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Heart of Fire Tall Tale Guide

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Dark lore looms o’er the Sea of Thieves—with one name echoing among the tavern whispers: Captain Flameheart!

It’s a name that can twist dreams into nightmares—inspiring fear and devotion. Determined to return to his former glory, Flameheart is using one particularly devoted servant to carry out a dark ritual.

This dark ritual involves the crew of one Sir Arthur Pendragon. Who? Ah, yes. This Heart of Fire Tall Tale picks up where we left off in The Seabound Soul.

If you have not yet completed The Seabound Soul, you might want to assist Sir Arthur Pendragon at Shipwreck Bay before diving into The Heart of Fire.

If you’re ready to journey into the Heart of Fire, we will gladly lead you there…

The Seabound Sir Arthur Pendragon

The Heart of Fire Play-Through Video

Let’s see it in action!

Below, we do our absolute best to describe the puzzles and perils that lie in wait. However, some puzzles and perils just make more sense once you’ve actually seen how they operate. So, we’ve made a play-through video—and it includes all three paths.

If you’d like to watch the entire video, we’ve added it in below. However, you might just want to watch the parts you’re currently playing or are about to play.

So, for each section in this guide, we’ll link to its corresponding section in the video. That way you can jump right to where you need to go.

Of course, a video completing the Tall Tale once only shows one way of besting each of the traps.

That is where this written guide comes in.

Aye, through the power of the written word, we’re able to describe how the traps work in greater detail, and several different ways you might survive the fiery journey ahead.

Onward, me hearties!

YouTube video

Heart of Fire

To start the Heart of Fire Tall Tale, head to Morrow’s Peak Outpost in the Devil’s Roar. There’s a tavern on the outpost called The Charred Parrot. This is where you will find the Heart of Fire Tall Tale Book.

It will be on the right side of the bar, next to the barkeep Tallulah. Gather your crew and vote on the book. Then, turn your attention to Tallulah. She’s got a few words for you about your upcoming adventure.

Start Heart of Fire

Captain Flameheart has reappeared in the Sea of Thieves! Who? Captain Flameheart is an infamous pirate on the Sea of Thieves. When last he sailed the seas, he lived for battle and bloodshed. Unrivaled, Flameheart terrorized the seas.

Then, one day, he simply disappeared. Mysterious…

Captain Flameheart has returned, but this time he will not go unchallenged! Tallulah invites you to join those planning to stop Flameheart from returning to his terrifying reign.

This resistance includes our friend from the Seabound Soul: Captain Pendragon.


Tullaluh doesn’t have much information for us to take action on just yet. However, she does mention that the Tall Tale book we just voted on is a journal that belongs to Grace.

Unable to leave the bar unattended, Tallulah asks us to return the journal to Grace. The Tall Tale book should now be in your Map radial. Turn around and walk out the tavern to find Grace standing next to a wheelbarrow cart.

Grace will welcome us and explain that the journal in our possession has notes about her time in the Devil’s Roar.


Suddenly Arthur Pendragon appears! Apparently, Tallulah told him that she’d sent for pirates ready for battle and here we are! He needs our help and quickly! His old crew is in danger.

It seem that some of his old crew’s personal effects were aboard the Blackwyche wreckage on Shipwreck Bay. That is until Stitcher Jim visited the Blackwyhce to free Pendragon. Seeing an opportunity, Stitcher Jim stole the crew’s worldly possessions to use in a vile ritual.

Aye, using those possession and Dark Relics, Stitcher Jim bound the crew’s spirits into some kind of cursed chest!

What’s worse: Madame Olivia believes Stitcher Jim might try and use this cursed chest’s power to summon an Ashen Lord!

Grace and Pendragon

Summoning Ashen Lords will further Flameheart’s efforts to rebuild his army, and he is using Pendragon’s crew within this cursed chest to do it.

We need to recover the cursed chest from Stitcher Jim before he brings an Ashen Lord into the Sea of Thieves.

Luckily, we are standing right next to a Stitcher Jim expert. Given their history, Grace wouldn’t trust Stitcher Jim as far as she could throw him. As such, she has been keeping notes on Stitcher Jim’s whereabouts in the very journal we are holding!

Tracking a Traitor

▶️ To see this section in action, click here.

Grace’s journal has the last known whereabouts of her most reviled enemy, Stitcher Jim. Reading through the journal you will learn a bit of their history and Stitcher Jim’s treachery.

You will also learn that Stitcher Jim has been hanging about in The Wilds. More specifically, on the last page of the journal it will mention that Stitcher Jim will most likely be at Liar’s Backbone. Set a course for Liar’s Backbone and sail on over!

Heart of Fire Tall Tale Book Page 11/12

Once you are on the island, walk up the hill. As you head up the hill, look over to your right, you will soon stumble upon a blocked cave entrance. There is a lever just to the left of this entrance.

Pull the lever and head inside! We’re on your heels Stitcher Jim!

Stitcher Jim's Hideout Entrance

The Liar’s Lair

Step into Stitcher Jim’s hideout and take a look around. You’ll see remnants from his old allegiance to the Gold Hoarder seemingly cast aside, as the walls are now covered in tributes to his new master.

Symbols glow on opened Reaper’s Chests. These symbols have also been carved into the walls. For each symbol you can read its meaning and a bit about what Stitcher Jim has been up to.

We’ve included the symbols and Stitcher Jim’s writings below for lore lovers and anyone who wishes to reference the symbols in the future without sailing to Liar’s Backbone.

If you’d like to skip ahead to solving the puzzle, simply scroll on by.

Stitcher Jim Hideout

The Symbols in the Liar’s Lair


Walk through the hideout entrance and you will see your first carved symbol. Get close to read it and you will find it translates to “Flame.”

The almighty flames will rise. The ritual shall be performed in King Flamheart’s Lair.

Stitcher Jim Hideout Flame


Along the same wall further into the vault will be another symbol. This one translates to “Ritual.”

The Ritual is ready, the Blackwyche Crew are sealed. King Flameheart’s wishes will be served!

Stitcher Jim Hideout Ritual


Walk deeper into the hideout and you will see the third symbol on the right side of the heart shaped cutout. This symbol is for “King.”

I serve my King, Flameheart! All Hail Captain Flameheart!

Stitcher Jim Hideout King


Inside the room just past the heart shaped cutout will be three more symbols. The one on the right is for “Lord.”

Our preparations are complete, the Ashen Lords will rise! King Flameheart’s army shall return.

Stitcher Jim Hideout Lord


The symbol across the room from “Lord” is “Heart.”

You returned me from darkness. Wanda, my heart is yours; I will never leave your side.

Stitcher Jim Hideout Heart


To the left of the room alongside the same wall as “Heart” but below the scaffolding is “Gold.”

The Gold Hoarder has been slain. I now serve a new master; King Flameheart!

Stitcher Jim Hideout Gold

How do you solve Stitcher Jim’s Hideout Puzzle?

▶️ To see this section in action, click here.

In the back of the vault on top of some scaffolding you will see the puzzle you will need to solve. It consists of three blocks that can be rotated and a lever.

Stitcher Jim Hideout Puzzle Turn Block

You will notice that the symbols on the blocks match the ones in the room. You will be spelling out a phrase from left to right using the clues in the room.

If you read all of the carved symbols then the phrase “King Flameheart” should be echoing in your head.

Rotate the blocks so that they read “King Flame Heart” from left to right.

Stitcher Jim Hideout Puzzle Solution

Once you have the blocks in the correct positions, pull the lever to confirm your solution. The wooden heart behind the puzzle will open revealing a Mysterious Key and Stitcher’s Notes.

Pick up Stitcher’s Notes and new pages will be added to your Tall Tale book. Then, pick up the Mysterious Key and head back to your boat.

Pick Up Mysterious Key

The Journal in the Liar’s Lair: ‘We Need A New Plan’

Before you leave the Liar’s Lair, be sure to read this journal. There’s a stone heart archway leading into the shrine room. You will find this journal under that archway, on the left.

Find the Heart of Fire

▶️ To see this section in action, click here.

Pick up Stitcher’s Notes and new pages will be added to your Tall Tale book. Stitcher Jim will reveal that Flameheart’s lair—the Heart of Fire—is beneath The Devil’s Thirst. Grab the Mysterious Key and sail South to The Devil’s Thirst.

Heart of Fire Tall Tale Book Flameheart's Lair

As you approach the island, you’ll begin to hear a song on the sea breeze, building the anticipation and strengthening your fortitude.

Stitcher Jim’s notes also mention that lighting a chalice will reveal the path to where the lair’s entrance lies hidden beneath the waves.

▶️ To see reaching the chalice in game, click here.

The picture helps to clarify: this is a stone chalice—not to be confused with the beacon from the Festival of the Damned. However, the two are quite near each other.

The Devil's Thirst North Peak

You won’t need to light this chalice, once you already know where to go. However, you might want the rather haunting experience—at least on your first Heart of Fire adventure.

Park on the North side of the island. You should see the chalice on North peak. Head up to the chalice, pull out your lantern and set it ablaze!

The Devil's Thirst Light Chalice

Where is Flameheart’s Lair Entrance?

▶️ To see this section in action, click here.

Torches leading from the chalice down toward the North beach will alight, revealing your path down to the lair.

Follow that path and dive beneath the waves on the North side of The Devil’s Thirst to find the lair entrance. You might hear something as you do…

Place the Mysterious Key on the center pillar. This will open a door into The Heart of Fire.

Flameheart's Lair Entrance

Secrets in the Deep: Reaching the Catacombs

▶️ To see this section in action, click here.

Once you’ve placed the Mysterious Key, swim through the now open door to enter The Heart of Fire.

Once inside, you will continue swimming and spelunking your way through the depths of The Devil’s Thirst—all while a haunting voice echoes through the cavernous walls.

If you ever feel a little lost while swimming in the underwater caves, you can easily find your way: the ember glowing crystals will point you in the right direction.

Follow Ember Crystals

The Long and Winding Swim

You will swim your way through and come back up for air at the next opening.

From here jump off the wooden plank into the water below. Once submerged, turn left to swim through the cave. Follow the tunnel and you will soon swim your way up for air.

Jump down one more time into a pool below. This time just swim straight until you get to the next opening.

Let’s Play Lava

The next part of the cave will have a small platform section. Jump from boulder to boulder without falling into the lava! While not every obstacle will threaten instant death, the lava does!

Beginning of Flameheart Lair Lava Rock Platforming

Once on the other side, you’ll walk forward to see another dark pool. Jump on in. You’ll swim down—maneuvering around a few barriers as you do—then through a tunnel, and out through a large pool. Swim up to the surface, walk through the tunnel.

You will emerge into a large chamber. This is the start of the catacombs. Here you will find three large locked stone doors. You will also find a journal.

Choose Path

The Journal before the Paths: Disorder of Souls

Once you leave this room, you cannot return. So, you might want to read this journal before you leave.

In the center of this chamber, you will see a door emblazoned with the “Flame” symbol. Along the path up to the door, off to the right, propped up against the wall, you will see the journal.

Secrets in the Deep: Selecting a Pathway

Now, it is time to select a door.

Each of the three doors in this chamber leads to one of the three possible paths—each with its own perils.

Interestingly, it seems that each crew member can choose to do a separate path. However, choosing separate paths might not be advisable. First, you might find certain portions of these paths easier with a crewmate.

Second, to complete 100% of the commendations you will need to complete each path yourself. This is partly because you will find a different journal along each of the paths.

Once you’ve decided which path you would like to take, you must open the door for that path.

How do you open the doors in the Heart of Fire?

Near the hallways that lead to each of the three doors you will find a skull relief carved from the stone and a glowing skeleton symbol next to it.

There’s one behind the lava waterfall on the right, one above the flowing waterfall on your left, and one on the ceiling to the left of the path that leads to the middle door.

Throw a Firebomb at the skull you wish to go through. Flames will burst forth from its gaping jaw, and the stone door will open.

If you did not bring Firebombs with you, not to worry. There are resource barrels inside this room with plenty of Firebombs to go around. Stock up!

Resource Barrel of Firebombs

You might also want to fill your bucket with water from the door on the left before leaving this room. It might come in handy should you need to douse the flames on yourself or a crewmate.

Once you’ve set your chosen skull afire, its door will open and you can set out on its treacherous path.

We have written a detailed account of the traps and puzzles encountered on each of the three paths below. Click the path you chose to jump to that section of the guide!

The path of the Eternal King

The path of the Forsaken Flame

The path of the Burning Heart

The Path of the Eternal King

▶️ To see this section in action, click here.

The stone door on the left, bathed in blue light, is the Path of the Eternal King.

You will find its corresponding skull relief just above the lava waterfall on your left. Throw a Firebomb into its gaping mouth, and watch the stone door reveal your path.

The Hall of Flames

Pass through the stone door and you will see your first fire trap: a hallway blocked by timed jets of fire.

You might not be able to run through the entire corridor at once. Just take the traps one at a time, waiting for the flames to stop and walking by unharmed.

Of course, if you filled your bucket before stepping through the door, you can also just throw caution to the wind, run wildly through the flames, and douse yourself with water once you’re through.

At the end of this hallway, you’ll find a pulley. Use that pulley to raise the door before you.

The path of the Eternal King Fire Trap

Spiking the Skellies

On the other side of this door, you’ll find a large room filled with resource barrels and ammo. Don’t get too comfortable. Soon, Ashen Skeletons will spawn from the ground.

You’ll need to fight your way through several waves of these skellies before you can safely use the pulley to the left of your next door.

There is a trap in this room that could help you make even quicker work of these Ashen Skeletons. Standing where you entered the room, look up to your right. There you will see a open-mouthed skull relief.

Like the skull relief you used to enter this path, you’ll need to activate it using a Firebomb. At least one of these resource barrels will conveniently have Firebombs within.

Once activated, a giant spike trap will spring from the floor—right in the center of the room, where most of the skellies spawn.

Set the trap. Clear the skellies. Then, use that pulley!

The path of the Eternal King Skeleton Fight Room

Follow the Fire

Pass through that door to behold another fiery corridor. Timed flames shoot from the ground. Wait for the first one to stop and walk through with confidence—the flames before you should stop shortly after the first, allowing an uninterrupted stroll.

The path of the Eternal King Fire Trap

The Fiery Roundabout

You’ll emerge from this corridor to find a fire-spitting, spinning capstan.

You can step into a safe zone between jets of fire and walk around as the capstan rotates, or you can run and jump over the capstan between the flames.

Then again, you can also just waltz through the room, setting yourself on fire and healing with a snack.

The path of the Eternal King Capstan Fire Trap

Hopscotch with Consequences

The next section is just a hop, skip, and a jump away. Hop along the stepping stones to cross the lava pit.

However, you might want to take a break for a little light reading by the lava’s edge.

The path of the Eternal King Jumping Lava Platforming Section

The Journal on the Path of the Eternal King: A Chest of Rage…

As you near the other side of this lovely little lava pit, look to your left. You’ll see a rock platform someone seems to have used as a reading nook with charming skull piles and a journal propped up against the wall.

Hop on over to read the journal.

A Spiky Swim

Once you’ve made it to the other side of the lava pit, it will be time for a swim.

This is more dangerous than the pools that led you here. These waters contain two sets of spikes that spring from the floor. Wait for the spikes to recede, then make your move.

Be sure to come to a full stop after the first spikes, if you don’t want to float into the next ones.

The path of the Eternal King Water Spike Trap

Skellies and Fire Spinning

You’ll emerge from the water to find yourself in another fight room. Like the fight room before, you’ll find fruits, Firebombs, ammo, and waves of Ashen Skeletons.

You’ll also find another trap you can use to your advantage. Standing where came out of the water, look up and to the left. If you want to use the trap, there’s the skull relief you’ll need to set ablaze.

If you choose to throw a Firebomb at the skull, the spinning fire capstan will activate. Just be sure you and your crew don’t light up, too!

After you’ve defeated every last scoundrel, you’ll be free to use the pulley to open the door leading to the next section. You’ll find the door and pulley on the left side of the room.

The path of the Eternal King Skeleton Fight Room

Swinging Spikes over Unceasing Flames

Look alive, me hearties! This is a treacherous corridor, indeed! Fire and swinging blades block your way.

Flames shoot across the ground, and they do not cease. So, if you want to remain unburnt, you’ll need to jump.

More important than avoiding the flames, you will need to time this jump to avoid the swinging spikes. It’s best to get passed these first three spikes in one go. Just be careful not to run straight into the next set of flames.

The next spike-bedecked log swings forward and back, you’ll need to time your run and jump to pass under this log. You could chase the log, or allow it to chase you.

The one trouble with following behind the the log might be the jump at the end, seeing as you could jump face first into its returning path.

Swinging Blades with Fire Trap

Shimmy, Shimmy, Jump

Next, you will encounter a corridor that has been split down the center, exposing a spike-filled crevasse. So, you’ll need to shimmy along the sides.

Ah, but then you’ll find your path blocked by flames that travel along those sides. To avoid these flames, you’ll need to jump from side to side, as you make your way forward.

Careful not to jump too far to your right. There’s a lava pit awaiting just such a misstep.

The path of the Eternal King Moving Vertical Flames Trap

Disappearing Hopscotch

The next section will be a timed platforming challenge. You must use a pulley to lift the rocks up from a giant lava pool. These will be your stepping stones, as your path veers over to the right of this pool.

Step quickly! As soon as you let go of that pulley, those rocks will start to sink.

The path of the Eternal King Lift Lava Rocks Platforming Section

The Stone Door Awaits

You’re almost there. Once you’ve made it across the sinking stones, you’ll just need to make a little jump over to a wooden walkway.

From there you’ll climb the ladder, and find yourself standing in front of a grand stone door.

The Path of the Eternal King is at an end!

This door that will lead you to a chamber where all three paths converge. Simply use the lever to the right of the door, and walk through.

Path of the Eternal King End

The Path of the Forsaken Flame

▶️ To see this section in action, click here.

The stone door in the middle, cast in an eerie green light, is the Path of the Forsaken Flame.

You will find its corresponding skull relief on the ceiling just to the left of the path up to the door. Throw a Firebomb at its cackling grin, and the stone door will grant you entry.

The Fire Stroll

As soon as you enter, you will be confronted by a fire trap.

The shooting flames go off every about every four seconds. As soon as the first flame stops, you should be able to run straight through the hall as the others should turn off in front of you as you go.

If you do catch on fire, you can easily remedy the situation with the bucket of water you’ve brought along. There will be plenty of chances to refill your bucket along the path.

Of course, you could also simply replenish your health with a bit of food.

The path of the Forsaken Flame First Fire Trap

A Heated Game of Darts

Once you’ve passed this first obstacle, you will see a closed wooden door in front of you, and a lava-filled room to your left. If you peer into that room, you will see a giant skull relief. Just like when you entered the path, you’ll need to set fire to this skull.

The path of the Forsaken Flame Skull Activated Trap Room

You can try to throw the Firebomb from the lava’s edge, or you can hop onto nearby rocks to give yourself a clearer shot. There’s a barrel full of Firebombs in this section, giving you many chances to hit that skull.

The path of the Forsaken Flame Skull Activated Trap Room

If you can, you might want to try to hit that skull without going all the way across the lava. As soon as the skull lights, the door will open, but a blade will also swing from the ceiling.

This will make hopping back across the lava a bit tricky. If you take too long to get back, the door will close, and you’ll need to light the skull again.

The path of the Forsaken Flame Skull Activated Trap Room

A Swinging Skellie Trap

In the next room you will lift simply need to lift a pulley to continue. This will grant you passage to a spacious room filled with fruits, Firebombs, ammo, and skellies!

Here you will fight several waves of Ashen Skeletons.

Although Firebombs do not damage Ashen Skeletons, you can use Firebombs to activate a trap that will!

Throw a Firebomb at the large skull relief and a large log strapped with spikes will descend from ceiling. It will swing back and forth once, decimating any skeleton in its path. Just be sure that you and your crew steer clear.

After you have defeated the skeleton waves, you may use the pulley near the door to continue on your way.

The path of the Forsaken Flame Skeleton Fight Room Trap Activated

The Journal on the Path of the Forsaken Flame: Bye, Bye, Blackwyche

This next room has a journal in it. You can find on the left of the room on the skull pile just after the Return to Ship stone mermaid and barrels.

Wheels of Misfortune

At the end of the room will be a tunnel lined with ship wheels shooting fire from their spokes. Luckily, not all spokes shoot.

Wait until the wheel’s calmer spokes come around. Then walk through unharmed.

The path of the Forsaken Flame Spinning Flames

Spiked Floors

You will come to the next section. You’ll need to jump from platform to platform—dodging timed spikes as you do.

The path of the Forsaken Flame Spike Jump Trap

Spiked Ceilings

After this you’ll come to a room with a pulley, a mast, and what looks like the gate to a ship’s brig blocking your way forward.

This seems simple enough: you’ll use the pulley to lower the mast. Once you let go of that pulley, the mast will begin to rise. So, you’ll need to run quickly to make it across that mast and over the gate.

Here’s where it gets much more perilous. Look up: the ceiling is covered in spikes.

If you let that mast get too high, you’ll hit those spikes. You might have also noticed the geysers in this room. Watch out for those! They could send you straight up into those spikes above!

Upon jumping over the gate, a pool below will cushion your fall. If your bucket is empty, now would be a good time to fill it back up.

The path of the Forsaken Flame Spiked Ceiling Trap

Cagey and Lit

The next room will have a pulley and cage puzzle.

Looking around the room, you’ll see two pulleys. Look up and you’ll see cages with the remains of ill-fated pirates. One such pirate is holding a lit torch. Use the pulley nearest the entrance to hoist that torch up to where it will light a skull relief.

The path of the Forsaken Flame Lighting Cage Puzzle

Walk to the door blocking your path, on the right you will see another such cage and prisoner, except this prisoner’s torch has not been lit.

Equip your lantern, raise it to the torch, and light it. You’ll now use the second pulley to hoist this torch to the second skull relief.

Once you’ve lit both skulls, the door will rise and allow you through.

The path of the Forsaken Flame Light Torch of Caged Skeleton

Hidden Levers

This next room has a lowered capstan precariously placed between two fire-breathing skulls. Before you get to the capstan, look to your left. You’ll see a door.

The path of the Forsaken Flame Capstan Surrounded By Flames Trap

Raising the capstan will open this door, revealing a hidden enclave. Inside that enclave, you will find a lever. You will use that lever to open the door blocking your path.

First, you’ll need to raise that capstan. Wait for the flames to stop and heave ho! If you don’t manage to raise the capstan before catching fire, use your trusty bucket of water or eat a snack.

Next, enter that now open enclave and use the lever. Careful! This will open the door blocking your way forward, but it will also set off swinging blades! Not only will you need to jump over a pit of spikes. You’ll need to do so while dodging these blades!

The path of the Forsaken Flame Capstan Surrounded By Flames Open Door

The Stone Door at the end of the Tunnel

Once you’ve made it safely across, you will see a stone door carved into the rock before you. Open this door using the lever on its left.

Crossing the threshold of that door, you will enter a new chamber where all three paths converge.

The Path of the Forsaken Flame is at an end!

The path of the Burning Heart

▶️ To see this section in action, click here.

The stone door on the right, in a subtle amber glow, is the Path of the Burning Heart.

You will find its corresponding skull relief behind the waterfall on your right. Hit that skull with a Firebomb, and the stone door will move from your path.

Blades and Bombs

Upon passing through the stone door, you’ll likely notice two spinning blades cutting back and forth across the room. Before you run up to it, mind the gap!

The wooden bridge has collapsed, requiring you to do a little jump to avoid falling to the spikes below. It’s an easy little jump; it’s just also easy to overlook that little gap, and run headlong into those spikes.

Once you’ve made it to the bridge, but before passing the blades, look to the upper left-hand corner of the room. There you will see skull relief.

Hopefully, you took the advice about stocking up on Firebombs. You’ll need to throw a Firebomb into it’s mouth to set it ablaze.

Light Skull with FIrebomb

Time your run carefully to get passed the rotating blades of death and jump the gap.

Once you are safely across, turn around and you should see a second skull relief. Now that you’re turned around, this skull relief will also be in the upper left-hand corner.

Once you have lit both skulls, the wooden door will open.

Don’t wait too long to light the second skull after you’ve lit the first. If the first skull’s fire dies out before you light the second, the door won’t open, and you’ll need to relight the skull.

The path of the Burning Heart First Trap

Timing Turning

Proceed through the door and you will find yourself at the next fire trap. Ship wheels rotate, with flames bursting from every other spoke. Wait for your moment, and run through.

The path of the Burning Heart Spinning Ship Wheel Fire Trap

Locating Levers

If you set yourself ablaze, just keep running. As you run forward, the room will open up into a cavern with a pool of water below to break your fall and cool any burns.

If you’ve already used your bucket of water, or need to refill on supplies, this is a great point to do so. You can fill your bucket in the pool, and restock your supplies from the barrels.

The cavern’s exit is blocked by four fast moving circle bad traps. Don’t worry: you won’t need to time your run passed these. Instead, you’ll need to find four levers.

The path of the Burning Heart Lever Room

For each lever you pull, one blade will cease its spinning. Pulling all four levers will allow you to saunter on through at your leisure.

You’ll find one lever just to the right of the corridor of spinning blades. One down, three to go!

The path of the Burning Heart Lever

From there, turn left and head back over to the pool. Near the water’s edge, you’ll see the lever affixed to the wall on your right.

Next, jump into that pool and turn to your left. Lit by a nearby crystal, you’ll see yet another lever. Swim on over, and use that lever.

The path of the Burning Heart Lever

Continue swimming passed the lever you just used to exit the pool. There you’ll see one of the cavern’s resource barrels. On a pillar to the left of that barrel, you will see your final lever. Use it, and your path will at last be cleared.

The path of the Burning Heart Lever

It Sears and It Spears

After passing through the corridor, you will encounter more spinning wheels of fire. However, you will also need to account for the jump you’ll need to make over a spike pit between the two fiery wheels.

Hopefully, you have a full bucket of water. That way, if you’re unsure how to time the fire with your jump, you can feel free to light yourself on fire, knowing you’ll be able to douse your flames once you’re safely on the other side.

The path of the Burning Heart Fire Spike Trap

A Leap of Flames

The next room is filled with flowing lava! You’ll need to make jump off a ledge onto a ladder on the other side of a giant lava pit. Oh, and you will need to time this jump so as not to hit the swinging giant double edged axe!

Rather than jumping and catching the ladder, you might find it easier to simply sword lunge directly across.

Once you’ve made it safely across, simply use the pulley near the wooden door, and enter the next room.

The path of the Burning Heart Giant Swinging Blade

Skellies and Spitfires

There next room will have an ammo crate and plenty of resource barrels—it will also have plenty of Ashen Skeletons!

You can fight these skellies the old fashioned way, using only your tried and true weaponry. Alternatively, you can set your own fire trap.

Standing at the room’s entrance, look up and to the left. There you will see a stone skull. Throw a Firebomb at the devil to set off a fire trap that will shoot flames across the floor. Just be sure you and your crew are safely out of harms way beforehand.

Once you dispose of these skellies, you’ll be able to use the pulley in peace, and continue without those scalawags following behind.

Don’t just run headlong into the next room!

The path of the Burning Heart Skeleton Fight Room

Don’t Step on a Crack, or You’ll Set Off All the Traps!

Watch your step! This ground is strewn with traps. One wrong step and you will set off the fire-spitting skulls that line the walls.

Before proceeding across the room, you will need to use a pulley to raise the wooden door blocking your exit. You will find this pulley just to the left of the room’s entrance.

You can hold the door up while your crew passes through. However, whoever has been tasked with raising the door will need to quickly dash to the exit before the door closes or you die from the flames.

The easiest way to avoid the traps is likely taking that wooden ramp on the right side of the room. This will also allow you to jump over a stream of lava cutting throw the room.

However, it’s also rather easy to simply succumb to the flames. Just on the other side of the door is a pond where you can cool your burns.

The path of the Burning Heart Wooden Platform Trigger Trap

Seeking Refuge

Next, you will encounter a long winding corridor filled with spikes that shoot from the walls. You won’t make it across in one run. Luckily, there are two small alcoves along the way.

From the corridor’s entrance, you should be able to see the first little alcove between two beams off to your right. Time your run. Make it to the first alcove. Then, take a breath.

The path of the Burning Heart Spiked Wall

You won’t be able to see the next alcove from here. When you feel ready, make a break for it—hugging the right wall as you do. Just before you’ve made it all the way through, you should find yourself safely in the second alcove.

If you accidentally go all the way through, you might want to turn around and find that alcove anyway. There’s a journal tucked in this dangerous little spot.

The Journal on the Path of the Burning Heart: The devil I know…

Run through the first part when the time is right and hide in the small alcove to the right. Then when the time is right run to the next alcove to the right. This is where you will find the journal.

A Heart of Stone

Once you’ve made it all the way through this prickly corridor, you will see a stone door before you.

You have arrived at the end of the Burning Heart Path.

Use the pulley on your right to open the door, and enter the chamber where the three paths converge.

Stitcher’s Sorrow: Finding Stitcher Jim

▶️ To see this section in action, click here.

In this chamber, you will see a glowing archway topped by Flameheart’s likeness. Pass through that archway.

Behold Flameheart’s infamous ship: The Burning Blade! Across the way, you’ll see Stitcher Jim and the cursed chest.

Heart of Fire Ashen Dragon

Watch as Flameheart makes his treachery known and Stitcher Jim wails in despair and flees the scene!

Then take the path up to where Stitcher Jim stood and you will find the cursed chest: Stitcher’s Chest of Rage—emblazoned with the symbol of the Blackwyche crew!

Returning Stitcher Jim’s Chest of Rage to Pendragon

▶️ To see this section in action, click here.

Now that we have Stitcher’s Chest of Rage we need to deliver it to Pendragon before it’s too late. Pick up the chest and head to the right of where Stitcher Jim’s took flight.

Your path will be blocked, but you’ll clear the way easily enough.

There is a skull relief to the left of the stone door. As with the other skulls, you’ll need to set it on fire. If you don’t have a Firebomb on you, not to worry. There is a symbol beneath the skull giving you a hint—the symbol means “chest.”

Chest Door

Set Stitcher’s Chest of Rage in front of the skull. The chest will explode eventually, but you can speed it up. On the right of this corridor—across from the skull—there is an ammo crate. Fill your firearm and take a few shots at the chest. It should be enraged in no time.

Beyond the stone door, you’ll enter a room with a curious little rope contraption. Not to worry. There’s nothing to fear here, just continue onward—filling your bucket in the pools as you need.

Your path will soon heat up, again. Jets of flame shoot down from the ceiling. These are timed, so just wait for your moment.

There is a waterfall just beyond these traps. So, you could simply run through the flames with a devilish grin and cool yourself in that waiting pool of water.

If you’ve made it to the little pool behind the waterfall, you’ll likely notice the next skull relief. Light it on fire with a Firebomb or with the Chest of Rage, and a door to the left of the room will open.

Second Chest Door

Follow the path, bobbing and weaving through fire. You’ll see another waterfall. Careful! There is a gap just before the waterfall that you must jump over to proceed through the waterfall.

You will see swinging skeletons guarding your way out. A hit from these skeletons will take 50% from your health! You will need to time your jumps just right to dodge the swinging skeletons and the fire that shoots out over the platforms.

Skeleton Wrecking Ball

While you’ll want to stay on the platforms, you won’t die from fall damage. There are no spikes below. You simply won’t be able to hop out the other side. So, you’ll need to walk back over to the room’s beginning and try dodging again.

After this dodging section you will come to a room with a capstan—and several waves of Ashen Skellies! Slash and shoot these skellies until they spawn no more. You’ll then be able to raise the capstan in peace.

Skeleton Fight Room

Follow the path and you will come upon a stretch of wooden beams guarded by swinging blades and fire-spitting skulls. Time your moves and keep your balance to get across safely.

Beam Spike Flame Trap

Exit the corridor and head to your right. You’ll see a waterfall. Run through that waterfall and plunge into the waters below. Swim along the narrow passageways. This will lead you to a small patch of land, then plunge into the waters once more.

In this pool, look up and you should see light filtering down from a shaft in front of you. Swim up through that shaft and out of Flameheart’s lair!

You will emerge to find Pendragon, beckoning to you from the beach. Bring him Stitcher’s Chest of Rage. Using his mighty Sword of Souls, there might be time to save his crew!

Pendragon's Crew


The Liar’s Hideout—Discover Stitcher Jim’s Hideout

The path of the Eternal King—Take the path of the Eternal King

The path of the Forsaken Flame—Take the path of the Forsaken Flame

The path of the Burning Heart—Take the path fo the Burning Heart

The Fire Rises—Discover the Chest of Rage

Stitcher’s Schemes—Discover Stitcher Jim’s Journals

Heart of Fire—Complete the Tale

Heart of Fire Tall Tale Cosmetics

The Ashen Hull

Completing the Heart of Fire just once will unlock the Ashen Hull! Do you have what it takes to carry the weight of this powerful looking hull made for an Ashen Lord?

Sea of Thieves Ashen Hull

The Ashen Curse

Unlocking every commendation for the Heart of Fire will unlock the Ashen Curse. It’s similar to the Shores of Gold curse, except this curse covers your body in burning scars and sets your eyes in a fiery glow!

Ashen Curse

What else is new in the Heart of Fire Update?

As if this incredible Tall Tale weren’t enough, there is plenty more to explore in this update!

The Pirate Lord is daring all Pirate Legends to set sail on a complete separate adrenaline-filled adventure, centering on Thieves’ Haven—he’s daring non-Pirate-Legends to thwart their every move!

There’s two new ways to cause chaos on the seas: Blunderbombs and Chainshot!

Finally—as with every monthly update—Duke’s Black Market grows, while the Pirate Emporium continually curates the finest items Ancient Gold can buy!

The Athena’s Run of Thieves’ Haven

Athena's Run of Thieves' Haven



Chain Shot

Chain Shot

What is Duke Selling? March 11th – April 8th

Duke Black Market March 2020

The Pirate Emporium: In Store on the Shores! March 11th – April 8th

Cronch Weapons

To the Tavern!

Aye, we pirates do love a good tavern. ‘Tis a place to share our findings and adventures. ‘Tis a place to clap each other on the back. ‘Tis a place to glean further insight.

Happily, we’ve found proverbial taverns on several social outposts—each bustling with a vibrant pirate community! Want to join in the merriment? Ye will always find a hearty welcome at our table!

Follow Along

To the Tavern!

Aye, we pirates do love a good tavern. ‘Tis a place to share our findings and adventures. ‘Tis a place to clap each other on the back. ‘Tis a place to glean further insight.

Happily, we’ve found proverbial taverns on several social outposts—each bustling with a vibrant pirate community! Want to join in the merriment? Ye will always find a hearty welcome at our table!

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20 thoughts on “Sea of Thieves: The Heart of Fire Tall Tale Guide”

  1. Captain Narwha1

    I have some feedback, the opened boxes are not reapers chests, they are open “Boxes of Wonderous Secrets”

  2. If i read the first book and then return to ship and go back to do the second path and read the next book the path is closed. Can i not do that or is there a way to re open the door underwater?

  3. I went through the third door first and i can’t seem to get back in what do I do, do I need to redo it all again

    1. Amir Abdollahi

      There should be a mermaid statue along the path that will allow you to leave the caverns when you interact with it. Once outside again, swim to the original entrance to the caverns and interact with the mermaid statue to teleport back in.

  4. It’s really not as long as you think. The guide explains every single step to 100% complete the tall tale. There are three catacombs you can take. It only takes one to finish the quest, but you need to go through all three to get the ashen curse. (You can get the ashen hull from finishing it once.

  5. I just jumped into the pool at the end and forgot the chest and I can go back even after killing my self to respawn at a check point

    1. Amir Abdollahi

      Heart of Fire is the final Tall Tale for the Ashen Tall Tale series. There’s just the two 🙂 Seabound Soul and Heart of Fire. If you haven’t done the A Pirate’s Life Tall Tales yet, you should be ready to do those now!

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