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The skies have always been a wondrous sight to behold on the Sea of Thieves! Ah, but now, you might find the stars winking down at you even during the day. These stars should help you as you look to the heavens for guidance.

If you’ve unlocked this Tall Tale that means you must have completed the “Shroudbreaker” Tall Tale—retrieving the Shroudbreaker artifact that will ultimately provide your ship passage to those Shores of Gold. Ah, but you still need to find the missing Shroudbreaker stones.

To that end, you’ve also completed the “Cursed Rogue” Tall Tale—slaying Captain Briggsy and giving her skull to Madame Olivia. From the memories in Briggsy’s skull, Madame Olivia identified the names of people who once knew Briggsy—people who might now know there whereabouts of those stones. One such name was “Sudds.”

Sudds can give you a bit of guidance, but even he does not know what the stars may hold for you. That is where this handy guide comes in!

This guide will help you chart your starlit course. Aye, and it comes with another navigational tool: the interactive Sea of Thieves companion map. This map knows every which way the stars may point—including all nine possible outcomes for step 3!

Stars of a Thief Marker Series for Rare Thief SoT Companion Map

You can find the web version of the interactive SoT companion map here.

Of course, if you’d rather use the interactive map on your phone or tablet, you can use the SoT companion app.

Rare Thief Sea of Thieves Interactive Map Stars of a Thief iPhone and Android App
Apple Pirates Click Here
Android Pirates Click Here

The Stars of a Thief Tall Tale: Step by Step

Step 1: Stars of a Thief Tall Tale Book

You will start this tale at The North Star Seapost. This Seapost is home to Sudds—a charmingly curious and cerebral old salt who shared his reverence for the stars with Briggsy.

Among his various charts and instruments, you will see the Stars of a Thief Tall Tale book. Vote for the Tall Tale and this book will be added to your Map Radial.

Stars of a Thief Start

Sudds will tell you about how he helped Briggsy navigate the seas with his knowledge of the stars—knowledge gleaned in part through his use of an Enchanted Spyglass.

He’ll not part with his Enchanted Spyglass, but there is another. It seems Sudds gave Briggsy one of his Enchanted Spyglasses—but it has been buried away for safekeeping, should Briggsy need it.

Sudds is rather disheartened at the idea of the poor Spyglass being no longer able to see the stars. In the hopes of retrieving the Spyglass and once more putting it to good use, Sudds provides you with his notes, which might lead you to its hiding place.

In return for your willingness to retrieve this Spyglass, Sudds’ notes divulge a bit more than the whereabouts of the Spyglass. His notes will also guide you on your way to finding another Shroudbreaker stone—beginning with finding two Star Jewels, and where those Star Jewels must go.

Go to your map radial to open Sudds’ Tall Tale book and determine where you must go to collect these items. Hopefully, you’ll soon be a wee bit closer to a shroudbreaker stone.

Stars of a Thief Tall Tale Book

Step 2: Find the Enchanted Spyglass

The first pages in Sudds’ Tall Tale book will direct you where to find this new—and rather special—spyglass: Sudds’ Enchanted Spyglass.

Rather than stating the name of the island, Sudds’ notes will direct you to the island by way of the stars.

Depending on the pages, you will be headed to either Rum Runner Isle or Twin Groves. Once you are on the appropriate island, you will dig up an Ancient Chest to find Sudds’ Enchanted Spyglass.

The Enchanted Spyglass on Rum Runner Isle

You’ll know you need to head over to Rum Runner Isle if you get the following text:

“Face north star, see island, buried by a solitary hanging lantern. Dig by lantern on island to find notes and telescope.”

Since Rum Runner Isle is rather small, you will likely spot the lantern rather quickly. If you’d like to get an idea of where you’ll be digging before you arrive, click the image below to get a closer look.

See the exact location on your map:

The Enchanted Spyglass on Twin Groves

You’ll know you’re destined for Twin Groves if you read this:

“My back to the north star, saw an island where we parted not far from here. One small island made of two.”

On Twin Groves there are two large rocks on the North side of the island. Dig between those two rocks to find this rather special telescope.

Upon finding Sudds’ Enchanted Spyglass, you will unlock the Heavenly View commendation.

See the exact location on your map:

Step 3: Find the Star Jewels

How to Use the Enchanted Spyglass

The Sea of Thieves constellations are quite different from the ones you might know from beyond the shroud.

Aye, according to cannon, upon crossing the shroud into the Sea of Thieves, the constellations change.

The Enchanted Spyglass will allow you to see these constellations.

You will find your new Enchanted Spyglass in your Map Radial. Equip your Enchanted Spyglass, and point it toward the heavens!

Now, slowly scan the skies. If you see a cluster of stars that seem a bit brighter than the rest, hold your gaze over that cluster. You’ll soon hear a celestial sound, as the spyglass brings forth the constellation’s lore-infused namesake.

With Sudds’ Enchanted Spyglass
Constellations appear both Day and Night!

How to Solve the Stars of a Thief Stories and Riddles

Never Fear!
The solutions to every story are listed below.

However, we thought we’d add in this section for those who are simply looking for insight on how to solve the riddles themselves.

You might have noticed that Sudds has a rather peculiar way of speaking, particularly to himself. Alas, his notes are no different—often taking the form of stories.

In your Tall Tale book, you will find two short stories—each with individual titles on a title page. These two stories will always be followed by a page titled, “An Elusive Story.”

Each story is centered on your ability to navigate the seas with only the stars to guide you.

Aye, Sudds navigates this world with the stars as his guides. Thus, his notes assume an intimate knowledge of his friends in the sky. To a pirate who is less acquainted with his “friends,” these stories read like riddles.

Luckily, Sudds’ notes will help you get better acquainted. Open your Tall Tale book. You will find several pages with drawings of the Sea of Thieves constellations.

Each constellation’s picture is accompanied by a bit of lore. These will serve as your key, helping you decipher Sudds’ stories.

Stars of a Thief Constellations: Bear, Arrow, Boar, Boat

If you would like to attempt to solve the stories yourself, you will first need to use the constellation key to determine which constellations the stories reference.

Then—using Sudds’ Enchanted Spyglass—you will need to find those constellations in the sky to determine the stories’ corresponding compass direction.

One of the key points for this Tall Tall in solving the stories and finding the Star Jewels is understanding the constellations.

Each Constellation represents a Compass Direction.

When the story asks you to head toward that constellation—rather than giving your pirate a crick in the neck trying to figure out if you’re heading toward the constellation itself—head toward the compass direction that the constellation represents.

For example, if the story asks you to head to the Arrow, you will head South West from your current location. To help you on your journey, we made an infographic depicting each constellation’s corresponding compass direction.

Rare Thief's Stars of a Thief Constellation Infographic for Sea of Thieves

We’ve also written out each constellation’s corresponding direction below—sorting the constellations alphabetically, if you prefer.

Arrow = South West
Bear = South by South West
Boar = North East
Boat = West
Crab = East by South East
Eagle = North West
Feather = South by South East
Fish = East by North East
Flame = West by South West
Kraken = North
Queen = North by North East
Scarab = South East
Shark = South
Snake = West by North West
Turtle = North by North West
Warrior = East

Below are the possible stories that you might need to complete, using those constellation compass directions.

Possible Stories to Complete for Step 3

Great Eagle Landing

Starting at Lonely Isle, use your telescope to find the constellation shown in the page and follow it to the closest island—Lone Cove.

Once on Lone Cove, you will want to line yourself up on the island so that the Eagle constellation looks to be perched on top of the large center rock.

To get that Eagle perfectly perched, stand to the South East of the main rock and look to the North West. Take a few steps this-a-way, and a few steps that-a-way until you line it up just right.

When you have it lined up, you should be standing near a fence around an unmarked grave site. Dig right where you are standing, and behold: a Star Jewel!

The Man Who Lost His Gem

This story will take you to Mermaid’s Hideaway. Once on Mermaid’s Hideaway, go to the middle pond, dive down into the underwater cave and take the first right. You will find the Star Jewel atop a pillar in the main underwater cave room.

A Hunt

From Kraken Watchtower, head South by South East (Feather) to Shipwreck Bay. From Shipwreck Bay head South West (Arrow) to The Reaper’s Hideout (formally an uncharted island) at J12.

Go to the South side of The Reaper’s Hideout and dive really far down. You will find a deep ravine. Follow the ravine East to find a kraken skeleton. The Star Jewel should be nestled near its jaws.

Lost an Eye

You will be lead to Shark Bait Cove for this Star Jewel. It is located in the center of the island underwater. Head to the North side of main statue to find it. It will be in a small tunnel just under the Shark Statue.

The Patient One

“The oldest creature in the sea,
 hid a stone where only he can see, 
in belly of large southern isle,
 he watches it through hole in sky.”

The Star Jewel is by the shipwreck on Thieves’ Haven. The shipwreck is located on the bottom level of the island near the water. Perhaps more noticeably: the shipwreck is below the big hole in the island.

Dig between the campfire and the shipwreck to find the Star Jewel.

Battle in the Heavens

From Crook’s Hollow, head South (Shark) to Cutlass Cay. From Cutlass Cay, travel South East (Scarab) to Mutineer Rock. The Star Jewel will be found between the four large rocks on the West side of the island.

Sea Queen’s Promise

The Sea Queen’s Promise will guide you to Isle of Last Words in The Wilds. You can find the Star Jewel glittering underwater off the West side of island.

They Were Voyagers

Discovery Ridge will be your final destination. Head to the tip of the island to the West and search here for the Star Jewel. It seems to have sunk just off the coastline on the North West side of the island.

Snake’s Deception

Staring on Crescent Isle, you will ultimately be traveling to the tiny Rapier Cay for this Star Jewel. Given the small size of the island, this one shouldn’t be too difficult to spot. It is located on South East end of the island. Equip your shovel and dig in the sand on the South East most piece of land.

Step 4: Awaken the Ancient Statue

The last page that you should have in your quest book tells you where you need to place the Star Jewels. If you are an Old Salt on the Sea of Thieves, you will recognize the location. Head on over to N13.

You will need to enter the underwater cave to place the Star Jewels in the Ancient Statue. Dive under the water just West of the red plant in the middle of the uncharted island. There you’ll see the tunnel that leads to the cave.

Once in the cave, you will see a large statue. Place the Star Jewels in the Ancient Statue.

Step 5: Find the Ancient Vault

Placing the Star Jewels in the statue will reveal a totem. The totem indicates where you will need to go next.

Boar Totem – Devil’s Ridge

Crab Totem – Uncharted Island at N13

Moon Totem – Crescent Isle

Scarab Totem – Crook’s Hollow

Snake Totem – Mermaid’s Hideaway

Shark Totem – Kraken’s Fall


There are extra notes on the Ancient Statue which you must grab. These notes contain the solution to the puzzle you are about to solve.

Depending on which totem spawned, go to your map table and plot the coordinates to the island.

The six islands mentioned above now have Ancient Vaults hidden within. These Ancient Vaults can only be opened by placing the island’s Totem in the lock near the vault’s door. Below are the locations to the vault doors—and the corresponding locks—for each of the islands mentioned above:

Ancient Vault on Devil’s Ridge

The Ancient Vault for this island is a bit easier to find than other islands. Head to the island’s south east beach. Take a look around and you will see boar head rock paintings. The Totem’s lock is just off to the lefthand side.

Devil's Ridge Ancient Vault
See the vault’s location on your map:

Ancient Vault on the Uncharted Island at N13

If you were lucky enough to get the Crab totem, the Ancient Vault is right behind you! Turn around and jump up over the workbench. The Totem’s lock is to the left of the crab rock paintings.

Uncharted Island N13 Ancient Vault
See the vault’s location on your map:

Ancient Vault on Crescent Isle

The Ancient Vault for Crescent Isle is located in the Northern cave of the island. Head to the middle of the tunnel located in the center of the island. Walk North into the cave and then look to your right. The Totem lock will be underneath the crescent shaped rock paintings.

Crescent Isle Ancient Vault
See the vault’s location on your map:

Ancient Vault on Crook’s Hollow

Walk over to the cave that has a waterfall pouring over the East entrance to it. You should see lots of scarab rock paintings in this cave. On the South wall will be the Totem’s lock.

Crook's Hollow Ancient Vault
See the vault’s location on your map:

Ancient Vault on Mermaid’s Hideaway

On the West side of the Northern arch will be Snake rock paintings. Look for the Totem’s lock on the West side of the arches feet.

Mermaid's Hideaway Ancient Vault
See the vault’s location on your map:

Ancient Vault on Kraken’s Fall

The Totem’s lock is located underneath the North side of main arch.

Kraken's Fall Ancient Vault
See the vault’s location on your map:

Upon placing the Star Jewels in the statue, you will unlock the Eyes Filled with Stars commendation.

Step 6: Solve the Ancient Vault Puzzle

You’ve entered the Ancient Vault, only to find no treasure! Ah, yes, Briggsy carefully added yet another layer of protection.

Perhaps out of hubris, trust in Sudds, or a mixture of both—Briggsy likely thought only she and Sudds would ever know the secrets of the stars. These secrets would be the only way to decipher the code Briggsy left for herself with the Ancient Statue.

Ah, but Sudds’ notes have betrayed those little secrets—secrets you can use to solve Briggsy’s little riddles. Here’s how…

Activating the Vault—once you are truly ready

Entering the Ancient Vault you should see a room with an altar in the middle of it and four large stone pillars behind it. The pillars will be blank until the puzzle starts. Lighting the four braziers on the corners of the altar will start the puzzle.

Don’t light the four braziers just yet!

Once you light the braziers, the vault will begin to fill with water. If that water gets too high, you might drown before correctly entering the vault solution.

If you drown before completing the vault puzzle, you will be forced to restart from your last checkpoint!

So, you will want to have your solution ready to enter before raising your lantern.

Light the Brazier to Activate the Vault

Deciphering the Vault Riddle

There is an unsolved story on the last page of the book, which consists of two paragraphs. These two paragraphs hold the solution to the vault puzzle.

We will be using the first several pages that list the constellations and describe each. The paragraphs on the last page refer to the constellations by the descriptions from the first pages.

For example, in the unsolved story below you’ll see mention of “Old Mother’s spy.” In the early pages of Sudds’ notes you learn that “Old Mother’s spy” is the One-Eye Shark.

The Unsolved Story

Entering the Vault Riddle Solution

To set the combination, you will rotate the center block in each pillar to match the symbol in that pillar’s corresponding sentence.

Starting with the left-most pillar, you will rotate the blocks to match the symbol indicated in the first sentence. Move right to the next pillar, and rotate the blocks to match the symbol indicated in the second sentence. Continue until you’ve completed each of the four pillars.

There is a button front-and-center on the vault’s main altar (the one you lit to begin). After you’ve completed each of the four pillars, you will need to hit that button to confirm the combination and move onto the next paragraph.

Rotate Block

Unsolved Stories and their Vault Riddle Solutions

Below are examples of the possible unsolved story riddles you might encounter, and the vault solutions you’ll need for those Ancient Vault blocks.

For ease of explanation, we will refer to them as sequence A, B, C, etc. The number indicates whether it is the first or second paragraph.


Possible Vault Unsolved Story—A


Sequence A1:

Rare Thief Infographic for Vault Riddle Solutions: Sequence A1
Warmonger was Angry = Great Warrior
The Tear of the Sun had touched his Home = Unending Flame
He sought a Proud One’s help = Proud Eagle
Proud one gave up Part of Himself = Golden Feather

Sequence A2:

Rare Thief Infographic for Vault Riddle Solutions: Sequence A2
This Part of Proud One made a Weapon = Arrow
Destined for Old Mother’s Spy = One-Eye Shark
Teacher Warned of Needless Violence = Iron Scarab
But the Warmonger did not Listen = Great Warrior

Possible Vault Unsolved Story—B


Sequence B1:

Rare Thief Infographic for Vault Riddle Solutions: Sequence B1
A Tear of the Sun fell down to Land = Unending Flame
And Lit the Way for Man to Sail = Tar-Pitch Boat
Even the Warmonger was brought to Peace = Great Warrior
He was Taught more than Wore by Iron Shell = Iron Scarab

Sequence B2:

Rare Thief Infographic for Vault Riddle Solutions: Sequence B2
The Courter danced with the New Light = Courting Crab
As Glimmer showed Man the Way = Glimmer Fish
The Oldest Creature watched them at Play = Patient Turtle
As the Queen Bided her Time = Sea Queen

Possible Vault Unsolved Story—C


Sequence C1:

Rare Thief Infographic for Vault Riddle Solutions: Sequence C1
Old Mother was Angry = Great Kraken
Her Friend made an Everlasting Promise = Sea Queen
She Protected those who Rowed by Hand = Tar-Pitch Boat
Who were Sailing Out on Warmer Seas = Unending Flame

Sequence C2:

Rare Thief Infographic for Vault Riddle Solutions: Sequence C2
Without Landing He Watched from High = Proud Eagle
As the Singer Whispered Deceitfully = Singing Snake
The Vessel Continued on its Way = Tar-Pitch Boat
Protected by Eternal Warrior = Great Warrior

Possible Vault Unsolved Story—D


Sequence D1:

Rare Thief Infographic for Vault Riddle Solutions: Sequence D1
An Old One Raised a spit of Land = Patient Turtle
And Gave it to Eternal Man = Great Warrior
He was Taught to Build with Tar and Tree = Tar-Pitch Boat
The Last of its Kind Showed Him the Seas = Glimmer Fish

Sequence D2:

Rare Thief Infographic for Vault Riddle Solutions: Sequence D2
The Vessel lead Man on a Journey = Tar-Pitch Boat
To the One Respected by All = Bear
The Grump now Happy with the Season = Boar
And all Taught the Warmonger to Reason = Great Warrior

Possible Vault Unsolved Story—E


Sequence E1:

Rare Thief Infographic for Vault Riddle Solutions: Sequence E1
Old Judge spoke to Those who Listened = Bear
The Last of its Kind would Guide Them = Glimmer Fish
The Iron One would Teach Them = Iron Scarab
And Patient One Raised them Land to Sleep On = Patient Turtle

Sequence E2:

Rare Thief Infographic for Vault Riddle Solutions: Sequence E2
Tar Covered Vessel Carried them to Land = Tar-Pitch Boat
Old grump would Welcome them in Spring = Boar
The Queens Lover would Guard her Beaches = Crab
But Singer would always Put them in Peril = Snake

Possible Vault Unsolved Story—F


Sequence F1:

Rare Thief Infographic for Vault Riddle Solutions: Sequence F1
The Queen Plotted = Sea Queen
Along with the One-Eyed Spy = One-Eye Shark
They would Kill the Teacher = Iron Scarab
And his Two-Legged Pupil = Great Warrior

Sequence F2:

Rare Thief Infographic for Vault Riddle Solutions: Sequence F2
One Eye attacked under Cover of Night = One-Eye Shark
But Warmonger was Ready and Won the Fight = Great Warrior
He mad a Weapon of the Victim’s Tooth = Obsidian Arrow
And went to Hunt a Bigger Foe = Great Kraken

No matter which sequence pair you happen to get, after entering both sequences correctly you will have solved the Ancient Vault puzzle! Now, the Shroudbreaker stone will reveal itself…

Grab the stone and head back to your ship!

Step 7: Return the Shroudbreaker Stone

With the Shroudbreaker stone in hand, head back to the North Star Seapost. Sudds is awaiting your return with his notes—and hopefully with his Enchanted Spyglass.

Return these to Sudds by handing over your newfound Shroudbreaker stone. In his gratitude, Sudds will gladly agree to ensuring the stone makes it to the Mysterious Stranger.

Upon turning in your stone, you will unlock the Stone of the Heavens commendation.

Completing this tale will unlock the Stars of a Thief commendation.

The Shroudbreaker is now a bit more powerful!

Journal Locations

We also have a guide to help you find all five journals for all nine Tall Tales.

To the Tavern!

Aye, we pirates do love a good tavern. ‘Tis a place to share our findings and adventures. ‘Tis a place to clap each other on the back. ‘Tis a place to glean further insight.

Happily, we’ve found proverbial taverns on several social outposts—each bustling with a vibrant pirate community! Want to join in the merriment? Ye will always find a hearty welcome at our table!

Follow Along

To the Tavern!

Aye, we pirates do love a good tavern. ‘Tis a place to share our findings and adventures. ‘Tis a place to clap each other on the back. ‘Tis a place to glean further insight.

Happily, we’ve found proverbial taverns on several social outposts—each bustling with a vibrant pirate community! Want to join in the merriment? Ye will always find a hearty welcome at our table!

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          Old Judge spoke to those who listened = Bear
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          The queens lover would guard her beaches = Crab
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      Head to the big arch in the island underneath. Go to the North side of it and you should see shark rock paintings. You can see an image of it in this guide here if you go to the vault section.

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    First sequence:

    Old Mother was angry = Great Kraken
    Her friend made an everlasting promise = Sea Queen
    She protected hose who rowed by hand = Tar-Pitch Boat
    Who were sailing out on warmer seas = Unending Flame

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  10. TryGuessinThis

    Ok, so i had a major grain of salt on this one, idk if it’s because we took too long and the brazier lights got drenched, will try this again, all of the info was right, but as we got to the second sequence, we got stumped, took so long trying, we thought we had gotten it right but all of them flashed incorrect. So we panicked and tried anything with anything. All of the first pillar were incorrect, second, third, and fourth.

    Like i said, me and my crewmate will try again, but we had a riddle that was completely different, seeing as this is the next day, can’t remember it. Wish i took a screenshot of the riddles so that i can post them here. There was something about a vessel, a respected one, a grump happy with the change of seasons, because i remember that out of all of them, and something about the great one.

  11. One more Sequence 😉

    An old one raised a spit of land – Turtle
    And gave it to eternal man – Warrior
    He was tought to build with tar and tree – Boat
    The last of its kind showed him the seas – Fish

    The vessel lead man on a journey – Boat
    To the one respected by all – Bear
    The gump now happy with the season – Boar
    And all taught the warmonger to reason – Warrior

  12. Did the quest got in the room and our book didn’t have the last pages in it? Did I forget to pick something up on the way?

    1. Amir Abdollahi

      There was a page to pick up where you grabbed the Totem on N13. It should have been right in front of the Totem on the Ancient Statue.

    1. Amir Abdollahi

      The sequences we gave above were just examples to help you decipher your own sequences. Were you looking at the last page of your Tale book to determine the blocks?

      1. Primal Execute

        Same thing just happened to me. I had the same exact decipher as above for C2 and followed it. The blocks made absolutely no sense with the corresponding decipher (2nd paragraph on the last page). So that’s either a buggy ass and glitchy vault where the blocks don’t have the accurate signs on them or something. But I drowned and now I have to completely start the entire Tall Tale over. Which I think is complete BS.

    2. I had N13 as well, it’s completely correct but if your on a different console/device, it will change the look of things.
      You sort of have to mix and match with it

  13. Please help with this one:
    The isle of singer is a good place to start.

    Glimmer led the ancients to new land. He won’t fail me either!

    Stone face in a tunnel beneath the waves. On an island I’ve not seen on any map. What secrets do you hold?

    1. I think it’s the unnamed island that we had to swim in the tunnels underneath the island during the first Merrick quest. I think? That’s N10. If it’s not that, sorry. Just the best guess.

    1. Hey so we put both of the gems in the eyes of the statue, but we didn’t notice the mouth opening. So we left without grabbing the totem (it was the crab totem) and once we realized we had missed it, we came back to the island (after only being gone a minute or two) to find that the statue was shut. It is giving us a prompt to grab the totem but it won’t let us take it. Any suggestions?

  14. Primal Execute

    Make sure to add you’ll have to start THE WHOLE QUEST OVER IF YOU DROWN. There is no trying the vault again if you don’t get it right. Drowned to glitchy blocks that didn’t corrospond with the book. No totem. No gems. No Tall Tale in our inventrory or on the table at our boat after we respawned.

  15. “If you were lucky enough to get the Crab totem, the Ancient Vault is right behind you.” yea 😛 I was 😛 Or not. I got a new riddle which was not listed in this guide. Yet. Not sure if these sequences could pop up in other Ancient Vaults too, I guess yess, though I received it for Crab totem. So the N13 Ancient Vault was my location.

    Here is the riddle and it’s solutions, in order. So the first picture is the first altar the second picture is the second altar and so on and of course they are left to right.


    First sequence solution:
    1. Altar
    2. Altar
    3. Altar
    4. Altar

    Second sequence solution:
    1. Altar
    2. Altar
    3. Altar
    4. Altar

    Hope it helps. 🙂

    1. This literally saved our whole tall tale. we got a glitch where we didn’t get the page with the clues. thank you thank you!

  16. Houndofculaine

    I got sequence E2 but the symbols on the pillars didn’t match your description. Not even close. And just trying to guess it was impossible!

    Is this a glitch? Thanks Sea of Thieves for wasting my time!!!!

    1. I know I’m late, but you had to do E1, which is the first set of puzzles, and then E2, which is the 2nd part.

  17. So… Friends and I were doing this. We got the crab totem, turned around. There is already a crab totem sitting on the switch, but the door is not open. We cannot interact with the spot or place our own totem to enter the room. As we approached N13, we were thrown into a server transfer that was strange and went much faster than usual. Maybe that had a problem with the puzzle? We cannot continue and are stuck now…

  18. Well the guide works but i does not guarantee a skeleton ship and kraken not appearing while you have both the jewels on board…

  19. On the hunt for Stars of a Thief it’s the South west side of the island. It even says it in the book on the game.

  20. Thanks for leaving the comment to not start the puzzle before well into the step where we are starting the puzzle and not before that step.

  21. OMG THANK YOU! I was in the middle of the last room, the water was over half way and J thought I was done, but then I quickly found this website and it saved me.

  22. What a joke I tried following my one which was d1 and drowned then I looked at comments for second try to make sure and we still drown is this thing even possible?

    1. Dang, that’s no good! Did you press the button to confirm your block selections? You sure you had exactly the text in D1?

  23. On the book it said that D2 should have been the correct combination, but I had none of the pictures on the turn things, I tried all the combinations I could and I still couldn’t find the right one FFS, tried this mission too many times.

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