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What is Larinna Selling? Oct. 28th – Nov 18th 2020

While the investigation for missing Bilge Rats carries on, Larinna has been kind enough to distract us from the looming danger with some new Black Market goodies!

Not only are new Aristocrat and Wild Rose cosmetics available to purchase, but new Fate of the Damned themed cosmetics are up for grabs! The new Soulflame cosmetics can be unlocked after completing the Festival of the Damned festive challenges!

Nothing like honoring the Ferryman like lighting beacons and slaying Shadows of Fate!

Fate of the Damned

Larinna is rewarding pirates who take on the new Fate of the Damned Voyages and Festival of the Damned Event Challenges with some flaming hot rewards!

Face of Fear

Earn this fearsome face paint by completing any Fate of the Damned voyage. You can purchase a Fate of the Damned voyage for free from Larinna at any Outpost in the Sea of Thieves.

Face of Fear

Soulflame Lantern

You will need to reach the required threshold in the Shadow Slayer Event Challenges to earn the Soulflame Lantern. This entails destroying a couple hundred Shadows of Fate across the Sea of Thieves!

Soulflame Lantern

Soulflame Crew Set

Pirate Legends who’ve completed all Fated Fortune Challenges can purchase this costume set for them and their crew!

Once owned, equipping the costume will allow your crew members to adorn the other pieces from the set.

The Soulflame Crew set includes the Soulflame Captain Costume, Soulflame First Crewmate Costume, Soulflame Second Crewmate Costume and Soulflame Third Crewmate Costume.

Soulflame Weapons

You’ll want to complete 16 goals from the Fated Fortune Challenges to earn all our Soulflame weapon cosmetics! These cosmetics include the Soulflame Cutlass, Soulflame Pistol, Soulflame Eye of Reach and Soulflame Blunderbuss.

Desirables for Doubloons


We’ve made our ship fancy, our equipment fancy and have even made our weapons fancy. Now it’s time to make our pirate fancy! Larinna is now offering more Aristocrat clothing cosmetics for us to adorn.

For Doubloons, you can purchase the Aristocrat Belt, Aristocrat Boots, Aristocrat Eyepatch, Aristocrat Gloves, Aristocrat Hook and Aristocrat Trousers.

Wild Rose

The Wild Rose red is a beautiful sight to behold. We have loved dressing our ship and equipment in these lovely cosmetics. We can now have our instruments match thanks to Larinna’s offerings this month.

For Doubloons, you can purchase the Wild Rose Banjo, Wild Rose Concertina, Wild Rose Hurdy-Gurdy and Wild Rose Bucket.

Black Market Archive

If there were cosmetics from the Black Market you missed out on don’t worry! Larinna has moved them over to the Black Market Archive.

If you are unfamiliar with the Black Market Archive, it is where you will find each month’s previous Black Market cosmetics. Come the middle of October, each of the cosmetics detailed above will move to the Black Market Archive.

You’ll always want to purchase any cosmetics before they hit the archive though! Once the items move to the Black Market Archive their prices go up. When they first arrive to the Sea of Thieves they have a low introductory price.

To see what all has been previously released in the Black Market, you can always go to our easy to remember hub:

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