistance. Time to pause your time on the world of the living and head to the Ferry of the Damned.

In this adventure, you’ll be tracking the Morningstar crew’s last steps before their lives were taken and their souls were buried.

Any tracking is best done with a map in hand. But, there’s a map that you might find particularly helpful in tracking these souls: the interactive SoT companion map has a marker series devoted specifically to helping you find the Morningstar crew!

It might looked like only four markers at first glance, but zoom in and you’ll find many more!


You can find the web version of the interactive SoT companion map here.

Fate of the Morningstar Markers on Web SoT Companion Map

Of course, if you’d rather use the interactive map on your phone or tablet, you can use the SoT companion app.

Fate of the Morningstar Markers on Mobile SoT Companion Map
Apple Pirates Click Here
Android Pirates Click Here

The Fate of the Morningstar Tall Tale: Step by Step

Step 1 – Fate of the Morningstar Tall Tale Book

You will start this tale in an unusual place. Head to the Ferry of the Damned and meet with the Ferryman. Sitting next to him will be the Tale book.

Fate of the Morningstar

He will tell you about some lost souls and one of his most prized possessions, a lantern that can lift the veil which hides the spirit world from living eyes. We must find this lantern and voyage the marooned souls to the Ferry.

Step 2 – Obtain the Enchanted Lantern

One of the pages in the Tale book will tell you where the sarcophagus is. The sarcophagus contains the Enchanted Lantern you are looking for.

Book of the Unclaimed Dead

The two most common possible islands that you will be directed to are Kraken’s Fall and Marauder’s Arch. Both will have you climbing to the highest peak of the island and digging in front of a prominent tree.

Once you locate the sarcophagus, you will open it up to find the remains of the Ferryman and his lantern. Interact with it to have it added to your Map Radial.

Step 3 – Free Dinger

Now that we have the lantern, we can hunt those lost souls down and free them!

One of the most important things to remember is always head in the last direction the footsteps you are following are heading. If you feel like you lost the trail, keep going a little further from the last direction to see if you find the steps again again. There are a few spots where the steps have a big gap between them.

Now, head over to Old Faithful Isle and park on the South beach. This is where the trail begins. Pull out your lantern and raise it high to reveal the scene. You should come across a rowboat with several chests in it. Nearby is a large skeleton with a couple of smaller skeletons.

Further along the beach you will see a skeleton looking up North on the beach. Head up the beach to find the three pirates. With your lantern equipped, you will watch as they are startled and head inland. Follow their steps through the arch and to a fork in the path.

Old Faithful Pirates Initial Divergence

Two pirates will head left (West) and one will head to the right (East). Let’s head left and follow Dinger and Fontaine.

You you will follow the two sets of steps up to the high South West side of the island and come across another fork in the path near some barrels. One turned left, South, and one went right, West.

Fontaine Dinger Split

Let’s head right and follow Dinger.

Shortly after following the right footsteps we will see Dinger cornered on a cliff. The skeletons chasing him will push him over the edge.

Drop down over the side of the cliff to where he was pushed. Hold out your lantern and follow the skeleton steps.

Dinger Fall Location

The skeletons will go their separate ways. Continue going forward to find the chest.

You will finally find the skeleton burying the chest in the sand. Dig up the chest and head back to where the skeletons diverged. Now follow the other skeleton with the key.

Follow the steps up the mountain and past the hanging cage. You will finally come to see that the skeleton put the key in a cannon and shot it out. Line up the physical cannon with the spirit one to get the angle right.

Jump in and fire yourself out. You will land in the water below. Search the ocean floor nearby to find the key.

Bring the key to where you left the chest and free Dinger.

Step 4 – Free Fontaine

Head back to where we decided to follow Dinger and follow Fontaine’s footsteps. You will head South for a bit and then through a small fort entrance. Keep going forward to another fort entrance and you will see where Fontaine dies.

Fontaine Death

Follow the pair of skeleton steps until they diverge left and right again. Head right to follow the skeleton carrying the chest to dig up the chest. Go back to where the skeleton diverged to get the key. You will follow the skeleton with the key until the steps disappear. You should be near a cooking fire.

Nearby the cooking fire on the rock wall will be a lever. Pull the lever and the hanging cage ahead will drop. Inside is the skeleton with the key.

Grab the key and go back to where you left the chest. Unlock the chest and Free Fontaine.


Step 5 – Free Eli

Go back to where the all three pirates were running before they split. Now we will follow Eli who ran to the East. Follow this steps along the East beach and up into the fort to the North.

You will see an epic battle between him and a huge skeleton lord.

Eli Fight

Once you find Eli’s death location, you will see two skeletons run off with a chest and key. Follow the skeleton with the key. He throws it 10-20 feet from the edge into the water.

Eli Key

Drive down and search the ocean floor. You will find the key. Bring it back to where the skeletons take Eli’s soul.

You will notice a map of Old Faithful Isle just behind the group. On it will be an X. This is where the chest is buried.

The X depicted in the Old Faithful Isle map is just on the other side of the fence nearby to where you are standing. Locate the chest and dig it up. You can now unlock the chest to free Eli.

Step 6 – Return to the Ferryman

Time to head back to the Ferry of the Damned. In your favorite fashion, off yourself and speak to the Ferryman once aboard his ship.


You will have completed the Tall Tale and are now ready to take revenge for the Morningstar crew.

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  1. I’ve done this solo twice, I wonder if a gallon crew stayed anchored at OFI and one player at Marauders, if you could speed run this one?

  2. So I have tried this 3x times now – each time in Step2 when we goto get the Lantern from the digging up the cophin under the old dead tree on top of the island, the Lantern drops, but we CANNOT pick it up….so we just went around and got all the lost pages to the book at this point! Unfortunately the GAME IS BROKEN right now!! Read many other threads on this same exact issue from other players!!

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