What is Duke Selling? Sept. 11th – Oct. 9th 2019

Today, we celebrate the Grand Opening of Duke’s Black Market! Huzzah!

If you’d like more information on Duke’s Black Market generally, we’ve written a separate article all about it! You can find it here: Duke’s Black Market in the Sea of Thieves.

In this article we get straight down to brass tax: What is Duke Selling?!

Duke has imported some rather fine items to add to your pirate’s collection!

Duke divides his wares into two categories, shown in two tabs above his stock: Desirables for Doubloons, and Goodies for Gold.

Desirables come from the following three categories: (1) variants of previously time-limited or exclusive sets; (2) brand new additions to existing sets, and (3) brand new sets.

Goodies for Gold include variants of cosmetics that can currently be bought in your local Outpost shops.

These variations on old classics give a nod to the beloved features of the original cosmetic, while giving us a new little flourish to enjoy.

Desirables for Doubloons

This month Duke is offering a fresh new take on the Bone Crusher cosmetics: the Fearless Bone Crusher! The Bone Crusher set should be familiar for any pirate who took part in The Cursed Sails update in the fall of 2018.

To fully appreciate the Fearless Bone Crusher, we should begin with the same items from the original Bone Crusher set.

The Original Bone Crusher

The original Bone Crusher set looked like a pirate had used the bones of fallen foes to decorate their ship. Some might think it looks barbaric, or like something akin to a caveman’s decor.

To others, there is an elegant chicness to the understated palette: bone, leather, and metal. It goes with everything! 

Since we can no longer take shop pictures of clothing sans pirate, we’ve had one of our crew model the clothing. Be nice. She’s shy.

Click Images to Enlarge

The Black Market Fearless Bone Crusher

Perhaps Duke commissioned these, perhaps he simply “found” them, having fallen off the back of a sloop. Regardless, someone has gone back to the drawing board on these cosmetics and freshened them up a bit for 2019. Duke is proud to present, the Fearless Bone Crusher cosmetic set!

The green may not “go with everything,” but the pop of green really breathes some life into this set! The Fearless Bone Crusher can certainly no longer be accused of looking anything less than fashion forward!

The Fearless Bone Crusher clothing cosmetics include the Jacket, Hat and Dress. The Fearless Bone Crusher ship cosmetics include the Hull, Sail and Flag.

Click Images to Enlarge

How much do the Fearless Bone Crusher items cost?

Well, as you can see above…

When it comes to the clothing cosmetics: the Fearless Bone Crusher Dress and Hat are 75 doubloons each, while the Fearless Bone Crusher Jacket is 100 doubloons.

As for the ship cosmetics: the Fearless Bone Crusher Hull and Sail are 100 doubloons each, while the Fearless Bone Crusher Flag is 25 doubloons. 

Goodies for Gold

One of the most popular cosmetics during The Forsaken Shores update was the Ocean Crawler cosmetic set. With this knowledge, someone has switched up the color scheme, added a few little details, and handed them off to Duke—who is now selling the Deep Ocean Crawler cosmetic set!

Thus far, Duke is only offering weaponry in the Deep Ocean Crawler set. But, who knows? Perhaps if he sees a handsome profit from this initial batch, he’ll be inclined to bring in a few other Deep Ocean Crawler items.

First, we’ll show you the original Ocean Crawler weaponry. Then, we’ll show you Duke’s Black Market Deep Ocean Crawler weaponry.

The Original Ocean Crawler

The original Ocean Crawler were some of the most brightly colored cosmetics yet seen on the Sea of Thieves. They were the kind of colors that just make you happy. Plus, they were a nice contrast to the shadowy, ashy skies in the newfound Devil’s Roar.

Click Images to Enlarge

The Black Market Deep Ocean Crawler

Deeper shades in the wood, metals, and leathers beautifully complement these purple and red hues.

Click on the images below to get a closer look at the Cutlass, Flintlock, Blunderbuss and Eye of Reach.

Click Images to Enlarge

How much do the Deep Ocean Crawler items Cost?

As you can see above, the Blunderbuss, Flintlock, and Eye of Reach cost 85,050 Gold Coins each. The Cutlass costs 63,000 Gold Coins.

It might interest you to know that the last time we checked, the original Blunderbuss, Flintlock, and Eye of Reach cost 13,400 Gold Coins each. The Cutlass costs 9,900 Gold Coins.

Aye, Duke offers some real beauties on the Black Market, but he certainly charges a premium. Perhaps it’s to cover the risk…

Congratulations to Duke on his Grand Opening!

The Outpost trading company representatives may not be too thrilled, but we certainly are! Let us know what you think of Duke’s fresh new cosmetics. If you purchase any, we would love to see pictures of you showing off you new outfit!

What else is new?

There’s more to this update than Duke’s fine establishment! So, in addition to letting you know the Black Market’s latest offerings, we’ll include links to newsworthy features for seaworthy pirates!

If you plan on purchasing “desirables for doubloons” you’ll want to know about Duke’s latest mercenary voyages and how to find Stitcher Jim. These should provide you with a hefty sum of spending money.

If you want to know what else you can buy, you might want to check out the Pirate Emporium and its monthly update section: “In Store on the Shores.”

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