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Sea of Thieves is a world filled with fantastical phenomena. Many of which, we pirates take for granted. For example, when pirates die, they are sent to the Ferry of the Damned. The Ferryman then decides whether they can pass through.

No one knows how this began, or how the Ferryman’s decisions are made. After all, Ramsey—the Pirate Lord—is no longer among the living.

Most pirates are happy enough to not to question the Ferryman, while we all keep returning. But, what if a soul never makes it to the Ferry of the Damned?

Ferry of the Damned

In the Shores of Gold Tall Tales, we learned of a dark magic. Not content to merely kill their foes, some Skeleton Lords went so far as to bind their slain enemies’ souls in various objects. (See Rooke in Wild Rose, and Graymarrow in Fate of the Morningstar)

Binding their souls would prevent an enemy from continuing on to the Ferry of the Damned. In turn, this would prevent an enemy’s return from the Ferry of the Damned to seek vengeance.

Release Soul

In the Tall Tale Revenge of the Morningstar, we fight Skeleton Lord Graymarrow, avenging the Morningstar crew and putting an end to his soul trapping. His ghost now haunts the Fort of the Damned.

However, while we might have stopped Graymarrow from locking away any souls in the future—fingers crossed—there may still be other souls bound by his curses.

Ghost of Graymarrow

What is the Seabound Soul Tall Tale about?

In Seabound Soul, we meet one such soul, recently set free: Sir Arthur Pendragon!

Sir Arthur Pendragon is a famous pirate from generations ago. His lore begins well before Sea of Thieves—back when “Rare Ltd.” was called “Ultimate.”

Here be a bit of background, fer ye curious pirates: The History of Sir Arthur Pendragon and the Haunted Blackwyche.


For the purposes of this Tall Tale, suffice it to say that Pendragon captained the storied ship, “Blackwyche.” This ship’s broken hull has long been a landmark on Shipwreck Bay.

Inside that ship’s captain’s quarters, there hangs a portrait of Pendragon—its eyes aglow! Aye, long ago, Graymarrow defeated Pendragon and trapped his soul in that very portrait.

Sir Arthur Pendragon Portrait

Pendragon’s soul has already been set free—by whom, we do not know.

Now, Pendragon is determined to set free other similarly trapped souls—whether they were trapped by Graymarrow or other nefarious entities.

As a ghost, he needs help from the living. This is where we pirates come in.

The Seabound Soul Shipwreck

The Seabound Soul Tall Tale: Step by Step

Step 1: Start The Seabound Soul Tall Tale

Where do you start The Seabound Soul Tall Tale? Head on over to Shipwreck Bay. This is where you will find the Tall Tale book.

On the South side of the island, you will find the remains of the once-mighty ship called “Blackwyche.” Once you arrive at the shipwreck, climb up the ladder found near the broken main mast, and enter the Captain’s Cabin.

Inside the Captain’s Cabin, you will find quite a peculiar scene. There’s Pendragon’s portrait, its eyes glowing eerily. You’ll also see an assortment of artifacts wreathed in candlelight. Take a closer look and see that these are Dark Relics!

The Seabound Soul Start
See the location on your map:

On the left corner of this table, you will see the Seabound Soul Tall Tale book. As with any voyage, you and your crew must vote. Vote for the Tall Tale, then look to the portrait.

From the portrait, the ghost of Sir Arthur Pendragon will step into the land of the living!
The Seabound Soul Start

Upon speaking with Captain Pendragon, you will be given a Tall Tale book and an Enchanted Lantern. You will find both in your Map Radial.

Open up your Map Radial and select the Seabound Soul book. This book contains The Log of Sir Arthur Pendragon, Captain of the Blackwyche.

Read through the book to learn how Sir Arthur Pendragon acquired a Sword of Souls, and how he came to meet Graymarrow.

Enchanted Lantern
It seems that Pendragon was the first soul Graymarrow ever trapped!

Aye, because it was Pendragon who was forced to explain to Graymarrow how to perform the soul binding ritual.

Were it not for Pendragon’s folly, other souls—like the Morningstar Crew—might never have suffered similar fates. As such, Pendragon is eager to atone for his sins by freeing others.

The stranger who freed Pendragon told him of other trapped spirits. On the last page of the book, you will find notes Pendragon made about one such soul. This is the “First Lost Soul” you will need to set free.

Log of Sir Arthur Pendragon

Step 2: Free Captain Martha Jane

Aye, fittingly, you will find Pendragon’s notes for the first soul on a page titled, “First Lost Soul.”

It appears that a ship crewed by skeletons called “The Ashen Dragon” sealed the fate of this first lost soul. Who is the Ashen Dragon’s captain? That remains unknown.

Ah, but we do know the name of the captain aboard the rival ship. The ill-fated captain whose soul we seek is Captain Martha Jane.

This page will also give you a heading. This heading will set you on a course that will eventually lead you to the place where Martha Jane met her fate.

It seems Captain Jane went down with her ship. So, you will be looking for the wreckage. These notes also let you know what soul-bearing object you seek within that wreckage: “Must find skull.”

First Lost Soul

The pages in the image above are one example of the heading instructions you might find in your Tall Tale book. In this example, we get directions to head East from Shipwreck Bay.

Once you begin sailing in the stated direction, keep your eyes on the horizon. It won’t be long before you see three ghost ships off in the distance!

As you draw nearer, you will get to see and hear the epic battle between the three ships!

First Lost Soul Ship Sighting

Be sure to notice the direction that the ghost ships are facing.

Just when you’ve almost reached the ships, they will slip from your grasp. Never fear! Look in the direction the ships were facing to see where the ships have reappeared. We now are officially on their trail!

Just as before, sail toward the ghost ships. Once again, just as you feel you’ve come upon them, the ships will disappear. Look in the direction the ships were last facing. This time, you should spot one ship separated on its own and two ships near an island.

Sail to the two ships near the island.

First Lost Soul Ship Sighting Island

Islands on which we’ve found these two ships include:

  • Liar’s Backbone
  • Shiver Retreat
  • The Crooked Masts
  • Tri-Rock Isle
  • Shark Tooth Key

However, theoretically, this ship battle could wind its way to any island in the Sea of Thieves! So, just be sure to follow the ghost ships.

Approaching the ships at the island, you will notice that one of these ships has sunk. As you might have guessed, this is poor Captain Jane’s ship.

First Lost Soul Shipwreck Island

Park near the sunken ghost ship, jump off your boat, and swim for the wreckage.

Among Pendragon’s notes for the “First Lost Soul,” there is a line that reads, “Can use my lantern to search.”

Use your Enchanted Lantern underwater near the ghost shipwreck, and you will see the devastation play out.

You’ll witness the crew members, each in their final moments. The pirate slowly sinking to the sea floor is Captain Martha Jane. The skull you seek will be right beneath her ghost.

If you are still having difficulty finding the Skull of Captain Martha Jane, you might actually try putting away your Enchanted Lantern for a moment.

As with other underwater treasure, the skull will twinkle. Look out for a bright shiny light winking at you from beneath the waves.

Skull of Captain Martha Jane Underwater

Once you find the Skull of Captain Martha Jane, bring it to Sir Arthur Pendragon. Don’t worry, you won’t need to go back to Shipwreck Bay. This is one of our favorite features of the Seabound Soul…

Sir Arthur Pendragon accompanies you throughout the entire Tall Tale!

Pendragon’s continued presence—and role—in our adventures just seems to deepen the immersion and heighten the lore’s magical feel!

Plus, it means we don’t need to sail back to Shipwreck Bay.

So, when you surface from below the waves, skull in hand, look to the nearby island. You’ll see that Pendragon is ashore, beckoning to you.

Bring the skull to Pendragon and behold the majesty of the Sword of Souls!

Give Skull of Captain Martha Jane

In a spectacular flourish, he will free Martha’s spirit. Her spirit will then appear before you and explain how she met her demise!

Captain Martha Jane's Spirit

Ah, but these fleeting words are not the only new information we’ve been given.

As you may recall, the order of souls can cull memories from a skull. (See Cursed Rogue.) When Pendragon frees Martha’s spirit with the Sword of Souls, it seems to have a similar effect.

In your Tall Tale book, you will find a new page has been added. It is titled, “The Dying Memories of Captain Martha Jane…”

Martha’s last thoughts will give us information about the next soul we need to set free!

Ashen Artifacts

While you are out sailing the sea and saving souls, you will also need to discover three Ashen Artifacts.

How are we supposed to know where these artifacts are? The second journal for the Tall Tale, found on Shiver Retreat, mentions the three islands on which these Ashen Artifacts can be found.

Ashen Artifacts Journal Page

One is at Tri-Rock Isle. Another is buried on Cinder Islet. The third you can find on Cursewater Shores.

When you get to each of these islands, pull out your Enchanted Lantern. Soon enough, you should find a skeleton with a shovel. Dig where the skeleton is digging, and you will unearth the Ashen Artifact.

Ashen Artifact Tri-Rock Isle

Step 3: Free Captain Randal Stone

Think back (or scroll up) to when we first spotted the point on the horizon where Captain Martha Jane’s ship met its doom? We could see the wrecked ship and the Ashen Dragon at an island, and then that third ship further off in the distance—scurrying away from the fight.

That was Captain Randal Stone’s ship. If we’re going to free him, we’ll need to know where he went.

Decipher the Dying Memories of Captain Martha Jane

First, you’ll want to read the newest pages added to your Tall Tale book: “The Dying Memories of Captain Martha Jane.”

These pages will provide hints as to where you should head next to pick up the trail of the Ashen Dragon and its next prey. You will find hints in both the writings and the sketches.

Her memories could send you anywhere! Below we provide some possible pages you might get as Captain Jane’s “Dying Memories,” and where you’ll need to go.

Captain Jane’s Dying Memories: Fetcher’s Rest

In this example, Martha Jane talks about how Randal Stone is hiding “where Fetcher Farley breathed his last.”

Fetcher Farley you say? Isn’t there an island called, “Fetcher’s Rest?” Yo Ho Ho! There is!

If this is your page, Fetcher’s Rest is where you’ll pick up the trail.

Fetcher's Rest Clue
See where to pick up the trail on your map:

Captain Jane’s Dying Memories: Kraken’s Fall

Here Captain Martha Jane refers to “where monsters were slain.” Although you might find beastly skeletal remains on many shores, there are few islands more aptly named than “Kraken’s Fall.”

Set sail, me hearties!

Sea of Thieves Seabound Soul Krakens Fall Clue
See where to pick up the trail on your map:

Track Down Captain Randal Stone

Head on over to the island Captain Martha Jane hinted at in her dying memories.

Ah, but you will not find Randal Stone at that island!

Captain Martha Jane was right to believe that Randal Stone would flee to this island to try to hide. Yet, with the Ashen Dragon on his heels, Randal Stone had to flee once more.

So, there is no need to get off your boat and search the island. Approaching the island will trigger the ghost ship to appear off in the distance.

So, once you draw near the island, pull out your spyglass and scan the horizon. You should soon spot the Ashen Dragon on its way to poor Randal Stone.

Trail of Ashen Dragon

Chase after that ship, me hearties!

You will continue to follow the Ashen Dragon until it arrives at an island.

You will notice the ship that originally got away—Randal Stone’s ship—has sunk. Now, only one remains: the Ashen Dragon.

Ah, but before you trace the path of the Ashen Dragon, you must tend to Randal Stone. You won’t find him beneath his ship like you found Captain Martha Jane. You will find him on the island.

Jump off your boat and go ashore!

Captain Randal Stone Final Island

Again, theoretically, this ship battle could have led you anywhere in the Sea of Thieves!

However, it might interest you to note that the islands on which we’ve actually found Randal Stone include:

  • Cinder Islet
  • Scorched Pass
  • The Forsaken Brink
  • Cursewater Shores

In the image above, we found the remains of Randal Stone’s ship on The Forsaken Brink.

Once on the island, pull out your Enchanted Lantern. Unlike Captain Martha Jane, for Stone, you’ll get to see several stages of his demise.

The sequence of events comprising his final moments begin with a rowboat on the shore. The sequence ends with him facing his executioner.

Captain Randal Stone Dig Location

The skull won’t be lying there as it was with Captain Martha Jane. Not to worry. Pull out your shovel and dig where Randal Stone died.

You will unearth the Skull of Captain Randal Stone.

Sir Arthur Pendragon is here with you on the island. Give him the skull and watch in wonder as he wields his Sword of Souls. With it he will free Captain Randal Stone and glean his dying memories.

Give Skull of Captain Randal Stone

The now free Captain Randal Stone will appear in spirit form, similar to Martha Jane. He’ll give his own take on how this all went down.

He’ll also provide clues to where the Ashen Dragon sailed next.

Step 4: Free the Soul of the Lost Captain

This Tall Tale always ends at the same island.
However, you will only be able to complete the Tale, if you track the Ashen Dragon, triggering each apparition that leads to your final destination.

Freeing Randal Stone will add a new page to the end of our Tall Tale book: the Dying Memories of Captain Randal Stone.

Although fascinating, the text does not provide clues to where we might head off the Ashen Dragon. The sketch does.

Captain Stone was tracking where the Ashen Dragon was heading, the sketch is an image of his trackings. It shows Stone’s hand on a map, which is focused on a cluster of islands. One of those islands is circled.

Sail to the circled island!

Again, theoretically, the island circled on this page could be anywhere in the Sea of Thieves. However, it will most likely be in the Devil’s Roar.

Thus far, the islands we’ve seen in Stone’s sketches include:

  • Ruby’s Fall
  • Molten Sands Fortress
  • Brimstone Rock
  • Morrow’s Peak Outpost
Ruby's Fall Clue
See where to pick up the trail on your map:
Molten Sands Fortress Clue
See where to pick up the trail on your map:
See where to pick up the trail on your map:
Marrow's Peak Outpost
See where to pick up the trail on your map:

Again, no need to hop off and search the circled island. Your ship’s presence near the island will trigger the remaining ghost ship to appear on the horizon. Follow that ship.

No matter where your journey begins,
you will always end at Flintlock Peninsula.
Ashen Dragon Heading to Flintlock Peninsula

Find the Ashen Dragon’s ghostly visage, and go ashore. Shine your Enchanted Lantern and follow the haunted procession.

A sarcophagus is raised high on skeleton pallbearers, who follow a giant skeleton. The leading skeleton’s name is unknown, but he certainly appears to be a Skeleton Lord.

Ashen Dragon Crew at Flintlock Peninsula
See the Ashen Dragon’s Final Destination on your map:

As you follow this crew, you’ll descend into a cave with a monstrous skull shrine. The crew continues through a stone wall and into a hidden chamber. This chamber cannot be accessed from the outside.

Fortunately, you have a ghost with you. Sir Arthur Pendragon will fade through the wall and open the chamber.

There you will see where the sarcophagus was laid to rest. Open it.

Inside the sarcophagus, you will see the entombed remains—including an Ancient Skull. As with the other trapped souls, you’ll need to bring the skull to Pendragon, so he can set it free.

Pick up Ancient Skull
See the Chamber on your map:

Head back to the opening of the cave, and you should see where Pendragon awaits.

Ah, but just before you reach him you will be confronted by never before seen Ashen Skeletons! Dispatch of these scalawags and their captain!

Then, finally, hand the Ancient Skull over to Captain Pendragon, so he can free this wretched soul just as he did for the others.

Alas, wielding the sword on this skull is much more difficult for him. He struggles immensely as this soul seems much harder to set free—much more powerful?

Giving the Ancient Skull to Pendragon

We’ll leave you to discover the pirate to whom this soul belongs…


As with any Tall Tale, you can expect to receive a few commendations, recognizing your accomplishments.

Upon freeing each soul you will receive a commendation.

When you present Pendragon with the first skull to free Captain Martha Jane, you will unlock the commendation: A Watery Grave.

When you give Pendragon the second skull to free Captain Randal Stone, you will unlock the commendation: A Foiled Ambush.

When you hand over that final skull to free the soul of the “Lost Captain,” you will unlock the commendation: Freeing Entombed.

By handing over that Ancient Skull on Flintlock Peninsula, you will have completed the Seabound Soul Tall Tale! This will unlock the commendation: The Seabound Soul.

Complete the Seabound Soul Tall Tale three times, and you will unlock the legendary commendation: A Rise in Power.

Just like with the Shores of Gold Tall Tales, the Seabound Soul Tall Tale has five journals and a commendation for those who find all five: The Ashen Journals.

These Tall Tale guides are quite lengthy. So, we cover the journals in a separate article: The Seabound Soul Journal Locations Guide.

You will also receive a commendation for finding three Ashen Artifacts. The commendation is aptly called: Ashen Artifacts.


Brand new Xbox achievements have been added for The Seabound Soul! There are two to unlock, worth a total of 40 Gamerscore.

The Seabound Soul – You completed The Seabound Soul (10G)

Fire and Ash – You completed all commendations for The Seabound Soul (30G)

Both achievements are yours to unlock by completing this Tall Tale three times, finding each of the five journals and collecting all three Ashen Artifacts.

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Happily, we’ve found proverbial taverns on several social outposts—each bustling with a vibrant pirate community! Want to join in the merriment? Ye will always find a hearty welcome at our table!

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To the Tavern!

Aye, we pirates do love a good tavern. ‘Tis a place to share our findings and adventures. ‘Tis a place to clap each other on the back. ‘Tis a place to glean further insight.

Happily, we’ve found proverbial taverns on several social outposts—each bustling with a vibrant pirate community! Want to join in the merriment? Ye will always find a hearty welcome at our table!

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