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Shores of Gold Tall Tale Guide

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You’ve made it! You have found all the missing stones to the Shroudbreaker and are now ready to sail to the Shores of Gold!

for those trying to solve the Tall Tale themselves
This Guide Contains Spoilers!

The Shores of Gold Tall Tale: Step by Step

Step 1: Shores of Gold Tall Tale Book

As Sandra, the Shipwright from Dagger Tooth Outpost, mentioned, we must head to Morrow’s Peak Outpost in The Devil’s Roar. We will seek advice from Gracie, who resides there. Gracie is one of the only living pirates to use the Shroudbreaker and live to tell the tale!

Once you reach Morrow’s Peak Outpost, head to the tavern on the hill, and you will spot Gracie standing just outside. Sitting next to her is the Tall Tale book. Vote on it, and the book will be in your Quest Radial. Gracie will then tell you everything you need about the adventure ahead!

Vote For Tall Tale

Step 2: Reach the Shores of Gold

You now have the Shroudbreaker and are ready to sail to the Shores of Gold! The Shroudbreaker will automatically be on your ship after starting the Tall Tale. You will find it strapped at the helm near your ship wheel. Before leaving for the Shores of Gold, you might want to bring a Treasure Chest along with you to help carry a few items you’ll be collecting during the Tall Tale. However, if you don’t have one, it isn’t necessary to complete the Tall Tale.

The Shroudbreaker on ship

Jump on your ship and head straight North from Morrow’s Peak Outpost. You should aim for Y3 on the map. This is where the giant island that is Tribute Peak will be. With the Shroudbreaker equipped on your ship, you will have no problem sailing through the Shroud to the Shores of Gold.

Coordinates Y3
See the vault’s location on your map:

As you get closer to Y3, the island you are destined for will slowly come into focus. Once you arrive and step on land you will unlock The Fabled Island commendation.

The Shores of Gold

Step 3: Acquire Vault Medallions

Your first step once on Tribute Peak is to solve four puzzles. There is a puzzle for each of the four vaults found on Tribute Peak. Each one is different from the last and will require different solutions.

Solving the puzzle in a vault will present a hidden vault medallion. You will be collecting these medallions as you will need one from each of the four vaults to proceed into the belly of the island! If you fail to solve the puzzle in time, you will drown and be sent to the Ferry of the Damned. You’ll respawn on your ship and can try the puzzle again.

The vaults on the island can be found inside the base of the giant rock formations located at the tips of the South, West, North and East sides of the island. You will find a cave entrance at each that will lead down to the vault for that side of the island.

Tall Tale Book Pages

Let’s start with the Southern Vault to collect the Shark Medallion first! Equip your compass and head to the giant peak on the island’s South East side. You’ll find the vault entrance on the massive rock’s East side.

Southern Vault
See the vault’s location on your map:

Southern Vault (Shark)

Head into the vault, but wait to start it! Before lighting the braziers around the altar and beginning the vault, read about the Southern Vault on the tenth page of the book. On the tenth page, you should see three groups of symbols circled. Each group has four symbols representing the four blocks you’ll rotate.

Like vault puzzle from the Shroudbreaker Tall Tale, the Southern Vault requires you to rotate blocks to match the symbols in your Tall Tale book. You’ll need to enter three solutions, one for each circled symbol, to complete the vault. However, this vault is more complex than you might think, as one of the blocks is blank and does not rotate.

Tall Tale Book Pages

Since one of the blocks is blank and does not rotate, you won’t be using all four symbols. You’ll need to solve each puzzle without one of the symbols. You also can only use a symbol once per group.

For example, the first group includes an arrow, a kraken, a feather, and a bear.

Block #1 has four symbols but might only have two symbols that match that grouping: an arrow and a bear. Which symbol do you use?

Well, let’s pretend that on Block #2, the only matching symbol is an arrow, while on Block #3, there are two matching symbols—a bear and a feather.

In that case, you’d need to use the bear symbol on Block #1, so you could use the arrow symbol on Block #2. You’d need to use the feather symbol on Block #3 because you already had to use the bear symbol on Block #1.

Once you are ready, light all four braziers around the altar in the middle of the vault and the puzzle will start.

The first four blocks you need to match are from Group 1: Arrow, Bear, and Kraken.

Southern Vault solution

Next, you’ll need to match the next four blocks from Group 2: Queen, Boat, and Snake.

Southern Vault solution

And finally, you’ll match the last four blocks from Group 3: Turtle, Scarab, and Kraken.

Southern Vault solution

If you don’t successfully complete the vault before it fills with water you will drown and go to the Ferry of the Damned. Once you return, you can try the vault again.

Once you have successfully entered the three symbols for all three groups, you will acquire the Shark Medallion. You’ll eventually need to take the Shark Medallion to the Compass Vault, but that is quite the trek. For now, place it outside of the vault somewhere you’ll remember to get later or in your Treasure Chest.

Shark Medallion

Before heading to the next vault, go North from the Southern Vault, and you will shortly run into a shipwreck in a thick grouping of trees. It is between the Southern Vault and a waterfall. Inside the shipwreck is a journal that you can read for The Stain of Greed commendation.

I forgot to stop Journal
See the journal’s location on your map:

After you’ve read the journal, head West to the Western Vault for the next medallion!

Western Vault
See the vault’s location on your map:

Western Vault (Boat)

Once you’ve entered the Western Vault, equip your lantern and light the four braziers. A picture of Tribute Peak will appear on the altar. The picture of Tribute Peak will have four circles on it, each with one to four little dots. The dots represent which column they belong to, left to right.

You must visit each of these circles on the physical island to find a symbol they represent. Some require you to stand on a pressure plate to reveal a hidden panel with the symbol, while others are just visible for you to note.

Western Vault map

Vault Block 1

Head towards the North of the island. West of the Eastern Vault and South of the Northern Vault is a small rocky hill you can climb. You will make your way up the rock formation and find a stone torch. Stand on the pressure plate there and look to the South East. You will see a rock emerge from the water with the symbol you seek, a Kraken.

See the symbol’s location on your map:

Vault Block 2

Head back to the shipwreck with the journal. Just North East of the shipwreck is an ancient statue with two levers on either side. Interact with both to have the middle panel present itself with the symbol you need: a Shark.

See the symbol’s location on your map:

Vault Block 3

This third block will have you climbing up the middle of the island as you were going to the Compass Vault. You can find the path up the middle of the island just East by North East from the Western Vault.

Path to Compass Vault

About a quarter of the way through the path, you’ll walk below some vines. Walk past them, and to the right, you should see a pressure plate to stand on.

Path to Block 3

Stand on the pressure plate and look to the South. You will see a stone come out of the ground. On the other side of the stone is the symbol you need. The stone is timed and will go back into the ground so you only have a short time to run down and see the symbol, a Turtle.

See the symbol’s location on your map:

Vault Block 4

For the fourth and final block, you will go to the fourth location just West of the aisle of thrones. You should find a structure in the middle with several smaller structures around it. Walk down the stairs and pull the lever on the left. It will make the panel in front of you drop to reveal where the symbol is.

You should now see an image showing which of the smaller structures around you is the one that contains the symbol you need. Head to that structure, the one in the North West, and interact with it to get your symbol, Flame.

See the symbol’s location on your map:

Before heading back to the vault, go back down the stairs to find another journal at the bottom.

No Shortcuts! Journal

Once you find all four symbols on the island, head back into the Western Vault and enter them in the corresponding block. Enter the solution Kraken, Shark, Turtle, and Flame, and the Boat Medallion will reveal itself.

Western Vault solution

Eastern Vault (Warrior)

From the Western Vault, head North East to the Eastern Vault. Walk inside the vault, but don’t start it just yet! The East Vault requires you to construct a key with blocks. Each pillar has a block with a piece of a key on it, forming the complete key.

Gold Hoarder Key

Before starting the vault, visualize the key shown in the room and break it into four pieces. In the center of the room, there is a picture of the key you will be building with the blocks for reference.

You will place the base of the key on the rightmost pillar and the tip of the key on the leftmost pillar. The middle two blocks will fill in the rest of the key. Below is a picture of what each block should have from left to right:

Eastern Vault solution

Start the vault and form the key with the blocks. Enter your solution back at the altar and grab the Warrior Medallion that is revealed before heading out to the next vault.

You should now have three medallions with the last one being in the Northern Vault!

Northern Vault
See the vault’s location on your map:

Northern Vault (Kraken)

The North vault is going to keep you on your toes. While you try to solve the puzzle, spikes will continuously pop up and try to kill you.

The key to this puzzle is that you must enter the same symbol on each block. Some of the blocks do not have a particular symbol so you must inspect each one and keep track of the common one between them.

Once you find which symbol is on all four of the pillars, rotate them to the front and enter the solution. For the first round, you should discover that the Snake symbol is on all four blocks. Once you have four Snakes, enter the solution and solve on more.

Northern Vault solution

This time, put the symbol of the three worshipers on all four blocks, enter the solution, and retrieve the Kraken Medallion.

Northern Vault solution

Step 4: Take Medallions to Compass Vault

Now that you have all four medallions you will want to take them to the Compass Vault. This vault only has one access path. Head to the center of the Southern part of the island to find the path up. It is the same path you used to find one of the block solutions for the Western Vault.

As you walk along the path, you will come to a beam lodged between the rocks, and draped in a tattered cloth. Just before that wooden beam, on your left, you’ll see two crates with a journal between them.

Let's not mention this... Journal
See the journal’s location on your map:

After reading the journal, keep going forward North to the Compass Vault.

You will cross a wooden bridge and find the Compass Vault room at the end of the path.

Place Medallion
See the vault’s location on your map:

Putting all four medallions into the door will unlock the Gold Hoarder’s Coin. Unlocking the Gold Hoarder’s Coin will unlock the Path to Forsaken Fortune commendation.

Gold Hoarder Coin

Before taking the coin and leaving the vault, look for the journal in the creates inside the Compass Vault.

After you’ve read the journal, take the coin to the row of giant ancient thrones.

Dreams... Journal

Step 5: Path to Forsaken Fortune

Now that you have the Gold Hoarder Coin, you must place it on another lock to enter the belly of the island.

To the North West side of the island you will find a row of large statues. These statues are of ancient thrones! Bring your Gold Hoarder’s Coin here and find the ancient throne that is missing its head. The throne with the missing head is the North East most throne closest to the nearby bay. This throne leads to the entrance of the tunnels below the island.

Line of thrones

At the base of the beheaded throne will be an opening to a door. You will notice that the door inside the throne is blocked. We must get in from the top of the throne and unlock the door from the inside as mentioned in the Tall Tale book.

Pull your boat to the North side of the island and park in the bay near the thrones. You will find a waterway into a bay near the ancient thrones.

Park ship location

Line up your cannons so you can shoot yourself onto the broken throne.

Cannon aimed at throne

Once on top of the ancient throne you can fall into it and pull a lever to open the door. Before venturing down into the belly of the island, you’ll want to go to your ship and aim the cannon at the fourth throne down on the West. On top of the throne, sitting on the arm of the statue is another journal.

Climbing masterclass Journal
See the journal’s location on your map:

Once you read the journal, grab the Gold Hoarder’s Coin, go through the door you opened with the lever at the bottom of the throne and follow the tunnels below. Place the coin into the key slot to unlock the next section of Tribute Peak.

Place Gold Hoarder Coin

Step 6: Belly of Gold

The next stretch of your adventure will involve lots of traps, skeletons and jumping sections.

Don’t worry though, each section has a checkpoint so if you get past the huge trap section and die in the platforming section, you only need to start over at the platforming section. Each person in the crew has their own checkpoint though so it isn’t worth getting too far ahead if your crew needs help.

The first area you’ll enter past where you put the Gold Hoarder Coin is a large descending staircase. Before heading down the staircase, read the journal in the crates at the top of the stairs.

Once you reach the bottom of the stairs, you’ll come to a fork. To the left is the way forward, to the right is a dead end with a journal at the end of it.

Before wall spike traps

After you’ve read the journal, head back and make your way through the walls filled with spike traps.

Wall spike traps

After that, you’ll come to a dimly lit jumping section. You’ll need to carefully maneuver your way over the spikes to the other side of the room.

Jumping trap

One the other side you’ll come to some wooden crates and swinging spiked logs. Read the journal in the crates before running and jumping through the trap.

I only wanted one Journal

You’ll continue down into the depths of the island and will start to come across capstans guarded by waves of skeletons. You will need to clear the waves of skeletons so you can raise the anchor and lift a locked door blocking the path.

One room you enter will have dozens of traps on the floor and will require you to interact with three levers to move onto the next room. You’ll also want to read the journal in this room on the scaffolding above the third lever.

Once you have made it past several more traps, you’ll walk down a path surrounded by wooden scaffolding on either side. Read the journal on top of one of the crates on the scaffolding.

A last act of free will Journal

You will finally enter the final room where the mighty Gold Hoarder awaits you. Make sure you’ve done everything you want to and read every journal before entering this final chamber. You won’t be able to leave until you’ve defeated the Gold Hoarder!

The Gold Hoarder

Step 7: Defeat the Gold Hoarder

This is a grand battle that will put the toughest of pirates to the task.

Similar to Briggsy and Graymarrow, Gold Hoarder has three special moves up his sleeve. One teleport, one summoning and one ground slam.

The Gold Hoarder will also use his cutlass and flintlock against you.

There are plenty of barrels scattered across the room to gather fruit from for the long battle.

Once you defeat the Gold Hoarder, the Pirate Lord himself will appear and you will have completed the Shores of Gold.

Pirate Lord

You can take the Gold Hoarder’s skull back to any Order of Souls tent to sell it for a huge sum of 10,000 gold.

Congrats on completing the Shores of Gold! Your Tall Tale adventures are not over yet though. There are plenty of commendations to get and journals to find with extra lore.

If you need some help finding any of the journals, be sure to check out our guide here!

To the Tavern!

Aye, we pirates do love a good tavern. ‘Tis a place to share our findings and adventures. ‘Tis a place to clap each other on the back. ‘Tis a place to glean further insight.

Happily, we’ve found proverbial taverns on several social outposts—each bustling with a vibrant pirate community! Want to join in the merriment? Ye will always find a hearty welcome at our table!

Follow Along

To the Tavern!

Aye, we pirates do love a good tavern. ‘Tis a place to share our findings and adventures. ‘Tis a place to clap each other on the back. ‘Tis a place to glean further insight.

Happily, we’ve found proverbial taverns on several social outposts—each bustling with a vibrant pirate community! Want to join in the merriment? Ye will always find a hearty welcome at our table!

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96 thoughts on “Sea of Thieves – The Shores of Gold Tall Tale Guide”

  1. Love the story.. however, would rather have a bigger payment. 10k gold is far far to low for all the BS that comes with the voyages… the riddles aren’t even hard.. but between the kraken, ghost ships , mega, and endless sea of sloops on the horizon… you’d be hard pressed to make this whole voyage “quickly.” 1 million gold would be more adequate.

      1. Soloed this tall tale just now. God awful amount of running around. The worst part was going back to regular seas and getting gang-banged by skeleton fleet and Meg at the same time. Kept getting shot at by the damn anchor ball too. I had to swim the skull to an outpost because of how messed up my ship was.

      1. Yes! 10k is to small and 1m is to much. 150k to 200k is adequate. Its a long and tedious task, not even talking about the previous tales!

          1. The game is about pirating. U should definately expect to be trolled or attacked if u are weak or strong. Get used to it. What’s the point of a pirate game if you cant be a pirate?

    1. Took 12 hours and provided cosmetics, commendations, and achievements. Something strongholds dont do

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  2. Très bonne quête du début a ma fin ont se fais facilement un sous total de 100 000 piece d’or avec des loot a droite a gauche sur les île un pur bonheur merci pour le petit guide bien détaillé.

  3. Do yourself a huge favor and find an empty treasure chest before you do this. That way you can throw 3 keys in it and know most of the BS running out in 1 swoop.

  4. 10k gold but not Order of soul reputation.

    Although it was good, reward is way too low. Cosmetics for this specific quest are crap. Compass from Wild Rose or boat skin from Morning-Star are way better.
    Also, too much time spend on walking/running on this too large isle. Not time spend by looking for some clue, but I mean time spend on pure walking from point A to B, then B to A, A to C, …

  5. Was playing solo, and Some how managed to get to the shores of gold.
    Spent an hour getting to the gold hoarder, (getting killed many times and put back on the shores of gold each time) got killed after starting the battle with the gold hoarder, and the got sent back to my ship. Won’t do it again.

    1. SAME
      i hadn’t even started the tall tales yet and I looked into that fight found out it was a bug they recently patched but I also found out it was the final boss fight… I died but when that happened I got a preview of how difficult this will be

  6. This guide was extremely helpful. But 10k at the end is such a waste of time, completely ruined this game for me.

  7. Western Vault gave me the BOAT.nd NORTH gave me Kraken. so either you’re wrong about these, or they’re randomized

  8. Thanks for the brilliant guide! Just finished solo slooping. I found a shortcut! After collecting all the tokens, wedge your boat in close next to the lowest wall of rocks almost adjacent to the compass vault. I was on bay side with the giant statues. Bring the tokens up to the crow’s nest. Angle the mast towards the rocks, then use it as a bridge. Then jump! You’ll lose a little health but you’ll save your feet from the unending pilgrimage.. Hope that saved someone a trip.

    Side note reward should be 100k the first time you complete it no joke. #forglorynotgold

    1. Stargatecraft

      if you look from main island, on the left side is a rock you can climb on. its somewhat after the stones in the water. btw it doesnt look like you can jump up but its possible

  9. Hello I loved the game, but I just do not make last Tall Talle – Gold Hoarder. After 7 hours, and second atempt. I figured out nearly all the riddles by myself. But final fight is too much. We was two and we was attacking Hoarder for nearly two ours, and after that text apear that he is bored, and our quest was failure. My God! Why? I can not understand how I can defeat it! Ok, last quest was really dificult, and I understan it, but why I must attack final boss for so long, where is game on it, what is funny on thousand sword hacks and shots from guns? I am afraid that I can not recomend this quest, it is for masochist not a resonable player!

    1. It takes like 15 min to kill him…
      If you disengage too long he will heal.

      Blunderbuss when he his summoning…snipe him when he’s walking.

  10. Hello, I just find out that I am really masochist.. Few more atempts to kill Gold Hoarder, every time the same effect, each time he is eating banana, but I am to slow in killing him. Please do anybody know if type of boat (sloop-galeon), or solo play, have effect on his lives? Because I allways trying it with galeon, but we are mostly two in final fight not four.. Thanks a lot

  11. Good game not good pay easy tho and the short cuts are amazing your coming from the south so go south cave first then east then north then west turn boat around head into north side area find the belly use the side ladder don’t walk the long journey ore your mast will do and has anyone tried to sell the medallions from the north south east west cave like double up and take all 4 back or even triple your medallions that way you come back with 4 medallions 1 gold hourder coin and 1 gold hourders skull

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  13. WARNING: If you died after defeat the the Gold Hoarder you will appear your ship and lost the skull, so be careful.

      1. Yep the same thing happened to me even Googled if there was something I had to open the door nope just a bug :/ really put me off the game ngl. I like tall tales but my god the bugs are insane

  14. What a misleading campaign. It was a nice story but promises of endless riches on finding the fabled ‘shores of gold’ is completely misleading. 10k, yes 10k!!! That’s all you get for hours and hours, days and days of grind and tenuous and frustrating riddling, unbelievable! You can generate that amount of gold in 1hrs normal play..I feel completely short changed and will be deleting this flawed game immediately. Thank you for putting this guide together as it has saved me and many others countless fruitless hours of extra grind on top of the grind.

    1. I have done all 9 tall tales in 9 days about 1-3 hrs each. 9 days because I wanted to do one a day. Perhaps minecraft is the game you seek?

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  17. Thank you for the guide, it’s very helpful.

    I agree 10K is a little disappointing but I started the voyages more for a bit of story to follow and the glory, as others have said. That being said, whilst doing the voyages I’ve earned north of 500K just from mermaid statues, shipwrecks, floating treasure, skeleton ships, krackens and megaladons I’ve come across along the way so if you’re paying attention to your surroundings it’s actually pretty worth your while with the vast amount of travelling. Just need to take the time to see what’s around rather than solidly focusing on the voyage and expecting untold riches.

  18. have a four man crew with a Galley took us four Friday nights one to two a nights was super fun. more of a pay out would be nice. not necessary would like to see more training for all the traps and tight rope waking.

  19. Took me two weeks to complete solo in between working full time loved it I love a good puzzles but some rat bag pirate nicked my skull not bothered tho glad I did it yheeeee

  20. well I’m on my first attempt. Gonna have to checkpoint in tomorrow as it’s getting late. My ship died on the way in, since a Skellie Sloop spawned on me just as I entered the shroud. I just sailed on, keeping on course and hoping the shroud would kill the skellies (it didn’t) – Had to swim the last mile. Shark ate me 20 feet from shore. My ship spawned at the island. So no gunpowder kegs, unless they can spawn on the island?

  21. OK, after a false start on June 22, I went back in and found a pretty easy way to solo the Gold hoarder.

    1: Once you get into his room, let him kill you. Use the armory box on the Ferry of the damned to switch to double-gun Blunderbuss and Eye of reach.
    2: There is an ammo box at the corner of the room to the right of the Hoarder’s throne. go there whenever you run out of bullets.
    3: The key is the broken wooden platform spanning the room from left to right in the center. get up on that and use the Eye of Reach to snipe the Hoarder. When the skellies close in on you, hop to the other side of the bridge. The skellies can’t jump so they go all the way around the room, giving you time to snipe the hoarder some more. Switch to the blunderbuss if the hoarder teleports up close and when you go to refill your ammo. Rinse and repeat until the Hoarder goes down.

  22. Ambrose Grimm

    The journey is the reward. Along the way, my shipmates and I, we set sail. Sank undead galleons along the way, undead sloops, and collected every glistening treasure we saw along the shoreline. In truth, we’ve not even finished the tall tale yet; epic battles, a ship’s hold worth of treasure, awesome unique items. Had to sink a few rival vessels in long sea battles (which Ian my favorite part of this game). We gain our treasure along the way, commendations and achievements.

    The story is fantastic. My crew and I wanted more than just level grinding, fighting skellies, and because it’s a journey we’re content not to rush through it. Finish a chapter, run a voyage. Another chapter. Fight a fleet of ghost ships. Another chapter, dig up treasure. Another chapter, another voyage.

    Your experiences in the Sea of Thieves is what your make it. If you’re discontent with a measles 10,000 gold, break it up and take to task various voyages inbetween chapters. Look for trouble on the waters. Go fishing. Play music.

    Have fun.

    It’s a game, and a game’s sole purpose is fun. If you’re not having fun, of course abandon your tall tale and do what you like… but know that an immersive good story is worth more than any in game riches.

    …of course my crew and wrote our own lyrics to Summon the Megaladon. The lyrics probably best explain our purpose in the game.

    “We don’t keep our treasure, we throw it overboard. We’re not the kind of pirates who pillage, loot and hoard. We don’t keep our cash, we just throw it in the trash… that’s the kind of pirates we are (Arrr!).”

    You have got to have fun or it’s not worth logging in and playing.

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  25. DucktapeMagics

    You do realize you get 8k after every tale, there are 8 other tales and the final which gives 10k. total gold you actually get is 74k

  26. How you supposed to carry a powder keg all the way through that whole area? that sounds like more work to me

  27. I just did the Shores of Gold with 2 friends. Disappointed the shores weren’t gold but I knew ahead of time when I started the end result, but I am still glad I did it because me and my friends had a TON of fun doing the creative adventures. Good luck to Sea of Thieves to making more!

  28. I mean…9 x 3 is 27 hours…That is more than twice what they are claiming to have spent on it…Why are you the one acting like you are better?

  29. I agree, for every tall tale you do you get 8,000 just for completing it. I feel it should be at least around 300,000. But I can see why the devs didn’t put it so high. If you just grind for around 2 days and every time you did the quest you got 300,000. That would be ridiculous.

  30. I think the best compromise is to have a reasonable reward the first time you do it, but not if you repeat it. If you got say 250k for doing it the first time, but then only 15-20k each time afterwards it’s completed, then it’s not too profitable, meets the expectations it promised (the “shores of gold” after all) without breaking the game from people repeatedly redoing the tall tale. Everyone wins here and it’s really disappointing that the devs didn’t come up with this idea.

  31. And to all y’all who are complaining about the gold,do you not understand the story

    The whole thing is about greed and how it destroys people

    The pirate Lord even says that

  32. Izsak Tapolchanyi

    After defeating the gold hoarder the Pirate Lord specifically states that its not about the gold. Greed is what brought the gold hoarder down anyways. Random musing: If the gold hoarder founded the gold hoarders, are there founders of the order and the merchants? Since the Gold Hoarder is “dead” who runs the gold hoarders now? I mean, I’m sure they don’t have a quarterly investors meeting but still. Also that fight would have been so much more enjoyable with a health bar. Health bars for all bosses and captains would be cool.

  33. I wouldn’t complain about the money imo. It’s more about the glory, plus you should be a reaper’s emissary THEN sell it.

    1. A lot of time to do this. I must on my extent agree with u lot on this one 10k is too little for this long adventure

  34. Don’t spend too much time in the Gold Hoarders lair after you kill him. Skellies will start respawning. And definitely don’t die down there after you kill him as the ferry will take you back to your ship and you’ll lose the Gold Hoarder’s Skull.

  35. Can’t solve the Southern Vault – all 4 pillars are rotating – no idea what to do about it. Nothing on the Internet…

    1. Hmm, that is really weird. We are not sure why the door isn’t opening. Have you tried resetting the island by going to the Ferry of the Damned real quick?

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