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In Store on the Shores! Mar. 11th – Apr. 8th 2020

The Pirate Emporium has excited the community month after month with its unique cosmetics, endearing pets, and fun-filled emotes.

The month of March is no different! You will find a nutty new ship collection, and new emotes to crow about! There are also some new cosmetics that we think you will be dying to cronch into.


If you have been stuck deciding which items are worth your precious Ancient Coins, your wait might have paid off.

Head on over to the Sale tab found in the Pirate Emporium to find two pages worth of Pirate Emporium goodies on sale!

You will find such items as the infamous Crab Dab emote and the Bear & Bird Ship Collection. Most of the goods you’ll find here are in bundles so there is more than meets the eye!

We’re curious… feel free to share what you picked up in the comments below!


Has your doctor mentioned a lack of potassium in your diet? Well, fear not! This month’s Pirate Emporium pet offerings include plenty of bananas to go around!

Banana Pet Outfit Collection

The Banana Pet Outfit Collection introduces a brand new pet outfit for each of the six main pets.

These bright yellow outfits will make anyone’s little pirate buddy look so cute you could just eat ’em up! But, of course, you’d never do that. 

Capuchin Banana Bundle

Looking for an opportunity to get yourself a Capuchin? The Capuchin Banana Bundle might be what you are looking for!

This bundle includes a Whitebeard Capuchin and its accompanying Capuchin Banana Outfit. The Capuchin Banana outfit showcases a banana that looks more like a headdress than a hat, and green banana leaf serving as a perfect plume.

Macaw Banana Bundle

If you still don’t have an Azure Macaw parrot, this bundle might be your answer. This Azure Macaw comes already all decked out in the Macaw Banana Outfit.

This Macaw Outfit wraps your pet  snuggly inside a cute banana peel jacket and is topped with a banana that reminds us of a nightcap.

Banana Pet Outfits


Have the banana pet outfits not satisfied your need to cronch? The Pirate Emporium has even more banana themed options as well as some fantastic emotes this month!

Cronch Weapons Bundle

These beautiful hand-carved weapons will make any pirate hungry for a banana or two!

Merchant Alliance Emote Bundle

Are you the organized pirate in your crew? Are you the one who is constantly checking the watch to make sure you are on time to all your pirate engagements?

The Merchant Alliance Emote Bundle is the emote bundle for which you have been waiting!

You can now appropriately share your desires to run a well-ordered ship with the emotes: “Time is Money!”, “Taking Stock,” “Job Well Done,” and “I’m Waiting!”

Each is available to purchase separately for 149 Ancient Coin, or you can purchase the entire bundle for 499 Ancient Coin.

Merchant Alliance Emote Bundle

Lost Pirates Bundle

Rufio! Rufio! Ru. Fi. Oooooooooo!

Alright, now that that’s out of our system, let’s check out the Lost Pirates Bundle. This bundle has four different emotes that will bring you straight back to the 90’s!

For 149 Ancient Coin each, you can purchase the Hook-inspired emotes: “Bangarang,” “Thud Dance,” “Crow Call,” and “Use Your Imagination.”

If you purchase the bundle, all four are yours for the price of 499 in Ancient Coin.

Lost Pirates Bundle

Shamrock Tankard

You don’t want to be pinched on Saint Patrick’s Day for not wearing green do you?!

If any pirate dare try to catch you for not representing on the holiday, quickly pull out your Shamrock Tankard, and show them your holiday spirit!

Shamrock Tankard


The time for cute animals and rainbows are over! A certain squirrel has arrived to the Sea of Thieves and is ready to show every pirate around how to properly consume their grog.

Royal Sea Squirrel Ship Collection

The Royal Sea Squirrel Ship collection is a tribute to a great Nintendo 64 title developed by Rare, Conker’s Bad Fur Day.

The figurehead of this lovely collection showcases the game’s mascot, Conker. As depicted by the figurehead, Conker likes to get his drink on. The rest of the ship collection has plenty of other Conker’s Bad Fur Day callbacks such as acorns, crowns and plenty of grog!

To the Pirate Emporium!

A Pirate Emporium update for the history books!

From Conker’s Bad Fur Day to honoring the brilliant film Hook, we are beyond excited for what this month has brought. If we come across you out on the open sea, don’t be surprised to hear us call, “Bangarang, me hearties!”

What Else is in this Heart of Fire Update?

A New Tall Tale: Heart of Fire!

The Heart of Fire is waiting for any pirate with enough courage to traverse the trap-laced catacombs. Sail over to Morrow’s Peak Outpost and speak with Tallulah. She’s been waiting for a pirate such as yourself to lend a hand with the current Flameheart threat facing the Sea of Thieves!

If you need any help with this new Tall Tale, be sure to check out our handy guide here: The Heart of Fire Tall Tale Guide.

The Heart of Fire

Athena’s Run Voyages!

Looking to test your mettle against other Pirate Legends? The Athena’s Run voyage will have you fighting over *new* Athena’s treasure on Thieves’ Haven.

For more info on these new voyages check out our Athena’s Run of Thieves’ Haven guide: Athena’s Run of Thieves’ Haven Guide.

Athena's Run of Thieves' Haven

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