Duke's Black Market June

What is Duke Selling? Jun. 17th – Jul. 15th 2020

No matter how bad things get out there on the Sea of Thieves, you can always count on finding a friendly face in the tavern thanks to Duke.

Things look bleak as Flameheart assembles an armada of Ghost Ships to take over the Sea of Thieves. Our good friend Duke has other plans though. He is selling a voyage that will have pirates taking out Ghost Ships haunting various islands. Ship by ship, Flamheart’s fleets will be defeated!

While Duke is doing his part to fight the good fight, he has somehow still had time to stock the Black Market with new cosmetics for us to spend our doubloons and gold on!

This month the Black Market is offering brand new Wild Rose and Inky Kraken cosmetics for us to enjoy!

Desirables for Doubloons

Wild Rose

Duke has stocked even more Wild Rose cosmetics! If there is a lovely pirate out there who has yet to notice you, the Wild Rose cosmetics will suit you well. How can someone wearing such romantic garb be ignored?

For doubloons, you can purchase the Wild Rose Belt, Wild Rose Boots, Wild Rose Eyepatch, Wild Rose Gloves, Wild Rose Hook and Wild Rose Trousers.

Goodies for Gold

Inky Kraken

The Inky Kraken cosmetic set is not done yet! Duke has managed to find some more that we have yet to collect.

For gold, you can purchase the Inky Kraken Bucket, Inky Kraken Compass, Inky Kraken Fishing Rod, Inky Kraken Lantern, Inky Kraken Pocket Watch, Inky Kraken Shovel, Inky Kraken Speaking Trumpet, Inky Kraken Spyglass and Inky Kraken Tankard.

Black Market Archive

Duke is going to need a whole island to himself to store everything he has to offer in the Black Market Archive!

If you are unfamiliar with the Black Market Archive, it is where you will find each month’s previous Black Market cosmetics. Come the middle of July, each of the cosmetics detailed above will move to the Black Market Archive.

Don’t wait around though if there is something you want! Once the items move to the Black Market Archive their prices go up. When they first arrive to the Sea of Thieves they have a low introductory price.

To see what all has been previously released in the Black Market, you can always go to our easy to remember hub:


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