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The Journey to Mêlée Island

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The Journey to Mêlée Island Tall Tale Guide

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A while ago, the Pirate Lord invited a pirate named Guybrush Threepwood and his wife Elaine to celebrate their honeymoon on the Sea of Thieves. Unfortunately, their ship never arrived. Fearing the worst, the Pirate Lord looked for answers in the Sea of the Damned.

While he didn’t find Guybrush or Elaine, he did find Captain Kate Capsize, another pirate from Monkey Island, who also happens to be hunting down Guybrush. However, she isn’t looking to save Guybrush. Kate wants retribution for his crimes against her.

Using Kate’s knowledge of Guybrush’s whereabouts from her hunt, the Pirate Lord believes Guybrush has become trapped by his memories of Mêlée Island in the Sea of the Damned. He needs our help to rescue him from his dream world. If we don’t rescue Guybrush, he could remain trapped there forever!

The Journey to Mêlée Island Tall Tale: Step by Step

Step 1: Starting The Journey to Mêlée Island Tall Tale

To start the first Legend of Monkey Island Tall Tale, The Journey to Mêlée Island, you’ll want to head over to Kate, the red-headed pirate in the dapper hat, at the Capsize Charters on any Outpost in the Sea of Thieves.

Capsize Charters

Once you’ve found Kate, look just to the right of her. You will see a Tall Tale book sitting on a small makeshift bench next to her. Approach and interact with the book to vote on and start the Tall Tale.

Vote for Tall Tale

Step 2: Sail through the Archway

During your conversation with Kate, the Pirate Lord will appear and open a portal in a nearby archway to the Sea of the Damned. Sail through the archway, and you will teleport to a Tunnel of the Damned. This tunnel will take you to Mêlée Island, where you will start your adventure to rescue Guybrush!

Archway Portal

Step 3: Sail through the Tunnel of the Damned

As soon as you enter the Tunnel of the Damned, you will no longer be in control of your ship. You can let go of your ship’s wheel and freely roam around your ship.

However, you’ll want to keep your eyes on the horizon as a ghostly visage of Guybrush and Elaine will sail by. Ominously, LeChecuk will also appear not far behind them!

Your ship will continue to travel through the Tunnel of the Damned until it reaches the end, where you will teleport to the Sea of the Damned!

Step 4: Dock your ship

Once you reach the end of the Tunnel of the Damned, you and your ship will teleport to Mêlée Island. Keep sailing toward the island, and you will soon see a dock to park your ship slightly off to your right, to the South by South East if you are facing the island as you approach. Once you reach the dock, park your ship and hop onto the dock.


Step 5: Collect a Piece o' Eight

Once on the island, walk up the dock inland, and you will see a glinting Piece o’ Eight sitting on top of a barrel on your right. You will collect dozens of these throughout the town, so be on the lookout for them. You can find Pieces o’ Eight coins or pouches on top of barrels and inside cabinets, cupboards, crates, and other furniture you can open.

Piece o' Eight

In fact, you can possibly find a Pieces o’ Eight Pouch in the crate across from the Piece o’ Eight you just picked up. There is also a crate behind you that you should open and check. While you are not guaranteed to find one in every crate, you must always check just in case!

Always be on the lookout for coins to collect as you complete other activities on the island. They are necessary to complete the Tall Tale and unlock every commendation.

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Step 6: Read about Guybrush’s re-election campaign

Keep walking up the dock and turn right to the South West. Head towards the wooden dock house with the winch, and you will see a re-election poster for Guybrush on your right.

Re-election campaign poster

Approach and interact with the poster to read about Guybrush’s re-election campaign and unlock the ‘Elected Legend’ commendation.

Elected Legend commendation

Step 7: Steal Lookout's Pieces o' Eight Pouch

After reading the poster, pick up the Piece o’ Eight on the nearby barrel and interact with the two nearby crates to check for coins. A crate is across from the poster, and one on the other side of the smaller Dock House near the mountain.

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Then, keep heading South West and follow the rocky path up the mountain to Lookout Point. Once you’ve reached the top, speak to Lookout. Choose the dialogue option, “Look out there, I see a ship!” to distract him and steal the Pieces o’ Eight Pouch nearby. After you’ve stolen the Pouch, walk down the mountain the way you came up.

Distract Lookout

Step 8: Take a seat in the Scumm Bar

Once you reach the poster again, keep walking past it North East until you reach the Scumm Bar. Open the door to the bar, and you’ll find a lively bunch of pirates drinking and having a merry time!

Scumm Bar

Head inside and walk around. Among the five Pieces o’ Eight you can pick up on a nearby table, you will also find several empty seats you can sit in. Sit in one of them to complete the ‘In Good Company’ commendation.

In Good Company commendation

Walking around, you will also notice three Thirsty Pirates you can steal from. However, you’ll have to wait to steal from them for now. You’ll need to fill their tankards with some special grog from the Kitchen, which you can access later.

Step 9: Speak to the Pirate Leaders

As Kate suggests in your Quest Book, you’ll want to talk to the Pirate Leaders. Head to the back of the bar, and you will find three pirates sitting at a table side by side and two skulls hanging on a nearby wall. They will begin to tell you all about the Legend of Monkey Island, Governor Guybrush Threepwood!

After the cutscene ends, speak to the three Pirate Leaders and two talking skulls to learn several essential information that will help you on your quest to find Guybrush.

First, Guybrush is the Governor of Mêlée Island. You can find him in the Governor’s Mansion, but he is incredibly hard to reach due to his formidable guards.

Second, you’ll learn that someone in town, Citizen, has a ticket you can purchase, which grants you access to the Governor. If you want to see Guybrush, you’ll need to get a hold of this ticket!

Pirate Leaders and Skulls

You will also learn several other pieces of important information from the other pirates in the bar and the cook, such as someone in the Scumm Bar has the Clock Tower Key, there is a big barrel in the kitchen that holds a special Extra-Potent Grog, the Chef hired a new assistant, and that Murray might need a replacement.

With all that information, finding Citizen and getting his ticket to the Governor is the best lead to get to Guybrush. But before you do, you’ll want to speak to Spiffy, the Chef, and find three nearby memoirs for the ‘Memoirs of a Legend, Vol I’ commendation.

Step 10: Speak to Spiffy

Approach the dog just next to the Pirate Leaders and talk to him. Choose all four dialogue options to progress the ‘Groggy Dog Story’ commendation. Choosing all four options will let you hear four of the six things Spiffy has to say.

The other two dialogue options will be available later on in the Tall Tale! You’ll need to talk to Spiffy again after switching out the bone in his mouth and near the very end just before you leave the island.

Spiffy dialogue options

Step 11: Speak to the Chef

Walk further back in the bar to the Kitchen and speak with the Chef. Choose the “I’m looking for work.” dialogue option to find out that there is a Chef’s Uniform reserved in the General Store. With that knowledge, you can purchase it when you have enough Pieces o’ Eight. Head back out into the bar by the Pirate Leaders.

Talk to Chef

Step 12: First Memoir Spot

Face the Pirate Leaders and turn around. You will see an inkwell sitting on a barrel. Just to the right of the barrel is a square stool you can sit on. Sit on this stool to take in the view at your first memoir spot.

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Step 13: Second Memoir Spot

Walk out of the Scumm Bar, and you will immediately see a docked rowboat in front of you. Walk to the other side of the rowboat to find another inkwell sitting on a crate. Next to the crate is a barrel you can sit on. Sit on this barrel to take in the view at your second memoir spot.

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Step 14: Third Memoir Spot

From the second memoir spot by the rowboat, turn left to the South and walk over to the empty crates by another inkwell. Next to the empty crates is a closed crate you can sit on. Sit on this closed crate to take in the view at your third memoir spot.

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Step 15: Find remaining Pieces o' Eight around Scumm Bar

With three memoir spots found, it’s time to find Citizen. But first, you’ll want to find more Pieces o’ Eight. You’ve found all the Pieces o’ Eight you can get inside the bar, so you’ll want to explore outside around the bar.

There are four more crates around the Scumm Bar area that you can open and possibly find Pieces o’ Eight in.

There is also another barrel outside of Scumm Bar that can have a Piece o’ Eight on it. You can find it on the East side of Scumm Bar next to the a crate.

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Step 16: Speak with Citizen of Mêlée

After you have opened the remaining crates, head back to the front of Scumm Bar and face its entrance. From here, turn right to the East, walk under the stone arch, and follow the stone path to Low Street, where you will find Citizen.

Be sure to look for Pieces o’ Eight on the barrel and inside the two crates along the way to Low Street. One of the crates is on your right as you walk up the path and the other is on your left by the water pump.

Click images to enlarge

You’ll know you have reached Low Street when you come across a lone pirate standing on a corner, three pirates standing among themselves, and a large Clock Tower. The lone pirate standing on a corner with items in front of him is Citizen. From talking to him, you will learn that his latest shipment got sunk at the docks. If you can return his missing cargo, he will give you an exclusive Legend of Monkey Island Meet ‘n’ Greet ticket.

Citizen missing cargo

You need that ticket to see Guybrush, so you better get that cargo. However, before returning to the docks, you must go to High Street to retrieve a necessary tool to recover the cargo. If you speak to the three pirates across the street, the Men of Low Moral Fiber, they will let you know the tool is in the Jail on High Street.

You will also want to pick up more Pieces o’ Eight and find three more memoir spots along the way.

Step 17: Fourth Memoir Spot

From Citizen, turn around to the West and walk over to the barrels and crate in the dark corner of the street. Next to the busted barrel and inkwell is a barrel you can sit on. Sit on this barrel to take in the view at your fourth memoir spot.

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Step 18: Fifth Memoir Spot

From the memoir spot in Low Street, head toward the Clock Tower and walk through the tunnel to the other side, where you will enter High Street. The first building you can enter to your right is the General Store. Head inside, and in the back corner, you will find a stool beside an inkwell, a mannequin, and a mirror. Sit on this stool to take in the view at your fifth memoir spot.

While in the shop, look around and talk to the Storekeeper. You will discover that the Chef’s Uniform cost 45 Pieces o’ Eight and Gunpowder Fuses cost 70 Pieces o’ Eight. You will be purchasing those later. For now, exit the shop and turn right.

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Step 19: Explore the Church

From the General Store, look around High Street for Pieces o’ Eight on a barrel and inside a crate before opening the door to the Church.

Pieces o' Eight High Street

Head inside the Church and inspect each long bench for Pieces o’ Eight. You should find one on each aisle. You’ll also want to head toward the Church podium and open two cabinets on either side for more Pieces o’ Eight.

One of those cabinets also has a tray on it with two more Pieces o’ Eight.

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Step 20: Explore the Alley

Exit the Church and hook around to the left to enter the Alley behind the Church. Follow the path back behind the Church, looking for Pieces o’ Eight along the way. There are two crates in the Alley that you can open for Pieces o’ Eight and a barrel to check.

You will eventually find one of the Ghost Pirates, Walt. He will show you how he keeps the piranha poodles at bay with his Pair of Gunpowder Gummies. You’ll have to wait to take his Pieces o’ Eight and the Pair of Gunpowder Gummies, but you can sit at another memoir spot.


Step 21: Sixth Memoir Spot

From Walt, turn around toward the piranha poodles. You will see an inkwell next to a barrel you can sit on. Sit on this barrel to take in the view at your sixth memoir spot.

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Step 22: Seventh Memoir Spot

Leave the Alley and walk past the Church to the Jail. Then, head inside Jail and towards the back, where you’ll find an inkwell, ladder, and crate. Sit on the crate to take in the view at your seventh memoir spot.

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Step 23: Pick up Claw Hammer

Inside the Jail, a Claw Hammer sits on a table. The Claw Hammer is the tool you need to help you recover Citizen’s missing cargo!

Before picking up the Claw Hammer, speak with Otis, the prisoner in the jail cell. He will tell you that the Sheriff has all the keys and has been missing since the Governor’s guards moved in. However, you could blow the locks open to free him. Keep that information in mind for later.

Pick up Claw Hammer

For now, pick up the Claw Hammer, interact with the cupboard on the East wall of the Jail to find another Piece o’ Eight Pouch, and head toward the dock houses where you found the campaign poster. By this time, you should have 55 Pieces o’ Eight.

Pieces o' Eight Pouch in Jail

Step 24: Recover Crate of Important Goods

Walk past Low Street and the Scumm Bar back to the dock houses with a Crate Winch. Once you reach the dock with the pulley and ladder, set down the Claw Hammer somewhere you will remember and approach the pulley.

Adjust the Crate Winch Height by lowering it all the way. Climb the ladder on the dock house and adjust the Crate Winch Angle by moving it to the right. The winch will catch the hook on the Cargo Crate in the water. However, if you try to pull up with the Crate Winch Height pulley, you will find it won’t budge.

Adjust Crate Winch Height

To fix this problem, you must jump in the water and use your sword or firearm to damage the two frayed ropes. Removing the ropes will allow you to use the Crate Winch again to get the Cargo Crate out of the water.

Cargo Crate ropes

Climb back onto the dock house, raise the Cargo Crate, move it to the left, and lower it onto the dock.

Once you have the Cargo Cate safely on the dock, pick up your Claw Hammer and use it to interact with the Cargo Crate. You will open the Cargo Crate and reveal a Crate of Important Goods.

Prise Open Cargo Crate

Step 25: Return Crate of Important Goods to Citizen

Pick up the Crate of Important Goods and return it to Citizen in Low Street. Give him the crate, and you will receive the Legend of Monkey Island Meet ‘n’ Greet ticket, unlock a Checkpoint, and complete the ‘Delayed in Transit’ commendation.

Delayed in Transit commendation

With your shiny ticket in hand, approach the Mansion Guard on the East by North East side of High Street and talk to him. Choose the “I Have a Meet ‘n’ Greet ticket right here.” dialogue option. Unfortunately, the guard will book you for the next appointment at midnight.

Your midnight appointment will be a problem as the Clock Tower is broken, so the clock will never strike midnight. You’ll need to get that Clock Tower Key and fix it yourself!

Mansion Guard

Step 26: Purchase Chef's Uniform

Turn around from the Mansion Guard and head inside the General Store. Approach and purchase the Chef’s Uniform. Once you have purchased it, use the Clothing Chest next to the memoir spot to change into it.

Purchase Chef's Uniform

Step 27: Steel the Clock Tower Key

While wearing the Chef’s Uniform, walk back to the Kitchen in the Scumm Bar. The Chef will see you and leave the Kitchen, allowing you to make a stew, use the barrel with Extra-Potent Grog, and open the cupboard with more Pieces o’ Eight.

Pieces o' Eight Kitchen

After you collect the Pieces o’ Eight Pouch in the Kitchen, equip your Tankard and approach the barrel of Extra-Potent Grog. Then, interact with the barrel to refill your Tankard and head into the bar.

Find the pirate in the blue jacket that you can steal a Pieces o’ Eight Pouch from and pour him the Extra-Potent Grog three times. After the third time, the pirate will pass out, and you can take the Pouch.

Go back to the Kitchen and refill your Tankard. Then, head back into the bar and do this again to the pirate with the brown hat near Mancomb. After you steal his Pieces o’ Eight Pouch, go to the Kitchen and get a refill. You should have around 108 coins right now.

With your last refill, walk over to the pirate with the Clock Tower key and get him to pass out, just like the last two pirates. After the third pour, you can steal the Clock Tower Key.

Steal Clock Tower Key

Step 28: Fix the Clock Tower

With the Clock Tower Key in hand, head to the Clock Tower in Low Street and use the key on the door just below the Clock Tower. Walk through the door and climb the stairs to another locked door you will open with the key.

Once inside the gear room, walk over to the table and pick up the Pieces o’ Eight Pouch.

Pieces o' Eight Pouch in Clock Tower

Then look at the clock gears and unjam the mechanism by interacting with the skeleton arm stuck in the gears. The arm will fly out and land on the floor, allowing you to use the wheel to rotate the gears. We’ll be back for that arm later!

For now, turn the wheel all the way to the left until the two clock hands point at the number XII and the Clock Tower chimes.

Save the Clock Tower commendation

Step 29: Eighth Memoir Spot

Head down the stairs from the gear room, but instead of going all the way back down to the bottom of the Clock Tower, hop over the crates and barrels to the other side of the stairs.

Path to Church Memoir Spot

Keep walking North and jump onto the roof of the building near the scaffolding. Walk behind the tall building with the scaffolding North East and climb onto the triangle roof of the building directly across from the Church.

Path to Church memoir spot

Near the edge, you will see a prompt to sit. Sit down to take in the view at your eighth memoir spot.

Click images to enlarge

Step 30: Talk to Mansion Guard again

Hop down from the buildings and speak with the Mansion Guard. Now that it is midnight, you should be able to enter. Unfortunately, the Mansion Guard has a new excuse. You’ll have to wait until his replacement arrives. Who knows when that will happen, so you’ll have to find your own replacement. To start, you’ll want to head back to the Kitchen.

Mansion Guard

Step 31: Make Root Beer Stewed Meat

While still wearing the Chef’s Uniform, walk back to the Kitchen in the Scumm Bar. It’s time to make that stew the Chef has been talking about. Go to the Chef’s table and dice the Onion. Once you have diced it, put it in the boiling pot. Do the same to the Leek on the table. Then, grab the Hunk o’ Meat from the other table and add it to the boiling pot.

Three more ingredients to go! Next to the locked door is the Caniche Mordant Flower on a shelf. Pick it up and add it to the boiling pot. Then, put the Root Beer Sprinkles from above the cupboard with the Pieces o’ Eight in the boiling pot.

Finally, pick up the Kitchen Door Key and use it on the locked door. Walk out on the small jetty behind the Kitchen, equip your Fishing Rod, and cast it to catch a Red Herring. Pick up the Red Herring, and you will complete the dish!

You can now take the Root Beer Stewed Meat from the pot.

Pick up Root Beer Stewed Meat

Step 32: Feed Piranha Poodles

Pick up the Root Beer Stewed Meet and go to the Alley. Place the meat in the dog bowl before the poodles and watch the following spectacle. Walt will pass on but leave most of his skeletal body behind. Pick up the Pieces o’ Eight Pouch Walt left behind and the Pair of Gunpowder Gummies. You should have 140 Pieces o’ Eight right now.

Place Root Beer Stewed Meat

Step 33: Free Otis

With the Gunpowder Gummies in hand, head to the Jail. Place a Gunpowder Gummy in the two locks of the two jail cells. We’ll now need to detonate them!

Place Gunpowder Gummy

Return to the General Store and purchase the Gunpowder Fuses for 70 Pieces o’ Eight.

Purchase Gunpowder Fuses

After you’ve purchased the fuses, return to the Jail and place a Gunpowder Fuse in each lock.

Next, equip and raise your Lantern at the end of the fuse to light it. The jail cell doors will blow, and Otis will be free. He will run away from the Jail and leave behind Captain Coco. Leave Captain Coco in the jail cell for now.

Step 34: Retrieve Skeletal Left Arm

Walk into the other jail cell, pick up the Skeletal Left Arm from the wall, and attach it to Walt’s body in the Alley.

Skeletal Left Arm

Step 35: Retrieve Skeletal Right Arm

Remember that skeleton arm from the Clock Tower? Head up to the top of the Clock Tower, pick up the arm, and bring it back to Walt’s body to attach.

Skeletal Right Arm

Step 36: Retrieve Femur Bone from Spiffy

Go to Citizen and purchase the Cute Monkey Toy. Take the toy to Spiffy in the Scumm Bar and give it to him. You will switch it for the Femur Bone in Spiffy’s mouth.

Now that Spiffy has the toy talk to him again to hear another thing he has to say. You’ll now have heard five of the six things required for the ‘Groggy Dog Story’. You need to hear one more thing to unlock the commendation.

Switch Bone with Cute Monkey Toy

After talking to Spiffy again, take the Femur Bone back to Walt’s body and attach it. Now all that is left is the head!

Step 37: Take Murray

Go back to the Jail and pick up Captain Coco. You will need to swap Captain Coco with Murray to take Murray from the wall.

Go to Scumm Bar, approach Murray and interact with Murray holding Captain Coco. You will leave behind Captain Coco but have Murray in your hands. Before you place Murray on Walt’s body, you will want to work on the ‘A Guided Tour’ commendation. You must take Murray on a tour of the town’s key locations before placing the skull on the body. There are a total of nine locations you must take Murray.

Take Murray

Step 38: Take Murray on a tour

The first place you want to take Murray is the jetty behind the Kitchen in Scumm Bar. Once he remarks on destroying and plundering ships, how tranquil it is, or some other comment, you will receive credit for taking him to this location.

A Guided Tour Jetty

The second place you want to take Murray is the Scumm Bar. You should already be in the Scumm Bar, so walk around the bar until he mentions something about the bar, like the stench of the customers or how he wants to rename it to SKULL bar. You can double-check the Tall Tale Commendations page to see your progress.

A Guided Tour Scumm Bar

The third place you want to take Murray is Lookout Point. Make your way up the mountain, and when you reach the top, Murray will comment on seeing his house or what a great view he has.

A Guided Tour Lookout

The fourth place you want to take Murray is Low Street. He will comment on architecture or how quiet it is.

A Guided Tour Low Street

The fifth place you want to take Murray is the top of the Clock Tower. He will comment on being immortal or how the Clock Tower hasn’t worked in years.

A Guided Tour Clock Tower

The sixth place you want to take Murray is the General Store. Walk around until he comments about stealing something or letting evil commence.

A Guided Tour General Store

The seventh place you want to take Murray is Alley. He will comment on Gunpowder Gummies or the circus. You might have to leave and return to the Alley as the first time you visit, Murray will want to talk about Walt’s skeleton instead of the Alley.

A Guided Tour Alley

The eighth place you want to take Murray is the Church. He will comment about wanting to leave or how humiliating it is to be here.

A Guided Tour Church

The ninth and final place you must take Murray is the Jail. He will comment on breaking out of a few places like this in his time or Hangman’s Digest.

A Guided Tour commendation

Step 39: Place Murray on Walt's body

After you have completed the ‘A Guided Tour’ commendation, you can place Murray on Walt’s body. Again, make sure that you unlock the ‘A Guided Tour’ commendation before placing Murray on the body. Revisit the locations above with Murray if you are still missing one.

Murray will stand up and walk to the Mansion Guard when you do. He will relieve the Mansion Guard of his duty, allowing you to walk past the arch toward the Governor’s Mansion.

Step 40: Ninth Memoir Spot

Walk through the large stone arch toward the Governor’s Mansion. As you head for the door, you will see some busted crates, a closed crate, and an inkwell to your left. Sit on the closed crate to take in the view at your ninth memoir spot.

Click images to enlarge

Step 41: Tenth Memoir Spot

Stand up from the memoir spot and approach the doors. Interact with them to open them and step inside. You will complete the ‘House Call’ commendation when you open the doors.

Once you step inside, you will hear Guybrush speaking to himself. Before you head upstairs, you will want to sit in one of the chairs to your right. As soon as you sit on the chair, you will take in the view at your tenth and final memoir spot.

Click images to enlarge

Step 42: Find Guybrush

Before you go up the stairs, investigate the area between the stairs and the right bookshelf. You will find a Pieces o’ Eight Pouch sitting on a small footlocker. If the Pouch is not by the stairs, check the table near the memoir spot. Pick up the Pouch and then head up the stairs.

Pieces o' Eight Pouch in Governor's Mansion stairs

You’ll need to interact with the barricaded doors five times before you can open them and reach Guybrush. Step inside his office, and a cutscene will play where Guybrush will talk to you.

Step 43: Open the Mighty Pirate Chest

Once Guybrush falls asleep, open up the cabinet in the corner of the room to find a Pieces o’ Eight Pouch.

Pieces o' Eight Governor's Mansion

Then open up the double doors that lead to Guybrush’s bedroom and head inside. Open up the footlocker on the East side of the room for a Pieces o’ Eight Pouch, and then open the curtains.

Pieces o' Eight Governor's Mansion

After you search that side of the room, head over to the bed and pull back the bedclothes. You will reveal several monkeys and Elaine’s Letter! Pick up Elaine’s Letter to find the Mighty Pirate Chest Key hidden beneath it.

Pull Back Bedclothes

Elaine’s Letter will explain that she has left Mêlée Island for help. She also hopes you can find a way to speak to Corina at the International House of Mojo. She’s left some special bottles to help.

Pick up the key and open the chest at the foot of the bed. Inside you’ll find four Root Beer Bottles.

Step 44: Defeat LeChuck's Ghost Pirates

When you pick up a Root Beer Bottle, turn around and look out the window. You will see LeChuck’s ship appear and sail around the Governor’s Mansion. Head outside, still carrying the Root Beer Bottle, and meet LeChuck in front of the mansion.

LeChuck in front of Governor's Mansion

After LeChuck is done talking, he will send his Ghost Pirates after you. Hold down your Secondary Use button to shake up the Root Beer Bottle, and then use your Primary Use button to fire it. The root beer will vanquish the Ghost Pirates, allowing you to defeat them. You’ll need to keep shaking the bottle to make it effective.

If you run out of root beer, you can always return to the Governor’s Mansion and get another bottle.

Make your way to Low Street, popping Ghost Pirates with root beer. You will naturally unlock the ‘Pop Up Pirates’ commendation as you defeat them. After you beat all the waves of Ghost Pirates, the door to the International House of Mojo in Low Street will open.

International House of Mojo

Head inside, and the cauldron will rise. Place a Root Beer Bottle inside the cauldron, and Carina will appear! She will start talking to you and remind you that you have unfinished business. Don’t speak to her until you have first talked to Spiffy one more time and purchased the History Book.

Place Root Beer Bottle

Step 45: Purchase History Book

Exit the International House of Mojo and walk over to Citizen. You should now have enough Pieces o’ Eight to purchase the History Book. Purchase the book and you will complete the Mêlée Island Historian commendation.

Mêlée Island Historian commendation

However, if you don’t have enough, be sure to double-check these specific locations for Pieces o’ Eight Pouches:

  • From Lookout at Lookout Point
  • Inside the cupboard in the Jail
  • Inside the cupboard in the Kitchen
  • From the two Thirsty Pirates in Scumm Bar
  • On top of the table in the Clock Tower gear room
  • In the room with the stairs in the Governor’s Mansion
  • In the cabinet next to Guybrush in the Governor’s Mansion
  • In the footlocker in Guybrush’s bedroom in the Governor’s Mansion

Step 46: Speak to Spiffy

Head back to the Scumm Bar and find Spiffy. Talk to Spiffy one more time and choose the new dialogue option to exclaim about LeChuck. You will complete the ‘Groggy Dog Story’ commendation as soon as you are done talking to Spiffy.

Groggy Dog Story commendation

Step 47: Talk to Corina

Now that you have done everything there is to do in Mêlée Island, you can go back to the International House of Mojo and talk to Corina. Talk to her and let her know you are ready to go home. If you are still missing some Pieces o’ Eight, walk around the island again, looking for any you might have missed. Make sure you purchase the History Book before leaving.

After you talk to Corina, she will teleport you back to your ship and put you on your way back to the Sea of Thieves!

You will complete the Tall Tale and unlock the ‘Legend of Monkey Island Figurines’ and ‘Mêlée by Moonlight’ trinkets.


There are a total of 14 commendations for The Journey to Mêlée Island Tall Tale. You will unlock six of them naturally as you play through the Tall Tale. However, you’ll need to be on the lookout for posters, memoir spots, and more to unlock the rest!

The commendations for The Journey to Mêlée Island are:

  • Hired Help
  • Delayed in Transit
  • Prison Break
  • Save the Clock Tower
  • House Call
  • The Journey to Mêlée Island
  • Pop Up Pirates
  • In Good Company
  • Elected Legend
  • Groggy Dog Story
  • A Guided Tour
  • Mêlée Island Historian
  • Memoirs of a Legend, Vol. I
  • Mêlée Island Investigator


Legend of Monkey Island Figurines

Complete ‘The Journey to Mêlée Island’ Commendation.

Legend of Monkey Island Figurines

Mêlée by Moonlight

Complete all Commendations in the ‘The Journey to Mêlée Island’ Tall Tale.

Mêlée by Moonlight

Tavern Chef's Uniform

Complete The Journey to Mêlée Island.

Tavern Chef's Uniform

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Happily, we’ve found proverbial taverns on several social outposts—each bustling with a vibrant pirate community! Want to join in the merriment? Ye will always find a hearty welcome at our table!

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Aye, we pirates do love a good tavern. ‘Tis a place to share our findings and adventures. ‘Tis a place to clap each other on the back. ‘Tis a place to glean further insight.

Happily, we’ve found proverbial taverns on several social outposts—each bustling with a vibrant pirate community! Want to join in the merriment? Ye will always find a hearty welcome at our table!

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66 thoughts on “Sea of Thieves: The Journey to Mêlée Island Tall Tale Guide”

    1. Amir Abdollahi

      Did you finally find the last five? Could be several different pieces on barrels, on the long benches in the Church, or the five from the Scumm Bar table.

    1. Amir Abdollahi

      Double check the long benches in the Church, the tray on the cabinet in the Church, the barrel in High Street, the barrel on the path to Low Street, and the three barrels by Scumm Bar (the one by the poster, the one on the main dock, and the one on the East side of Scumm Bar).

      1. I already double checked all those places, I’m still on the island searching, but I checked all the spots u just mentioned, and everywhere else a player could walk, the coin is just not here

        1. Amir Abdollahi

          Hmm…yeah, all the single Piece o’ Coin places are before you purchase the Chef’s Uniform…so weird! And you picked up the five pieces on the table in Scumm Bar, two from the tray, and one from each long bench in the Church?

          1. I did check there, I found 2 on the long benches in the church. Since I am still on the island, u can join me and help search if u want, I’m playing solo sloop.

          2. Do you happen to have any idea of when the second part of the tall tale will become available?

          3. Amir Abdollahi

            The one they were missing was on the barrel in High Street. It’s just out front from the Church. There’s a crate out there and a barrel.

          4. If you are still help, send me a game invite and I can help you get the rest. IOnEI Falcon is my gamertag.

          5. Make sure you check the benches in the Church and on top of the barrels in High Street, the path to Low Street, the Alley, and outside Scumm Bar.

      1. Amir Abdollahi

        One could mean you are missing a Piece o’ Eight from one of the three barrels around Scumm Bar, the barrel on the path to Low Street, the barrel in High Street, or from the long benches in the Church (there is one in each aisle of benches).

  1. I’m missing the bag of coins “In the room with the stairs in the Governor’s Mansion” – it is just not there… :-/

    1. Amir Abdollahi

      It should be on a small footlocker on the right side of the stairs or on the table with the memoir spot.

      1. Nevermind found it on the table. 😀 Thx!

        Rare must have relocated it to the table next to the chair you sit in for an easier find.

          1. Did you go into Corina’s shop and let her talk to you? After she finishes talking, you should be able to walk out and the town will be back to normal.

  2. when it says you should have 140 pieces o eight now, i only have 95 while i followed every step. why do i always do something wrong. ive restarted the tall tale few times now and keep getting the same amount…

    1. Amir Abdollahi

      After purchasing the Chef’s Uniform, you must take the Pieces o’ Eight Pouch from the Kitchen, the two different Pieces o’ Eight Pouches from the two Thirsty Pirates in the Scumm bar, and the Pieces o’ Eight Pouch in the Clock Tower. Are you missing one of those?

  3. “By now you should have 55 pieces..” I have 49. I keep checking everywhere that has been suggested in the guide and comments, so far.

    1. Amir Abdollahi

      Hmm, so you are missing 6? So you checked all eight crates and three barrels around the Docks/Scumm Bar? What about the two crates and barrel in Low Street? Or barrel and crate in High Street? Maybe it’s the Church tray or long benches?

      1. I’m pretty sure I’ve checked, and double checked, those areas. But it’s good to know the numbers of crates and barrels to check. I’ve been on for a while now, going to get some sleep and check again in the morning. I’ll let you know what I come up with. Thank you.

      2. Attempt number 2 went much better this morning. I ended up with 55 pieces. A couple of the locations were a little different, like, I only found 2 pieces on the church pews, not one on each isle. But, I ended up with 55 nonetheless.

    1. Amir Abdollahi

      That’s fine. The coins are randomly placed at specific locations. The guide will show you everywhere you need to check. Some places will have coins and others won’t. As long as your totals match ours when we mention them you are good to go!

    1. Amir Abdollahi

      You need to talk to him three different times to get all six dialogue options. Once between the start and giving him the toy, once between giving him the toy and picking up the Root Beer Bottles, and once after picking up the Root Beer Bottles and defeating the Ghost Pirates.

    1. Amir Abdollahi

      Did you find them? Two coins probably means you missed one of the three barrels by the Scumm Bar, the barrel on the way to Low Street, the barrel in High Street, the barrel in the Alley, or the long benches and tray in the Church.

  4. I’ve completed the Tall Tale, got all the commendations, it even says I’ve received the painting “Mêlée by Moonlight”, but when I want to place it on my ship, can’t find it anywhere in trinkets? Placed the figurines fine though?

      1. Amir Abdollahi

        Hmm, has it been 72 hours? Sometimes rewards can be delayed. And you’ve been trying to place it on the walls of your ship right, not shelves?

        1. Yes i mostly use my sloop, tried to even replace the one spot I’ve got another painting in, and all other areas that I’ve got something hanging, to no avail. I literally don’t even see this particular painting in the inventory, where all the other trinkets etc is. And definitely been more than 72 hours

  5. When you get to where you get Elaine’s letter I don’t get a prompt to move the blanket. I’ve logged out and joined back and and the prompt still didn’t show up. Nevermind I didn’t open the curtains :/

    1. Amir Abdollahi

      Make sure you open the curtains first. You can’t interact with the bed until you open the curtains.

  6. hi friend ,The server restart when i almost after i took the root beer ,i will start it again and it start from the beginnin, does anybody know how to continue the story from the point i was?

  7. matthew janisse

    i had a problem where i can not give the thirsty pirate with the key the last sip of grog i tried everything plz help me

    1. Hmm, that is really odd. And you’ve made your your tankard is full? Maybe try drinking it all yourself, refilling it, and trying again. Or you could die and go to the Ferry of the Damned. Sometimes a death reset and fix things. Good luck!

  8. I didn’t talk to the dog between giving the monkey and finishing the tale and now I don’t have any dialog options for her. Do I have to restart the whole tale?

    1. Aye! If you missed talking to Spiffy then you’ll have to redo the Tall Tale unfortunately. You should be able to breeze through it the second time!

      1. I tried restarting for the second problem because i missed one coin in the church and it didn’t open after i got back out of the house with the cauldron. Then I had to fight the ghosts again but before entering the house I spoke with Spiffy and it worked and the doors then were open so everything has worked out

    1. At what point in the Tall Tale? After you fight the guards you need to listen to Corina. After she talks to you you’ll be able to go inside the buildings again.

  9. After Corina stopped talking (i didn’t speak to her) the door to the bar was closed so I couldn’t get the fifth dialogue from the dog.

    1. That’s so odd. We haven’t run into that yet. A few pirates on our YouTube channel said they were able to sword lunge over to the back Kitchen door to get inside and talk to Spiffy.

  10. Hi there, step 46 isn’t working for me as I cannot open the door to the bar. After finishing the TT, I quit the game and repeated the whole TT but it’s the same again. Any ideas?

    1. It’s a known issue unfortunately 🙁 Some people have been able to get back into the bar by sword lunging through the back Kitchen door.

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