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What is Duke Selling? Jul. 22nd – Aug. 19th 2020

These Ashen Lords have really shaken Duke up. So much so that he is toying with the idea of leaving the Bilge Rats for a fresh start! Fresh start?! Where would we be without our friendly neighborhood Bilge Rat?

If Ashen Lords are scary enough to make Duke think about new career choices, any pirate who dare go toe-to-toe with one better know what they are doing…

While Duke might be more scared than usual with Flameheart’s latest advancements, he hasn’t been scared enough to stop pursuing his entrepreneurial venture. Duke has come through again with even more new cosmetics for the brave pirates of the Sea of Thieves to work towards obtaining.

Desirables for Doubloons

Fearless Bone Crusher

For you Bone Crushers out there, this next batch of cosmetics will be right up your alley! More Fearless Bone Crusher cosmetics are available to purchase for doubloons. You’ll make any skeleton weary to cross your path as you brandish any of these equipment cosmetics.

Using those shiny blue doubloons of yours, you can purchase the Fearless Bone Crusher Fishing Rod, Lantern, Compass, Spyglass, Shovel, Bucket, Speaking Trumpet, Tankard and Pocket Watch.

Goodies for Gold

Nightshine Parrot

The Nightshine Parrot cosmetic set remains to be one of our favorites. For those with similar taste, you can now purchase more of the Nightshine Parrot cosmetics for your trusty equipment!

For gold, you can purchase the Nightshine Parrot Fishing Rod, Lantern, Compass, Spyglass, Shovel, Bucket, Speaking Trumpet, Tankard and Pocket Watch.

Black Market Archive

The Black Market Archive continues to go as each month passes.

If you are unfamiliar with the Black Market Archive, it holds each month’s previous Black Market cosmetics. Come the middle of August, each of the cosmetics detailed above will move to the Black Market Archive.

There is a catch! Once the items move to the Black Market Archive their prices go up. When they first arrive to the Sea of Thieves they have a low introductory price.

To see what all has been previously released in the Black Market, you can always go to our easy to remember hub:


The latest cosmetics in Duke’s Black Market aren’t the only new things to check out this month in the Sea of Thieves. If you are looking to take down one of the ferocious Ashen Lords, be sure to check out our guide here to help you take one down with ease!

Ashen Lords

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