Sea of Thieves Rare Thief Cursed Rogue Guide

Sea of Thieves – The Cursed Rogue Tall Tale Guide

While the Shroudbreaker has been collected, it is missing stones that are required for it to break the shroud and grant you passage to the Shores of Gold. Madame Olivia at Plunder Outpost should be able to help us find those missing stones and restore power to the Shroudbreaker!

for those hoping to solve the Tall Tale themselves
There be Spoilers in this Guide!

Aye, this guide will provide all you need to know to hunt down Captain Briggsy.

Ah, but we have another helpful little tool for you, as well. Here be a map with all known locations you might possibly find yourself on your Cursed Rogue adventure!

Rare Thief Sea of Thieves Interactive Map for the Cursed Rogue

You can find the web version of the interactive SoT companion map here.


Of course, if you’d rather use the interactive map on your phone or tablet, you can use the SoT companion app.

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The Cursed Rogue Tall Tale: A Step by Step Guide!

Step 1 – Cursed Rogue Tall Tale Book

The Cursed Rogue Tall Tale book can be found next to Madame Olivia in the Order of Souls tent on Plunder Outpost. Vote on the book to collect it in your Map Radial and start The Cursed Rogue tale.

The Cursed Rogue Start

Madame Olivia will task you with hunting down those who still hold an alliance to Briggsy and bring back any old belongings of great captain. The Skeleton Lord, Briggsy may know where these missing stones are. Madame Olivia will be able to use these belongings to hunt down the fearsome Skeleton Lord.

Step 2 – Find Skeleton Key

Inside the Tall Tale book that you will find in your Map Radial will be pages comprising of two stories. One that will lead you to a Skeleton Key and one that will lead you to a Skeleton Chest.

To determine exactly where each is, you will need to study the images depicting silhouettes of islands.

In the first story, you will have several images to help you decipher where the Skeleton Key is. There are several common islands that the Skeleton Key can be located.

You can use silhouette of islands in the background of the images to help locate the exact island.


Shark Bait Cove, near the center of island next to the ammo crate.

Devil’s Ridge, at the highest peak of the island.

Barnacle Cay, at the center of the island.

Snake Island, at the highest point of the center island.

Wanderer’s Refuge, at the highest point of the island.

Castaway Isle, near the center of the island.


If you are having problems locating the places above, you can see the exact location on our interactive map.

When you arrive to the location hinted at in your book, you will find a skeleton captain, Captain Avery, there guarding the key. Kill Avery and he will drop the Skeleton Key.

Once you pick up the Skeleton Key, bring is safely back to your boat and prepare to find the Skeleton Chest.

Defeating Captain Avery and obtaining the Skeleton Key will unlock the The Rogue’s Key commendation.

Step 3 – Find Skeleton Chest

Similar to the first story in the book, the second will also have several images of silhouetted island features.

There are several common islands that the Skeleton Chest will be buried.


Crook’s Hollow, in the cave near the Endless Lizards rock painting. The chest will be buried there near campfire.

Plunder Valley, in the cave near the stone bird statue to obtain.

Thieves’ Haven, near the three colossal stone heads.

Discovery Ridge, near the center of the island.

Lookout Point, near the West side of the island.

Mutineer Rock near the center side of the island.


Similar to the key, if you have any problems finding the locations for the chest, you can see the exact location of each on our interactive map.

Before digging up the chest, you will need to dispatch of Captain Blake and his crew.

Dig up the chest and bring it back to your boat.

Step 4 – Open Skeleton Chest

Now that you have both the Skeleton Key and Skeleton Chest, you can open the chest to find Briggsy’s Star Map and Briggsy’s Broken Spyglass. Now that you have two of Briggsy’s belongings, you should be able to aid Madame Olivia in tracking down Briggsy!

Opening the chest will grant you the Relics of the Cursed Rogue commendation.

Step 5 – Obtain Enchanted Compass

Head back to Madame Olivia at Plunder Outpost and give her both of Briggsy’s belongings. She will use both items during a very powerful ritual that will create a compass revealing Briggsy’s location. After the ritual is done, you will be presented with the Enchanted Compass. This compass will always point you in the direction of Briggsy.


Step 6 – Defeat Captain Briggsy

Follow the direction the Enchanted Compass points you too. Some of the known islands the compass is likely to lead you to is Wanderer’s Refuge, Discovery Ridge, The Crooked Masts, Cannon Cove, Mermaid’s Hideaway, Shipwreck Bay and Kraken’s Fall.

Once on the island, you can continue to use the compass to track down the exact location of Briggsy.

Once you find her, prepare for battle! Captain Briggsy is a very tough opponent. She has several moves that you will need to watch for.

Captain Briggsy

One of her moves is a teleportation move. When you see her pull out a skull in one hand, it means she is about to teleport away. She will return quickly to a nearby location.

Another move of hers is a ground pound. She will charge up and slam the ground sending anyone nearby into the air.

Her third special move is resurrecting skeletons to help in the fight. If you see her summoning for help, prepare to battle an extra crew of skeletons with a wide range of weaponry.

On top of these special moves, Briggsy also wields a deadly Flintlock.

Once you and your crew best this famous pirate, Briggsy will drop her skull. Pick up Briggsy’s Skull and return to your ship. Madame Olivia will be wanting to see this.

Briggsy's Skull

Defeating Briggsy will also unlock the Free at Last commendation.

Step 7 – Return Briggsy’s Skull

Once you arrive at Plunder Outpost, give Madame Olivia Briggsy’s Skull. She will use the skull to help you track down other pirates that might know where to find the missing stones.

Return Briggsy's Skull

After Madam Olivia tells you as much information as she can, you will have completed the Tall Tale and unlock The Cursed Rogue commendation!

You are now ready for the third Tall Tale:

The Legendary Storyteller

Head on over to Ancient Spire Outpost. Tasha the tavern keeper is ready to guide you through your next adventure!

Journal Locations

We also have a guide here to help you find the five journals for this Tall Tale.

28 thoughts to “Sea of Thieves – The Cursed Rogue Tall Tale Guide”

  1. Hello, for defeating Captain Briggsy, Me and my crew found out that harpooning her is a great idea, lure her to the beach, and use the ship’s harpoon

      1. My crew was fighting her and she used her teleport special and teleported under the map, and then we tried to get her to teleport again and then she died and dropped her skull under the map so we wasted an hour of our day for nothing

  2. how do you have to get another compass i brought out my main compass to see direction and now cant get it back out

  3. Killed the first captain, got the key, no issues. Killed the second captain in front of the three heads, spent an hour digging in front of the three heads in every conceivable spot including exactly as outlined in the book – nada. No Skeleton chest. Crew decided to all die and try to respawn to see if chest would appear – then we’re told we failed the tale because we ‘lost’ one of the items… WTF? I’ve completed this tale already, but was working with another who hadn’t and now we’ve nothing to show for it. Super frustrating and basically 3.5 hours have been wasted. Good thing we enjoy pirating but damn….

    1. Didnt receive the enchanted compass after turning in the pieces from the skeleton chest. I’m disappointed

  4. Once we got her on the beach, we harpooned and shot cannonballs at her and were able to defeat her fairly quickly. Took us a bit of time to get her down to the beach however, but worth it.

  5. Hey Rare Thief,

    There’s a small typo in this guide on the word “crate”:

    Shark Bait Cove, near the center of island next to the ammo create.

    Keep up the amazing work you saved me hours of time on the sea with your guides.

    1. Great catch! Thank you so much for that 🙂 We will get that updated. Glad to hear we have helped you on many of your grand adventures!

  6. There are two ways to do this:

    Very Easy – Solo it or Duo, if your crew is 2 or less she can be killed in less then a minute

    Very Hard – 3 or more on your crew and she becomes a golden skeleton with an ungodly amount of HP!!!! She was so tough we went to a fort and hit her with an 8 powder keg trap IN A STORM (water makes gold skelly weaker) we lured her into, and it still took about 30 cannonballs to finish her off.

    There is no in between this will either take you 1-3 minutes or 10-30minutes. I did this run three times before I figured this out!

    P.S. Blunderbuss is your best friend cause when she tries to heal you’ll stun her if you hit her point blank. Sword charge also works but her skelly mobs make charging a lunge a risky move.

  7. We did this tall tale tonight and the chest was not on any of the three islands listed. It was on Lookout Point. The book said the chest was in the southern Ancient Isles. It showed them sailing past Thieves Haven and heading to a “smaller island” which we eventually figured out. Maybe it was a rare one or maybe they have added more options for the chest but I thought it might help others to know.

    1. Ahoy there! Thank you for letting us know that Lookout Point is a possible location for the chest. In the latest update along with the Black Powder Stashes, Rare added a few more locations for the skeleton items in The Cursed Rogue. We will be looking to add them to the guide as we come across them. Good find! Thank you 🙂

  8. Hello there pirates! We discovered with my friend another island where The Skeleton Key can be founded. It’s a Castaway Isle on the North on the Ancient Isles above Snake Island. Hope this will help somebody 🙂

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