The Sunken Pearl

Sea of Thieves

The Sunken Pearl Tall Tale Guide

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The second Tall Tale, The Sunken Pearl, will have you and your crew diving deep into the Sunken Kingdom to recover Captain Jack Sparrow’s infamous compass.

The compass is lost on the captured Black Pearl, chained and guarded by the Sirens that rule the Sunken Kingdom.

While you explore the Sunken Kingdom, you will also encounter Siren statues. Interacting with these statues and the Siren song they sing, you will solve a puzzle that will raise the water level allowing you to reach new areas and further the Tall Tale.

Once in open water again, you will need to follow a trail of debris that will inevitably lead you to the Black Pearl, chained to the seafloor.
You will need to take advantage of a new breathing mechanic introduced in this Tall Tale to stay in the water long enough to discover the Black pearl.

Be on the lookout for tall spired plants that emit bubbles. Swimming near these plants and in the bubbles they produce will refill your oxygen, allowing you to stay below the water’s surface for longer.

Before we go any further... Journals!

Do you live for the lore? Ah, then you’ll want to find the journals that accompany this Tall Tale!

Besides, there’s a commendation for pirates who find them all!

Find the locations and text for every journal in this Tall Tale: The Sunken Pearl Tall Tale Journals, Locations and Text.

—Pieces of Silver—
Discover the Journals of the Silver Blade's Captain.

The Sunken Pearl Tall Tale: Step by Step

Phase 1: Beginning the Tall Tale

Step 1: Vote to Begin the Sunken Pearl Tall Tale

Once you have completed the first Tall Tale, you will be able to vote on and start this Tall Tale at the Castaway’s camp on any Outpost.

Just to the right of the first Tall Tale’s book, you’ll see a book next to a shell with a precious little pearl. Aye, that’s the book for “The Sunken Pearl.”

Once you are your crew have voted to begin, the Mysterious Castaway will tell the tale.

She’ll remind you of what has already come to pass in the first tale, what we must dare to do, and the fate will fall upon us all should we fail.

She also gives us a Tall Tale Quest book to guide our next steps.

Mysterious Castaway

Step 2: Sail to the Sunken Pearl

In your Sunken Pearl Quest Book, you’ll find seven pages. The first five pages summarize the lore that has led us here.

Page six and seven contain sketches that will lead you to your destination, and portend an ominous threat.

Looking at those sketches, it appears that your destination lies in the far southwest corner of the map.

It’s North of Shark Bait Cove, yet South of Old Salt’s Atoll. It’s further west than Old Salt’s Atoll.

Of course, you might also spot its destination on the horizon: a bright blue, swirling beacon light!

As you get closer, you hear music ushering you toward that bright light!

Step 3: Find the Sunken Black Pearl

Upon arriving at your destination, you’ll undoubtedly notice debris covered in brightly colored coral.

Dive beneath the surface and you see a trail of such debris, leading deeper and deeper into the sea.

Trail of Debris

Follow this trail, and fear not. You won’t run out of air. Along the way you’ll see bubbles rising up from each pile of debris. These bubbles will provide the air you need.

Throughout this tale, you’ll notice coral with even more visually conspicuous bubbles. These will be your lifeline as you explore the depths.

It’s a long swim, but the journey is more than worth the sight you’ll behold: The Black Pearl!

Phase 2: Ship of Freedom

Step 4: Find the Black Pearl Key

Now, that you’ve found the Black Pearl, chances are you’d like to take look around. The Captain’s cabin is locked, but what about below deck?

Although debris blocks one would-be entrance, toward the bow of the ship, you should see an opening where you can dive in deeper.

To roam the length of this lower level you’ll need to clear a path.

Don’t worry, you should have plenty of air.

While there are tiny bubbles all about, there is a noticeably denser bevy of bubbles floating between the upper and lower grates. Float toward those bubbles if you need to catch your breath.

Finding Air in the Sunken Black Pearl

Once you’re in the lower level, you path may still appear blocked. Ah, but approach the piles of boxes and barrels blocking your path on the left, and you should see a prompt to “Move Debris.”

In the next area, you’ll want to check the blockage on your right. You should see a long plank lying on the floor, jutting out from the wreckage. Once again, move the debris.

Moving that plank will allow the cannon to slide from your path.

Move Debris

Now, you path is free and clear—the only peculiar sight is a vibrant, glowing creature.

Don’t be shy. That creature hold what you seek.

You’ll find the Black Pearl Key in the crusty clutches of an ocean crawler.

Step 5: Find Jack's Compass

Swim back from whence you came with the Black Pearl Key in hand. That key goes just where you’d think: the door to the Captain’s Cabin.

Inside the Captain’s Cabin, you see an object glinting from a table top. Upon closer inspection, you’ll see that this is Jack’s Compass.

Pick it up! For the remainder of the Sunken Pearl Tall Tale, this compass will come in quite handy.

It operates precisely as you’d imagine: it points toward what you desire most.

Given that you desire completing this Tall Tale, it only makes sense that this compass will guide your path.

Finding this compass will unlock your first commendation.

—Heart's Desire—
Recover the special object you were sent to find.

Phase 3: Strange Awakenings

Step 6: Follow Jack's Compass

Similar to compasses in other Tall Tales (i.e. The Cursed Rogue, or Wild Rose) or the Wayfinder Voyages, it is a piece of equipment unique to your Quest.

As such, Jacks Compass will remain on your person at all times in your Quest Radial.

Equip your compass, and see where it points.

You should end up following that compass in an east-by-southeast direction toward dark tunnel situated low on these cavern walls.

Don’t let that gaping dark hole frighten you. As you draw nearer, you’ll see this cave come alive with color!

Swim up to the water’s surface. It’s a surprisingly short swim. It seems something is keeping the waters from flowing between the underwater grottos.

Here you’ll encounter a statue similar to the mermaid statues in the Shores of Gold Tall Tales. These will allow you to either return to your ship or return to a saved checkpoint.

Notice the distinctly lively glowing flora to the right of the barrier.

To pass through this iridescent barrier, you must activate it with your weapon.

You can choose either your cutlass or a gun; both work just fine. Your weapon of choice throughout this Tall Tale will largely depend on how close you can get to your target.

Cut through that barrier and step through. You won’t be in water long, as you’ll soon climb out on a fallen mast.

Thus begins your journey up through the Siren’s Spire. You’ll move from level to level within the Spire, progressing as you solve puzzles, cut down new foes, or both!

Step 7: Make your way to the Top of the Siren Spire

Spire Level 1


A mysterious voice has been accompanying you throughout your journey. Thus far, she has seemed rather pleasant enough.

However, upon entering this first cavern, the mysterious voice takes on a sinister tone, as she calls upon the Ocean Crawlers that serve her to cut you down!

An Eel-ectric on Spire Level 1

Aye! Here you’ll face all three of the new Ocean Crawlers!  We won’t waste precious tall tale time and space filling in their contours here.

For any curious pirates, we plan to have an entirely separate article devoted solely to these new creatures very soon.

For now, you need only know that you must defeat several waves of these creatures. Upon vanquishing the final foe, it will relinquish a “Siren Heart.”

Before picking up the Siren Heart, you’ll want to grab the first journal on the North side of the room. You’ll find it behind the wooden debris laying on the ground.

Click images to Enlarge

Return the Siren Heart

Notice four Siren Statues placed around the room. There are three smaller statues along the perimeter, and one large statue in the center of the room.

The Siren Heart will belong to one of the three smaller statues. In our very limited day one experience, this has always been the siren statue in the south-by-southeast corner of the cavern.

However, this may just be a coincidence. You’ll know you’ve found the correct siren statue when you approach, as you should see the prompt “Return Siren Heart.”

Solve the Siren Puzzle

Look to the glowing artwork on the wall depicting the four Siren Statues.

Each of the three statues is holding something different.

One statue seems to be holding some sort of flora in her palm. Another statue seems to be holding a gem or mineral of some kind. The third statue appears to be holding chains.

We’re not sure of their proper names just yet, but for simplicity’s sake, in this guide we will call them the Flora Statue, the Mineral Statue, and the Chain Statue—at least until further notice.

The Siren Carving for Spire Level 1

Each statue is pictured holding their object, and holding a trident in one of three positions: low, middle, or high.

In this example, the Mineral Statue is holding the trident in the low position. The Flora Statue is holding the trident in the middle position, and the Chain Statue in holding the trident in the high position.

• Mineral: Low

• Flora: Middle

• Chain: High

You must interact with these statues to ensure each statue is holding the trident in the picture depicted on the wall.

By interact, with simply mean activate with your weapon of choice. Slash it with your cutlass. Ping it with your pistol. Dealer’s choice!

Here’s how these statues end up looking:

Tips from the Tavern:
Identifying the Trident Positions

These positions have tripped up many a pirate—particularly the “low” position, as the carving has a very different angle than the position appears on the statue.

One trick is to think about these positions relative to each other.

The carving on the wall might look like a middle position, but—relative to the other two—it’s easier to see that it has the lowest position of the three.

Ah, and there’s another little tip that might help you distinguish that “low” position.

In this image, you can see that the “low” position is the only one in which the bottom of the trident is closer to the statue than the tip.

The Siren Carving for Spire Level 1

Once you’ve returned the siren heart, and adjusted the statues’ trident positions, use your weapon of choice on the main large statue holding the shell.

If something is incorrect, you will hear the beginnings of a siren’s song that devolves into a discordant tone.

If you have done it all correctly, you will hear a risings notes of a siren’s song, followed by a more robust choral response.

Perhaps more noticeably, a large stone face above will open its mouth and pour water into the cavern, raising you to the next level—and your next puzzle.

Spire Level 2: Solve the Statue Puzzle

Although the water has risen you up to the second level, you’ll actually be swimming back down to use the same statues as before.

Except, this time, you’ll be using the carving on this second level to determine the trident positions.

For this puzzle, we always seem to get a carving with all three of the tridents held high.

• Mineral: High

• Flora: High

• Chain: High

The Siren Carving for Spire Level 2

Swim down and change all of the statues’ tridents to the highest position.

The statues should each look like this:

Then wield your weapon against the same  statue in the center of the room, as you did for the previous puzzle.

You might want to shoot the main statue, while standing on the level above. That way, you’re ready for what happens next.

Tips from the Tavern:

You might want to shoot the main statue, while standing on the level above. That way, you’re ready for what happens next.

In the Spire looking at the main statue in level 1, from level 2

If you’ve successfully arranged the statues below, a geyser will appear below the carving on the second level.

Stand on that geyser, and ready yourself for a boost! It should rush you straight up to the third level.

The geyser will not continue forever. If it stops, don’t worry. Simply activate the main statue again to re-activate the geyser.

Spire Geyser from Level 2 to Level 3

Spire Level 3


You seem to have reached the top of this vaulted cave.

Ah, but you’re not alone up here! Ocean crawlers claw out of the ground. It’s only two waves, but it’s enough to remind you that perils abound within this spire.

Once again, the final crawler you slay will drop a Siren Heart.

Siren Heart in Spire Level 3
Return the Siren Heart

Once again, find the Siren missing a heart. In our experience, the siren needing the heart on this level has always been the Flora Siren.

If you’re looking at the Siren carving, turn to your left and you’ll see the Flora statue tucked into a corner.

Return the Siren Heart on Spire Level 3
Solve the Statue Puzzle

Next, you’ll want to consult this level’s siren carving.

For this carving, the Flora Statue’s trident is in the low position. The Chain Statue’s trident is at the middle position, and the Mineral Statue’s trident is at the high position.

• Flora: Low

• Chain: Middle

• Mineral: High

Spire Level 3 Statue Carving

This time, one of the three statues is not exactly in cutlass or blunderbuss range. If that’s all you have handy, you’re in luck! This level holds an armory box for just such an occasion.

Once in their proper positions, your statues should look something like this:

Once you think you have every statue in place its proper position, take aim at the main statue holding the shell just to the right of the carving.

If your statues are correct, water will flow from the large stone head above, raising you even higher.

Water Rushing into Spire Level 3

As you rise to the top of the chamber, swim along the outer walls of the room to find the second journal. It will be in the East corner of the chamber next to red rocks.

Click images to Enlarge

Spire Level 4

Climb to the Top of the Spire

On this yet higher level, it’s hard to miss the prominent skeletal spin leading you higher still

Climb up to spire

Continue up the spire in a switchback fashion, until you reach the next bubble barrier.

You’ll see yet another transport statue. 

You’ll also see another pulsing glow. Pull out a weapon and engage that glow to pass through the barrier.

Spire Entrance to the Highest Chamber
Enter the Chamber at the Top of the Spire

Passing through that barrier, you’ve now entered a chamber at the top of the Spire.

You’ll hear the mysterious voice continue with her threats, and you’ll see what appears to be a shrine featuring a large Kraken skull.

Looking out the windows, you’ll see a live Kraken!

You’ll also see glints from the front of the chamber. These are the Tridents of Dark Tides! Go ahead and pick one up!

Top of spire

Just Remember:
Tridents are not like your other weaponry.

These are not added to the inventory that your pirate holds. Instead, you hold a trident the same way you might hold a piece of treasure.

This means, if you are holding this weapon, you cannot sprint.

Top of spire

It also means that you cannot hold anything else—including food.

So, if you would like to heal yourself, you must release the trident.

Happily, you can always pick it right back up. Even better, when you’re in the water, the trident will remain suspended exactly where you let go of it.

Fight For the Crew, Suspended Trident

Phase 4: For the Crew

Step 8: Defeat the Queen's Royal Guard

Listening to the mysterious voice, you learn that she is actually the Siren Queen!

Though we still don’t know much of her story, we do know she remains hell bent on our demise. As such she calls upon her royal guard of Sirens and Siren Leaders to kill you and your crew.

The Sunken Pearl: For the Crew

When she finishes speaking, the bubble barriers will be activated, and you’ll be able to pass through.

The music will also intensify, signaling that the battle has begun!

Gather your courage and a Trident, and jump through the window-like barriers to meet these new foes!

If you’d also like to first gather a bit more intel on the Sirens you’ll face, or how best to use that new Trident of Dark Tides, we have articles dedicated to each!

The images below are a little sampling of the dangerous beings you’ll face.

In addition to knowing your weapon and your foe, success in this battle will come more quickly and easily, if you’re also managing: (1) your air, (2) your weaponry, and (3) your food.

You exit the Spire at the very top. However, for all three things we just mentioned, you’ll likely want to swim down.


For air, you’ll need to keep an eye out for those plants giving off dense clusters of bubbles.

If you stay lower to the sea floor during the battle, you should never be too terribly far from a source of air.

Fight For the Crew, Air Bubbles near Resources


When it comes to weaponry, you can always use your sword or guns. However, you’ll likely want to use that new Trident.

If you forget to grab a Trident on your way out, don’t worry. There are plenty of Tridents glinting up at you from down below.

Near those glinting Tridents you’ll also find ammo crates to reload your guns.

Fight For the Crew, Glinting Tridents Below

Even if you brought a Trident with you from the Spire, these Tridents might come in handy.

Also Remember:
Tridents do not last forever.

If you use it enough, eventually, it will disappear! In wish case, it ‘s nice to know that you can find another.

Fight For the Crew, Trident


Those glinting Tridents will also lead you to something else: barrels filled with fruits—good ones, too!

If you’re new to seas, it might interest you to know that there is a hierarchy to how much health you will regain from each fruit:

Bananas → Coconuts → Pomegranates → Mangoes → Pineapples

So, you’ll likely want to grab any Pineapples you see.

Fight For the Crew, Resources Barrels with Pineapple

Step 9: Collect the Siren Heart

Like your previous battles, the final foe you slay will drop a Siren Heart. You’ll need this Siren Heart to enter the Citadel.

For what it’s worth, your crew might consider staying relatively close together during the fight. This will help ensure that you can easily find the Siren Heart at the end of the battle.

Fight For the Crew, Siren Heart

Slaying that final foe will not only earn you the Siren Heart; it will also earn you another commendation.

—For the Crew—
Triumph when adversity strikes without warning.

"I fought the Sirens, but I can't find the Siren Heart!"

We've seen this come up for many pirates. There are two likely reasons why you might not be able to find the Siren Heart.

Reason #1:

You have not actually completed the battle.

You step through the bubble barrier and you're soon confronted by the Queen's Royal Guard!

However, after fighting off a decent number of sirens, it seems there are no more to be found.

Is that it?


Remember how we recommended swimming down for air, food, and weaponry? Well, swimming down also seems to trigger the next wave of sirens.

If you swam down, but are still not seeing additional sirens, swim toward the Black Pearl. In our experience, that always seems to do the trick.

Reason #2:

You simply cannot readily see the Siren Heart from your current position.

If you think you've fought all of the siren waves and the battle is over, then it is likely that the Siren Heart is floating somewhere nearby.

You or a crew member might have shot the final siren from a distance and not realized that that siren was the final siren.

As such, you might not have actually seen the Siren Heart drop, and so won't readily know where to look.

Swim up and a bit further away from where you were fighting to get a good overview of the battle scene. If you've truly finished the battle, you should see the Siren Heart glinting brightly up at you.

Phase 5: The Siren Citadel

Step 10: Open the Door to the Citadel

Now that the battle has ended, you might be wondering where to go.

Pull out Jack’s trusty compass. It will point you to the entrance of the Citadel.

Of course, you can’t hold the Siren Heart and Jack’s Compass at the same time. Luckily, there’s another way to know if you’re going in the right direction.

Take a look at the Black Pearl. There are two chains affixed to her bow, which lead down toward the Citadel’s entrance.

Siren Citadel Entrance

The Citadel’s entrance is blocked by a large stone door, which is flanked by three Siren Statues: two small, and the main one with the shell.

This will be similar to your previous Statue Puzzles.

First, return the Siren Heart. For us, the statue requiring the Siren Heart has always been the Siren Statue on the right.

Siren Citadel Entrance, Return Siren Heart

Next, you’ll need to position the two smaller statues flanking the door.

Where is the carving? Ah, it’s a little less noticeable than your previous statue carvings. It’s on the door.

Looking at this carving, notice that the Trident’s position is such that the base of the trident is nearer to the siren holding it than the tip.

This is your indication that the siren is holding the trident in the lowest position.

Position both siren statues in the low position. Then, activate the main siren statue.

The large stone door should now lower down, allowing you to enter.

The door does not stay down for very long. However, if the door has closed again, don’t panic. Simply activate the main statue again, and the door should open.

Citadel Entrance, Door Lowering

Step 11: May your way through the Citadel Caverns

Citadel Cavern 1: Find your way to Cavern 2

Upon entering the Citadel you’ll see two window-like bubble barriers prominently featured in the center of the room—almost like eyes. You will also see two distinct pieces of a shipwreck. The left piece of shipwreck is where you will want to investigate for the journal. You’ll find it lying in the middle of it.

Click images to Enlarge

After reading the journal, it’s time to focus on progressing through the Citadel.

Look off to the left of those bubble barriers, and you should see the opening to a dark tunnel. Swim through that tunnel.

This tunnel will lead you to another barrier—one with a prominent, glowing plant just like the ones you used to pass through the barriers in the Spire.

Pass through the barrier.

Citadel Cavern 2

Find Air

You might soon notice: there are no bubbling plants for air in this cavern.

Instead, swim to the very top. There’s a small space between the water line and the caged ceiling where you can breath.

Solve the Statue Puzzle

With that out of the way, you can now focus on solving the statue puzzle.

In this statue carving, the Chain statue hold the trident in the high position. The Mineral statue holds the trident in the middle position, and the Flora statue holds the trident in the low position.

• Flora: Low

• Mineral: Middle

• Chain: High

Now that you’ve moved the statues into position, you’re likely looking for the main statue to activate the puzzle.

You’ll find the main statue in the chamber above you. You cannot get into that chamber just yet, but you can shoot through the ceiling barrier to activate it.

This time, when you activate the statue, rather than water pouring in, the water will drain.


Once the water drains, the room’s conditions are more hospitable to pirates—as well as, air-breathing Ocean Crawlers!

As such, they emerge from the ground to attack!

Fight off three waves of these creatures to continue unmolested.

Unlike your fights in the Spire, you’ll now see Tridents strewn about the chamber. These are particularly helpful against those large crabs!

After defeating all the enemies, head over to the hole located in the Southside of the chamber.

Going through the hole will take you to a new chamber with one piece of a shipwreck in it. Swim towards the shipwreck piece to find the journal you are looking for lying on it. After you read the journal, swim back to the room you came from where you fought the waves of Ocean Crawlers.

Citadel, Cavern 2, Avoid this Puddle near the Statue
Use the Pulley to Open the Door

Do you see the large door covered in sprawling, dark magenta? Just in front of that and a bit off to the left, you should see a pulley.

Press up on that pulley to lower the door. It takes a second for it to start.

Many a pirate, seeing little if any indicia that the pulley is working, then goes back and forth between pressing up and pressing down. The end result is that the door doesn’t really do more than create some dust every now and again.

So, just press up—like you are running forward—and wait. Soon the door should open.

Of course, once you let go of that pulley, the door seems to go back up much more quickly than it came down. So, you’ll want to quickly make your way across the threshold.

Citadel, Use Pulley to enter Cavern 3

Citadel Cavern 3

How to Get Up to the Shipwreck

This cavern features a prominently placed shipwreck.

Aye, but after a bit of hopping around the cavern’s perimeter, you’ll soon find that you can’t quite clamber up there.

Luckily, standing where you entered the cavern, you’ll see two thick, vertical chains. Just to their left, is another pulley.

Citadel, the Entrance to Cavern 3

To the south—opposite the large shipwreck—you’ll see a C-shaped hull suspended up high. That pulley will that C-shaped down, so you can climb inside, allowing it to lift you up, as it rises back into place.

So, once again, follow the prompt “Use Pulley” then hold up, and be patient.

Once you’ve pulled the hull all the way down, make a quick dash to get inside that hull. It won’t be long before it will be out of reach again.

Once the hull begins raising you up, it won’t be long before you can jump off onto the previously-unreachable rocks on your right. From there, simply follow the path up to the shipwreck.

Continue along the rock path behind the ship for an easy jump to the very top of the ship (if you jump from the side, there’s a decent chance of falling through the gaping hole.)

Once you are on the ship, head inside the Captain’s Cabin to find the final journal. After reading the journal, head to the top deck of the shipwreck.

From the top of the ship you’ll be able to see the main statue you’ll need to shoot to complete your next Statue Puzzle.

But, where are the Siren Statues?

Not to worry, from this vantage point, you can also see the path you’ll need to take to configure the three smaller statues.

Before you leave the top of the ship, turn around. You should see an ammo crate and an armory. Be sure you have a pistol or an eye of reach before proceeding.

Solve the Statue Puzzle

Following the path down to the right of the shipwreck and into the tunnel, you will find the statue carving.

The Chain Statue holds the trident in the low position. The Mineral Statue holds the trident in the middle position, and the Flora Statue holds the trident in the high position.

• Chain: Low

• Mineral: Middle

• Flora: High

The Siren Carving in Citadel Cavern 3

The Siren Statues are in a chamber just beyond this path, but you are blocked from entering. So, you must shoot the statues from afar.

Once each statue is positioned correctly, follow the path you just took from the shipwreck to lead you right back.

You might need to wander through the captain’s quarters and jump up over on the rocks on the right to get back up to the top—but you won’t need to use the pulley again.

From the top of the ship, shoot the main statue. If all your statues are in order, a large stone face will open its mouth to pour water into the cavern.

—Chest of Sorrow—
How to Find the Silver Blade Key

Now that the water level is considerably higher, you’ll be able to reach a ladder affixed to the edge of a platform in the middle of the room.

Standing on this platform, you’ll see the chamber where the main Siren Statue stands. That is indeed your next destination to progress along the tale.

However, let’s take a detour.

From that same vantage point, you can also see a stone relief of a face on the left, its mouth open with a plant life, a river, and a crimson light all spilling out.

That is your next stop.

Silver Blade Key Room

If you’re standing on the platform, facing these destinations, there should be a pulley on your right.

This time use that pulley by pulley down—as though walking backwards—to raise up a platform.

Once it has been fully raised, you can walk across to safety.

Now that you’re on the other side, turn left.

Proceed across the top of that C-shaped hull to the rocks on the other side. Step into the river, and climb up into that ominous mouth.

You’ll find yourself in a cave awash in crimson light, and speckled in a teal glow. Yet, something else show shine even brighter than its surrounding.

Approach that glinting object, and you’ll find The Silver Blade Key. Pick it up and keep it with you as you head back.

Unfortunately, it’s a bit too high of a jump from the top of the hull to the other side. So, you’ll need to swim back over to the platform with the pulley and raise the platform once again.

Phase 6: Revenge of the Silver Blade

Step 12: Find and Board The Silver Blade

This time, after crossing the platform you’ve pulled up, turn right.

This path will lead you onward in your Tall Tale journey.

Proceed through this chamber and through the dark glowing tunnel on the other side.

We walked toward the thin twin waterfalls, along the right side of this chamber, just to be safe.

At the end of that tunnel, you see a bubble barrier and the glowing orb-like plant for activating it. You know what to do.

Just be sure to bring that key with you!

Upon entering this next cavern, you’ll see yet another wrecked ship. Follow the path along the left side of the room to board that vessel.

Once aboard, take a look at the name plate above the captain’s cabin. This ship is the famous Silver Blade!

Speaking of the captain’s cabin. It seems to be locked. Good thing you have a key!

—Chest of Sorrow—
How to Find the Everlasting Chest of Sorrow

Well, if you’ve been following along, this is rather obvious by now.

Now that you’re aboard the Silver Blade, simply use the Silver Blade Key you retrieved to open the captain’s cabin.

There you’ll find a Chest of Everlasting Sorrows sobbing inconsolably in the center of the room.

Pick up the chest and move it to the base of the main mast. You can leave the chest here for now. You have a battle to fight!

Make sure you open the door, pick up the chest, and move it to the mast before the fight starts.

Step 13: Battle for the Revenge of the Silver Blade!

Revenge of the Silver Blade, Level 1

Aye, a good old fashioned cannon fight!

As you boarded the Silver Blade, you surely heard the Siren Queen’s protestations. Shortly thereafter, he minions answer her call and begin a barrage of cannon fire!

Luckily, on the ships bow, you’ll find a barrel filled with cannons and a barrel filled with fruit.

You can answer their cannons with cannons, use your pistol, or use your eye-of-reach, but you’ll want to kill every last one of them.

You might have also noticed the capstan. Aye, raising the anchor is how you will proceed from one level to the next in this battle.

Pirates, Ye Be Warned:

If you raise the capstan up to the next level before killing every enemy on the level below, the ship will fall back down.

You must kill every enemy to progress in the battle.

Revenge of the Silver Blade, Level 2

Once you’ve killed every enemy on one level, raise your anchor to lift your ship up to the next stage.

You’ll know you’ve reached the next stage because you’ll get kicked off the capstan. The capstan will spin a bit, but—provided you killed all the enemies below—it should stop quickly.

Although, it’s not quite a full stop.

On the battle’s second level, not only will you need to kill the enemies attacking you, you’ll also need to ensure that your ship does not sink below the level.

Aye! As you fight the next stage, the Silver Blade will slowly begin to lower back down.

If you’re taking on this Tall Tale by yourself, you might need to raise the ship every so often to get a good clear shot at those creatures.

If you have a crew, one crew member can ensure you don’t lose too much height, while the others return fire.

Raising the Anchor during the Revenge of the Silver Blade

Revenge of the Silver Blade, Level 3

After defeating every enemy on the second level, raise your anchor to reach the third level.

On the third level, the Kraken enters the fray. Suddenly, tentacles surround the Silver Blade. Yet somehow, that is not the greatest threat.

Ocean Crawlers board the Silver Blade!

Focus on those boarders! Once you’ve defeated all of the Ocean Crawlers, you’ll move onto Level 4.

Revenge of the Silver Blade, Level 4

After we defeated all of the Ocean Crawlers, our boat was lifted only a bit higher and then fell back down a bit.

We’ll be honest, in the heat of the battle it was not clear to us whether dark forces were pulling our boat up, or whether it was one of us on the anchor, and the beastie forbid us to rise any higher.

Either way, the battle certainly took a turn!

On this final level, pirates will come face-to-face with the Kraken!

In our experience, attacking the tentacles seemed to do little—if any—damage to the beastie.

We had our quickest success when we focused solely on cannoning directly at the Kraken’s head!

You won’t kill the Kraken, but soon enough, the Kraken will retreat.

Seeing as none of the Siren Queens minions could rid her of us pirates, she invites us to another chamber of the Citadel where she will battle us herself!

Although the ultimate battle is still yet to come, you have defended the Silver Blade valiantly. Your valor will be rewarded with a commendation.

—Revenge of the Silver Blade—
Avenge a fallen pirate crew.

Don’t forget the Chest of Everlasting Sorrows!

If you have the Silver Blade Key, go retrieve the Chest of Sorrows. If you have the Chest of Sorrows, be sure to bring it with you as you leave the Silver Blade.

Step 14: Leave the Silver Blade and Find the Siren Queen's Chamber

During the final stage in the battle, you shouldn’t need to worry about your ship’s height.

However, once the battle has ended, you’ll notice the Silver Blade slowly begin to sink back down. Seeing as your way off the ship is up, you’ll want all the height you can get.

So, begin by raising the anchor.

Climb the ship’s mast up to the crow’s nest. From the crow’s nest, jump the mast’s upper beam, and walk along until you think you can jump safely to the rocks on the side.

Tips from the Tavern:
Don't linger on this ledge!

We finished the battle, grabbed our chest, scurried up to the crow's nest, and safely disembarked the ship.

Apparently, the battle had left me quite thirsty. I left the room to get some water—not even enough time for my screen to dim.

Nevertheless, by the time I'd returned some magical force had moved me forward along the path and I could not get back.

Worse still... it moved me, but NOT my Chest of Everlasting Sorrows.

Learn from my mistake, me hearties. Don't drink water.

At least, not until you've made your way to the next chamber.


Interestingly, upon crossing the next bubble barrier, there is a chamber in which you can wait as long as you like without triggering the next phase of the Tall Tale.

But, once again, why?

Ah, because pirates who do still have their Chest of Eternal Sorrows might want to take a little detour in this chamber.

…or ye can just take our word for it.

The Chest Sorrow stuck on a Ledge

—Tale of Eternal Sorrow—
How to Use the Chest of Eternal Sorrows to Complete the Commendation

After you safely disembark the Silver Blade, follow the corridor up until you seek a bubble barrier and the glowing orb that admits entry. Slice it or shoot it, and pass on through.

In this next chamber, you will see two paths.

The path along the left wall of the chamber will lead you onward to the next phase of the Tall Tale.

The large boulders in the center of the chamber provide a path toward completing the commendation: Tale of Eternal Sorrow.

Eternal Sorrow Room

How to Open that Sorrowful Door

You might notice that the boulders lead to a door we’ve seen throughout this Tall Tale.

If you haven’t thought it before, you might see it now: the sprawling plant life covering the door looks a bit like the beard on the Chest of Sorrows…

If you still have the Chest of Eternal Sorrow that you retrieved from the Silver Blade, bring the chest across the boulders and place it in front of that door.

This will trigger the door to open, revealing a small cave—perhaps even a tomb?

We’ve actually even seen the door triggered just by walking into this room with the Chest of Sorrows. Placing the chest in front of the door just seals the deal.

A Skeletal King

Inside this cave, you’ll see a skeleton sitting on a throne, their crown askew atop their head.

A skeleton with a slanted crown sounds familiar, does it? Ah, but this does not appear to be the Gold Hoarder. For one thing, the skeleton is not holding the Gold Hoarder’s iconic and deadly shovel.

Aye, the skeleton is holding a trident!

Inspect the Etchings to Learn the Truth of a Sorrowful Encounter

Looking around the room, you will also see etchings on the wall.

As you approach, you’ll be offered the prompt, “Inspect Etching.”

Tips from the Tavern:
How to Inspect the Etchings in Order

Begin with the etching just left of the entrance. Then proceed in a clockwise fashion around the room, inspecting each etching in turn.

This will unlock the commendation: Tale of Eternal Sorrow.

If the door begins to close while you’re still exploring the cave, do not panic.

If you are facing the door from the inside of the cave, look to the left of that door. There you will see a lever. Simply use that lever, and the door will reopen.

After you’ve completed this commendation, it is not necessary to bring the Chest of Sorrows along on your journey. You may leave the chest to its woeful tears.

However, if you bring the Chest of Sorrows with you through the end of the Tall Tale and ferry it back to an Outpost, you can sell it for 6,000–7,000 Gold Coins!

Phase 7: Queen of Sorrows

Step 15: Fight the Siren Queen!

It’s time to face the Queen herself!

You’ll likely want to wield a trident, and there will be plenty of those around the room.

You’ll also see plenty of food barrels and ammo crates.

Ah, yes, you’ll also need air. You’ll enter into a dry chamber. However, seeing as the Queen can only face you under water, the chamber will begin to fill with water just before the battle commences.

Not to worry…

You can find air at the top of this chamber!

Where did my Trident go?

This brings up another interesting factor in this fight. You might remember that in your first battle with the sirens—outside the Citadel—if you let go of your trident, it stayed suspended in the water.

By contrast, in this chamber, if you let go of your trident, it will float to the surface. So, if you let go of your trident, looked away for a second, and thought, “Where did it go?” Just look up.

How am I taking damage right now?

There is a way you could be taking damage, even if no enemy appears to be attacking you.

To heal themselves, sirens touch the gem at the center of their chest. This creates a glowing sphere around them.

Smaller sirens produce a blue sphere. Siren Leaders produce a green sphere. The Siren Queen produces a red sphere.

Aye, like Mermaid Statues.

Perhaps there is another lore-based-link to the proximity damage pirates take from Mermaid Statues found throughout the Sea of Thieves…

If you are too near to a Siren’s healing sphere you will take damage.

You might not have been close enough in your previous fights to experience this, but you will very likely experience it here.

This is partly because you are fighting the Siren Queen in such close quarters.

However, it is also because her healing sphere is far larger than the ones produced by the smaller sirens or Siren Leaders.

The Battle Structure

Aye, you’ll begin by fighting the Siren Queen.

After a bout of fighting, the Queen will disappear, calling upon her sirens to do her bidding.

Then, the Queen will return with a vengeance!

She’ll disappear once more, sending in her sirens.

Finally, you will battle the Queen one last time. Fight like the pirate life depends on it, and vanquish the Siren Queen!

Basking in the glow of your victory, you’ll find that you’ve also earned yet another a commendation.

—Deadly Chorus—
Confront a dangerous enemy beneath the waves.

Where to go after battling the Siren Queen

Once the fight has ended, the chamber’s water will drain. A pool of water will remain in the center of the room.

When you first enter the chamber—before you fight the queen—that pool will be covered by a bubble barrier. However, once the fight has ended, that barrier will disappear.

Dive down!

Within the watery cavern below, you’ll see an entrance to another cavern, which is covered by a bubble barrier. Of course, you’ll also see the glowing orb to activate it.

Pass through to the other side.

The Final Step!

—Crew of Freedom—
Release those who Dream of Freedom.

Step 16: Destroy three Mermaid Statues

Leaving the battle, you will enter enter a chamber with three Mermaid Statues locked behind a barrier.

You’ve likely come accustomed to shooting these Mermaid Statues out in the Sea of Thieves to harvest their gems.

Ah, but if you shoot these Mermaid Statues, you will release something far more precious!

Don’t worry if the Mermaid Statue doesn’t crumble after the first shot. Continue burying your bullets in the stone, until that stone exterior crumbles away to reveal the pirate trapped inside.

Aye, and don’t stop at one, me hearty

You must destroy all three Mermaid Statues!

After you have released all three prisoners, sit back and listen to their tale.

Originally, in this guide, we wrote:

We won’t say any more on this matter. It’s best to experience it yourself. Don’t worry though, you’ll need no further instruction. You’ll know what to do.

Well, it turns out quite a great many pirates did not stay to listen to the prisoners’ full tale, and thus did not know what to do after all.

So, while still trying not to spoil the big reveal, we must say…

You MUST stay through the entire Prisoner Cutscene
You MUST hand over the Compass!

If you fail to hand over the compass, you will not complete the tall tale!

Moreover, if you have already left the Citadel without handing over the compass, you cannot simply turn around and go back.

To get back into the Citadel, you will have to find a checkpoint statue to bring you back to your last saved checkpoint.

Once you have successfully completed this Tall Tale, you will unlock the commendation for doing so.

—The Sunken Pearl—
Complete the 'Sunken Pearl.'

Options for Leaving the Citadel

Once you have seen the banner on the screen indicating that you have completed the Tall Tale, you’ll know it is safe to leave.

On the side of the chamber opposite where you came in you should see red plant life leading into a final watery chamber.

That is your exit.

How to Exit the Citadel

Ah, but you have two choices!

Option 1: Exit to the Underwater Kingdom where the Black Pearl remains chained.

Option 2: Use the Statue in the chamber to return directly to your ship!

If you’d like to poke around the kingdom or the ship a bit more, you can choose Option 1.

Then again, if you don’t fancy the long swim up to your boat—or returning to your boat via Ferry of the Damned—then you can go for Option 2.

Congratulations on Completing this Tall Tale!

Aye, even before you leave the Citadel, you will have completed the Tall Tale—so long as you handed over that compass, of course.

Seeing as you’ve unlocked the commendation, “The Sunken Pearl,” this means you’ve also unlocked a reward: The Silver Blade Cutlass! (see below)

Commendations Reference List

Heart’s Desire: Recover the special object you were sent to find.

For the Crew: Triumph when adversity strikes without warning.

Revenge of the Silver Blade: Avenge a fallen pirate crew.

Deadly Chorus: Confront a dangerous enemy beneath the waves.

Crew of Freedom: Release those who dream of freedom.

The Sunken Pearl: Complete ‘The Sunken Pearl’

Chest of Sorrow: Find the Chest of Everlasting Sorrow

Tale of Eternal Sorrow: Learn the truth of a sorrowful encounter.

Pieces of Silver: Discover the Journals of the Silver Blade’s Captain.

—Pearl in the Dark—
Legendary Commendation: Complete all Commendations for 'The Sunken Pearl.'


Revenge of the Silver Blade Cutlass

To earn this encrusted cutlass, you must earn ‘The Sunken Pearl’ Commendation—meaning you must complete ‘The Sunken Pearl’ Tall Tale.

Revenge of the Silver Blade Cutlass

Revenge of the Silver Blade Capstan

To earn this crustacean-capped capstan, you must earn the ‘Pearl in the Dark’ Commendation—meaning you must complete all commendations for ‘The Sunken Pearl’ Tall Tale.

Revenge of the Silver Blade Capstan

Now, it's time for the next Tall Tale:
Captains of the Damned!

To the Tavern!

Aye, we pirates do love a good tavern. ‘Tis a place to share our findings and adventures. ‘Tis a place to clap each other on the back. ‘Tis a place to glean further insight.

Happily, we’ve found proverbial taverns on several social outposts—each bustling with a vibrant pirate community! Want to join in the merriment? Ye will always find a hearty welcome at our table!

Follow Along

To the Tavern!

Aye, we pirates do love a good tavern. ‘Tis a place to share our findings and adventures. ‘Tis a place to clap each other on the back. ‘Tis a place to glean further insight.

Happily, we’ve found proverbial taverns on several social outposts—each bustling with a vibrant pirate community! Want to join in the merriment? Ye will always find a hearty welcome at our table!

Want to keep a weather eye out?

Jot down yer email, and we’ll be sure to let ye know when there’s something new on the horizon.

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is the tall tale glitched seem we cant past themai chamber after the mermaid statues

Last edited 1 year ago by Andrew
Amir Abdollahi

Which chamber in particular? Have you made it to a ship that gets lifted by chains yet?


yes but stuck in that place

Amir Abdollahi

Did you make it all the way to the top? You have to keep lifting the anchor, fighting waves of enemies, until you have a boss encounter.

Nuel Reed Franklin

Im stuck on the statues. nothing makes the wall fall down

Amir Abdollahi

Can you send a picture?


Love all the kids sitting in the sirens grieving constantly.


Have you found a solution for this? We completed the statues puzzles, got to the top but the plant to switch off the barrier doesn’t glow and can’t be activated, so we’re trapped inside. We changed server and started from scratch but we had the same bug as before. Both times we encountered another crew in the same place. Is this a known bug?

David foyer

I am having the same problem. I put the arms of the statue’s in the right place for first and third level in order but can’t find statue’s for second level. How do you complete this riddle/puzzle?


If you are looking for the one with the gem in its hand it’s above you, you have to shoot it

Liam Bradley

The first and second level use the same statues


How do I contact or upload for journals? I found them all.

Amir Abdollahi

Ahoy there! Nice work pirate! You can always reach out to us at 🙂


Where are the Journals?


when i went to the part of the tall tale where you had to raise the ship and fight the kraken the barrels have no food or cannon balls

Amir Abdollahi

Oof! That is rough 🙁 We haven’t encountered that one yet. It sounds like there was a crew in there just before you.


Ha, we had the same bug. We just shot ourselvs to the other Cannons and fought the Kraken by hand


Sirens heart didn’t spawn, is this a bug? (All crew died fighting the sirens, and they didn’t respawn)

Amir Abdollahi

Hmm, sounds like it could be. We’ve had the Siren heart spawn both times so far.


The wall will not fall down after I did the stautes

Amir Abdollahi

Which wall in particular? The large wall with two statues?


No the one after all mermaid statues


i killed some sirens after seeing the kraken i think and dont know what to do after that?


Found a glitch where the chest of eternal sorrow will sink through the ship while you are raising the anchor. also found a fix if you encounter said error. place the chest on top of the capstan and it will not glitch through. hope this helps


How do you get the key though?


before entering the ship, use the top of shipwreck elevator


Me and my friends are stuck in the room with the ship piece held up by chains we don’t know where to go

Amir Abdollahi

So you need to use the capstan and raise your ship up. You will raise it, fight enemies, raise it again, and fight more enemies.


I think we are in the previous room to that, for some reason we are stuck


It’s the room you can find the silver blade key in

Amir Abdollahi

Oh okay, from the small red room with the Silver Blade Key you will need to drop down in the water again and climb up the ladder, raise the scaffold, and jump off on the rocks to the right. There should be a medium sized room with weird root like structures on the floor that you walk past to get to your destination.


I was fighting the kraken and then it suddenly said the silver something was defeated and lost the compass and book? Is that supposed to happen


Same happened to me. Did the kraken 3 times now and that same message (also forgot – “defeated silver something-or-other” – then black screen and spawn outside the chamber. Any idea on the Kraken btw – I’ve been shooting main (big) tentacles, head and the tentacles holding the chains but no joy


We got to the 3 mermaid stages and freed them. Now we are in the open water not sure where to go next.

Amir Abdollahi

Did you give one of them your compass? That should be the end.


Nope. Had to go back through and finally finished. Thanks!


I’m also kinda stuck, i did the statue puzzles and now i can’t pass the door on the top

Amir Abdollahi

Did you raise the water three times?


How do you raise the water?

Amir Abdollahi

To raise the water you will need to hit the siren statues found around the room until their hands/staff match the rock paintings. Once you have each siren matching the rock painting, shoot the large siren statue in the middle with the conch in its mouth to confirm your solution. If you are right, the water level will raise.


Im having same issue i raised water 3 times and i cant hit the thing at the top to open the see through door

Amir Abdollahi

Hmm, is there another crew with you? The only time we had issues is when another crew was doing it at the same time or had done it right before.


Yes there was a rowboat above, the blue glowing circle you hit at the start to open the 1st see through door isnt glowing at the see through door at the end of the water puzzle and hitting it doesnt open the door




What do you do with the mermaids heart?


How do you do the sorrowful encounter commendation?

Amir Abdollahi

You’ll need to acquire the Silver Blade Key, open the Captain’s Cabin of the Silver Blade ship and take the Chest of Sorrows found there to a resting place. Placing it on a specific pedestal after the boss fight will open up a door where you can inspect some rock paintings.




I can’t get the blood key as i’ve already gone past that area and i can’t go back so i’m just stuck in the ship area with no key :/

Amir Abdollahi

Yeah, unfortunately we don’t know of a way back down to get the key. Once you are on the ship and the fight starts you are past the point of no return for the key 🙁


what do we do after raising the water 3, we are still in the chamber. Do we go back to the ship by using the statue?

Amir Abdollahi

Once you raise the water to level three you should climb your way to an area with tridents. Grab one and head outside. You’ll fight Sirens immediately and then fight another batch of them by The Black Pearl. After that pull out Jack’s Compass and that should lead you the way to the next set of caverns. When in doubt, pull out Jack’s Compass 🙂


After the water level is raised to lvl 3 we can’t hit the shell to open the path to where you grab the trident. Is it bugged?

Amir Abdollahi

Hmm…yeah, perhaps. Are you with another crew? Or was another crew there recently?


Yes, there was other crews there. We will try again tomorrow


The bad thing is the trident are outside the wall that alot of us cant get through.

Amir Abdollahi

Which part is this? Right after the three water level siren statue puzzle?


I think the second part of the Tall Tale is bugged, I enter the area with the mermaid statues but there is nothing to fight, the water is already at the top level and you can’t get through the opening at the top. All you can do is get transported back to your ship.

Ted Hutchinson

So we beat the siren queen and it led us back out to where we began near the Black Pearl. We still have the book and compass but did we miss something? There’s nothing around the pearl, the compass seems to point back towards the coral spire but the pearl is still on lock down. I’m confused on what we missed. Thanks for the help!

Amir Abdollahi

Ahoy there! Before you left the Citadel you should have come across three mermaid statues, each with a different gem color. There would have been an ammo box nearby as well. You need to destroy all three of those statues to progress the story. We made the same mistake you did the first time and left the Citadel. To fix it, you can interact with the statue that will take you back to your Tall Tale checkpoint. It will take you back inside.

Ted Hutchinson

Ahhh! Where is the resume mermaid? Looked around but never saw it. We have our check point saved so probably just go back to that tomorrow

Amir Abdollahi

I believe there is one in that first tunnel you go to right after you get Jack’s Compass.


I have just defeated the siren queen, and left the chamber as there was nothing else i could do, now I’m out, but the compass points back in

Amir Abdollahi

There was a group of three mermaid statues right outside the Sea Queen chamber that you need to destroy. There’s also an ammo box nearby as the statues are behind rock pillars.


Having an issue where the water is in the area with the statues and my crew keeps dying. How do we get rid of the water so we can be at ground level? It seems that other crews just leave the water in there without it draining? Help??

Ethan Zipstein

Started what i think might be the boss fight, in the room with the ship, cannons, and silver blade key unlock. We killed all the enemies but dont have the key or a way back to get it and we’re just sitting in this room. Any suggestions.

Amir Abdollahi

So you used the key in the door? Or you didn’t get the key to begin with? If you killed a few enemies and are waiting, someone from your crew should start to raise the capstan on the ship. This will raise you to the next level with more enemies to fight.


We got stuck for 2 hours with the goddam sirens puzzle, and after checking some guides we got our hypothesis:
So when we entered the chamber, the water was already until the top, we could reach the next door but couldn’t activate it.
After searching for how we had to proceed, we managed to reset the puzzle once.
However, the sirens heart didnt spawn any time, so we ended up alt f4ing.
This may had happened because another player was doing the quest before us, and the puzzle didnt reset and saved the water progress (puzzle) when we entered there

Amir Abdollahi

Yeah, the water level already being raised is a good sign that your current run through might not be worth your time. As you said, someone had already run through it and it could cause problems for your crew. Sorry to hear you ran into some issues. Hopefully you have better luck next time you venture into the depths!

Dallas Beck

had to redo several times because it lets you advance. without turning in certain things.

Ogre Steinbjorn

I’ve been through this one several times, getting stuck or being killed by another player, finally get saved to the final cave without loosing my progress (log out, log in, restart from last checkpoint) which starts me with the heart. Problem is I’ve gotten to the bloody buggerin kraken fight now eight times and can’t seem to finish it. What the bloodybuggerinfrell am I doing wrong?

bean man

I’m having a problem where at the last part where you have to shoot the glowing bulge where it won’t die/break me and my friend have been shooting it for around 30 minutes

Amir Abdollahi

Hmm, is there another crew in there with you? Sometimes if another crew has just run through the Tall Tale, some of the triggers don’t work properly.

Ogre Steinbjorn

So, finally completed this with one exception: Pieces of Silver. Where the bloody’ell are the books. I’ve only managed to find the one before the Kraken fight.

Amir Abdollahi

We have our dedicated journal guide here that we mentioned earlier in the guide.


Sooooo I just don’t have the Silver Blade key where it is supposed to be…

Amir Abdollahi

The Silver Blade Key is at the top of the room where you need to lift the C shaped shipwreck with a pulley. You’ll raise the water level once in this room. When you reach the top, you can head right towards the boss fight, or to the left inside a red lit room where the Silver Blade Key is.


Hello, i think i have a bug. I was doing tall tale 2 pirates life and had to leave just before opening the gate after defeating the sirens. I came back at same point after i reentered the game and now I cant find the sirens heart to open the gate, because there are no sirens to defeat. The compass sends me infront of the gate but the siren has no heart. No more jack sparrow for me??? 🙁

Amir Abdollahi

When you say leave, do you mean you left the session? And you used a Checkpoint to start it up again? If you are using a Checkpoint and want to get back to where you should be, you need to use one of the mermaid statues that can take you back to your ship, and back to resume your Tall Tale. They look like this.