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How to solve Puzzle 2: A Feathered Fortune

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UPDATE: If you are working on Puzzle 3, head here! We’ll be updating our findings along the way!

Stage 2 of The Hoarder’s Hunt Mystery is live, and the second Puzzle is now available for all pirates to solve! If you still need to complete Stage 1 of the Mystery, Skin of Gold, you’ll need to complete that before starting Stage 2. Once you’ve done the Puzzle and Voyage for the first Stage, you can begin working on Stage 2: A Feathered Fortune.

Solving the online Puzzle for Stage 2 will allow you to claim an in-game Voyage from Larinna at any Outpost and work on the next part of the Mystery.

Puzzle 2: A Feathered Fortune

The Letter

As before, Stage 2 of the Mystery begins with a Puzzle for you to solve, and each Puzzle starts with a letter delivered to the Gold Hoarders. The Gold Hoarders have opened the letter for the next Puzzle, which reads:

Before I sinned, I’d sit in the TAVERN and sing shanties.
I’d eat BANANAS and watch the gulls float upon the breeze.
Then things changed, the Hoarder’s pet MACAW became my vengeful bane!
Ever since, fear’s driven me to spy these beasts through windowpane.
Their scratching claws, their pecking beaks, I cannot stand these BIRDS!
But understand that secrets lie within their chosen WORDS.
Wise it may be to spy through glass, to view a PARROT’s perch,
And listen out for CLUES that may well help you on your search.

A Feathered Fortune Letter

With the clues given inside the letter, you can now scour the internet for the answers. You are ultimately looking for a code to submit on the official Sea of Thieves website. Entering the correct code will unlock the in-game Voyage and allow you to work on the next part of the Mystery.

The first part of the internet you will be investigating is YouTube!

A Message from H

As soon as Part 2 of the Mystery started, a mysterious live stream from the official Sea of Thieves YouTube channel began with the title, ‘A Message from H.’ Featured in the stream are two colorful parrots randomly speaking and walking around the tavern. Some of the words spoken by the parrots are shady, skull, and misfits.

However, the words spoken by the parrots are just one area to focus on. Undoubtedly, dozens of clues hidden throughout the background will help us find the answer to the Puzzle! Two of which are a banana and a link in the video description!

A Message from H

The Banana

More banana codes! Well, at least one more for now. Around the 14-minute mark of the ‘Message from H’ video, a banana comes into the frame with more Pigpen symbols.

Banana Pigpen Cipher

Decoding these symbols from left to right will reveal the phrase “what three words.”

What Three Words

The Pigpen answer could be a clue that we are looking for three words. We may need to find which of the three words the parrots spoke during the stream are vital to the Puzzle. How we will use them to find this out remains a mystery for now. However, the next clue could shed some light!

Google Maps

In the ‘A Message from H’ YouTube video’s description is a link to Google Maps. The link is disguised as an official Sea of Thieves link but was indeed a Google Maps Link:

For anything else, go to: https://aka.ms/Sea_Of_Thieves

Message from H video description

The Google Maps link combined with the phrase “what three words” has led the community to the website https://what3words.com/. what3words takes three different words and translates them into a real-world location. So the three words we chose could lead us to our next clue based on the place what3words translates to!

The Transcript

A day after the ‘A Message from H’ surfaced, the official Sea of Thieves Twitter account tweeted that their best parrot interpreter listened closely to the message and shared their transcript with the community. The transcript revealed the following words spoken by the parrots:

  • Washed
  • Frost
  • Robot
  • Misfits
  • Shady
  • Goat
  • Rocked
  • Skull
  • Lives
  • Handy
  • Chest
  • Dawn
  • Turkey
  • Diet
  • Parrot
  • Chickens
  • Locker
  • Cannonball

Turkey Goat Lives

After countless hours of trying different combinations, a community member discovered that using the combination ‘turkey.goat.lives’ on what3words will take you to the Cutty Sark near Blackheath, London. The Cutty Sark is the last surviving British tea clipper and is now a museum.

With the hint about using Google Maps from the original video description, exploring the Cutty Sark in Google Maps will allow you to find a 360 image left behind by H of a parrot sitting on a sign with a Gold Hoarder coin.

Cutty Sark Street View

Painted around the Gold Hoarder coin is another Pigpen Cipher that translates to bitlysotfeathered. As we know from Puzzle 1, this is another bitly link!

Cutty Sark Coin Pigpen

The Link

Using a Pigpen Cipher on the Gold Hoarder coin will create the text bitlysotfeathered, which you can turn into this link: https://bit.ly/sotfeathered

The link will take you to a OneDrive with an image of a parchment with lines of symbols. The symbols almost resemble bird footprints.

Another thing to note is that a bounding box highlights the last line on the parchment.


We Shall Sail Together

A few music-savvy community members noticed that the symbols on the parchment lined up with the shanty, ‘We Shall Sail Together.’ The mysterious ‘H’ also mentioned that he sang shanties in the letter opened by the Gold Hoarders.

Now, the exact words to the shanty don’t align perfectly, but if you were to spell them phonetically, they do! So plugging in the actual shanty lyrics:

Cloaked in folds of midnight waters
Side by side, we sons and daughters
We set forth for no king’s orders
But we’ll sail together

Hold fast! Tides are turning
Flames roar! Fires are burning
We’ll all be returning
If we sail together

…into a phonetics translator will give you:

kləʊkt ɪn fəʊldz ɒv ˈmɪdnaɪt ˈwɔːtəz
saɪd baɪ saɪd, wiː sʌnz ænd ˈdɔːtəz
wiː sɛt fɔːθ fɔː nəʊ kɪŋz ˈɔːdəz
bʌt wiːl seɪl təˈɡɛðə

həʊld fɑːst! taɪdz ɑː ˈtɜːnɪŋ
fleɪmz rɔː! ˈfaɪəz ɑː ˈbɜːnɪŋ
wiːl ɔːl biː rɪˈtɜːnɪŋ
ɪf wiː seɪl təˈɡɛðə

Place the letters above the first seven lines of symbols to create a legend that you can use to create the phrase on line eight: ɛksbəʊks waɪə mɑːks ð spəʊt

Xbox Wire Marks the Spot

Pronouncing that phrase will give you a new one, Xbox Wire Marks the Spot.

Xbox Wire

Xbox Wire, an Xbox news site, recently published an article called “Sea of Thieves’ New Mystery Aims to Be ‘The Ultimate Treasure Hunt’, With a Real-Life Golden Skull on Offer.” You can visit the page here!

The promo image used in the article immediately caught the eye of many pirates. The original version of the image did not have a parrot in the crow’s nest. With eyes focused in on this particular image, it was time to finish the Puzzle!

Xbox Wire Promo Image

As the last clue suggests, Xbox Wire Marks the Spot, hinting that this is the final destination for the Puzzle. And, a the end of a hunt, what do you look for? An X!

And indeed, hidden inside the promo image for the mystery is a tiny blue X. Using a color tool to pull the Hex Color of the X will reveal the code, 2faced. Not only is that the color of the blue, but the final code!

X Hex Color

What is the code to the puzzle?

The code to the puzzle is: 2FACED.

What's next?

Now that you have solved the Puzzle, it’s time to jump into the Sea of Thieves and claim your in-game Voyage from Larinna. Completing the Voyage will end Stage 2, and you will be ready for Stage 3 to commence!

If you need any help with the Voyage, we’ll be updating our guide for it as we go along here: The Hunt for the Argent Silver Key Voyage.

Gold Hoarder

To the Tavern!

Aye, we pirates do love a good tavern. ‘Tis a place to share our findings and adventures. ‘Tis a place to clap each other on the back. ‘Tis a place to glean further insight.

Happily, we’ve found proverbial taverns on several social outposts—each bustling with a vibrant pirate community! Want to join in the merriment? Ye will always find a hearty welcome at our table!

Follow Along

To the Tavern!

Aye, we pirates do love a good tavern. ‘Tis a place to share our findings and adventures. ‘Tis a place to clap each other on the back. ‘Tis a place to glean further insight.

Happily, we’ve found proverbial taverns on several social outposts—each bustling with a vibrant pirate community! Want to join in the merriment? Ye will always find a hearty welcome at our table!

Want to keep a weather eye out?

Jot down yer email, and we’ll be sure to let ye know when there’s something new on the horizon.

103 thoughts on “How to solve Puzzle 2: A Feathered Fortune in Sea of Thieves”

  1. frogastronaut844

    it looks like rathbone aka gold hoarder is the one that is murdered, the guy that is under the picture of the greedy guy form port merrick is shady and Humphrey must be the rival

  2. These were all the words I was able to understand from the parrots. Rock lost shiny skelly pretty problem worms turkey murder jailhouse dying rowboat shady fishhooks parrot Jack shark chickens best friends here cannonball got handy just. Hope this helps!

    1. replace turkey… with “turn key”. In addition to “rock”… maybe the birds say “lock”? Turn key – lock

    1. Review the parrots’ words: Re-watch the live stream, paying close attention to the context in which the parrots spoke the words “shady,” “murder,” and “rival.” Take note of any specific emphasis or patterns associated with these words.
    2. Relate the words to the puzzle theme: Consider how the words “shady,” “murder,” and “rival” might relate to the overall theme of the Hoarder’s Hunt puzzle. Think about potential connections to hidden treasures, mysterious characters, or secret locations within the game.
    3. Examine the words for potential clues: Analyze each word individually and as a group to determine if they might be used as keywords in a cipher or encryption. Look for patterns, commonalities, or references that could guide you towards the next steps of the puzzle.
  3. In the Instagram post with the Ara is an second picture on top you can see it in the left top corner

  4. We know that the person in images 1 is Gold Hoarder, also known as Rathbone. Does anyone know the identity of person 2, 3 or 4?

    1. As far as I can tell, 1. is Gold Hoarder, 2. could possibly be Hugh the gold hoarder, 3. i cant tell and 4. could possibly be Humphrey the gold hoarder.

  5. The parrots also said the words “skull”, “chickens”, “cannonball”, “chest”, and possibly “west” but I’m not sure about that one

  6. I think the three words are going to be said by the birds in moments described in the letter —BANANAS, MACAW, BIRDS

    so, maybe the next word after multiple bananas are shown on screen, the first word spoken by the red Macaw (or are they both macaws?) And the first word spoken after or when both birds are together on screen?

    Then, put those three words into just3words.com to get a square location , then hit “navigate” or “Google” to get taken to Google maps, then maybe explore a street view from there?

    I don’t have time to scour the video super close, but that would be my method if I did

  7. i feel that we are on the right path… the pigen cipher revealed what three words. I don’t feel it necessarily means we go to “what3words.com” but, it is currently the best lead we have, given SoT’s google maps reference. There are a handful of interpretations of what the birds are saying. Taking the clues from H’s letter literally, would indicate that we should “listen” to the birds and “spy” from glass to see the parrot’s view. They say “Rock” numerous times; and, looking through that window pane, you see a giant rock in the background. I’ve tried rock in combination with every other word the birds say on “what3words” and i’m coming up with nothing definitive. I have tried to “reverse” the words in Vigenere cipher too.. still a work in progress.

  8. AverageGhostPirate

    Well if it’s any consolation “misfit.hoarder.blast” takes you to the middle of the ocean by Santa Cruz da Graciosa

    1. Skull rock lost brings you to skull rock in l.a and there is some writing on skull and some yellow glowing photoshopped plants

    1. Maybe a clue – in the complete Video is only one Parrot with the green red head and then we can see in this times


      2 Parrots and they change we can see the most time then the red head parrot maybe in this pictures a clue ….???!!!

  9. KnightofDarkAge

    Wise may it be to spy through glass. The parrots in the window! What island or location is through the window, and then it changes to a town or tavern for one second and then back again.

  10. “H” is an assassin! The gold hoarder is crossed out because he died and the guy from the last mystery’s eyes are crossed out because he is also dead. Also the new sea of thieves logo’s eyes are crossed out in gold.

  11. My idea is that the three words link to the 4 picture of those characters. Rathbone is crossed out so it could make it 3. But I’m not sure who these characters are but just wanted to see if someone knew them.

  12. TheActingMan98

    A few things!

    My buddy sent me an update via a Tweet that someone posted talking about a bird on a wire cipher. They wrote:
    “Just so you guys know I am in the middle of deciphering this code I think the birds position mean something because there is a Birds on a Wire Cipher And the first 4 letter/ big movements the bird has done spells out ahoy which makes sense so far.”
    I would take this into consideration given the heavy use of the ciphers from the previous puzzle.

    I think that the dice that are pictured in the riddle and then the parrot video are important. I say this because on a whim I analyzed the dice in the pic which are 1, and 3. Then I analyzed the dice in the video. they’re shown twice. One time there is the 1 side on the die showing and a 6 side showing on the die also partially showing a 3 side of the die. In the what3words site I plugged in “one.three.six” and it gave me a UK location near a residential neighborhood in a place called “Bishop’s Cleave.” While the neighborhood and surrounding area didn’t stand out to me, what did stand out to me were the names of the roads. All of the roads are named a specific stone, like “sapphire” “emerald” “ruby” and so forth. I thought this interesting as the table the parrots are walking on are covered in these stones. After this I am sort of lost to any connection and I feel it might be a herring, but I want others to know about it in case there is something I just don’t see.

    Final thing! I also spotted news that a 17th century El Galeón replica ship arrived to the Weymouth Harbour, which is making me think that rare might take the opportunity to do something with it. https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-dorset-65637069

    1. TheActingMan98

      Oh! I also forgot that out of the 4 gold hoarder posters on the wall I was able to identify 3 of the 4. The far left is Rathbone the original gold hoarder with the “X,” the one the the right of Rathbone is Hugh at port Merrick, the far right is Hyde at Morrow’s Peak. I can’t identify the middle one to the bottom. It doesn’t match any of the rest other than being closest to Henry at Galleon’s Grave.

  13. could it be the three words are ripe green chive? considering they used pigpen again they could have used the same phrase.

  14. a little bit of help, is that words like murder aren’t assigned locations in what 3 words so you can kinda filter what you try.

  15. do we know how many times each word was spoken by the parrots. Can we put the top 3 words in the three words map?

    1. Washed x2, Frost x4, Robot x6, Misfits x3, Shady x4, Goat x3, Rocked x4, Skull x1, Lives x3, Handy x2, Chest x4, Dawn x1, Turkey x2, Diet x3, Parrot x1, Chickens x1, Locker x1, Cannonball x1. My count using the list in the transcribed video.

      1. that’s a lot of airports

        Edit : well, nevermind ! that was the count according to chatGPT (I don’t know why I’m still asking it stuff)

    1. Amir Abdollahi

      We are not entirely sure. Perhaps the name of the city? Perhaps a clue in the Street View at the location?

  16. ZombieLoveBunny

    What about good old Morse Code? Using the “Clicks” and “Whistles” betwixt the parrots words?

  17. Something I haven’t seen mentioned is what happens at 17:19 in the birds video. I took the sharpest screen grab I could and put it here: https://imgur.com/a/jsQFslX

    There’s an image of a pirate or an NPC in the bottom left of the framed image, as well as what looks like spyglass zoom-ins all over it. I couldn’t find any more info on the framed image so I suspect it’s important; otherwise, why pan over to it and sharpen the image?

  18. Using Rare’s confirmed words the Parrot says, I did the next logical thing.  Find patterns/frequency.  Simple task of counting, which has also already been done; but then, break down into categories of frequency.

    – Most time spoken
    – Least times spoken
    – 3 word patterns (ie. Which 3 words are spoken same amount of times)

    I’ve run multiple variations and everything’s coming up Milhouse… until: Robot/Shady/Chest: Oadby, Leicestershire, ENGLAND – 54 Stoughton Ln.  Then, view on Google earth Imagery and you can view older images of the house.  On the older imagery, there’s a work van in the driveway from 2021 (cynlijohn is the company). Then an image from 2010, shows a trash can outside the house with the word (SOLU). That’s just the name of the trashcan brand. But this house is very nice and in the same town as Rare HQ. Might be one of the DEVs house??

    1. I looked in that address and noticed there’s something in the window looks like a glowing blue thing but might be tripping

  19. Has anyone tried taking the words from the video and putting them in the place of the capitalized words in the letter? One of the first things I tried was using the first letter of every capitalized word. But that was before I saw the video. So maybe the words are supposed to be changed to give you a different set of letters. For example the word BIRDS could be substituted for another word like MISFITS. I did not manage to complete this yet, it’s way too early for me. But someone smarter might be able to run with this idea.

  20. vampireanneke

    So my theory is that we have a List of Parrot words. Then we have dice, that give us numbers. Maybe those number correspond to the three words we need to use?

    1. Sorry I don’t understand, the code is a pigpen, like before ? I don’t see them matching the runes you mean.

      1. It is the lyrics of the theme song, the last line says EKSBOX WIRE MARKS THE SPOT – thats as far as I have gotten

          1. The top portion is the phonetic lyrics to “We shall sail together”, which you use to decode the bottom half. If you sound it out phonetically, it gives “Xbox Wire Marks the Spot”

    1. im not entirely sure it is a set cipher i think you have to decode it yourself given all the other words above the bolded box

  21. The writing on the bitly link looks like ancient Mesopotamic writin. I just dont know how to translate cuz every alphabet I found is different (and im kinda stupid)

  22. I’ve been trying to find something that can translate the text but nothing will scan the text, there is an app I found that will scan the text but it costs 10 dollars a month or something like that, if someone is willing to spend 10 bucks once the app is called TRANSLATOR GO photo voice text

  23. TheRogueCaptain

    I read the article, and there are words in brackets throughout the article. Those words are So, Until, and This is. Not sure if I am overethinking, but it seems weird that the bracketed words form a partial sentence.

    1. TheRogueCaptain

      no, i think the entire letter was just talking about the livestream with the parrots. I could be wrong

  24. Just reading through the article and looking at the images, I noticed something odd. The first thing I wanted to point out is the image of Sanctuary Outpost is wrong. None of the buildings are in the right spot except the tavern and the docks. The Gold hoarder tent, and order tents are nonexistent. If this article was made a few days before the event took place, why would they use in inaccurate image of Sanctuary? Looking back at the original riddle I think this makes sense. Before I sinned, I’d sit in the TAVERN and sing shanties. Maybe the next clue has something to do with the pictures of the article. The Image of the three in the rowboat is of plunder valley, and the big bird statue on the west side of the island. and the last image is of the shores of gold. I didn’t find anything out of place in the last 2 images, but my eyes are not what they used to be.

  25. falloutBOSS05

    I read the Xbox Wire article and went into the history of Olivier Levasseur. I discovered the decrypted cryptogram from when he died. It had uppercase and lowercase letters, and when I wrote down every lowercase letter, it reads “No one will find it because they are looking in the wrong direction.” I also noticed the revision history on the wiki page was last edited May 17th.

  26. This is absolutely ridiculous. Seriously, these clues and solutions are nuts and don’t really follow normal logic. And we don’t even know how we got the final solution yet? LOL. Well, I’ll enjoy the voyage. But after 2-3 of searching for answers, I let others find the solutions.

  27. Highnoontoday

    Apparently there are two versions of the image of Sanctuary Outpost. An old one with a sailor in the crows nest without the parrot and a new one on xbox wire with the parrot. Comparing the two images, there is an X in the new image in the water out near FreakyDusty’s bananna barrel. The X is blue and it’s RGB color code is 2F AC ED.

  28. There’s a guy at Spoils of Plenty who talks about an invisible bird friend, who remarks you must need glasses to see the bird. Just a Penny for my thoughts

  29. for anyone stuck on the sharkbait cove section of the voyage, I think the line about 11 o’clock should be 1 o’clock because the riddle doesn’t really work otherwise.

  30. Ricky Stewart

    ok someone has got to tell me how you viewed the parrot by the boat because all my google search of that place showed the spot in 3d but not the bird and the link takes you to the bird but now how it was found. also that blue x what photo and where at because i have been looking at the photo and i do not see no tiny x and my photo gets too distorted to tell anything when zooming in by 500%

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