Sea of Thieves Rare Thief Guide for The Art of the Trickster Tall Tale Guide

Sea of Thieves – The Art of the Trickster Tall Tale Guide

You will need to be on your toes for this Tall Tale! The Trapmaker will definitely have a few surprises in store for pirates brave enough to track her down.

As with the other Tall Tale Guides, you might want to pull out your interactive SoT companion map. There’s an entire marker series that goes hand-in-hand with this text guide to help you on your way. You’ll likely find it particularly helpful with Step 3!

Art of a Trickster Marker Series for the Rare Thief SoT Companion Map

You can find the web version of the interactive SoT companion map here.

Trickster Markers on Web SoT Companion Map

Of course, if you’d rather use the interactive map on your phone or tablet, you can use the SoT companion app.

Trickster Markers on Mobile SoT Companion Map
Apple Pirates Click Here
Android Pirates Click Here

The Art of the Trickster Tall Tale: Step by Step

Step 1: Art of the Trickster Tall Tale Book

This Tall Tale book is found by our good friend Salty located on the East side of Plunder Valley. Vote on the book to have it added to your Map Radial and let Salty tell you about the tricky Trapmaker.

Art of the Trickster Start

The Trapmaker was hired by Briggsy at one time to make traps for her and guard her stash. Perhaps the Trapmaker knows where one of these stones is hiding.

Step 2: Discover the Rum Bottle Spyglass

You will be sticking to Plunder Valley for this part of the Tall Tale. Head to the West tunnel that is an offshoot of  the cave with Bat rock painting in it. Then make your first left into skeleton room from here.

Skeleton Puzzle Room

This first puzzle will have you moving various skeletons around the room to match positions described in the Tall Tale book.

Plunder Valley Bird of Stone

The forsaken Captain points to fire and ash…

Find the skeleton with its arm outreached and interact with it until its hand is pointing to the fire across the room.

Hand in hand, two lovers face their destiny…

Find the couple and interact with them until their hands are touching.

The Rum Runner laid her drink to rest…

Find the skeleton with a mug of grog in its hand and interact with it until the drink is down.

The thief hides behind her mask of gold…

Find the skeleton holding a mask and interact with it until the mask is on its face.

Once all the skeletons are in the right position a cage in the middle of the room will drop down. In that cage you will find Trapmaker’s Notes and the Trapmaker’s Spyglass.

You will need both to continue along the Trickster’s treacherous path.

Additionally, for obtaining the Trapmaker’s Spyglass, you will unlock a commendation: Drinking in the View.

Trapmaker's Spyglass

Step 3: Discover the Trapmaker’s Gunpowder Key

Picking up the Trapmaker’s Notes will add new pages to your Tall Tale book. These pages will direct you to either head for Discovery Ridge or stay on Plunder Valley. On either island, your task will be the same.

You must solve three riddles.

The first riddle was included with the Trapmaker’s Notes you found in the cage. Upon solving the first riddle, you will dig up more Trapmaker’s Notes with yet another riddle. Upon solving the second riddle, you will dig up more Trapmaker’s Notes—these divulge your third and final riddle.

Upon solving the third riddle you will unearth the Trapmaker’s counter weight—also known as the Trapmaker’s Gunpowder Key!

Upon finding the key, you will also unlock a commendation: The Trickster’s Key.

Trapmaker's Gunpowder Key

How to Solve the Trapmaker’s Riddles on Your Own

Turning to your last page in the Tall Tale book, you will see your unsolved riddle. This page displays a bird’s eye view of the island. However, it is only a small portion of the island—on which you will find the Trapmaker’s mark.

Aye, around Plunder Valley and Discovery Ridge there are several spots now marked by the Trickster’s symbol on a few planks of wood.

Using the map image, you must try to find the particular spot marked in the Trapmaker’s Notes.

Once you’ve found that mark, you will use the riddle written below the image. Standing on the Trickster’s mark, you must look around to see what Landmarks and Rock Paintings might fit the riddle’s description.

The riddle will mention two sights—these could be Landmarks, Rock Paintings, or a combination of the two. Once you think you’ve spotted these sights, take out the Trapmaker’s Spyglass and align the sight with the skeleton’s eyes.

Once you’ve lined up the Trapmaker’s Spyglass, the skull’s mouth will create an x-marks-the-spot where you should dig.

Note: the “Landmarks” might not be as conspicuous as most landmarks used in Gold Hoarder Riddle Quests.

For example, one riddle reads, “Deck and helm where once I stood, by stone now turned to drifting wood.” For this riddle, you will need to look for a couple pieces of wood near a rock—hardly the sort of “Landmark” you might readily notice.

Trapmaker's Notes

Solutions to the Trapmaker’s Riddles: Maps, Pictures, and Videos!

Some of these riddles can prove rather elusive. If you’re having trouble, you’re not alone. Happily, here you will find each of the possible riddles and their locations for easy digging!

We’ve even tried to give you multiple different forms of aid, depending on how much assistance you might want or need.

For some pirates, you might just want a better map.

The map in the Trapmaker’s Notes is a bit blurry. It’s also a partial map, which sometimes makes it difficult to orient yourself. So, we’ve added links to the precise riddle locations on your trusty Interactive Map.

For some pirates, you might just want a few images.

That way you know exactly what you’re looking for, but you do much of the actual looking and navigating the island yourself. So, we’ve included images of the sights you seek—including where the skull’s “X” will appear.

For some pirates—or for some rather tricky riddles—you might want a video walkthrough.

These videos will show you exactly how to wend your way through the island, arrive at the Trickster’s mark, and locate your x-marks-the-spot in your Trapmaker’s Spyglass.

Aye, we’ve got it all, me hearties!

Below, you’ll find a video that includes all of the Trickster’s riddles. However, further below, we’ve also included a short video for each riddle clue showing only the solution for that particular riddle.

Solutions to Trickster Riddles on Plunder Valley

Caged inside a kind of brig, near broken urn a place to dig

The Map

To see this riddle’s location on your interactive map, click here.


Video Walkthrough

Caged and trapped I may be bound, near ancient urn within the ground

The Map

To see this riddle’s location on your interactive map, click here.


Video Walkthrough

Dark creatures now awake, an ancient call for all our sake

The Map

To see this riddle’s location on your interactive map, click here.


Video Walkthrough

Once soaring through the sky with pride, now crawling in the earth to hide

The Map

To see this riddle’s location on your interactive map, click here.


Video Walkthrough

Salvage and wood to batten down hatches, closer now if viewpoint matches

The Map

To see this riddle’s location on your interactive map, click here.


Video Walkthrough

For forgotten people long we scour, in search of an ancient glowing power

The Map

To see this riddle’s location on your interactive map, click here.


Video Walkthrough

Rum and sea forever my fate, iron serves a fiery hate

The Map

To see this riddle’s location on your interactive map, click here.


Video Walkthrough

Rum and gold drown my grief, ferried for an accused thief

The Map

To see this riddle’s location on your interactive map, click here.


Video Walkthrough

Crossed the seas now lost for days, I feel a red piercing gaze

The Map

To see this riddle’s location on your interactive map, click here.


Video Walkthrough

Wood and iron may be the tools, to save my soul from greedy fools

The Map

To see this riddle’s location on your interactive map, click here.


Video Walkthrough

Solutions to Trickster Riddles on Discovery Ridge

Through island waters I rowed in awe, spited by a fearsome jaw

The Map

To see this riddle’s location on your interactive map, click here.


Video Walkthrough

Deck and helm where once I stood, by stone now turned to drifting wood

The Map

To see this riddle’s location on your interactive map, click here.


Video Walkthrough

The red sun rises gifting light, the blue moon shines bright at night

The Map

To see this riddle’s location on your interactive map, click here.


Video Walkthrough

Plundered supplies help my plight, friends of the sea fill my sight

The Map

To see this riddle’s location on your interactive map, click here.


Video Walkthrough

Ancient people praise the sea, in ships they used a fabled key

The Map

To see this riddle’s location on your interactive map, click here.


Video Walkthrough

Through leafy palms I stumble and tread, through rum and greed I lost my head

The Map

To see this riddle’s location on your interactive map, click here.


Video Walkthrough

Salvage and supplies steel my nerve, for gold and greed I have to serve

The Map

To see this riddle’s location on your interactive map, click here.


Video Walkthrough

Step 4: Deliver the Trapmaker’s Gunpowder Key to Sailor’s Bounty

You will now need to bring the counter weight to the belly of Sailor’s Bounty. It will not be as easy as it sounds as the underground cave system you need to journey through has dozens of traps ranging from popping spikes to swinging scythes.

You should be able to dodge most of them if you watch your step. Do not step on any of the wooden platforms sticking out of the sand. Those are pressure plates that will set off traps in the tunnel.

The counter weight is destructible so you need to be very careful with it. Skeletons, traps and exploding barrels can damage the weight.

Follow the Trapmaker rock painting marker to the final destination.

Once you put the weight in the counter weight holder, you will fight skeletons and a Captain of the Lair.

The room where you fight the waves of skeletons has levers you can pull to use traps on the skeletons. They also can harm you though so be careful where you stand after pulling a lever.

The captain will drop a totem and more Trapmaker’s notes. Grab totem and run back through traps to your ship.

Step 5: Complete the Ancient Vault

Depending on which totem you received in the caves of Sailor’s Bounty, head on over to the corresponding island.

  • Boar Totem – Devil’s Ridge
  • Crab Totem – Uncharted Island at N13
  • Moon Totem – Crescent Isle
  • Scarab Totem – Crook’s Hollow
  • Snake Totem – Mermaid’s Hideaway
  • Shark Totem – Kraken’s Fall

This Ancient Vault will not have you solving a puzzle but fighting waves of skeletons.

Light all four braziers to start the vault. What’s this, the Shroudbreaker stone already?! Go on into the small nook that has the stone and pick it up. Not so fast!

You will be met with a closed vault and waves of skeletons to fight. You will be fighting the new coral skeletons. There will be three waves, each with its own Captain to defeat.

Defeating the captain will drop a medallion. You will place the medallion into the altar. Doing this three times will complete the Ancient Vault and the door to the vault will open allowing you to exit with your prize!

Grabbing the Trapmaker’s Shroudbreaker stone will unlock the The Trickster’s Stone commendation.

Step 6: Return Shroudbreaker Stone to Salty

With the Shroudbreaker in hand, return to Plunder Valley and give the stone to Salty.

Art of the Trickster Finish

This will complete the Tall Tale and you will have unlocked another commendation!

The Fate of the Morningstar

The Fate of the Morningstar is the next Tall Tale in the Shores of Gold storyline. Check out our guide to help you on your next journey with the Ferryman.

Journal Locations

We also have a guide here to help you find the five journals for this Tall Tale.

88 thoughts to “Sea of Thieves – The Art of the Trickster Tall Tale Guide”

  1. I had a part on Discovery Ridge saying through palm trees and rum and something about losing a head, couldnt figure it out for the life of me and ended up spending 2 hours until some crew sunk me, if anybody knows the location to dig or line the spyglass it would be helpful.

    1. There is a skeleton on a stone next to a palm that should be it. But i’d advise you to just boycot that quest and protest Rare. Seriously that quest is broken. After you picked up the final item you don’t even have five seconds before you explode and the entire quest disappears. Great design. Two hours wasted looking for random garbage on this shitty quest just so you die and lose everything.
      But don’t worry the fanboys will flock in and tell you how i got outplayed or i’m just BAAAAD because five seconds wasn’t enough for me to run to the water. I literally picked it up started walking and died. Absolutely no way to get away from the isle.

      1. I agree the minute I started digging I heard explosions that came towards me from the direction of my ship definitely no escape possible without more warning at the very least

        1. I’ve got the clue “deck and helm” and I’m friggin so lost. I’ve spent a good frickin hour and a half and I’ve probably been parked at Discovery Ridge for like six days in the game. This is the most difficult task. Can someone just tell me in what AREA this is? I’m just not enjoying it and I really want to move on.

      2. You need to calm down haha, go take a break or play another game, I’m sure your issue will be fixed.

      3. The trickster quest is a bit ridiculous. It takes forever to sight glass all of the markers. I blew up the first two times. The third time I made it off the island but got attacked by a kraken and a meg at the same time. I managed to swim the keg over to a landmark before a shark got me. After that I had to sail from far away to retrieve the keg. It gets worse from there. The room you put the keg in spawns a seemingly endless number of skeletons until the captain finally spawns. If you succeed you aren’t done yet. The captain drops a totem that you take to another island where you have to defeat another three waves of rather easy skeletons. Finishing that awards the jewel but you have to take it back to an island that is always swarming with other players.

        I finished it solo but it took almost 5 hours!

      4. The one on plunder valley about an ancient burning power is impossible to find using that picture…

    2. The mark to stand on is right around the middle of the island, above the waterfalls. the headless skeleton is propped up against a rock. if you around the paths of the island you should find the skeleton before the mark. hope that is helpful

      1. step 3, theres one on plunder valley that says “crossed the seas now lost for days, I feel a red piercing gaze” stand on the mark north side of the canyon and stare down southwest, you’ll see a set of oars and a drawn red eye, line those up with the eyes of the skull to find your mark, took me and my friend almost an hour to find it, happy hunting!

    3. Yes, I believe if you stand on top of the canyon wall on the west side, face south and look down, you can see two palm trees that meet at the base, and right next to it is a crate of rum. Look through your spyglass, putting the base of the palm in one eye of the skull and the rum in the other, and then dig where the x lies.

    4. Yeah we had one on plunder that said “for forgotten people long we scour, in search of an ancient burning power. ” never did find it…

      1. This one is in the middle valley part of the island. There is a painting of two people in black with their arms up, and a painting of a fire t the right of it. – Happy sailing!

          1. I actually didn’t stand on any mark. I just dug about two steps back from the middle of the two paintings.

      2. Can someone help me with plunder valley one , “For forgotten people long we scour, in search of an ancient power” its impossible the view given is covered by trees

        1. I just added a picture to the guide for the rock paintings you should be looking for. It’s of a flame and several people. Check in the valley of the island.

  2. “Deck and helm where once I stood, by stone now turned to drifting wood.”. any pics on where to stand to find this please been stuck a couple hours here :/

      1. It should be around here, in the middle of the island. From memory, starting on the West side, walk through the valley. When it opens up, hop up onto some rocks to the left and walk on them heading East until you find the mark to stand on. Then look to East by South East for the two objects.

  3. For the step 3, I got this sentence:
    Nothing is lost, nothing is spoiled, I obey gold and greed
    The image is the one of the raw boat and the shark on Discovery Ridge but there is nothing here or at the other places of Discovery Ridge.
    Please help me find that bottle!

  4. salvage and supplies steel my nerve, for gold and greed i have to serve. Anyone now this riddle? i have been stuck on it for an hour.

      1. We spent forever on this quest to end up beating all the skeletons at sailors bounty but the captain won’t spawn. We have the boss music and everything but he doesn’t spawn no matter what we try. This game is so broken hahaha

    1. its in devils ridge at the side where the small islands are, there is a way downhill, is painted in a piece of wood/boards

  5. I lost the Totem to another crew can I get it back or do I need to fight them and steal it back again or do I need to reset the mission

    1. You could fight them to get it back but it might be a better use of your time to just start again.

  6. So after i got the counterweight, i lost my ship to the kraken cause apparently i didnt have wood. Swam back to shore with the stupid barrel and found a rowboat. Rowed all the way to Sailor’s bounty, nearly died to the waves upon waves upon waves of skeletons. Brought the totem to crescent isle, got into the vault. Then i made into nearly all the way through the 3rd wave when i was crackshotted by the captain and stuck in a wall. Teleported back to my ship and the quest failed

    Good job Rare

    1. I hated this quest for the same reason. I put hours into this quest. Overall, Tall Tales is really fun and probably the best update they’ve done, but the Trickster quest is way too difficult. The quest should not fail at the end if you die from the coral skeletons after all that work!

  7. I got crossed the sea now lost for days, I feel a red peircing gaze. It’s on plunder valley. Have no idea 🙁

    1. It is much less than forts and super easy if you use traps. Took me like 5 minutes to clear, maybe less.

  8. I love all the people that whine about this already easy game having something slightly difficult. I hope the devs. ignore you morons and make it even harder. Gaming needs to go back to how it use to be. Keep weeding out the weak Rare. GG!

    1. This is why we can’t have nice things. Why do the new players need to be chased off? YOU are actively killing this game. Do you really want the playerbase to shrink just so you can say “I did a thing that was hard for new people to do!”?

  9. Got “Plundered supplies help my plight, friends of the sea fill my sight”. Anyone know where it is?

    1. I just found it after hours… Its west sid of island standing on cliff about the outer islands looking straight down there is a fish and a busted crate.

    2. Correction: (put wrong location last msg)
      I just found it after hours… Its above the valley by the book ‘bait and switch’ its seahorses and a busted crate lookin down into valley south south-east on island.

  10. Got “rum and gold drown my grief, ferried for an accused thief” Anyone know where to find that one? I’ve been looking for it for hours 🙁

    1. Hmm, that one sounds tricky. We haven’t gotten it yet. Which island? Discovery or Plunder? If you find it, we would love a screenshot of it so we can share it with other pirates. Sounds like physical objects and not rock paintings though. Perhaps a skeleton with rum bottles surrounded by them?

      1. For “rum and gold drown my grief, ferried for an accused thief” is on the west side of plunder valley. Up top you will find a bird shrine, you need to go on the rock above the shrine and you’ll find the skull you need to stand on. Align with the wheelbarrow and the skeleton

  11. Hey i have a piece of this that you need
    it is another thing you guys left out how do i upload it

  12. I had a different trapper spyglass mission that hasn’t been posted, but unfortunately forgot to take a screenshot.

    Something along the lines of:
    “Wood and iron are the tools to keep me safe from greedy fools”

    The location is the cannon and barrel on the mid tier to the east.

  13. Idk if its just me as a solo player but that fight to the lair captain is long and drawn out. 10-15waves with at least 10 -15 each wave.

  14. It’s on Plunder Outpost, ontop of the Bird Shrine, there is a “Skull Mark” you have to line up the eyes with the wheel barrel of skeleton corpse and their rum.

  15. I have The red sun rises gifting light, the blue moon shines bright at night but can not seem to find the red sun and blue moon as indicated in the screenshot anywhere. Any help would be appreciated thanks.

    1. On the southeast side of the island, down below on the beach there is a big rock face up against the cliff wall. They are painted there.

  16. I died on captain wave and the captain wont wasnt there when i cam back, I can still hear music, but there is no totem or captain, andyone know how to fix this?

  17. Spoilers: (I was seriously stuck so I’m just helping out)
    “For the deck and helm where I once stood”, find the painting of the mermaid queen, or whatever, with all her merpeople rising up to a boat in a storm. Turn 180°. Walk forward a tiny bit. You’re looking for the 2 pieces of wood on the left and the rock on the right. Voila.

  18. Here is a location found on Discovery Ridge that isn’t in the guide yet.

    ‘Through leafy palms I stumble and tread, through rum and greed I lost my head’

    Can be found here:

    Hope this helps.

    Whilst I’m here I will let you all know that I just wasted 4hrs on this mission! Did ALL the grind to finally get to the tomb only to die on the third wave of coral skeletons. I respawn on my ship and that’s it, mission failed!!! I can’t quite believe it, you go through all that crap to get one shot in the tomb. I’m not sure I can bring myself to go through all that again only to die there again through fear I might go and drive a burning bin lorry through Rare’s front reception or something. What a crap piece of game design. Hope you all have better luck peeps.

    1. Great find! Thank you so much for posting. We will get this added to the guide soon. I am sure it will help so many other pirates out there who also get this riddle.

    2. Same thing, game lagged I got killed third wave… wtf rare?! Some of us have jobs and families and can’t spend 5 hours playing all that often and all for naught?! Crap.

  19. This guide is helpful to a limited extent as it doesnt help you find the location of the clues on Plunder Valley by showing these pics.

    1. We have the exact locations on our map found here. We have been meaning to add screenshots of the locations on the map to the pictures in this guide. We will get on that!

  20. its ok things could be worse you could get to the island place the keg then fight all the skeletons get tho the captain die and come back for the captain and all skeletons to have disappeared and wont respawn!

  21. Personally, I agree that the Art of the Trickster Tall Tale needs to be reworked. However, I feel like it should be reworked for a far different reason. The chain-explosion trap is fine, but I feel like it’s the only decent trap in the entire tale. Considering how this guy’s supposed to be a top-tier trapmaker, you’d think he’d pull off something at least half as devious than what we see in Shores of Gold and Heart of Fire. I mean, come on. Wall spikes? Swinging traps? Basic. Where’s this guy’s A-game? Make wrong answers explode on Discovery Island. Pull a Rube Goldberg on Sailor’s Bounty. Trampoline pirates into spikes. Drop pirates onto pressure plates that set off nearby explosive barrels. Do SOMETHING creative to trick any would-be thief! About the only time you’d ever fall for a trap is if you’re either being foolish, or simply not paying attention.

    Hell, the only other unique traps you come across are the ones YOU have to use against the skeletons that are supposed to be killing you, and you’re given all the time in the world to test those traps before placing the key to begin with! This isn’t a battle between you and the epic skills of a top-tier trapmaker. This is a battle between you and some wannabe tinkerer who has likely taken one too many coconuts to the head, resulting in Briggsy having to loan out her skeletons to the trapmaker, just to give the player so much as a halfway decent challenge. If I wanted to face off against skeletons, there are already plenty of Tall Tales for that. Give me a tall tale where I actually have to face off against actual decent traps from this so-called trickster.

    If you don’t want to change up the scenery too much, you can adjust the traps in the Trapmaker’s hideout so that they work off of a hidden pattern. The player has to set off the traps in a particular order, or they get killed somehow, by either all of the traps going off at once, or simply by the “key” detonating in an area-wide explosion. Going back to the clues required to search for the key, you can set it up so that each clue is actually in multiple choice, and that digging in the area of the wrong option causes you to explode. On the final clue, all four answers cause you to explode, but after you revive, you can dig in the right option a second time in order to claim the key. The chain explosion can still chase you off the island though.

    With that tunnel leading into the Trapmaker’s hideout on Sailor’s Bounty, you can have only the odd-numbered pressure plates set off the swinging blades, while the even-numbered pressure plates set off a delayed trap that fires arrows through slits in the wall at the player as soon as they would normally get close enough. Either that, or the even-numbered plates could cause a special gunpowder barrel to drop down and roll behind the player, not only setting off the odd-numbered plates in the process, but also detonating as soon as it touches the player. Or hell, combine the two, so that the arrows can set off the barrel if the player isn’t dexterous enough, and the barrel explodes if the player’s not fast enough. These are all top-of-the-head trap ideas that took maybe ten minutes tops to think of. I’m sure the devs could come up with far more clever traps, if they don’t mind putting forth effort into reworking what could be an epic Tall Tale.

  22. Im so annoyed, I sailed a 10 minute journey from discovery to sailors bay just to have a storm come in and blow me up with the keg. I wish someone would just have it in writing im screwed and I need to restart from checkpoint 3 where i need to dig it up again.

  23. I got attacked by a megladon, kraken, megladon and a skeleton ship, in that order after getting the stone. I don’t recommend lol

  24. I am a very late Tall Tale pirate, because I only found out about it a month ago. Thanks to your guides I am going on fine, but I got stuck on this one. I got a riddle for Discovery Ridge saying “The beast shall return to its fate, only by another it hates”. The map shows that the trapmaker’s mark is in the center of the island, on that beach. I found the mark alright. But I can’t find any paintings or landmarks that matches my clue. I tried looking for a Megalodon or Kraken painting, and…nothing. There is a painting on a rock of a shark, but I already got that one with the rowboat and jaw in the clue before this one. Please help.

    1. Hmm, do you have a picture of the riddle? We would love to try to help you figure it out and it would be helpful to see the clue ourselves 🙂

  25. I didn’t happen to get a picture at the time, and since then I never got that riddle.

    Also, does the Trapmaker’s key explode? I got to Sailor’s Bounty and one of the spikes-from-the-wall traps hit me but instead of dying there was a big explosion.

    1. The Trapmaker’s Key can take damage and explode. It is a bit sturdier than normal Gunpowder Barrels but you still need to be careful.

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