Stitcher Jim Smuggler's Fortune

Stitcher Jim Resurfaces in the Sea of Thieves

Who invited this guy back to the party? Oh, apparently Duke…

The infamous backstabber of the Sea of Thieves has made a reappearance with the release of the Smuggler’s Fortune update and is looking to get in good with Duke. He has offered to help Duke deal with the excess of Rag and Bone crates that Duke has accumulated while buying up all the Reaper’s Chests in the sea.

Though working for Duke, Stitcher Jim is keeping his distance as he oversees the crate dispersal operation.

As such, there are certain commendations in this Mercenary Voyage for which you must find Stitcher Jim.

Where is Stitcher Jim?

You can find Stitcher Jim on the West side of the Uncharted Island located at I-12 on the map. Aye, that little beacon looks like it’s lost at sea. That’s what happens on these uncharted isles. Quite a place for the likes of Stitcher Jim to hide. 

Uncharted Island I12

To get a better idea of where this is in relation to your current whereabouts, you can view the Uncharted Marker on the interactive map: the Uncharted Island at I-12.

Once you’ve got your heading, sail on over to to the Uncharted Island and speak to Stitcher Jim. Talking to him will unlock the Lost and Scoundrel commendation and grant you 5 easy doubloons.

Stitcher Jim

Through talking with Stitcher Jim, you will discover that he was saved from the Devil’s Roar by his “beloved.” Who is this beloved you ask? He doesn’t really want to say—nor does she. Though, you can certainly try to talk to her.

Aye, “try” is the operative word there, isn’t it? There is a Masked Stranger on the East side of the Uncharted Island, but she is not very talkative. She seems to be playing it close to the vest.

Masked Stranger

She does have another means of expressing herself. She seems to really enjoy drawing and has left 5 sketches for us to find. Finding all 5 will unlock the Sketchy Stranger commendation and more doubloons.

Where are the Masked Stranger’s 5 Sketches?

The order listed below is completely arbitrary. You can find these sketches in any order you’d like. If you’re over by Stitcher Jim when you start your search, you might want to begin with “Sketch #5.” If you begin your search by the Masked Stranger, start with “Sketch #1.”

Sketch #1

If you’ve just spoken to the Masked Stranger, this is likely your nearest sketch. This sketch is just to the right of the Masked Stranger. Walk on over and inspect it.

Sketch #2 and Sketch #3

These two a right next to each other. They are just above the Masked Stranger in the wood scaffolding. Walk up the ramp to inspect each.

Sketch #4

The fourth sketch is just under the scaffolding ramp you walked up to get to the previous two sketches. You know what to do: find it; inspect it.

Sketch #5

The fifth and final sketch is back over at Stitcher Jim. It’s just to the North of Jim, lying on the ground.

So what will Stitcher Jim do after he has helped Duke? Will Duke employ Stitcher Jim as part of the Bilge Rats for good? What is he doing with this masked “beloved”? Wait, who’s Stitcher Jim?

These are all fantastic questions. With everything packed into this Smuggler’s Fortune update, we wanted to ensure that we got the basics out for you pirates first. However, expect more about Stitcher Jim and his beloved soon.

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