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The Lair of LeChuck Tall Tale Guide

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With Guybrush rescued, it’s time to face LeChuck. You must reunite with Guybrush to prevent LeChuck from reforging the Sword of Souls into the formidable Burning Blade. If you don’t, LeChuck will use the weapon’s power to imprison any pirate who stands in his way!

However, before you can reach LeChuck, you’ll need to find a way down to the lava-filled catacombs below Monkey Island. Once you crack open the Stone Monkey Head, you can confront LeChuck.

The Lair of LeChuck Tall Tale: Step by Step

Step 1: Starting The Lair of LeChuck Tall Tale

To start the third Legend of Monkey Island Tall Tale, The Lair of LeChuck, you’ll want to head over to Kate at the Capsize Charters on any Outpost in the Sea of Thieves.

Once you’ve found Kate, look just to the right of her to find three Tall Tale books sitting on a small makeshift bench nearby. Approach and interact with the book for The Lair of LeChuck to vote on and start the Tall Tale.

Step 2: Sail through the Archway

During your conversation with Kate, the Pirate Lord will appear and open a portal in a nearby archway to the Sea of the Damned. Sail through the archway, and you will teleport to a Tunnel of the Damned. This tunnel will take you to Monkey Island, where you will start your adventure to top LeChuck!

Step 3: Sail through the Tunnel of the Damned

As soon as you enter the Tunnel of the Damned, you will no longer be in control of your ship. You can let go of your ship’s wheel and freely roam around your vessel.

After entering the Tunnel of the Damned, Guybrush, aboard the Black Pearl, will join you. With the help of his crew, Guybrush will brew the potion necessary for reaching Monkey Island.

After Guybrush brews the potion, your ship will continue to travel through the Tunnel of the Damned until it reaches the end, where you will teleport to Monkey Island!

Tunnel of the Damned

Step 4: Dock your ship

Once you reach the end of the Tunnel of the Damned, you and your ship will teleport to Monkey Island. Keep sailing North toward the island. As you approach the beach, turn your wheel left and sail North West around the island.

Instead of just docking anywhere along the island, you want to place your ship in a specific location to unlock a commendation later in the Tall Tale.

Keep sailing until you reach the spot on the shoreline where the sand stops and the red rock begins. Park your ship about eight paces away from the red rocks and as close to the beach as possible. Placing your ship parallel to the beach will give you the most surface area to hit.

After docking your ship, hop off onto the island and equip your Quest Book. As your Quest Book suggests, you’ll first want to meet with Guybrush by the giant Stone Monkey Head. However, you’ll want to find two memoir spots and three of Herman’s notes before you reach him.

Whoops... ship position

Step 5: Memoir Spot #1

From your ship, run along the beach heading East. You will eventually come to a lone banana tree. Just South of that are two crates and an inkwell on the shoreline. Sit on one of the wooden crates to take in the view at this memoir spot. There are ten in total you need to find.

Step 6: Herman's Note #1

After viewing the memoir spot, stand up and walk just North of the banana tree to discover one of Herman’s notes on a rock covered in bananas. Like the memoir spots, there are also ten notes you need to find.

Reading these notes will give you essential clues and hints about how to solve the various puzzles around the island.

Step 7: Speak with everybody aboard the Black Pearl

Once you’ve read the note, keep going East around the beach until you reach the Black Pearl. Swim over to the ship and climb up to speak with Mancomb, Scumm Bar Chef, and Cobb. After you talk to all three, you will unlock the “Part of the Crew” commendation.

They will all reiterate that you should meet with Guybrush. So, after you’ve spoken to the crew on the Black Pearl, hop off the ship and go back to the beach.

Step 8: Memoir Spot #2

Continue walking North by North East toward the shipwrecked Sea Monkey.

Before you reach the Sea Monkey, you’ll come to an outlet of water leaving the swamp. Stop before crossing the water and face West by North West toward a large tree. On one of the tree’s massive roots is an inkwell. Sit on the root to take in the view at this memoir spot.

Step 9: Herman's Note #2

Hop down from the tree, cross the water, and continue walking North up the beach.

Stop at the Sea Monkey and look for a large pile of wood. Sitting on top of the wood pile is one of Herman’s notes. Read it to learn that a flying boulder from Herman’s Primitive Art sank the ship.

Step 10: Herman's Note #3

From the Sea Monkey, continue North East until you reach a dirt path leading into the jungle to the East. Another of Herman’s notes is on a red rock to the right of the dirt path. Read it to learn that the little monkey statues in the jungle point the way to the Stone Monkey Hand.

Step 11: Speak with Guybrush

After reading the note, walk up the dirt path, past the Private Property sign and spiked skulls, until you reach Guybrush. Guybrush is standing by a wooden gate blocking access to the giant Stone Monkey Head.

As soon as you find Guybrush, he will begin talking to you. He will explain that the Stone Monkey Head is locked shut. Unfortunately, someone has hidden the key to open it in the jungle inside some mechanism.

Guybrush in front of gate

To open the mechanism and find the Cotton Swab Key, you must collect three Monkey Idols. Placing all three idols on the apparatus will activate it and reveal the key.

Guybrush will then hand you a map of Monkey Island with markings that hint at the locations of the Monkey Idols. Open the map to see two Monkey Idols and Herman Toothrot. Herman, the old castaway, is on the map instead of the third idol because he has hidden it.

Monkey Island map

If you ask Guybrush where to start, he’ll tell you to begin your search for the idols by talking to Herman. As the map suggests, you can find him at his camp on the south beach.

Step 12: Memoir Spot #3

After talking to Guybrush, turn around, and you’ll see a large red rock with an inkwell between a palm tree and a carved stone pillar. Sit on the large red rock to take in the view at this memoir spot.

Step 13: Discover the Buried Monkey Idol

As Guybrush said, you must find three Monkey Idols to retrieve the key. As he suggested, you can start by finding an idol hidden by Herman, the Buried Monkey Idol.

To begin searching for the Buried Monkey Idol, you’ll want to investigate Herman’s Camp to the South. So, head to the south beach just below the pillar of smoke billowing from the jungle.

Step 14: Speak with Herman

Walk into the camp to find Herman stirring a pot of his Chilled Banana Soup. Talk to Herman, and you’ll discover a few things about the island.

Most importantly, you’ll learn that a monkey on the island loves Herman’s Chilled Banana Soup. However, Herman has yet to catch him with his Monkey Trap.

You’ll want to take note of the chest behind Herman. It’s locked now and requires Herman’s Chest Key to unlock it. You’ll be recovering that shortly.

Talk to Herman

Step 15: Pick up Herman's Note

From Herman, turn around and pick up Herman’s Note from the nearby wooden crate. You’ll add four pages to your Quest Book. Equip your Quest Book from your Quest Radial and flip to the pages you just added.

Pick up Herman's Note

First, read the “Herman’s Jobs” page to learn about Herman’s Supply Cache and Monkey Trap.

Next, read the “Even More Jobs!” page to discover Herman is hiding the Supply Cache Key in one of the four wooden carvings around the jungle.

Finally, read the “Herman’s Final Jobs…” page to learn that the location of the SECRET PLACE is locked in the chest behind Herman.

While not needed for this Monkey Idol, it’s important to note that on the “More Herman’s Jobs” page, he writes about hiding a Stockade Key in the flooded Crater. You’ll also want to remember the other supplies he mentions hiding in treetops on the “Herman’s Final Jobs…” page. Both bits of information will be essential to remember for the Caged Monkey Idol.

We’ll start by finding the Supply Cache Key to enter the Supply Cache and collect some Chilled Banana Soup.

Herman's Note

Step 16: Memoir Spot #4

From Herman, walk North past the Monkey Trap and stop before the wooden bridge. Turn left and then take another left to find a dense portion of the jungle. You’ll find a red rock against a large dead tree with an inkwell nearby. Sit on the red rock to take in the view at this memoir spot.

Step 17: Find Supply Cache Key

You need to find four wooden carvings on a looped path North of Herman’s Camp. Once you find the Supply Key, you can stop looking for more wooden carvings and return to Herman’s Camp.

Pig Animal Carving

From the memoir spot, make your back to the wooden bridge and cross it over the Ravine. Once you reach the other side, turn left to the North West and walk until you reach the Pig Animal Carving on your right. Interact with it to open it up and see if the Supply Cache Key is inside. If it is, pick it up and head back to Herman’s Camp.

Pig Animal Carving

Parrot Animal Carving

If you didn’t find the key, continue and take the path just after the Pig to the right, heading East by North East. You’ll eventually come to a pointing stone monkey statue and a Parrot Animal Carving. Interact with the Parrot to see if the key is inside. If it is, pick it up and head back to Herman’s Camp.

Parrot Animal Carving

Monkey Animal Carving

If you still need to find the key, continue and take the path just after the Parrot to the right, heading North East. You’ll come to another pointing stone monkey statue. Do as the monkey statue suggests and go right to the East. You’ll come to another pointing stone monkey statue.

Follow this monkey statue’s directions and go left, heading East by North East. You’ll walk right into the Monkey Animal Carving. Open up the Monkey to look for the key. Pick it up and return to Herman’s Camp if you find it.

Monkey Animal Carving

Chicken Animal Carving

If not, face South East from the Monkey and walk South East. Follow the path to a fork and go right, heading West by South West. You’ll walk right into the Chicken Animal Carving. Interact with it to find the key.

With the Supply Cache Key in hand, head back to Herman’s Camp.

Chicken Animal Carving

Step 18: Open the Supply Cache

Once you are back at Herman’s Camp, leave using the path to the North East and walk up the wooden planks to a lantern. You’ll find the Ravine and a makeshift ladder just next to the lantern. Interact with the makeshift ladder and climb down.

Once you are at the bottom of the Ravine, head West by North West until you come to an iron cell door. Approach the door and use the Supply Cache Key to open the Supply Cache.

Open Supply Cache

Step 19: Herman's Note #4

Head inside the Supply Cache and you’ll see a crate of Chilled Banana Soup. Across from the crate of Chilled Banana Soup is another one of Herman’s notes. Read the note to learn how Herman sets his Monkey Trap with Chilled Banana Soup as bait.

Step 20: Pick up Chilled Banana Soup

After you’ve read the note, interact with the open chest to pick up a jar of Chilled Banana Soup. Once you have the soup, take it back to Herman’s Camp.

Pick up Chilled Banana Soup

Step 21: Set Monkey Trap

With the Chilled Banana Soup in hand, interact with the plate in the Monkey Trap just North of Herman. You’ll pour the soup onto the plate, setting the trap.

Shortly after setting the trap, a monkey will appear and freely drink the soup without setting it off. After the monkey drinks the soup, it will run into the jungle.

Pour Chilled Banana Soup

Step 22: Discover Herman's Chest Key

Herman will get irritated that the Monkey Trap didn’t work and walk over to inspect it. While he is standing over the trap, interact with the other end of the rope, by the crate where you picked up Herman’s Note, to spring the Monkey Trap and capture Herman. Snaring Herman in the Monkey Trap will unlock the “Highly Strung” commendation.

Now that Herman is hanging from the Monkey Trap, you can interact with the rope near the tied log several times to shake the key from Herman.

After you interact with the rope three times, Herman will drop his key to the chest.

Gently tug Monkey Trap

Step 23: Open Herman's Chest

Pick up Herman’s Chest Key and use it on Herman’s Chest to open it. Inside, you’ll find Herman’s Rowboat Map. Pick up the map, and you’ll add it to your Quest Book.

Now that you have directions to the rowboat oars, it’s time to find them!

Herman's Rowboat Map

Step 24: Find the INGENIOUS hiding place

Equip your Quest Book and flip to the “Rowboat Security” page to find directions using various landmarks throughout the jungle. These directions are just the first part of the map and will direct you to the second part, hidden in Herman’s INGENIOUS hiding spot.

Herman's Rowboat Map

As directed, cross over the bridge over the Ravine and take a left to the Pig Animal Carving you interacted with earlier. Keep heading North West to stay on the path and walk past the stinky flowers on your right.

You’ll eventually come to a pointing stone monkey statue and two barrels. The map says to pass the barrel with the octopus inside. Reaching inside the barrel to the left will inform you that whatever is inside is wet, cold, and squishy. The other barrel has something inside that is sharp and spiky.

Herman's Rowboat Map

The barrel to the left is the one with the octopus, so take a left heading North West. Walk over the ladder and stop at the fork. The left path has an Old Pocket Watch along it. The right path has an Old Compass along it. Herman’s Rowboat Map mentions tracking time, so take the left path with the Old Pocket Watch.

Old Pocket Watch

Step 25: Herman's Note #5

Don’t go too far down the Old Pocket Watch path just yet!

Another one of Herman’s notes is on the left side of the path across from the Old Pocket Watch. Read it to learn that most of the ruins were built to last, and it would take a direct hit from a meteor to damage them.

Step 26: Continue to find INGENIOUS hiding place

After taking the Old Pocket Watch path, you’ll soon come to the Sea Monkey’s flag. Take a left at the flag and walk toward the pond. As you approach the pond, you should see a fishing rod to your right and an old boot to your left. The Old Boot is what you are looking for! Reach inside to add directions to Herman’s SECRET PLACE, where he hides the oars.

Old Boot

Step 27: Find the Rowboat Oars

Equip your Quest Book and flip to the last page to find the directions to the oars. Walk back to the flag and face North West.

Walk down the path until you reach a fork. Each diverging path has a Grog Barrel. The directions in your Quest Book mention to go down the path with the grog that doesn’t knock you off your feet. If you equip your tankard and approach the Grog Barrel to the right on the path to the North East, you’ll see it contains Near-Grog.

Keep heading down this path until you get to the riverbed. Depending on your map, you could need to dig in one of four spots in the riverbed.

Clothes hung out to dry

If your directions mention hanging clothes, you’ll want to dig by the hanging clothes on the riverbed.

Wooden fence

If your directions mention a wooden fence, you’ll want to dig by the wooden fence next to the footholds. The wooden fence is just North of the hanging clothes.

Crate of precious bottles

If your directions mention a crate of bottles, you’ll want to dig by the bottles below the palm trees just West of the zipline. The crate of bottles is just East by North East of the hanging clothes.

Old dagger

And if your directions mention an old dagger, you’ll want to dig by the dagger stuck in the tree root across from the hanging clothes.

Dig where your directions tell you, and discover the Rowboat Oars.

Step 28: Attach Rowboat Oars

Now that you have the Rowboat Oars, you can attach them to the Rowboat. Walk West of the footholds that lead up the mountain, and you’ll find the Rowboat on the shore next to a small waterfall. Approach the Rowboat and Attach the Rowboat Oars.

Push the Rowboat into the river and row East into the swamp.


Step 29: Herman's Note #6

As you row East through the swamp, you’ll spot a skeleton hanging from a rope over the water. On your approach, look to your right for one of Hermans’ notes shining in the sun at the foot of a large tree surrounded by bananas. Read the note to learn the skeleton is holding a map.

Step 30: Find Buried Idol Map

Row to the hanging skeleton and stop just below it. Then, stand up in the Rowboat and take the Buried Idol Map from the skeleton’s hands.

You’ll add the map to your Quest Book. Equip your Quest Book and flip the last page. You’ll find a sketch of the dig site.

Take Buried Idol Map

Step 31: Dig up Monkey Idol

The sketch will be of one of three locations on Monkey Island. It can depict a banana tree, a clenched fist, or a wrecked rowboat in the swamp.

If the sketch is of a banana tree, head to the south beach and dig at the banana tree just South of Herman’s Camp.

If the sketch is of a monkey fist, head into the jungle, and you’ll find the monkey fist just North of Herman’s Camp across the Ravine.

And if the sketch is of a wrecked rowboat in the swamp, you’ll find it in the easternmost part of the swamp near the Sea Monkey.

Dig at the X to dig up the Golden Monkey Idol.

Step 32: Place Monkey Idol on Stone Monkey Hand

You must now bring the Golden Monkey Idol to the mechanism hiding the Cotton Swab Key: a giant Stone Monkey Hand in the jungle. The Stone Monkey Hand is open-faced, not clenched.

A Helping Hand

Once in the jungle, look for the pointing stone monkey statues. As Herman said, these statues will always point you toward the Stone Monkey Hand you need to place the Golden Monkey Idol on.

Place first Golden Monkey Idol

Step 33: Discover the Caged Monkey Idol

One idol down, two to go! Since we have a couple of clues for the Caged Monkey Idol, we’ll tackle collecting that one next! Head over to the island’s West side, where the jungle ends and the Crater begins. You should spot a giant ship’s mast with two hanging cages attached. In one of the cages is the Caged Monkey Idol.

Step 34: Herman's Note #7

Before you start your mission to take it down, you can read another one of Herman’s notes next to the mast. It is sitting on some planks on the hill just below the mast. Read it to learn that you can knock the mast over if you hit it with enough force.

Step 35: Go to the Crater

After you’ve read the note, continue heading West toward the Crater. As you get closer to the Crater, hug the North red rock wall to find a path up.

As you make your way up to the Crater, you will cross a wooden bridge, balance over a thin wooden beam, and climb up a ladder. After the ladder, cross another wooden bridge, and you’ll reach a small gap with a Sun Tan Spot sign nearby. Remember this gap for later, but jump across and climb up the two footholds for now.

Sun Tan Spot

You’ll finally reach the Crater and should see Herman’s Stockade across the water. Jump in the water and make your way to the Stockade.


Step 36: Find Stockade Key

Approach the door to the Stockade, and you will find it locked. You need the Stockade Key that Herman mentioned earlier to open it. On the door is a map with a red circle.

Locked Stockade

If the red circle is on the bottom left of the map over a cannon, you’ll want to reach the top of the Crater to search for the Stockade Key. The key can be in one of the three pieces of furniture you can open.

Stockade Key location

If the red circle is closer to the middle of the map over the water in the Crater, you’ll want to jump into the water and interact with the white Suspicious Boulders on the floor of the Crater. Underneath one of them is the Stockade Key.

Suspicious Boulder

Once you find the Stockade Key, go back to the Stockade and open the door.

Open Stockade

Step 37: Herman's Note #8

Once inside, you’ll see a boiling pot, a spyglass, a book of recipes, a cannon, and one of Herman’s notes on the table. Read the note to learn that the antique cannon needs is rusted.

Step 38: Raise window blocking cannon

After reading the note, use the Standing Spyglass, and you’ll spot the Monkey Idol you are after. You’ll want to use the cannon beside you to destroy the mast and drop the cage with the Monkey Idol.

If you approach the cannon, it will tell you there is nowhere to move it. Use the pulley in the middle of the Stockade to raise the shutter in front of the cannon.

Open Cannon Shutter

If you approach the cannon after raising the shutter, you will see it has rusted to its spot, and you cannot move it.

You’ll need to use some of Herman’s Banana Grease to grease the cannon and move it into position.

Interact with Herman’s private book of recipes and select the recipe for Banana Grease. You will add the recipe to your Quest Book to quickly see which ingredients you need to collect.

Herman's Book of Recipes

Step 39: Make Banana Grease

The Banana Grease recipe calls for three blackened bananas, two coconut shells, and mineral oil. You’ll need to decant it into a jar after you make it.

Step 40: Add blackened Bananas

First, pick up some Wooden Planks from the nearby Wood Barrel, head outside, and start a campfire at the stove by placing a piece of wood down and igniting it with your Lantern.

After you have started the campfire, go back inside the Stockade and open the different pieces of furniture to look for Bananas. Collect three and cook them at the campfire until you burn them. After you’ve burned them, you can place them in the pot inside the Stockade.

Step 41: Add Coconut Shells

After adding three blackened Bananas, you want to add two Coconut Shells. You can find one Coconut Shell inside one of the pieces of furniture in the Stockade and another in a piece of furniture on top of the Crater, where you can find the Stockade Key. Place both Coconut Shells in the pot to continue the recipe.

Pick up Coconut Shell

Step 42: Add Suntan Oil

The next ingredient is mineral oil. However, Herman is out of mineral oil, and you can’t make it. Luckily, a substitute oil will do. If you read the recipe for the Homemade Suntan Oil, you’ll discover that Herman dropped some in the water while climbing to the Stockade.

Walk back down the Crater and stop at the gap with the Suntan Spot sign.

Sun Tan Spot

Hop down into the hole, and you’ll find a jar of Suntan Oil at the bottom.

Pick up the Suntan Oil and swim East out of the cave to return to the Stockade. Add the last ingredient to the pot, and the Banana Grease is ready to jar!

Pick up Suntan Oil

Step 43: Collect the Banana Grease

Open the small cabinet left of the pot to find an empty jar. Pick it up and interact with the pot to collect the Fresh Banana Grease.

Pick up Empty Jar

Step 44: Destroy ship's mast

Turn around and grease the Antique Cannon with the Full Jar of Banana Grease. After you do, set down the remaining grease somewhere you’ll remember in the Stockade.

Now, push the Antique Cannon forward, grab some cannonballs from the Cannonball Barrel to your right, and fire at the mast. You want to aim just above the top of the mast. You can equip your Spyglass right after shooting to see how to adjust your angle. After you destroy the mast, the two cages will drop to the ground.

Pick up the Half a Jar of Banana Grease and take the zipline to the cages.

Shoot Cannonball

Step 45: Herman's Note #9

After landing on the ground, head toward the cages, but look for one of Herman’s notes on a red rock to your left on the way.

Step 46: Place Gunpowder Gummy on Monkey Idol Cage

From the note, keep walking to the cages. As you approach, you will find that the cage with the Monkey Idol is locked. However, you can open the other cage with the skeleton.

Set down the Half a Jar of Banana Grease and open the cage. You’ll find a journal by Gold Tooth, Gold Tooth’s Skull, and a Gunpowder Gummy. Pick up the Gunpowder Gummy and place it in the lock of the Monkey Idol cage.

Now that you’ve primed the idol cage, you need a way to ignite it. You can’t use a Gunpowder Fuse, so you must get creative.

To ignite the Gunpowder Gummy and blow open the cage, you’ll need to harness the light from the sun to create a chain of reflections across the island. Once you reflect the light around the island to the Gunpowder Gummy, it will explode and release the Monkey Idol.

Place Gunpowder Gummy

Step 47: Grease stake

Before leaving to start the process of igniting the Gunpowder Gummy, pick up the Half a Jar of Banana Grease and walk over to the three spiked skulls just South West of the cages.

Interact with the middle Weathered Skull and try to remove it. As it is, you won’t be able to. However, you will learn that something can loosen the skull. While holding the Half a Jar of Banana Grease, interact with the stake to Grease the Stake.

You can then interact with the Weathered Skull and remove it.

Leave these stakes for now and head for the Black Pearl to start your chain of reflections. These stakes are the end of the chain that you’ll finish setting up later.

Grease Stake

Step 48: Build Mounted Spyglass

To start the chain of reflections, go to the East side of the island by the Black Pearl. A knocked-over Spyglass Stand is on the beach before the Black Pearl. Interact with the Spyglass Stand to raise it. Once you lift the stand, you’ll see that the Spyglass is missing.

To find the Spyglass, follow the trail of monkey footprints next to the Spyglass Stand into the jungle. You will shortly come to a Cracked Spyglass. Pick it up and place it on the Spyglass Stand.

Pick up Cracked Spyglass

Looking at the Spyglass, you will see a large beam of light reflecting off its lens. You will use this lens to ignite the Gunpowder Gummy. But you’ll need to bounce that light across the island to the Gunpowder Gummy along the beach to reach it.

If you follow where the beam of light is pointing, you’ll see it is pointing to the three stakes surrounded by furniture. The stakes will have a Weathered Skull on the middle stake. Remove the Weathered Skull.

You’ll need a shiny replacement to continue the chain of light. The coconuts on either side of the central stake should hint at a particular coconut on the Black Pearl you can use, Captain Coco!

Remove Weathered Skull

Step 49: Rescue Captain Coco

Step aboard the Black Pearl and talk to Captain Coco at the helm. After you speak to Captain Coco, you can interact with him to rescue him.

Captain Coco will then hop off from the wheel. However, you can’t pick him up just yet. Captain Coco is damaged, and needs help seeing. Lucky for Captain Coco, you can find something to aid Captain Coco’s eyesight in the Sea Monkey.

Rescue Captain Coco

Step 50: Find Toy Admiral's Monocle

Go to the Sea Monkey shipwreck North of the Black Pearl. Walk inside Captain’s Cabin, and you’ll see several pieces of furniture you can interact with. Open up both cupboards, pull out each Cereal Box, and search inside every Cereal Box for a suitable eye for Captain Coco.

After finding a handful of toys, you will eventually find the Toy Admiral’s Monocle. Head back to Captain Coco on the Black Pearl with your prize.

Toy Admiral's Monocle Discovered

Step 51: Repair and promote Admiral Coco

Holding the monocle, interact with Captain Coco to repair and promote him. Now that he can see, you can pick him up.

Take Admiral Coco to the three stakes the first Spyglass points to and place him on the middle stake. The beam of light bouncing off the Mounted Spyglass will now hit Admiral Coco’s monocle and reflect farther down the beach.

Step 52: Raise Mounted Spyglass

Follow the beam of light from Admiral Coco South by South West to some rocks on the shoreline. Next to some wooden crates and planks will be a knocked-over Spyglass. Raise the Spyglass Stand, and it will reflect the light even further.

Follow the beam of light West to an already standing Mounted Spyglass. Interact with the Spyglass to discover it points at the three stakes you greased earlier. Return to the three stakes.

Raise Spyglass Stand

Step 53: Place Three Coconut Shells on stake

As you probably guessed, you must find something shiny to reflect the light and hit the Gunpowder Gummy. Conveniently, Gold Tooth’s Skull is the perfect object to place on the stake. However, if you try to put it on the stake, you will see that the skull will slide too far down the stake, and the beam won’t reflect to hit the Gunpowder Gummy.

You’ll need to add some padding to raise Gold Tooth’s Skull higher on the stake to complete the chain of light.

Walk past the cages to the East side of the fallen ship’s mast. In a small clearing South East of the mast is a raised crate with three Coconut Shells. So, walk South East from the end of the mast into the jungle, and you should shortly find Herman’s treetop supplies.

View of treetop supplies from mast

Use your sword and damage the weak part of the rope holding the crate to lower it with the Coconut Shells. Pick up Herman’s Supply Crate, return it to the greased stake, and place the three Coconut Shells on it.

Treetop supplies

Step 54: Ignite Gunpowder Gummy

Pick Gold Tooth’s Skull from the cage and place it with the three Coconut Shells on the stake. The beam of light from the Sypglass at the Black Pearl will finally reach the Gunpowder Gummy and ignite it, blowing up the lock and opening the cage.

Gunpowder Gummy explosion

Step 55: Place Monkey Idol on Stone Monkey Hand

Take the Golden Monkey Idol out of the cage and head into the jungle. Follow the pointing stone monkey statues to the Stone Monkey Hand and place the idol in the hand. You will unlock a checkpoint.

Step 56: Recover the Totem Monkey Idol

One more idol to collect!

As you’ve been trekking through the jungle, you will probably have noticed a tall hand-carved Monkey Totem with a Monkey Idol at the top of it. As you’ve seen, many pirates have failed to climb to the top. Instead, you’ll take another approach and knock down the tower to reach the idol. Head to the riverbed on the island’s Northside, where you found the rowboat earlier.

Step 57: Memoir Spot #5

Once you’ve reached the riverbed, look for a shaded group of red rocks with an inkwell just South of the bridge to the red footholds. Sit on the red rocks to take in the view at this memoir spot.

Step 58: Herman's Note #10

Stand up from this memoir spot, walk North over the wooden bridge, and climb the two footholds. Once you reach the top, you should find another one of Herman’s notes on the side of the mountain. Read it to learn that you will be doing the opposite of everything Herman advises.

Step 59: Memoir Spot #6

After you read the note, turn to your right, and you will see the Primitive Art. Just next to the Primitive Art along the cliffside is a rock and inkwell. Sit on the rock to take in the view at this memoir spot.

Step 60: Rotate Primitive Art

Approach the Primitive Art and rotate it until the side without the boulder is pointing directly South toward the statue with the Golden Monkey Idol.

Rotate Primitive Art

Step 61: Memoir Spot #7

Climb up the next footholds behind the Primitive Art to reach the top of the mountain. Along the cliffside will be an inkwell. Sit on the cliff to take in the view at this memoir spot.

Step 62: Break Monkey Totem holding Monkey Idol

Interact with the pile of boulders next to the Don’t Touch sign to pick up a Boulder. Place it on the carved X on the ground on the corner of the cliff. Push the Boulder once you’ve placed it on the X, and it will land on the Primitive Art.

If you’ve rotated the Primitive Art correctly, the Boulder will launch off the Primitive Art towards the Monkey Totem and break it.

Don’t chase after the idol just yet! You need to use the Primitive Art two more times to unlock two easy-to-miss commendations.

Step 63: Make a banana fall from its tree

Climb back down to the Primitive Art and rotate it once to the left. The end of the art should now be pointing to Herman’s Camp. You should be able to spot the smoke coming out from the jungle behind a large tree.

Climb back up, pick up a Boulder, place it down on the X, and push it onto the Primitive Art. The Boulder should fly over the jungle and hit the lone banana tree on the beach, causing several bananas to fall out. Hitting the banana tree with the Primitive Art will unlock the “No Fruit Picker Required” commendation.

Primitive Art angle for Banana Tree

Step 64: Hit your own ship using the primitive art

One more time! This time, however, you’ll be aiming for your ship! There are only two places where Primitive Art can reach the water. One of the places is where you docked your vessel.

Climb back down to the Primitive Art and rotate it to the right until the end of the art is pointing South West toward your ship.

Climb back up, pick up a Boulder, place it on the X, and push it onto the Primitive Art. The Boulder should fly over the jungle and hopefully hit your ship. Use your Spyglass to watch the Boulder and see where it lands so you know how to adjust your ship’s location.

Hitting your ship with the Primitive Art will unlock the “Whoops…” commendation.

Primitive Art angle for ship

Step 65: Place Monkey Idol on Stone Monkey Hand

From the top ledge, take the zipline down to the jungle and head to where the Monkey Totem is.

Pick the Golden Monkey Idol off the ground and head into the jungle. Follow the pointing stone monkey statues to the Stone Monkey Hand and place the idol in the hand. The giant Stone Monkey Hand will raise and reveal the Cotton Swab Key!

Step 66: Open the giant Stone Monkey Head

Pick up the Cotton Swab Key and return to Guybrush near the giant Stone Monkey Head.

When you reach Guybrush, he will open the gate with the help of Spiffy.

Walk past the gate and head to the right side of the Stone Monkey Head. Holding the Cotton Swab Key, insert it into the Stone Monkey Head’s left ear. You’ll need to interact with the Cotton Swab Key several times before the Monkey Head will open.

Guybrush will then put on a necklace that makes him invisible and offer you the Head of the Navigator that you will use to traverse the catacombs. However, before taking the Head of the Navigator, there is a nearby memoir spot you can sit at.

Step 67: Memoir Spot #8

Facing Guybrush, turn around, and past the monkey statues and stones, you will see a lone crate with an inkwell. Sit on the crate to take in the view at this memoir spot.

Step 68: Take Head of the Navigator

Return to Guybrush and take the Head of the Navigator from Guybrush. The Head of the Navigator is not an item you keep in your Quest Radial, so you can drop it if necessary. Guybrush will stand near wherever you dropped it, making it harder to lose if you let it go.

You’ll need to rely on the Head of the Navigator to navigate through the catacombs. The Head of the Navigator acts like a compass and will face whatever direction you need to go. However, specific paths in the catacombs, usually paths forward, will only be present after some time.

That means you might have to follow the Head of the Navigator around in circles before the correct way reveals itself. The Head of the Navigator will constantly adjust and correct itself when a way forward is available.

As you go through the catacombs, you also want to stay close to Guybrush. Don’t walk too far ahead of him. Guybrush will usually comment on the direction the Head of the Navigator is pointing or suggest staying close when a path forward opens.

Step 69: Enter the catacombs

Holding the Head of the Navigator, walk into the Stone Monkey Head’s mouth and climb down the Rib Cage.

Step 70: Memoir Spot #9

As soon as you step foot in the catacombs, walk over to the right side of the landing, and you’ll find bunches of purple mushrooms. One of the mushrooms will be by an inkwell. Sit on the mushroom to take in the view at this memoir spot.

Step 71: Navigate through the catacombs

Follow the Head of the Navigator across three narrow stone bridges over the lava pit into a chamber that splits into two paths through two large archways.

Follow the Head of the Navigator through both paths, one a dead end and one a loop, until a way forward opens up in the South East.

Step 72: Journal #1

Follow the Head of the Navigator down the opened path into a new lava-filled chamber. Stop before the pool of lava and turn left to the North to find the first of LeChuck’s journals.

Step 73: Continue to navigate through the catacombs

Continue to follow the Head of the Navigator around the lava-filled chamber until it finds a path leading out of the room to the South.

You will come to another chamber with two paths that connect and create a loop. Once you follow the Head of the Navigator around this loop, it will eventually find a new way forward to the East.

Step 74: Journal #2

Walk halfway down the stairs to the East and stop at the first landing. Turn left to the North to find another one of LeChuck’s journals.

You should be able to spot the next journal farther down the path from where you are standing.

Step 75: Journal #3

Walk the rest of the way down the path and turn left to find the next journal from LeChuck.

Step 76: Continue to navigate through the Catacombs

Follow the Head of the Navigator from the journal to the North down a long path over lava. You’ll do another loop around the chamber with the third journal until the Head of the Navigator finds a new route to the North.

Go through the path and follow the Head of the Navigator through this chamber until it leads you North to a skull that Guybrush will interact with.

Step 77: Journal #4

From the skull that Guybrush picks up, walk left up the stairs, and you will come to the fourth journal on the ground to your left. Don’t hop down here! You still have one more journal to read.

Step 78: Journal #5

From the fourth journal, head East over a bridge to find the fifth and final journal on the ground next to some mushrooms.

Step 79: Continue to Traverse the Catacombs

Keep following the Head of the Navigator around this lava-filled chamber. Guybrush will find a journal you don’t need to read and accidentally drop it. The Head of the Navigator will eventually lead you down a path of rock platforms you need to hop down. Make sure you read all five journals before hoping down.

You’ll shortly come to a massive drop into a pool of water. Jump in and slide down the flume to the next part of the catacombs.

Follow the Head of the Navigator until it leads you out of this lava-filled chamber to the South.

Hand the Head of the Navigator to Guybrush and walk into the final chamber.

Step 80: Memoir Spot #10

The final chamber will have LeChuck’s Ghost Ship in it. Before you get too close, sit on the rock next to an inkwell to your right that overlooks the ghost ship.

Step 81: Confront LeChuck

Approach LeChuck’s Ghost Ship, and Guybrush will take off his necklace. LeChuck will immediately spot you and Guybrush before sailing down the lava tunnel.

Just as all hope is lost, Elaine and Kate will emerge with the Headless Monkey out of nowhere! Hop onto the Headless Monkey with the crew and prepare for a fiery chase!

Step 82: Chase LeChuck

After the cutscene, you can lower the sails and chase down LeChuck. While there is no wind down in the lava tunnels, you can still set the ship’s speed with the sail length.

If you want to go fast, lower all three sails! However, raise some of the sails if you want to go slow around a sharp corner.

With the sails lowered, you start the chase through the lava tunnels. Along the way, you will come to a barrier of rocks that Elaine and Guybrush will destroy using the front cannons.

Keep chasing LeChuck through the tunnels, destroying any barriers in your way. You will eventually corner LeChuck in a colossal chamber, forcing him to fight.

Step 83: Defeat LeChuck's Ghost Ship

To defeat LeChuck’s Ghost Ship, you must destroy it three times. You’ll need to send multiple volleys of Root Beer Cannonballs into it to take it down. Each time you scuttle his ship, he reappears somewhere else in the chamber.

Take advantage of Elaine and Guybrush on the front cannons, particularly if sailing alone. Try and get behind LeChuck and let Elain and Guybrush do all the work. Remember to raise a sail or two when you get in an optimal position behind LeChuck, so you don’t sail past him.

After you sink his ship three times, LeChuck will anchor your ship and capture Guybrush and Elaine!

Luckily, Corina will materialize through one of her portals to lend a hand!

She will teleport you to a Tunnel of the Damned, which will ultimately take you to the docks of Mêlée Island!

LeChuck's Ghost Ship

Step 84: Go to the Church

Hop onto the docks and speak with Kate. It appears that LeChuck has taken over the whole town! She will tell you she has a plan to help take down LeChuck but needs you to stall him. You can find LeChuck in the Church.

If you don’t have a cutlass equipped, go back to your ship and equip one. You’ll need it for the upcoming confrontation!

Run past Scumm Bar, Low Street, and High Street to the Church. Open the door and walk inside.

Step 85: Defeat LeChuck

After the cutscene, it’s time to fight LeChuck with nothing but your cutlass!

Inflict damage on him in the Church, and he will quickly teleport outside. Open the door to exit the Church and meet him on High Street.

Once outside, the Insult Sword Fighting will start. Like Ribbsy, you can only defend yourself against LeChuck and Retort his Insults.

You must win three Retorts to push LeChuck farther back into Low Street.

After winning three, head to Low Street, where you will continue to Insult Sword Fight LeChuck. Win three more Retorts to push LeChuck farther back into the docks by Scumm Bar where he will take his last stand.

You’re almost there! If you win three more Retorts, you will hinder LeChuck. While LeChuck is down, the Pirate Lord will appear and reveal a crate of Root Beer Bottles. Run over, pick one up, and start spraying LeChuck!

LeChuck will explode spectacularly, and you will have finally defeated him!

LeChuck Insult and Retort

LeChuck's Insults and Retorts

Below is a list of every Insult and its Retort during the LeChuck fight:

Soon I shall rule the waters!How appropriate. You fight like a Splashtail.
It's foolish to stand and fight me!You're right, I should have brought a stool.
I shall be the Dread Pirate Lord!You're nothing but a dead pirate fraud.
You Sea of Thieves pirates are a joke!Allow me to deliver the PUNCH-line.
Captain Flameheart shall server ME!Will you be boiled or roasted?
Athena's Fortune will rally behind me!At least they won't have to look at your face.
You'll pay for this insolence!Do you take Bilge Rat Doubloons?
I shall claim Ramsey's seat of power!Good idea. You look like you could use a rest.
The Sea of Thieves you know will soon be nothing but a memory!Too bad no-one will remember YOU at all.
Elaine shall be my blushing bride!Being seen with you would make anyone blush.
Pirates will clap their hands when they see me!Sure. Over their eyes.
I'll teach ye to mess up my plans!Great! You've got plenty of experience with that.
I shall rule with an iron fist!On the Sea of Thieves, we call that a 'hook'.
I command you to kneel before me!Aw, you need help tying your shoes?

Step 86: Speak with the Pirate Lord, Guybrush, Elaine, and Kate

After you’ve defeated LeChuck, meet with the Pirate Lord, Guybrush, Elaine, and Kate on the docks. Once the cutscene is over, you can leave Mêlée Island.

Step 87: Sail through Portal

Return to your ship at the docks and sail through the portal to leave. You will complete the Tall Tale and earn your rewards as soon as you go through the portal!


There are a total of 14 commendations for The Lair of LeChuck Tall Tale. You will unlock most of them naturally as you play through the Tall Tale. However, you’ll need to be on the lookout for journals, memoir spots, and more to unlock the rest!

The commendations for The Lair of LeChuck are:

  • Part of the Crew
  • Highly Strung
  • A Helping Hand
  • Second Biggest Monkey Head
  • Under Monkey Island
  • Glad to Be Dead
  • The Lair of LeChuck
  • No Fruit Picker Required
  • Whoops…
  • Memoirs of a Legend, Vol. III
  • The Castaway’s Musings
  • Ghost Writing
  • Do the Monkey!
  • Legend of Monkey Island


Burning Blade Cutlass

Complete ‘The Lair of LeChuck’ Commendation.

LeChuck's Portrait

Complete all Commendations in ‘The Lair of LeChuck’ Tall Tale.

The Legend of Monkey Island Cutlass

Complete The Lair of LeChuck.

The Legend of Monkey Island Cutlass

To the Tavern!

Aye, we pirates do love a good tavern. ‘Tis a place to share our findings and adventures. ‘Tis a place to clap each other on the back. ‘Tis a place to glean further insight.

Happily, we’ve found proverbial taverns on several social outposts—each bustling with a vibrant pirate community! Want to join in the merriment? Ye will always find a hearty welcome at our table!

Follow Along

To the Tavern!

Aye, we pirates do love a good tavern. ‘Tis a place to share our findings and adventures. ‘Tis a place to clap each other on the back. ‘Tis a place to glean further insight.

Happily, we’ve found proverbial taverns on several social outposts—each bustling with a vibrant pirate community! Want to join in the merriment? Ye will always find a hearty welcome at our table!

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