Sea of Thieves Rare Thief Guide for The Revenge of the Morningstar

Sea of Thieves – The Revenge of the Morningstar Tall Tale Guide

There’s more to tell of the Morningstar crew!

In this Tall Tale, you’ll cover a significant distance—sailing the seas in search of all that will lead you to Graymarrow. An additional tool might help ensure your bow is pointed in the right direction.

As with each of the other Tall Tale Guides, the interactive SoT companion map has an entire marker series dedicated to this Tall Tale Guide. Behold! The Revenge of the Morningstar Marker Series:

The Revenge of the Morningstar Marker Series for Rare Thief SoT Companion Map

You can find the web version of the interactive SoT companion map here.

Revenge of the Morningstar Markers on Web SoT Companion Map

Of course, if you’d rather have your trusty interactive map on your phone or tablet, you can use the SoT companion app.

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The Revenge of the Morningstar Tall Tale: Step by Step

Step 1 – Revenge of the Morningstar Tall Tale Book

This Tall tale starts at Dagger Tooth Outpost. You will want to visit the shipwright of the outpost, Sandra. Sitting next to Sandra is the Tall Tale book. Vote on the book to start the Tale and have the book added to your Map Radial.

Revenge of the Morningstar Start

You will learn that the shipwreck of the Morningstar is located at Boulder Cay. It’s ship logs might have the location to the last Shroudbreaker stone.

Step 2 – Find Shipwreck

The shipwreck you are searching for is at Boulder Cay. Make your way over and park on the South by South East side of the island. This is where you will find the shipwreck.

Search the shipwreck for ship logs. There should be three for you to retrieve. Be on the lookout for glinting items in the water. These will be the ship logs you are looking for.

Step 3 – Find Chest

The ship logs you just acquired will speak about a chest that is buried. This chest should be located on Boulder Cay on the South West side of the beach between a palm tree and a rock.

Dig up the chest and open it up. Inside you will find the Morningstar Uniform and more pages for your Tale book.

Step 4 – Visit Tavern Keeper at Sanctuary Outpost

Head on over to the tavern on Sanctuary Outpost. You will be speaking with Tracy, the tavern keeper. Before you do though, be sure your entire crew equips all the pieces of the Morningstar uniform. This includes the hat, jacket or dress, gloves, eye-patch and belt.

Morningstar Uniform

You can double check that you have all the Morningstar Uniform pieces equipped as each of the items in your chest will have a whitish background to them.

Talk to the tavern keeper, Tracy, with Morningstar Uniform equipped. You should see several dialog options: “You know who I am?”, “Captain Slate sends his regards.” and “Where can I find Jasper.”.


Click on each and you will learn about the Graymarrow gang hiding out at Cannon Cove. Tracy will also mention Tyler in the Trinket Shop.

Step 5 – Visit Trinket Shop at Sanctuary Outpost

On Sanctuary Outpost, cross over to the Trinket Shop to speak with Tyler.

Staring a dialog with Tyler, you will see several dialog options: “You recognize the uniform?”, “I’m here to collect what we paid for.” and “What can you do to help me?”.

Click on each option and you will find out that Jasper is on “Sinking Cove”. Tyler has a terrible memory and is obviously talking about Sunken Grove.

Step 6 – Discover the Skull of Captain Douglas

Cannon Cove is the closest destination. Head on over and search for Captain Gripper.

Gripper is usually in the cave at Cannon Cove. That isn’t always the case so search the island if Gripper isn’t there. You will know you are close if you hear and see dialog between some skeletons. Once you defeat Gripper he will drop Graymarrow’s Orders.

The orders will add a new cryptic page for you to decipher. You will be using the legend you recently obtained in your Tale book to decode the orders.

Using the legend near the end of the Tale book you will be able to decipher the text on the newly acquired pages.

Below is an example of one of the possible directions you can get:

Cannon Cove Riddle

Captain Skull,
From Cave Walk Rising Sun When Sun,
Hits Face Setting Sun Walk Kraken Rock,
Face Beach Walk Camp Face North Star,
Walk Seven Dig

These directions will have you digging right next to rowboat on beach in the bay of Cannon Cove. You will dig up skull of Captain Douglas.

If your page has directions mentioning a beach camp, head to the camp in the cove of the island. If it talks about a cave, go to the cave in the middle of the island.

Another interesting thing to take notice of in the notes is this phrase here, “‘Q’ shall be my resting spot”. Don’t forget that bit of text!

Step 8 – Discover the Chalice of Resurrection

Onto Sunken Grove! The other island we learned about during our time on Sanctuary Outpost. You will encounter Captain Shaw here. Defeat him to obtain another one of Graymarrow’s Orders.

Captain Shaw

Time for some more decoding!

Below is an example of one of the possible directions you can get:

Sunken Grove Riddle

Chalice Resurrection,
From Kraken Skull Face South West,
Walk When Camp Face Rising Sun,
Walk When Rock Face Setting Sun,
Walk Seven Dig

You will be digging near the camp fire on the middle of the Western beach of Sunken Grove.

If your directions detail a beach camp, head to the West side of the island. If a kraken skull is mentioned, it is referring to the one on the West side of the island.

Take your Chalice of Resurrection Stone and head back to your ship.

Just as the last pages on Cannon Cove, there is another interesting phrase you will want to remember, “I shall my rest at ‘3’”.

Step 10 – Defeat Graymarrow

You will be using the combination of his resting spot letters to get coordinates. Head on over to Marauder’s Arch which is located at Q3 on the map.

Some other known islands to fight Graymarrow are Lone Cove near the center rock, Wanderer’s Refuge near the West beach along a wall, Kraken’s Fall near the East camp, The Crooked Masts underneath the bridge and Old Faithful Isle in the fort area in the middle of the island.

You will put the two quest items on an altar found in the fort area behind Marauder’s Arch. Placing these two enchanted items there will resurrect Lord Graymarrow.


Lord Graymarrow has a similar move set to Briggsy. Prepare to dodge his knockback move, find him after teleporting and clear out waves of summoned skeletons.

Defeat this mighty foe and he will drop a Shroudbreaker stone.

Step 11 – Return to Sandra at Dagger Tooth Outpost

Return the Shroudbreaker stone to Sandra at Dagger Tooth Outpost.

Revenge of the Morningstar Return

She will tell you to visit Morrow’s Peak for the next part of your adventure.

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  1. I am on the chalice of resurrection and i have a different riddle and i can not find this thing for the life of me. Please help

        1. Hmm…so I got, “From Beach Camp Face Rising Sun (East), Walk When Tree Face North Star (North), Walk Five Five Dig”. Is that what you got? The beach camp is on the West side of the island. So from there walk to a tree and then walk North ten steps? Is it taking you in front of the Kraken skull on the beach?

  2. I went to cannon cover after reading all 3 from each from the bar keep / trinket guy w/ morningstar garb and there was no skellies in the cave.

    1. Did you end up finding the skeletons on Cannon Cove? Did Tasha tell you to go there? We haven’t run the Tale where she told us to go somewhere else yet.

      1. She did tell me to go there and no I never found them even after leaving the island and coming back, It’s clear this content patch was rushed as I’ve run into a slew of bugs.

    1. Help! I got from beach camp walk north star when sea face rising sun walk when tree face north star walk 3 face setting sun walk 7 dig

      1. You need to translate your page using the symbol legend to figure out your next steps from there.

    1. We haven’t had Old Faithful Isle yet so we are not quite sure where the altar is either. Be on the lookout for the same looking altar as what’s on Marauder’s Arch. I would try up top of the island in the fort area.

    2. I went to cannon cove and beat the captain but when I dug near the rowboat in the cove I couldn’t find the skull.

    1. So this is what I got. From beach camp walk North Star when, sea face rising sun walk when tree, face North Star walk 3 face setting sun, walk 7 dig. Hmm, I am not sure really where you should be. Is that what you got for the translation? Seems like you should maybe be in that area North of the cannon rock and East of the cove?

      1. From the camp walk north until you touch the sea water then stop. Then face east and walk until you’re hitting a tree (even if it’s slightly to your right or left) then stop face north take 3 paces stop again. Face west, take 7 paces and dig

  3. So i got other riddels, i maneged to figure out what they where but somehow it says:
    ‘M’ shal be my resting spot
    i shal take my rest at ‘4’
    but i cant find any summoning place or altar on that island, any idea where it could be?

    1. Hmm, Old Faithful Isle? I haven’t had a chance to look for the altar on that one yet. I would check the East beach or somewhere in the fort on the top of the island. Best guess.

    2. never mind i found it, it is in the center of the camp just follow the spikes when theyre pointing towards you
      (i looked for this for over 3 hours 😐 )


    For those with this riddle, the skull is right there !
    If you want the “translation”, the text is really badly made
    (french text so won’t be word by word)
    From the skeleton palm tree, walk North-East
    When you are facing the camp (“touching the fire camp”), walk 5 steps/paces South-East
    Face the North, walk 7 steps/paces and dig

  5. A little bit more of info for the quest, Tyler can say (at least in french) “Shipwreck Cove, hmm no, Shipwreck Cay !” So obviously you would think it’s Shipwreck Bay, but no, it’s Sunken Grove…

      1. Please add Crooked mast as an alter location!!! We were looking for hours!! No other comments mentioned this and I couldn’t find any info anywhere!

        1. We just added it and will add it to the map soon. The altar is underneath the middle bridge correct?

    1. Same shit here, I got stuck for like 1h, trying to dig on shipwreck bay, returning to Tyler multiple times.
      Thanks for reporting it here, otherwise, I’ll still be on it.

      Also, another translation mistake for the symbols, in french version : “Paramètre Soleil” => “Soleil Couchant” (Setting Sun in english …)

  6. Hey, my search for the Chalice was different. It went like this: From beach camp face rising sun (east), Walk when tree face (when you can directly face the tree) North Star walk 5 5 (10 in total) dig.

    Took me 20 mins to solve. Hope i save a life out there

  7. hi i am on the Revenge of the morning star and i cant figure out where to dig for the chalice please help

        1. So, “From South beach ship face, rising sun walk when kraken bone, face North star walk when tree, face setting sun walk 7 dig”. There is an old rowboat on the South beach. I believe that will be your starting point. Go there and follow the steps. Rising sun is East and setting sun is West.

          1. Have you found this one? I have been looking for ghours!! If so please upload imagur please!!

    1. So this is what I got: “From South beach ship face, rising sun walk when kraken bone, face North star walk when tree, face setting sun walk 7 dig”. There is an old rowboat on the South beach. I believe that will be your starting point. Go there and follow the steps. Rising sun is East and setting sun is West.

  8. From Beach Camp, walk north star when sea south rising sun, walk when tree south north star walk 3 south setting sun, walk 7 dig

      1. Did you end up finding it? I haven’t gotten Old Faithful Isle yet for this one but I would assume it’s in the top middle fort area.

          1. Oh okay, cool! Down by the beach? Thanks for replying and letting us know 🙂

  9. Help…..I am on the chalice if resurrection. I have the same riddle as mentioned above in the solution but I dig at the spot and there is nothing there or anywhere around it?

    1. Are you sure it’s the same. Both of my riddles I decided it and they were not even close as the ones described online

    1. It’s South of the well here. We will add the exact marker soon! But yeah, check the South West side of the island, North of the South most tunnel against the wall that leads up to the well.

  10. where is the skull starting from the beach camp! i am going to smash my pc in a minute.. 2hrs on this stupid riddle.

  11. If another crew takes your skull and throws it in the water will it reset to be able to dig up or is the quest busted?

    1. The Tall Tale will not reset and you will have to restart if you can’t find it where it was lost.

  12. Just got my graymarrow skull stolen on the way to sunken grove. The other crew says they cashed it in at 7,500 coins.

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