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Sea of Thieves – The Cursed Rogue Tall Tale Guide

While the Shroudbreaker has been collected, it is missing stones that are required for it to break the shroud and grant you passage to the Shores of Gold. Madame Olivia at Plunder Outpost should be able to help us find those missing stones and restore power to the Shroudbreaker!

Aye, this guide will provide all you need to know to hunt down Captain Briggsy.

Ah, but we have another helpful little tool for you, as well. Here be a map with all known locations you might possibly find yourself on your Cursed Rogue adventure!

Rare Thief Sea of Thieves Interactive Map for the Cursed Rogue

You can find the web version of the interactive SoT companion map here.

Of course, if you’d rather use the interactive map on your phone or tablet, you can use the SoT companion app.

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The Cursed Rogue Tall Tale: A Step by Step Guide!

Step 1: Begin the Cursed Rogue Tall Tale

To begin this adventure, you must seek out the Cursed Rogue Tall Tale book.

Sail over to Plunder Outpost, and visit Madame Olivia in the Order of Souls tent. You will see the book just to her left. Vote on the book, and turn your attention to Madame Olivia—for she will unveil the task before you.

Madame Olivia will task you with hunting down those who still hold an alliance to Briggsy and bring back some of the Great Captain’s old belongings.

The Skeleton Lord, Briggsy may know where these missing stones are. Madame Olivia will be able to use these belongings to hunt down the fearsome Skeleton Lord.

After you’ve heard what Madame Olivia has to say, check your Map Radial. There you should see your Cursed Rogue Tall Tale book. This book will help you in each stage of your adventure. In the first stage, you’ll need to acquire a Skeleton Key…

The Cursed Rogue Start

Step 2: Find the Skeleton Key

How to find the Cursed Rogue Skeleton Keys

Inside the Tall Tale book that you will find in your Map Radial will be pages comprising of two stories. One that will lead you to a Skeleton Key and one that will lead you to a Skeleton Chest.

Skeleton Key

To determine exactly where each is, you will need to study the sketches. The background in each sketch gives little hints as to which island is the story’s setting.

Although the Key could theoretically be on any island in the Sea of Thieves, we can confirm the skeleton key to have been located at the islands listed here.

Match your pages to the pages to the pages you see below, and you’ll know where to go!

Once you arrive at the island hinted at in your book—and the key’s more specific location on the island—you will find a skeleton captain: Captain Avery. He holds the key. Kill Avery and he will drop the Skeleton Key.

Click images to Enlarge

Once you pick up the Skeleton Key, bring it safely back to your boat and prepare to find the Skeleton Chest.

Defeating Captain Avery and obtaining the Skeleton Key will unlock the commendation: The Rogue’s Key.

Where to find the Cursed Rogue Skeleton Keys

The Skeleton Key on Shark Bait Cove

You’ll find Captain Avery and his cronies in the eye of the island.

Yes, this is an island of concentric rings, and there is a rock formation at the center. Where that rock formation connects to an island ring, there is an ammo crate, resource barrels, and Captain Avery.

See the exact location on your map: The Skeleton Key at Shark Bait Cove.

Click images to Enlarge

The Skeleton Key on Devil’s Ridge

Just keep climbing up and up the winding pathways. You will find Captain Avery at the island’s highest peak.

See the exact location on your map: The Skeleton Key at Devil’s Ridge.

Click images to Enlarge

The Skeleton Key on Barnacle Cay

This is a smaller island. So, you might just hear the skellies the second your feet hit the beach. If not, you’ll find them at the center of the island.

See the exact location on your map: The Skeleton Key at Barnacle Cay.

Click images to Enlarge

The Skeleton Key on Snake Island

Captain Avery is on the center island. Climb up to the the highest point and draw your weapon!

See the exact location on your map: The Skeleton Key at Snake Island.

Click images to Enlarge

The Skeleton Key on Wanderer’s Refuge

It seems Captain Avery prefers to camp on the high ground. Like many of the other islands, you’ll find Captain Avery on the highest point of Wanderer’s Refuge.

See the exact location on your map: The Skeleton Key at Wanderer’s Refuge.

Click images to Enlarge

The Skeleton Key on Castaway Isle

Captain Avery seems to spawn near the center of the island. However, with Castaway Isle being such a small island, you can likely draw him to the water’s edge and blast him with cannon fire!

See the exact location on your map: The Skeleton Key at Castaway Isle.

Click images to Enlarge

Step 3: Find the Skeleton Chest

How to find the Cursed Rogue Skeleton Chests

Similar to the first story in the book, the second story will also have several images of silhouetted island features hinting at the location of your Skeleton Chest.

Crook's Hollow Skeleton Chest

Even for a well-seasoned sailor, these might be a bit tricky to match with your memory.

Luckily, we think we have all the possible pages on which you might find this Skeleton Chest. Match your pages to the ones below, and find your island.

You can click the images to make them a bit larger and easier to match with your own.

Also similar to the first story, you’ll find the Skeleton Chest guarded by a Skeleton Captain loyal to Briggsy. This time, it will be Captain Blake.

Except Captain Blake is not holding the Skeleton Chest for safekeeping. He is guarding its buried location. So, once you slay Captain Blake, dig in the spot you found him. There you will unearth the Skeleton Chest.

Crook's Hollow Skeleton Chest

Where to find the Cursed Rogue Skeleton Keys

The Skeleton Chest on Crook’s Hollow

On Crook’s Hollow, there is a cave at sea level. There are several ways to access this cave, but these are probably the two easiest.

First, you can access it from within the “hollow” portion of the island. If you go to the hollowed-out center of the island, you’ll see a rock with a scarab painting. If you turn to face north while standing at that rock painting, you’ll see an entrance to a cave with glowing blue plant life. Head on in!

Second, there is also a rather noticeable cave entrance just behind the island’s dock—a little to the right. Walk in and head to your left.

Keep exploring deeper into the cave. You should begin to hear the mutterings of Captain Blake and his lackeys.

Once he is defeated, dig between the “Endless Lizards” rock painting and the campfire to find the Skeleton Chest.

See the exact location on your map: The Skeleton Chest at Crook’s Hollow.

Click images to Enlarge

The Skeleton Chest on Plunder Valley

There are many bird statues perched on Plunder Valley, and many caves to explore. However, there is one iconic bird statue within a cave.

There is a path in a ravine that carves through the very center of the island, running east to west. On the western opening of this ravine, you should see a large bird statue—sometimes referred to in riddles as the “Stone Guardian.”

That is not the bird statue you must ultimately find, but it’s a nice landmark to help you locate the correct cave.

Across from the “Stone Guardian” you should see a cave entrance. Head on inside. As you walk deeper into the cave you should hear Captain Blake and his bony friends. Follow their voices and you will soon see the whole gang in front of a bird shrine in the cave.

After you’ve made quick work of those skellies, dig just in front of that bird shrine to uncover the Skeleton Chest.

See the exact location on your map: The Skeleton Chest at Plunder Valley.

Click images to Enlarge

The Skeleton Chest on Thieves’ Haven

You’ll need to climb up high to find Captain Blake and his crew.

From the center opening of Thieves’ Haven, there are several ways to climb up. If you take the ladder more toward the eastern side of that center opening, you’ll likely here the sounds of a waterfall when you emerge at the very top.

Head toward the waterfall, then go up the hill just behind the waterfall. There you should see the “Three Colossal Stone Heads.” Dig just a bit in front of those heads and your Skeletal Chest should appear.

See the exact location on your map: The Skeleton Chest on Thieves’ Haven.

Click images to Enlarge

The Skeleton Chest on Discovery Ridge

This location is a bit difficult to describe. There aren’t too many riddle clues nearby to help you navigate.

In the southeast portion of the island, there is a clearing with a little camp. This is where you will find Captain Blake and his crew.

For this location in particular, it might be easiest to look at the exact location on the interactive map.

See the exact location on your map: The Skeleton Chest on Discovery Ridge.

Click images to Enlarge

The Skeleton Chest on Lookout Point

Thankfully, Lookout Point, is a rather small island. You might be able to hear Captain Blake and his crew the moment your boots touch the sand.

Head up the little hill toward the west side of the island, and you will be sure to stumble upon them.

After you’ve slain Captain Blake, dig right where you found him atop that hill to acquire your Skeleton Chest.

See the exact location on your map: The Skeleton Chest on Lookout Point.

Click images to Enlarge

The Skeleton Chest on Mutineer Rock

This island, too, is mercifully small. So, it should be quite easy to find Captain Blake.

Mutineer Rock is made up of three little land pieces. You will find Captain Blake on the southern piece. More specifically, on the middle of the north side of that southern piece.

Why such specific details for an island where you’ll be able to see the skellies no matter where you stand?

Well, remember, you’ll need to dig at the precise spot Captain Blake spawnsnot where you happen to kill him.

With big islands, you come upon the skellies from afar, they don’t have a chance to sense your presence. So, you find them right at their spawn point.

With small islands, there is a chance that you or a crewmate accidentally agro the skellies away from their spawn point. So, if you didn’t happen to see where Blake and his crew were originally, you might not know where to dig.

For a more specific digging location you can always pinpoint the spot on your interactive map.

See the exact location on your map: The Skeleton Chest on Mutineer Rock.

Click images to Enlarge

Step 4: Open Skeleton Chest

Now that you have both the Skeleton Key and Skeleton Chest, you can open the Skeleton Chest.

There you will find two of Briggsy’s belongings—belongings she felt important enough to keep safe with a separately guarded chest and key: Briggsy’s Star Map and Briggsy’s Broken Spyglass.

With two of Briggsy’s belongings, Madame Olivia might be able to divine Briggsy’s whereabouts. Bring the Star Map and Broken Spyglass to Madame Olivia!

Opening the chest will grant you the Relics of the Cursed Rogue commendation.

Click images to Enlarge

Step 5: Acquire the Enchanted Compass

Sail to Plunder Outpost and give Madame Olivia Briggsy’s belongings. She will use both items to perform a powerful ritual.

This ritual will bring forth an Enchanted Compass!

Aye, “Enchanted.” This compass only points in the direction of Captain Briggsy!

Click images to Enlarge

Step 6: Find Captain Briggsy

Follow the Enchanted Compass! Wherever it points, that is where you shall sail!

Theoretically, this compass could lead you anywhere in the Sea of Thieves!

However, we’ve only known the compass to lead to the following islands: Wanderer’s Refuge, Discovery Ridge, The Crooked Masts, Cannon Cove, Mermaid’s Hideaway, Shipwreck Bay, Lone Cove and Kraken’s Fall.

Once you’ve found the island, you can continue to use the compass while searching around the island to find Briggsy’s exact location.

Captain Briggsy

Step 7: Defeat Captain Briggsy

Once you find her, prepare for battle! Captain Briggsy is a fearsome foe with several new moves you might want to know.

Captain Briggsy’s Special Move: Teleportation

“Blimey! Where’d she go!?”

When you see her pull out a skull in one hand, it means she is about to teleport away. Keep sharp! She will reappear in a new nearby spot before you know it.

Captain Briggsy’s Special Move: The Ground Pound

You’ll want to know the tell tale signs for this move so you can react in time. Grabbing a chest in each hand she lifts them into the air, charging her powers, then slams them with herculean force into the ground—scattering any nearby foes into the air!

What might you do when you see her grab those chests?

First, if you’re low on health, eat something. You’ll want to get your health up before she strikes. That way it’s less likely to be a death blow!

Second, run! Get some distance from her. The farther away you are from her strike, the less damage you’ll take.

Third, stay away from cliffs! The ground pound doesn’t just throw you upward; it throws you outward, too! Obviously, if you’re thrown off a nearby cliff, you’ll either die on impact, or need to make an embarrassing trek back up to Briggsy while she eats bananas and scoffs at you.

Captain Briggsy’s Special Move: Resurrection

If you think you see Briggsy sprinkling pixie dust, she is not helping you learn how to fly for her ground pound.

She is resurrecting skeletons; enlisting them in her fight. Prepare to battle an extra crew of skeletons with a wide range of weaponry!

On top of these special moves, Briggsy also wields a deadly Flintlock.

Once you and your crew best this famous pirate, Briggsy will drop her skull. Pick up Briggsy’s Skull and return to your ship. You’re not done, yet!

Defeating Briggsy will also unlock the Free at Last commendation.

Briggsy's Skull

Step 8: Return Briggsy’s Skull

Set sail for Plunder Outpost! Madame Olivia will need to see this skull.


Remember: we are looking for the Shroudbreaker’s missing stones. Because Captain Briggsy once used the Shroudbreaker to reach the Shores of Gold, there is reason to believe Captain Briggsy knows the stones’ whereabouts.

The Order of Souls uses skulls to elicit memories. The memories aren’t always clear, and they do not provide specific answers to specific questions. So, Olivia can’t simply ask where the missing stones are located.

Nevertheless, the information is invaluable!

Madame Olivia performs the ritual. Out of Briggsy’s memories, she identifies four names who might have some connection with these stones.

After Madam Olivia tells you as much information as she can, you will have completed the Tall Tale and unlock The Cursed Rogue commendation!

Return Briggsy's Skull

Journal Locations

Ah, yes! For every tall tale you must find five journals. You do not need to find them every time you do the tall tale—just once will do.

So, on one of your Cursed Rogue adventures, you might want to also follow along with the Tall Tale Journal Guide.

Shores of Gold Tall Tales Journal Locations

Onto the next Tall Tales!

On your next adventures, you’ll need to find the four individuals featured in Briggsy’s memories and find out what they know!

Thus, completing the Cursed Rogue will unlock the next four Tall Tales—one for each individual you must seek.

You could embark on these four tall tales in any order. However, the order in your commendations panel is as follows.

The Legendary Storyteller

“Tasha… a girl in a tavern, staring in awe as the firelight flickers and great tales are told…”

The Legendary Storyteller stems from these words in Briggsy’s memories. Although this memory is from long ago, that girl has never left the tavern.

Here’s the guide to help you on your way: The Legendary Storyteller Tall Tale Guide.

Sea of Thieves Rare Thief Guide for The Legendary Storyteller Tall Tale Guide

The Stars of a Thief

“Sudds… A dear friend who threads his way across the wildest oceans by the light of the stars…”

These words will lead you to an elderly gentleman. Wise or addled, you can learn from his musings.

The stars guide Sudds well enough, but most pirates need a bit more help. Here’s a guide to help you through your starlit voyages: The Stars of a Thief Tall Tale Guide.

Sea of Thieves Rare Thief Guide for Stars of a Thief Tall Tale Guide

The Art of the Trickster

“Salty… trembling before a blade, revealing the lair of a Trickster.”

Ah, you might remember ol’ Salty from Cursed Sails. It seems he’s gotten himself into trouble with Skeleton Lords on more than one occasion.

This one is aptly named. It is as tricky as it sounds: The Art of the Trickster Tall Tale Guide.

Sea of Thieves Rare Thief Guide for The Art of the Trickster Tall Tale Guide

Wild Rose

“Wild Rose… True love shining like a beacon that calls across the waves…”

For each of the other tall tales, you sail to the name mentioned in the memory. Yet, it seems no one knows where Wild Rose is. Perhaps her dear friend Olive will know where to find her.

Wild Rose and her true love’s adventures are wild indeed! The events in this Tall Tale roam throughout the seas. Here’s a guide to help you trace their steps: Wild Rose Tall Tale Guide.

Sea of Thieves Rare Thief Guide for Wild Rose

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  1. Hello, for defeating Captain Briggsy, Me and my crew found out that harpooning her is a great idea, lure her to the beach, and use the ship’s harpoon

      1. My crew was fighting her and she used her teleport special and teleported under the map, and then we tried to get her to teleport again and then she died and dropped her skull under the map so we wasted an hour of our day for nothing

  2. how do you have to get another compass i brought out my main compass to see direction and now cant get it back out

  3. Killed the first captain, got the key, no issues. Killed the second captain in front of the three heads, spent an hour digging in front of the three heads in every conceivable spot including exactly as outlined in the book – nada. No Skeleton chest. Crew decided to all die and try to respawn to see if chest would appear – then we’re told we failed the tale because we ‘lost’ one of the items… WTF? I’ve completed this tale already, but was working with another who hadn’t and now we’ve nothing to show for it. Super frustrating and basically 3.5 hours have been wasted. Good thing we enjoy pirating but damn….

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  5. Hey Rare Thief,

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    1. Great catch! Thank you so much for that 🙂 We will get that updated. Glad to hear we have helped you on many of your grand adventures!

  6. There are two ways to do this:

    Very Easy – Solo it or Duo, if your crew is 2 or less she can be killed in less then a minute

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    There is no in between this will either take you 1-3 minutes or 10-30minutes. I did this run three times before I figured this out!

    P.S. Blunderbuss is your best friend cause when she tries to heal you’ll stun her if you hit her point blank. Sword charge also works but her skelly mobs make charging a lunge a risky move.

  7. We did this tall tale tonight and the chest was not on any of the three islands listed. It was on Lookout Point. The book said the chest was in the southern Ancient Isles. It showed them sailing past Thieves Haven and heading to a “smaller island” which we eventually figured out. Maybe it was a rare one or maybe they have added more options for the chest but I thought it might help others to know.

    1. Ahoy there! Thank you for letting us know that Lookout Point is a possible location for the chest. In the latest update along with the Black Powder Stashes, Rare added a few more locations for the skeleton items in The Cursed Rogue. We will be looking to add them to the guide as we come across them. Good find! Thank you 🙂

  8. Hello there pirates! We discovered with my friend another island where The Skeleton Key can be founded. It’s a Castaway Isle on the North on the Ancient Isles above Snake Island. Hope this will help somebody 🙂

  9. Someone help I don’t see this place anywhere
    it looks almost exactly like the crooks hollow one but has some spikes on it pls help

  10. Hi, I’ve done a run tonight and I had to fight Briggsy on Lone Cove (which is not listed), felt super excited about being the first one to get that island.
    Just so you know it, Briggsy can spawn on Lone Cove 🙂

  11. Can you please include in the Plunder Valley chest section that the bird shrine is INSIDE the cave, past where you kill the captain at. Spent way too much time outside at first bird statue looking for this

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