Sea of Thieves – Festival of the Damned Guide

Time to party! On your next visit to the Sea of Thieves you will find that Duke has kicked off a spooky celebration, the Festival of the Damned, to honor all fallen pirates as well as the Ferryman that guides them back to the land of the living!

The community can participate in the celebration by bringing different Flames of Fate from the Ferry back to the Sea of Thieves. Upon their return, pirates can spread the flame taken from the Ferry to other lanterns and beacons scattered across the four regions in the Sea of Thieves. The most memorable deaths change the color of the flame found at the well on the Ferry of the Damned.

The Fate of Flame colors and how to collect them are as follows:

Death by Skeleton
Death by Shark Bite
Death by Snake Venom
Death by Pirate
Death by Volcano
Death by Lightning

The commendations for this Bilge Rat Adventure will have players acquiring each color of flame, lighting twelve beacons—three beacons in each of the four regions—and synchronizing colors with another ship while in an alliance.

Below, you’ll find an image and text-based guide to help you along. You might find the interactive map helpful, too. There you can plan your voyage from one beacon to the next, easily zoom in and out, and find a number of other helpful markers—in addition to…

the brand new marker series just for
The Festival of the Damned!

You can access the web version here.

Of course, if you’re wanting to read along with this guide on your screen, you can also use the free mobile app.

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Flame of Fate Commendations


The following Flame of Fate commendations will have you igniting your lantern with different color flames. When you arrive on the Ferry of the Damned, you will see a large floating flame at the center of the ship, the Well of Fates. Approaching the flame with your lantern equipped and raised will prompt you to ignite your lantern with the flame. You will now be able to spread the flame you gathered from the Ferry to other lanterns and beacons in the Sea of Thieves!

The Flame of Fate commendation you are trying to unlock must be gathered from the Well of Fates yourself. The commendation will not unlock if you take the flame from another pirate once back in the Sea of Thieves. You will also lose any flames placed in lanterns in your ship if your ship sinks.

The Flame of Cursed Bones

Ignite your lantern with a green Flame of Fate from the Ferry of the Damned.

To earn this commendation, you must be killed by a skeleton. Go to any island and wait for a skeleton to spawn. Of course, you could speed up finding skeletons by doing an Order of Souls voyage. After the skeleton kills you, you should find yourself on the Ferry of the Damned with a green flame.

The Flame of Lost Seafarers

Ignite your lantern with a blue Flame of Fate from the Ferry of the Damned.

To earn this commendation, you must be killed by a shark. There’s no real need to go looking for sharks. Simply swim around for a bit—eventually sharks will find their way to you. Two shark bites will take away 100 percent of your health and promptly send you to the Ferry. Once you arrive, grab the blue flame from the well and return to the land of the living.

The Flame of the Viper

Ignite your lantern with a purple Flame of Fate from the Ferry of the Damned.

To earn this commendation, you must be killed by a snake. Go to any island that spawns snakes. You can quickly find which islands spawn snakes using the interactive map.

Warning #1:
Larger islands are far more likely to spawn animals than smaller islands.
Sure, there’s a snake icon on “Lonely Isle,” but that simply means that IF animals have spawned those animals will be snakes—never pigs or chickens. However, it is quite likely that you get to “Lonely Isle” only to find that zero animals have spawned. What is a pirate to do?
Option 1: “Reset” the island. All pirates on the island—meaning your crew and any other crews present—must leave the island. This can be achieved by:
A.   everyone dying,
B.   everyone sailing away, or
C.   everyone shooting themselves out of a cannon in a direction away from the island.
The easiest of these three is usually dying. Simply be sure that everyone is on the ferry simultaneously before any reenters the door!
Option 2: You could go to a larger island. For example, “Lone Cove” is just North of “Lonely Isle,” and it is guaranteed to have at least some snakes.

Once you find a snake: place yourself in front of it. The snake will spit venom at you, slowly chipping away at your health.  You can speed up the venom death by dealing some damage to yourself before you offer yourself up to the snake.

Warning #2:
Be sure that you actually die from the venom and not from a pesky skeleton that might be lurking about.

The Flame of Embattled Souls

Ignite your lantern with a pink Flame of Fate from the Ferry of the Damned.

To earn this commendation, you must be killed by a player from another crew. Roam the seas looking for another ship. Look for ships with a reapers flag on your map, or you might throw the reapers mark up yourself.

Approaching another ship is always risky. So, some pirates will likely try to kill you as you approach. If you stumble upon friendly pirates, simply explain what you’re doing and ask them to kill you. Essentially: once you find a player with a white gamertag, swallow your pirate pride and let them kill you. You will be rewarded with a pink flame on the Ferry of the Damned.

The Flame of Burning Hearts

Ignite your lantern with a red Flame of Fate from the Ferry of the Damned.

To earn this commendation, you must be killed by a Volcano. Sail to the Devil’s Roar, place yourself near a volcano, and wait for it to erupt. You can find volcano locations on the interactive map.

If you don’t fancy losing your ship while on the ferry of the damned, you might consider having a crewmate drop you off at a volcano, or rowing yourself to a volcano in a sacrificial rowboat.

After the volcano erupts, you should quickly be killed by falling volcanic rock. You can also die from any hot lava spots on the ground you find on the erupting island. Once you arrive on the Ferry of the Damned, you should find the red flame ready for the taking.

The Flame of the Treacherous Weather

Ignite your lantern with a white Flame from the Ferry of the Damned.

To earn this commendation, you must be sent to the Ferry of the Damned due to being killed by a lightning strike. Take your ship and sail into any storm. You’re less likely to lose your ship in a storm than in the path of a volcano. Nevertheless, if you’re a bit cautious, you could sail a rowboat into the storm.

It might take a few lightning strikes for one to finally kill you. So, you might want to chip away at that health bar yourself. In the middle of the ocean, the best way to do this is likely falling off the crow’s nest a few times. Only having a sliver of health left means you only have to get one lucky lightning strike. Once on the Ferry of the Damned, your efforts will be rewarded with a white flame.

Lightbringer Commendations

The Lightbringer commendations will have pirates taking their newly colored flames and spreading it across the Sea of Thieves. There are 3 beacons to light per region for a grand total of 12. If you find a beacon already lit, you can use a bucket of water to put it out so you can ignite your own flame.

Lightbringer of the Shores of Plenty

Find the Shores of Plenty beacons at Cannon Cove, Mermaid’s Hideaway, and Smuggler’s Bay.

We show you the locations in images below—both in game on the islands and from a bird’s-eye view. But, we also thought it might be helpful to add a video of the actual footpaths—or cannon flight paths—you can take to make your way up to those beacons yourself. To add the videos as quickly as possible, we decided to add videos for each area as soon as completed. The first is for the Shores of Plenty. Enjoy, me hearties!



Cannon Cove: The Festival of the Damned beacon is located on the gigantic main rock located at the center of the island. The beacon is only accessible by cannon so you must shoot yourself up from your ship. The best approach is likely to park your boat on the East of the island and aim your cannons West (and up!).

Mermaid’s Hideaway: You will find the Festival of the Damned beacon above the Mermaid’s Lagoon. No need for cannons. Just climb on up.

Smuggler’s Bay: Head to the North of the island. On the topmost ridge you’ll find the Festival of the Damned beacon.


Lightbringer of the Ancient Isles

Find the Ancient Isles beacons at Crook’s Hollow, Devil’s Ridge, and Plunder Valley.

Here’s another little video showing possible footpaths up to the beacons.



Crook’s Hollow: This beacon is located at the highest point of the island. No need for a cannon, though. Just scamper on up.

Devil’s Ridge: This beacon is just above the waterfall—and accessible on foot.

Plunder Valley: The Festival of the Damned beacon on Plunder Valley is located at the top of the island. There’s no need for cannons, but it is a bit of a hike.


Lightbringer of the Wilds

Find the Wilds beacons at Kraken’s Fall, Marauder’s Arch, and The Crooked Masts.

Here’s a little video showing you footpaths—and a cannon flight path—you can take to actually get up to those beacons yourself.



Kraken’s Fall: You will find this beacon atop the big rock structure to the North of the island. Make your way up the rock structure first, then head North. You will have to drop down a few ledges to reach this beacon. Pack a banana or two.

Marauder’s Arch: There’s perhaps no better place for a Festival of the Damned beacon than on the iconic Marauder’s Arch. Climb on up and light that beacon!

The Crooked Masts: This is one of the two that cannot be reached without an assist from a cannon. This beacon is located at the top of the North peak on the island. Park your boat on the North side and aim your cannons high!


Lightbringer of the Devil’s Roar

Find the Devil’s Roar beacons at Fetcher’s Rest, Ruby’s Fall, and The Devil’s Thirst.

If the beacons are already lit—as many of them are right now—then the footpaths to these beacons are easy to find. Since these beacons may not be lit quite as often in the future, we made a little video. Plus, since these newer islands are a bit less familiar to the community, we thought it might help fellow pirates get their bearings and see where they might want to park their ship.



Fetcher’s Rest: This beacon is located on the northeast part of the island. No cannon needed for this one.

Ruby’s Fall: Head on over to the bridge that connects the two main rock formations on Ruby’s Fall. You will find the beacon for the Festival of the Damned just North of it.

The Devil’s Thirst: This beacon is just West of Old Coop’s remains located on the main hill to the north of the island.

Death by skellie, by storm, shark, or snake
By volcanic rock, or by hand of foe
The colorful flames be yers to take
And light yer beacons with a fateful glow

Now that you know how to attain—and where to spread—each Flame of Fate, you can properly honor the Ferryman during the Festival of the Damned. As always, if you have any questions or need any help, leave a comment below!

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    1. Yes you can! That is a useful bit of info we didn’t put in there originally. Will add it now as other pirates might find that helpful.

      1. Hi I went to every island with the beacon and apparently im missing one 11/12 it saids for one commendation worth 50+ Dablooms im very upset because I don’t know what island im missing i went to every single one i swear

        1. Hmm, unfortunately there is no way of knowing which one you are missing. For some reason, one didn’t count when you lit it. It seems like you will have to go through them again and find the missing one. Good luck!

        1. So if the beacon is already lit with the color that you have in your lantern, you need to put it out first with water. If it isn’t lit or a different color than what you are carrying, you should be able to light it by raising your lantern.

      1. I’m a little confused on the “lighting each region” part I understand you have to be killed by specifics to gain a certain color but what colors are required to light the beacons and do we have to light each location at each region to earn the commendation?? Help!

        1. You can light the beacons with any color. This is for all regions. If you like, you could light the beacons with your default lantern color.

          1. This isn’t true from what I gathered whilst doing this, you have to use a flame of fate which means you have to get one from the ferry of the dammed. I went around the entire ocean and lit all of them but the first one I did default (I died to a skelli on my 2nd one) lit every other one green. I had to go back to that first one and light it with a flame of fate and just like that I got the commendation.

    1. You can switch colors without dying if you have multiple colors ignited on your boat lanterns. You will only unlock the commendations though if you die yourself to collect the flame from the Well of Fates.

        1. Hmm, sorry I guess I didn’t understand your question. You can switch out your flame with another flame color using lanterns on ships. To actually unlock the commendation for getting the color, you need to die in the required way and get the flame from the Ferry of the Damned. Every time you die, you lose whatever flame color you were previously holding.

  1. How do we get the commissions for doing the three different islands. I tried to do the 3 I’m the devils roar with all 3 different lights. Nothing happened. Than we tried to do the three normal ones with cannon cove, used same light that time, nothing happened. Do they have to be different? The same? I’m wasting my time!

    1. There isn’t a commendation for doing three in each region. There are four commendations for doing one in each region and then one commendation for doing all 12 in all regions.

    1. You just need to walk up the left or ride side of the island. There are paths on both sides to get to the top of the island where the beacon is.

  2. I speak Spanish, this I am translating, I do not know if I explain myself well.
    When I reach one of those islands and the torch I find it off, it does not let me turn it on again. Should I wait for the night or an hour? What I can do?
    Thanks for the info.

    1. Equip your lantern, raise it and there will be a prompt to light the beacon. If the beacon is lit with the same color as the color in your lantern, you must put out the beacon fire with a bucket of water first. You don’t need to wait for a time of day to light the beacon. You can light them whenever.

  3. How do I set the beacons on fire with different colored flames? It always comes out as the normal for color for me. Also, is there a way to save the flames in the lanterns on your ship so that I don’t have to “re-die”

    1. You need to die in a certain way to collect the color flame you want. With that flame, go to the beacon and light it with the color in your lantern. If you die after getting the color you want, you will lose the color in your lantern. Yes, you can light the lanterns in your ship to “save” colors. Even in a sloop there should be enough lanterns to have one of each color. If your ship sinks though, you will lose all the colors in the lanterns so make sure you don’t lose your ship!

  4. I light all 12 beacons and i have 11/12
    I dis it alain all 12 becouse to be site i didnt miss one first time still 11/12

  5. The hardest commendation in the Festival of the Damned is the one that requires you to light up your boat with five different colors (Yes not six) just five as long as they re all different. This means that your boat has to stay afloat and getting in combat or sinking is not a very good idea. It is recommended to travel with a friend. The first light color we recommend that you get is a white one simply because dying in a storm can be dangerous later down the road, so it s nice to get that out of the way first when you do not have any colors to begin with. After you get your white flame, the order doesn t really matter anymore since most of them are easy, although I would simply avoid getting the pink flame because that involves you in getting into combat unless you have a really trust worthy alliance.

    1. What part of it? You should be able to get the colors as stated and the beacons are still around the world ready to be lit.

    1. Nope, you don’t have to light them all at the same time. You can light one a session and get the commendation. Hmm, as for the red light, keep trying the lava or try to get hit by one of the falling rocks from the volcano blast.

      1. I’ve just been to all 12 islands, lit every beacon. Yet it still says i only have 11. I did it with the normal lantern flame, does it have to be one of the death flames?

        1. Hmm, no you can use any flame, even the default one. A few other pirates mentioned missing just one as well and had to go back through them all to find the missing one. Unfortunately it sounds like you might have to do that as well. Good luck!

  6. Thank you so much for this guide and for all the patient people responding to the questions in the comments. I had quite a lot of trouble getting another Pirate to kill me since he was too friendly. He didn’t have text or voice chat. I felt bad stabbing him with a sword so he understood what I was doing but it finally worked. All challenges completed for this one, when I thought I’d never be able to. Thanks again!

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