Chain Shot

Sea of Thieves: How to Use the New Chain Shot Cannonball

The Heart of Fire update just released bringing us a new Tall Tale, new Pirate Legend content, and a new toy! Ahem, we mean tool. What is this tool you ask? Chain Shot!

What is Chain Shot?

Chain Shot is a new projectile you can fire from your cannons! It is made out of two small cannonballs—which look like one cannonball cut in half—connected by a thick, sturdy, and devastatingly damaging chain.

Chain Shot

Where do I find Chain Shot?

Similar to all other resources in the Sea of Thieves, Chain Shot can be found in resource barrels, rowboats, barrels of plenty, and storage crates scattered about the game world.

A great place to look for and stock up on Chain Shot would be the Outpost at which you initially spawn.

Chain Shot

Is there Chain Shot in Arena?

Yes! You can find Chain Shot in both Adventure and Arena modes.

In fact, because there are far more opportunities for PvP with multiple ships, Arena is a great way to practice with the Chain Shot before surprising your enemies with it in Adventure mode.

How many Chain Shot can I carry at a time?


Ah, but with good aim you might only need three: one for the wheel, one for the capstan, and one for a mast. That ought to keep the other crew busy.

How do I use Chain Shot?

Similar to the regular cannonballs, you store and retrieve Chain Shot in your cannonball barrels.

Once you’ve got a few on hand, you can equip them through your Resources tab in the Menu and load them into cannons.

You can also switch between various projectiles without ever loosing your grip on that cannon. Simply use whichever button you’d normally use to pull up your Item Radial.

While on cannons, this button will instead bring up a radial menu filled with any Cannonballs, Cursed Cannonballs, Firebombs, and Chain Shot you’ve got on hand.

Max Chain Shot

How does Chain Shot Work?

Chain Shot Strengths

When shot out of a cannon, the Chain Shot spins through the air so the chain can wrap itself around masts, wheel, and capstans.

When the Chain Shot wraps a mast, wheel, or capstan, it deals maximum damage. This means that part of the ship is instantly destroyed and must be repaired before it can be used again.

Broken Mast From Chain Shot

Chain Shot Weaknesses

You’ll want to aim well. If the Chain Shot hits anything other than a mast, wheel, or capstan, it won’t do very much damage. For instance, if you were to hit the ship’s hull, it would only leave a small, quickly-patchable hole.

You’ll also need to get closer to your target than you would for other projectiles. Chain Shot also has a shorter range. So, it might fall short. This will require you to get in close, if you want to unleash its full power!

Does Chain Shot work on Skeleton Ships?

We wouldn’t waste Chain Shot on Skeleton Ships.

There seems to be a protective charm fortifying the wheel, capstan, and masts on Skeleton Ships. So, the best you could likely do is put a small hole in their hull.

Set Off a Chain Reaction!

Gather yourself some Chain Shot. You can go looking for PvP, or—if another ship gets cheeky—surprise them with a swift snap of their mast.

Oh, and you might want to carry a few extra planks on you. After all, you might not be the only pirate eager to see what this Chain Shot can do.

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