Ancient Skeleton

Sea of Thieves Ancient Skeletons—New Treasure from a New Foe…

This Smuggler’s Fortune update adds far more than a typical monthly update! We knew it was big—I mean, PETS were added! Yet, we really did not grasp just how big this update was until we started writing about it. It’s been a bit staggering.

For those who are curious, we’ve created a separate page just for the Smuggler’s Fortune update. For every Smuggler’s Fortune article, we’ve provided a brief synopsis and a link: Sea of Thieves Smuggler’s Fortune Update.

One incredibly exciting new addition that seems to have been snuck into this update is the Ancient Skeleton!

To understand Ancient Skeletons, we must first understand Ancient Coin.

Smuggler's Fortune

Ancient Coin

In the Smuggler’s Fortune update the Pirate Emporium opens its doors for pirates to purchase pets, emotes and ship cosmetics!

For more on the Pirate Emporium: Sea of Thieves: The Pirate Emporium. For more on pets: Sea of Thieves Pets—All You Need to Know!

For the purposes of understanding Ancient Skeletons, you should know that the Pirate Emporium accepts payment in neither Gold Coins, nor Doubloons. To purchase items at The Pirate Emporium you will need Sea of Thieves’ newest currency: Ancient Coin. 

The primary means of attaining Ancient Coin in Sea of Thieves is purchasing the coin with real-world currency. This currency exchange can be performed through the Xbox Store or in-game through the Pirate Emporium. 

Seeing as Sea of Thieves is an ever-developing game as a service, Ancient Coin is meant to be an additional revenue stream to help the developers continue their work enriching this wondrous world.

Pirate Emporium

While real-world currency will be the main way to fill your pockets with Ancient Coin, the Sea of Thieves team is also introducing a fun new in-game mechanic for players to earn Ancient Coin. Queue Ancient Skeletons!

Ancient Skeleton

What are Ancient Skeletons?

Ancient Skeletons are very special skeletons you can kill to earn Ancient Coin.

These Ancient Skeletons are emergent foes, who will climb out of the ground when you least expect it! Worse, if left undefeated for too long, this slippery skeleton will burrow back into the ground—disappearing along with that precious Ancient Coin.

Ancient Skeleton Running Away

How will I know it’s an Ancient Skeleton?

First, these skeletons have their own distinct look. Shining brightly in metallic blue and gold, they carry a satchel emblazoned with the Ancient Coin symbol and stuffed full with coins.

Second, you will hear music sure to make your your senses snap to attention! Nothing quite captures a moment like a Robin Beanland composition.

Once you’ve heard this tune, learn it well. You might not be able to see the skeleton pop, but hearing the music will alert you to its presence—and you’ll want to act swiftly!

Ancient Skeleton

How often will Ancient Skeletons Spawn?

Rare. We’re not quite sure how “rare” this means. The developers plan to tinker with this as they see how players are interacting with the store. However, we did receive confirmation that Ancient Skeletons will not be as rare as the Shrouded Ghost Meg.

Spawning Ancient Skeleton

Where can I find Ancient Skeletons?

Anywhere! Well, it seems they are land based like most skeletons. So, I wouldn’t be diving into shipwrecks to seek them out. However, they can be found on any island through the SoT. They can be found in adventure mode and in the Arena!

So while you and several crews are duking it out over some chests in an Arena Match, an Ancient Skeleton could appear. Drop that chest! The first crew to kill it takes the spoils!

Ancient Skeleton

Who Gets the Ancient Coin?

Upon killing the Ancient Skeleton, you and your entire crew will earn Ancient Coins. Everyone on your crew will get the same amount as they are not divided between crew members.

But! Pirates ye Beware: Ancient Coins are not dispersed across alliances.

How many Ancient Coins do Ancient Skeletons Drop?

This is variable. Just as with current treasure, there is a range of values that you can earn.

Ancient Skeleton Reward

Happy Hunting!

Again, these Ancient Skeletons will make their debut this Wednesday with the Smuggler’s Fortune update. Armed with this newfound Ancient Skeleton knowledge, you should be well poised to deal some deadly blows if ever they cross your path.

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