Sea of Thieves Rare Thief Guide for Wild Rose

Sea of Thieves – The Wild Rose Tall Tale Guide

It’s now time for a different kind of story. The Wild Rose Tall Tale takes you through the love story of two pirates, Rose and George. They have gone missing and it is up to us to find them!

Like the two halves of Rose and George’s heart pendant, this guide is best when used together with its other half: the interactive SoT companion map. There you’ll find an entire marker series devoted to these steps in the Wild Rose Tall Tale Guide.

The Wild Rose Marker Series for Rare Thief SoT Companion Map

You can find the web version of the interactive SoT companion map here.

Wild Rose Markers on Web SoT Companion Map

Of course, if you’d rather use the interactive map on your phone or tablet, you can use the SoT companion app.

Wild Rose Markers on Mobile SoT Companion Map
Apple Pirates Click Here
Android Pirates Click Here

The Wild Rose Tall Tale: Step by Step

Step 1: Wild Rose Tall Tale Book

You will want to head over to the Order of Souls tent on Sanctuary Outpost. This is where you will find the Tall Tale book.

Once you vote on the book it will be added to your Map Radial and Madame Olive will explain the dire situation. Is the fate of Rose caught up in the destruction that Briggsy created? Does Rose know where one of the Shroudbreaker pieces are?

Wild Rose Start

Step 2: Find the Chest of Memories

The pages in the book will mention where the couple stored their Chest of Memories. Some common islands on which you can find the Chest of Memories include:

  • Sandy Shallows near the Northern most rocks.
  • Rapier Cay near the West most tip of island.
  • Boulder Cay in the middle of the island.

After digging up the Chest of Memories, open it up to find more pages that will help you with this Tall Tale.

Click Images to Enlarge

Step 3: Find the Box of Spices and the Music Box

The newly acquired pages will contain two different stories that will lead you to the Spice Box and the Music Box. The pages you gathered from the Chest of Memories describe where you will find the Box of Spices and the Music Box.

However, the location descriptions will only make sense once you reference the stories from the first 16 pages.

The items will be buried where Rose and George are standing in the image.

Below are some of the possible stories you might encounter…

Our First Kiss

Our First Kiss will take you to the Lagoon of Whispers where you will dig up the Spice Box. Match where the couple is standing in the image of the story to the physical location on the island to find your digging spot.

Click Images to Enlarge or See it on the Map:

We survived our first ambush!

The ambush took place at Cannon Cove. Head on over to dig up the Spice Box buried there. You will want to go to the top of the East back beach. Dig in the location depicted in the image.

Click Images to Enlarge or See it on the Map:

Pig Chase

The Pig Chase takes place on Salty Sands. This is the small island to the North of their bounty (Lone Cove). The Spice Box is located on the base of the North most land mass.

Click Images to Enlarge or See it on the Map:

Doing what I do best!

You will want to head to Boulder Cay. The Spice Box is located on the South end of the strip of island in the center.

Click Images to Enlarge or See it on the Map:

Day 81

The Music Box will be found on Lonely Isle for this story.

Click Images to Enlarge or See it on the Map:

The day we found our pendants!

You will find the Spice Box on the West beach in the middle of Sea Dog’s Rest.

Click Images to Enlarge or See it on the Map:

The Argument

The Argument takes place on Twin Groves. The Music Box is buried here between the rocks with a palm tree.

Click Images to Enlarge or See it on the Map:

Our First Dance

To reenact Rose and George’s dance, you will need to go to Wanderer’s Refuge. Make your way to the North side of the island near the tree by the cave entrance as depicted in the picture.

For a closer look, click on the link to the map below the image, then zoom in as much as you’d like.

You will need to follow the dance steps written on the pages. 3 steps Back, 3 steps Right, etc starting from the location where Rose and George stood, and then dig at the finishing spot. You will find the Music Box here.

Wild Rose First Dance Location on the Rare Thief Map App
See it on the Map:

The Perfect Plan

The Perfect Plan will have you following their path through Sailor’s Bounty. You will eventually end up underneath two lanterns attached to ship bow on North East side of island. This is where you will dig up the Music Box.

Click Images to Enlarge or See it on the Map:

Our First Bounty

As mentioned in the beginning pages of the Tale book, Lone Cove is where their first bounty took place.

You will follow their steps all the way to the West side of island near a lone tree and rock just North of Deadshot Charlotte. Dig near here to uncover the Music Box.

Click Images to Enlarge or See it on the Map:

Our Vows

You will want to sail over to Smuggler’s Bay for this story.

The solution to this story is to read one word of each page at a time swapping between the two pages. The solution reads as follows:

We pirates take each other to be awful man and wife. To have and to hold, for better or worse. For the rest of our scoundrels life. We’ll remain in love, through Marauder’s Arch all the way to Glowstone Cay. From where we now stand, on Smugglers Bay to Thieves’ Haven and away. Always yours, with treasure and grog, until we’re gray and old. We’ll keep in good health in shipwreck and wealth ’til the Ferryman no longer bears our souls.

You will wind up on the top arch of the island. Stand just West of the bridge to dig up the Music Box.

Click Images to Enlarge or See it on the Map:

Step 4: Return Mementos to Madame Olive

With Chest of Memories, the Spice Box and Music Box in hand, go to Sanctuary Outpost and give Madame Olive both objects and she will turn them into a compass to locate Rose and George.

Upon turning in the two items to Olive, you will unlock the The Path of Lovers commendation.

Click Images to Enlarge

Step 5: Find Rose and George

The compass created to locate Rose and George can take you to a variety of different islands. The most common islands are Crescent Isle, Shark Bait Cove, Lone Cove, Sailor’s Bounty, Plunder Valley, Wanderer’s Refuge, Mermaid’s Hideaway, Smuggler’s Bay, Snake Island and Cannon Cove.

Click Images to Enlarge

Follow the compass until you reach the shores of an island. Then continuing following the compass inland, until you find Rose.


Walk over to Rose and pick up her pendant and note. This will unlock the Rose’s Fate commendation.

Now equip your compass from your Voyage inventory wheel and find George.

What’s this?! That’s not George… The compass will actually lead you to Rooke!

You must defeat Rooke to get George’s pendant which Rooke will drop after she is defeated. You will unlock the George’s Fate commendation after picking up the dropped pendant.


Step 6: Return to Order of Souls on Sanctuary Outpost

Return to Sanctuary Outpost with the two pendants and give them to Madame Olive. With the two pendants, Madame Olive will perform a ritual that will free Rose and George.

You will unlock the Wild Rose commendation for completing this tale.

Free Rose and George

Journal Locations

We also have a guide to help you find all five journals for all nine Tall Tales.

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    1. Do not leave behind the chest of memories after you open it even though it’s useless, when I was sailing to George it failed the quest.

  1. Got 2 pages, but something is off, we got one that just says vaguely an island north of our first bounty (presuming that’s picaroon) and then our first bounty .-.

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  3. Just wanna point out that at any point if you lose the chest, you will fail the mission, even if it is empty

  4. This guide is wrong. The memory chest only gives you one part of the story. We got the pig chase story, but you don’t have any mention about the fact that the music box is on lonely cove. Not lonely isle.

    1. You have to deduce the location of the story from the images in the story and from the beginning pages that you get right away.

  5. What do you do if you lost rose’s pendent? I lost it and have tried looking all around. I thought it was an item for my voyage wheel, like the compass. Do I have to restart the voyage?

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  8. Alright, I don’t get the Last Dance thing. Do I start with Rose or do I start with George? When doing the steps, do I then also follow the steps with the first dance steps, then the second? Are the steps all inclusive? For example, Just dance Rose, just dance George, dance Rose and George, or do I dance George then Rose? And why didn’t the guide include the picture and location of the tree?! Would have been helpful.

    1. Ahoy there! Somehow out of the dozens of times we have run this tale we have yet to get this story. If you are still on it, we would love to add some nice pictures of the story pages and the final digging place. The tree you are looking for can be found on our interactive map here.

    2. Little late reply but I followed Rose’s dance moves from where she was standing in the story image and used the compass for the steps and dug up the music box 🙂

  9. I got so lucky on this mission tool over an hour got bad luck with island and wind direction. finally i get both pendants and a ship sinks me. Pleading with this person who never replied or said anything i asked him to not kill me. and i hitched a ride on his boat to sanctuary island and was able to finish the mission. A thousand thanks my pirate friend.

  10. was there a checkpoint? I was doing a diff. tale, the one where you fought Briggsy, the cursed rogue, and we had the skull, but there was a checkpoint

  11. I got sunk by a skellie ship right before fighting rook and rowed all the way to sanctuary from plunder valley.

  12. Ladds, Our memories is the name of section. There will be another page following that has one of the options listed. Happy Sailing!

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