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Flames of Fate: Light your Lantern in Colorful Flames!

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Sailing the seas, you spot a ship in the distance with fuchsia lights gleaming from the prow.

Unfamiliar with these lights, you might wonder, “Is that part of the ship skin? Are there other colors? How can I get colorful lights on my boat? Maybe I’ll go ask them. They seem friendly.”

This would not be wise.

Hopefully, your wisdom led you here, instead. Here you will discover the mysterious Flames of Fate—without getting your ship sunk.

What are the Flames of Fate?

The Flames of Fate are colorful lights you can obtain for your lantern. Once you hold the flames in your lantern, you can then light the world in a colorful blaze!

They are called the “Flames of Fate” because the color of flame corresponds to the manner in which you met your fate—*ahem* how you died.

Not every death will awaken new hues—only the six discussed below. For example, currently, death by merfolk statue is not associated with any particular flame.

Generally speaking, self-inflicted deaths will not suffice. This includes deaths by drowning, falling, and blowing yourself up. 

Sea of Thieves, Death by Drowning
Cannot take from the Well of Fates
Not all deaths with earn you a Flame of Fate

When were the Flames of Fate added to the Sea of Thieves?

October 2018—The Festival of the Damned!

Halloween seemed a perfect time to pay homage to he who sails the Ferry of the Damned, delivering lost souls back to the seas. Aye, the Ferryman.

Wreathed in mystery, pirates on the Sea of thieves have never been quite certain how or why the Ferryman brings souls back. However, most are content to not ask too many questions—so long as they keep returning.

The Festival of the Damned was a means by which pirates could celebrate the Ferryman having returned pirates to the living by spreading their colorful Flames of Fate throughout the seas!

Sea of Thieves, Festival of the Damned, Halloween 2018

Where do I get the Flames of Fate?

The “Well of Fates.”

Where is the Well of Fates? Ah, even the best pirates have likely passed by the Well of Fates more times than they can remember: it is on the Ferry of the Damned.

While standing in front of the “Well of Fates,” bring out your lantern. Use your left trigger to raise your lantern.

There are six deaths which will bring forth a new hue in your fire. If you have died in one of those six ways, upon raising your lantern to the Well of Fates, you will see the option to take the flame.

Sea of Thieves Well of Fates

How do I get the Flames of Fate?

Die. Ah, but your manner of death will dictate the flame you can take. The Fate of Flame colors and how to collect them are as follows:

Death by Skeleton, Phantom or Ocean Crawler

Death by Shark or Siren

Death by Snake Venom or Hermit Poison Cloud

Death by Pirate

Death by Volcano or Fire

Death by Lightning or Eel-ectric Chain Stun

The Flame of Cursed Bones

Ignite your lantern with a green Flame of Fate from the Ferry of the Damned.

This one should be easy enough. Sail on over to any island. As long as you’re not on an Outpost or a Seapost, it should only be a matter of time before Skeletons, Phantoms, or Ocean Crawlers spawn.

It doesn’t matter how they kill you: guns, sword, and even the ever-insulting skeleton slap will do the trick.

Resist the urge to strike back, and you’ll soon have your green flame.

Cursed Bones, The Green Flame of Fate

The Flame of Lost Seafarers

Ignite your lantern with a blue Flame of Fate.

Time to choose which one of your crew will be used for bait. There’s no real trick to this. “Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming.” Eventually, you’ll lure a shark or Siren.

If you find a shark, and it doesn’t seem terribly interested, try firing a shot at it—or swim right up and use your sword to give it a “thwack!” It shouldn’t be long now.

If you find a Siren, you should have no trouble getting it to attack you.

One shark bite will take 50% of your life. Put that banana away! After two bites, you will have your flame.

Although luring a shark shouldn’t take too long, finding a Megalodon might speed things up.

Sharks are particularly numerous after you’ve defeated the meg and are attempting to collect your loot!

Plus, a bite from meg counts as a shark bite. Meg isn’t typically a one-bite kill, though. So, deal yourself a bit of damage. Then, as she charges, stand before her, steel your nerves, and face your fate!

I wouldn’t waste time looking for a meg, but if you’re on your way to getting the other flames, and you just so happen to hear her roar out from the waters, you might stop for a fight!

Is it just us or do sharks seem to appear more frequently near shipwrecks, too?

Lost Seafarers, The Blue Flame of Fate

The Flame of the Viper

Ignite your lantern with a purple Flame of Fate from the Ferry of the Damned.

I don’t say this often, but: this is no time for a shanty. You won’t want to calm any nearby slithering serpents.

Dying by snake is easy enough. All you do is stand in front of a snake, and wait. So, you simply need to know where to go to find a snake. Different islands spawn different animals.

Which islands spawn snakes?

The easiest way to see this is on the interactive map. Click the filter button, scroll down, toggle on “Snakes,” then zoom in to whichever area of the map you wish to get bit.

Warning #1:
Larger islands are far more likely to spawn animals than smaller islands.

You look on the map, and you see a snake icon on Castaway Isle. However, that snake icon only means that IF animals have spawned, those animals will be snakes—never pigs or chickens.

You could sail over to Castaway Isle only to find that zero animals have spawned. What now?

Option #1: “Reset” the island.

All pirates on the island—meaning your crew and any other crews present—must leave the island. This can be achieved by:

  • everyone dying,
  • everyone sailing away, or 
  • everyone shooting themselves out of a cannon in a direction away from the island.

Typically, the easiest is dying.

Just remember: once you die, do NOT go through the doors until every single pirate from that island is on the Ferry of the Damned simultaneously!

Option #2: Go to a larger island.

For example, if you had gone to Castaway Isle, simply head a bit further south. “Snake Island” is much larger and—as its name suggests—we’ve never been on that island without hearing hissing.

Warning #2:
Be sure that you actually die from the venom and not from a skeleton striking at the last second.

As the poison swirls in your veins, life from your pirate slowly drains. Well, patience might be a virtue, but it can also mean a skeleton with a gunpowder barrel gets the last laugh.

Fortunately, you can hasten your death. Simply give yourself a bit of damage before you face your snake. 

Viper, The Purple Flame of Fate

The Flame of Embattled Souls

Ignite your lantern with a pink Flame of Fate from the Ferry of the Damned.

To earn this commendation, you must allow yourself to be killed by a player from another crew. Don’t worry. We know they only killed you because you allowed it.

First you must find another ship. You can look for ships with a reapers flag on your map, or you can try to lure other ships to you by equipping the reapers mark flag yourself.

Perhaps better yet, if you see swirling lights on the horizon, you can go get yourself a reaper’s chest. After all, other ships might be more willing to approach if doing so could mean 25 doubloons.

Approaching another ship is always risky. Of course, you are trying to be killed, but that doesn’t mean you want your ship sunk. So, you might consider cannoning or rowing over.

If you stumble upon friendly pirates, simply explain what you’re doing and ask them to kill you.

Regardless of who you find with a white gamertag, swallow your pirate pride and let them kill you. You will be rewarded with a pink flame on the Ferry of the Damned.

Embattled Souls, The Pink Flame of Fate

The Flame of Burning Hearts

Ignite your lantern with a red Flame of Fate from the Ferry of the Damned.

To earn this commendation, you must be killed by a Volcano. Sail to the Devil’s Roar, place yourself near a volcano, and wait for it to erupt. You can find volcano locations on the interactive map.

Don’t fancy losing your ship while on the Ferry of the Damned? Consider having a crewmate drop you off at a volcano, or rowing yourself to a volcano in a sacrificial rowboat.

Once the volcano erupts, it shouldn’t be long before falling volcanic rock sends you to the Ferry of the Damed. If you’d like to speed up the process, hot lava spots on the ground will deal some damage, too.

When you arrive on the Ferry of the Damned, you should find the red flame ready for the taking.

Burning Hearts, The Red Flame of Fate

The Flame of the Treacherous Weather

Ignite your lantern with a white Flame from the Ferry of the Damned.

To earn this commendation, you must die by a lightning strike or from an Eel-ectric Chain Stun effect.

To find an Eel-ectric, sail to any island and hope that one spawns for you. With all the different types of land-based enemies that roam the Sea of Thieves, you are not guaranteed to find one on the first island you visit. Once you do find a bunch of Ocean Crawlers with an Eel-ectric amongst them, attack it with low health while it has the bubble bolt above its head. If you die from the stun it causes, you will be able to collect the Flame of Treacherous Weather.

If you would rather stay away from any Ocean Crawlers, sail your ship into any storm. You’re less likely to lose your ship in a storm than in the path of a volcano. Nevertheless, if you’re a bit cautious, you could sail a rowboat into the storm.

As many of you veteran pirates know, in the past, death by lightning has required a bit of patience. Happily, a new change has been implemented to help you acquire this tricky Flame of Fate.

While in a storm, wield your cutlass and you will have a higher chance of getting struck by lightning—and you’ll incur higher damage when you do.

You may still want to lower your health in preparation so one lightning strike does you in. In the middle of the ocean, the best way to do this is likely falling off the crow’s nest a few times.

To the untrained eye ye might look like a drunken sailor fallin’ from the mast, but really ye be quite a clever pirate!

Treacherous Weather, The White Flame of Fate

How do I keep my Flame of Fate?

You could lose a Flame of Fate!

Let’s pretend you risk ship and supplies, sailing into a storm to taunt the lightning above! You’re struck. You enter the Ferry of the Damned. You approach the Well of Fates and claim that white light.

Back in the land of the living, you attempt an ill-advised jump on less than full health and find yourself back on the Ferry of the Damned. Aye, you’ll rejoin your crew soon enough, but you will have lost your white light!

Lesson learned:

As soon as you return from the Ferry of the Damned with a Flame of Fate, set a lantern on your ship to that color flame for safekeeping.


Keep track of which lanterns your crew is lighting—and with which lights. This can be as simple as turning off all lanterns throughout the ship, then only lighting one lantern with each color flame until you have all colors aboard.

For the more difficult colors, you might consider designating two lantern for that one light.

Fort of the Damned, Set Lantern Flame

What can I do with the Flames of Fate?

Festival of the Damned

Would you like a few doubloons? Some events from the past were time limited. Happily, the Festival of the Damned is not!

If you have not yet completed this event, commendations and doubloons await! Do we have a guide? But, of course! Sea of Thieves—Festival of the Damned Guide.

Festival Of The Damned

Fort of the Damned

“All Hallows Eve” will be commemorated in 2019, too! A skeleton fort you might once have known well has undergone an eerie transformation! Old Boot Fort is no more. In its stead now stands The Fort of the Damned.

A dense mist hides the isle from view and darkens its shores—shores now lit with a ghostly glow akin to that which emanates from the Ferry of the Damned. Aye, you’ll even see the Ferryman’s haunting hippocampus… (*ahem* scary unicorn).

You’ll see the Ferryman’s emblem from the Festival of the Damned, too! This is your first clue that you will need the Flames of Fate, if you hope to awaken and conquer this fort.

Conquering this fort means commendations, doubloons, and the most lucrative pile of loot ever found in a Skeleton Fort Vault!

Curious? There’s much more to know… Sea of Thieves Fort of the Damned Guide.

Fort of the Damned

Party Boat

You don’t always need a reason to take from the Well of Fates. Sometimes it’s just fun to bring back festive colors and create your own little party boat!

It can be a sign to other ships that you’re just having some fun on the seas.

You might simply enjoy a bright pink aura surrounding your ship, dancing off the waves before you. Personally, I feel the pink flames complement the original Wailing Barnacle Hull quite nicely.

However, be advised: pink flames can also be seen as an indication that you like PvP—or are easy to kill. So, bedazzle with caution. 

Party Boat with Flames of Fate

Chicken Rave

How could we not mention this? This is a shout out to a Pirate Puppet beloved in this Sea of Thieves community: SayHeyRocco!

If you are unfamiliar with Rocco’s “Chicken Rave,” here is a link to Rocco’s tweet that started it all: The Chicken Rave Tweet.

Rocco’s “Chicken Rave” is such a treasure, it was memorialized on Chicken Isle! What better way to celebrate with Rocco than by getting a few fun lights and throwing a chicken rave!?

Yes. That is how we’re ending this article. Chicken. Rave. Well, sort of…

Chicken Rave
Find it on the Interactive Map:

Playing with Fire!

Ultimately, the Flames of Fate add a bit more color to this vibrant world, both literally and metaphorically. Get creative! Have fun! 

If you happen to record your fun, feel free to share it in the comments below! 

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To the Tavern!

Aye, we pirates do love a good tavern. ‘Tis a place to share our findings and adventures. ‘Tis a place to clap each other on the back. ‘Tis a place to glean further insight.

Happily, we’ve found proverbial taverns on several social outposts—each bustling with a vibrant pirate community! Want to join in the merriment? Ye will always find a hearty welcome at our table!

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