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With the arrival of Season Ten, you can create your very own private Trading Company in the form of a Guild. Once a member of a Guild, you and other pirates beyond your immediate crew can sail the sea under one unifying name and identity. Together, you will forge unbreakable bonds of friendship, complete shared goals, earn progress, and unlock unique cosmetics!

This guide will tell you everything you need to know about Season Ten to build your Guild, strengthen your community, and reap the rewards of your combined efforts!

What is a Guild?

A Guild is a player-created Trading Company that allows up to 24 players to unite under a common banner and work towards shared goals and rewards.

How to create a Guild

You can create a Guild from the ‘Guilds’ section in the Main Menu. Notably, you must be a Captain, as you need at least one Captained Ship to pledge to the Guild when you create it. However, you don’t need to be a Captain to join a Guild, so you can start your adventures with a Guild as soon as you accept another pirate’s Guild Invite if you can’t make one yourself.

You can only be in three Guilds at one time, so you can only create a Guild if haven’t already joined three others. You’ll need to leave one to create a new Guild.

Create a Guild


Once you select to create a Guild, you’ll first customize your Guild’s branding! You will choose your Guild’s crest, mark, colors, name, and motto! You’ll want to consider each option carefully, as your Guild’s branding will appear on every Guild Ship’s Plaque, Logbook, and Banner.

Confirm Your Guild Branding

How to rebrand your Guild

As the Guild Owner, you can always rebrand your Guild later if you have any doubts. However, you will need to purchase a Renaming Deed from the Pirate Emporium if you wish to change the name of your Guild.

To rebrand your Guild, go to the ‘Guild Management’ section in the Settings Menu. Choose the Guild you want to rebrand and select the ‘Rebrand the Guild’ option.

Once you’ve made your changes, confirm your choices, and your changes will take effect immediately.

Pledge a ship

Once you are happy with your Guild’s branding, you will pledge one of your Captained Ships to the Guild, making it a Guild Ship. Once you’ve pledged a ship, you will no longer access it from ‘My Ships’ but the ‘Sail for a Guild’ section from the Adventure Menu.

Pledging a ship to a Guild means you can earn progress for the Guild while sailing it. You can share your ship with other Guild Members, allowing them to use it and earn progress without you. But if you’d rather be the only Captain of your vessel, you can also choose not to share.

You can change your ship’s Sharing Options from the ‘Guild’s section on the Main Menu. Find the Guild your ship is in and select ‘Guild Ships.’ From there, you can choose your ship and change its ‘Sharing Options.’

Pledge a Ship to the Guild

Roles and Permissions

Once you’ve pledged one of your Captained Ships, you will get an overview of the Guild’s permissions, which you can control as the Guild Owner and change at any time.

Guild Members can be one of three Roles: Guild Owner, Guild Leader, or Guild Mate. The Guild Owner can customize the permissions for Guild Leaders and Guild Mates, including whether they can change the Guild Roles of others, invite new recruits to the Guild, or remove Guild Members.

To modify your Guild Permissions, go to the ‘Guild Management’ section in the Settings Menu. Choose the Guild you want to rebrand and select the ‘Guild Permissions’ option.

Understanding Guild Roles & Permissions

Confirm your choices

After you’ve browsed the permissions, you can confirm your choices or go back and make changes.

With your Guild branded and a ship in its fleet, you are ready to invite up to 23 other pirates into your Guild. You can invite friends directly into your Guild from the ‘Guilds’ section in the Main Menu or ask recruits you meet on the sea to join your Guild with the Guild Invite emote.

Confirm and Create a Guild

How to invite Guild Members

You can invite any pirate you wish to your Guild as long as your Guild has yet to reach max capacity.

If you want to invite a friend, you can ask them to join your Guild from the ‘Guild’s section in the Main Manu or the Pirate Log if you are already out sailing the sea. Once you’ve found your Guild, open the Guild Members section, and you’ll find an option to ‘Invite Friends.’ You can then select every friend you want to invite.

When you send the invitation, it will go to their ‘Guild Invites’ in the ‘Guilds’ section on the Main Menu.

If you want to invite someone you’ve just met on the open sea, you can quickly open up your Emote Radial, select the Guild Emotes, and use the Guild Invite emote. Performing that specific emote will allow your pirate to present a special sign-up scroll that includes your Guild’s information. If your Guild has room for more Guild Members, a potential recruit can join your Guild directly by interacting with the scroll.

How to join a Guild

To join a Guild, an existing Guild Member must invite you. Once a Guild Member does invite you, you can find the invitation in your ‘Guild Invites’ in the ‘Guilds’ section on the Main Menu.

Invitations expire after seven days, so you should check your invites regularly. You can only have 20 invitations at once, so you’ll always see the most recent 20 invitations.

You can also join a Guild by interacting with a Guild Member’s Guild Invite emote. If a Guild Member presents you with a special sign-up scroll, you can approach it and interact with it to join their Guild.

Guild Invitations

Guild Ships

When a Guild Member pledges their Captained Ship, it becomes a Guild Ship and can earn Guild Reputation and Emissary Value for the Guild. Guild Ships still have all the benefits a Captained Ship does, and you can unpledge it anytime.

You can only pledge a ship to one Guild at a time, but you can pledge several ships to the same Guild.

You can keep your Guild Ship private so only you can sail it or share it with your Guild Members so they can sail it even when you are not present.

Shared Guild Ships can be used by anyone in the Guild, meaning you can genuinely co-own and progress Ship Milestones together.

If you allow your fellow Guild Members to sail your ship, they can modify your ship’s cosmetics but not save them. Guild Members can also Restore your Guild Ship even without you present!

Select a Guild Ship

Guild Plaques

A Guild Plaque is present on the main mast of every Guild Ship. The Guild’s name and mark are on the Guild Plaque for every pirate who boards your ship to see.

If applicable, your Guild’s Distinction level will also be on the Guild Plaque as a Distinction Medal. The medal will have the level of Distinction on it.

Guild Plaque

How to sail for a Guild

To sail for a Guild, choose ‘Sail for a Guild’ from the Main Menu after selecting Adventure. Once you pick the Guild you want to sail for, you will see all of the Guild’s ships and their current status. You can choose your pledged ship, or any other vessel a Guild Member has shared with the Guild.

When you set sail, you have several options to choose from:

  1. You can sail as an Open Crew, allowing anyone to join you
  2. You can sail as a Guild Crew, allowing only Guild Members and your Friends to join you
  3. You can sail as a Closed Crew, allowing only Friends you invite to join you
Sail for a Guild

Guild Reputation

You and your Guild Members can earn Guild Reputation for selling treasure to any Trading Company and receiving Allegiance from Hourglass Faction Battles while sailing a Guild Ship.

As long as you sail a Guild Ship when you hand in loot or complete Hourglass Faction Battles, you will raise the Guild Reputation for the Guild the ship belongs to.

You’ll want to help raise your Guild’s reputation levels to unlock Guild-exclusive rewards like the Guild Role Outfits.

Guild Distinction

Your Guild can earn a level of Distinction for every 100 levels of Guild Reputation your Guild attains. Your Guild’s Distinction level will accompany your Guild name and mark on your Guild Plaque.

You will also complete Guilds of Gold commendations for reaching certain levels of Distinction that will unlock the Unbroken Bonds ship set. While you can’t keep the Guild Role Outfits when you leave your Guild, you can keep the Unbroken Bond ship set.

Guild Emissary

To raise your Guild Reputation faster, you’ll want to sail a Guild Ship while flying a Guild Emissary Flag.

At Guild Reputation 15, your Guild will automatically unlock access to Guild Emissary status. Unlike other Trading Company Emissaries, you don’t need to purchase a license.

To raise your Guild Emissary Flag, interact with the Guild Emissary Table in front of the Sovereigns on any Outpost.

As soon as you’ve raised your Guild Emissary Flag, you can start working on increasing your Guild Emissary Grade. The higher your Guild Emissary Grade, the higher the multiplier used against any treasure you sell to the Sovereigns or Allegiance you earn from Hourglass Faction Battles.

Like Trading Company Emissaries, completing specific actions during your time at sea will boost your Guild Emissary Grade.

As a Guild Emissary, you can also sell the Emissary Flags of other Companies and Guilds to the Sovereigns, who will pass them to the Reaper’s Bones.

Vote to represent a Guild as an Emissary

Guild Emissary Grade

Like Trading Company Emissaries, you receive bonus Gold and Reputation when you hand in treasure to the Sovereigns who are the Guild Emissary Representatives.

The Emissary Grade multipliers are:

  • Grade 1 – 1x (100% of normal value)
  • Grade 2 – 1.15x (115% of normal value)
  • Grade 3 – 1.30x (130% of normal value)
  • Grade 4 – 1.45x (145% of normal value)
  • Grade 5 – 1.75x (175% of normal value)

The Guild Emissary Grade bonuses are lower than other Trading Company Emissary Grades because you receive the boosted gold and reputation for all treasure and Trading Companies.

Guild Reputation

Guild Emissary Grade 5

You’ll need to be mindful of your surroundings when you reach Guild Emissary Grade 5, as you will be marked on the Map Table for all to see!

Guild Emissary Ledger

Guilds can also compete in a Guild Emissary Ledger against other Guilds to earn new and exclusive rewards depending on where you place on the Ledger.

While a Guild Ship is sailing as a Guild Emissary, any Guild Reputation it earns will contribute to the Guild Ledger Emissary Value. Like the other Trading Company Emissary Ledgers, the Guild Ledger has three tiers of rewards that all Guild Members will receive if the Guild’s position on the Ledger is high enough.

The Guild Emissary Ledger rewards are personal to your pirate and can be taken with you if you leave the Guild for which you earned them.

Guild Chronicles

While a lot of your Guild’s activity will happen while you are away, you can always check the Guild Chronicles to catch up on the latest happenings within your Guild.

The Guild Chronicles will highlight the latest activity from your Guild, such as Guild Member enrollment, rewards unlocked, and Guild Ships pledged.

Each Guild Ship also has its own Ship’s Chronicles, allowing you to chart the ship’s recent history, including who sailed on it and highlights from their Voyage, such as Gold Earned and Guild Emissary Value contributed to the ledger.

Guild Chronicles

Guild Role Outfits

If your Guild has enough Guild Reputation, your Guild can unlock themed outfits to roleplay as a Navigator, Chef, Cannoneer, or Helm.

As long as you remain a Guild Member, you can use the Guild-owned outfits anytime.

Guild Role Outfits

How to disband a Guild

As the Guild Owner, you can transfer ownership to someone else in the Guild. However, to completely disband the Guild, you must be the last and only person left in the Guild.

Be careful as all Guild progress and rewards owned by the Guild will be lost after you disband it!

To the Tavern!

Aye, we pirates do love a good tavern. ‘Tis a place to share our findings and adventures. ‘Tis a place to clap each other on the back. ‘Tis a place to glean further insight.

Happily, we’ve found proverbial taverns on several social outposts—each bustling with a vibrant pirate community! Want to join in the merriment? Ye will always find a hearty welcome at our table!

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To the Tavern!

Aye, we pirates do love a good tavern. ‘Tis a place to share our findings and adventures. ‘Tis a place to clap each other on the back. ‘Tis a place to glean further insight.

Happily, we’ve found proverbial taverns on several social outposts—each bustling with a vibrant pirate community! Want to join in the merriment? Ye will always find a hearty welcome at our table!

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