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Sea of Thieves Pets—All You Need to Know!

Pets! With two days to go until we finally meet our little friends, we are positively wriggling with anticipation!

If you are reading this on September 9th or September 10th, the information you see is all based on Rare’s September 9th stream—or information otherwise made public previously.

If you are reading this on the 11th of September, the Smuggler’s Fortune update will have been released and the Pirate Emporium will be celebrating its Grand Opening! At that time, we will begin feverishly updating this article to bring you all the excitement!

Introducing Sea of Thieves Pets!

Pets in Sea of Thieves are small animal friends you can take with you on all your adventures.

Pets do not provide players with any in-game advantage over other players. Sorry, your monkey cannot steal another crew’s bananas. 

However, pets are far more than a cosmetic.

Pets are designed to add life, fun, charm, emotional attachment, and a social element.

Happy Pets

How do you get a pet?

The Pirate Emporium

You can get a pet by purchasing one from the newly opened Pirate Emporium!

Curious? Aye, there be more to explore about and within this new boutique. As such, we’ve given it its very own article: Sea of Thieves: The Pirate Emporium.

You will find a Pirate Emporium location at each Outpost, just above the Order of Souls tent. Alternatively you can access the Pirate Emporium before you’ve even set foot on an outpost. You’ll find the Pirate Emporium on the main menu.

Sea of Thieves Pirate Emporium Building

Ancient Coin

Unlike other in-game “purchases” made with “Gold Coins” and “Doubloons,” Pirate Emporium items—including pets—are purchased using “Ancient Coin.”

What is Ancient Coin?

Ancient Coin can be bought with real-world currency. Ancient Coin can also be earned by defeating “Ancient Skeletons” (more on that here: Ancient Skeletons now lurk in Sea of Thieves).

Once you’ve secured yourself some Ancient Coin, you can pick out and purchase the pet you think would make the best new crewmate.

Spawning Ancient Skeleton

Picking out a Pet

What kinds of pets can we get?

Currently, the pets offered at the Pirate Emporium include parrots and monkeys. Within those two categories, there are two breeds.

Among the parrots, you will find Macaws and Parakeets. Among the monkeys, you will find the Capuchin and the Barbary.

Then, within each breed, you will find different colors of each pet. These have not been unveiled as of yet. So, we’ll be adding to this section once the Smuggler’s Fortune update has been officially launched. 

Do these pets have different personalities?

According to the preview stream, each breed has slightly different characteristics. Nothing further was divulged. So, again, we’ll be anxiously awaiting that official launch.

You’ll see more examples of these feathered and furry friends in images throughout the article—and we’ll add more after the update—but these screenshots from the preview stream will give you an introductory idea of what each breed looks like.

Macaw Parrot By Shipwright
An example of a Macaw Parrot
Parrot on Beach
An example of a Parakeet Parrot
Monkey Hanging Out
An example of a Capuchin Monkey
Monkey On Chair
An example of a Barbary Monkey

What are the Different Color Variations within the Breeds?

The Macaws

The Macaws come in five beautifully plumed colors: the Crimson Macaw, the Azure Macaw, the Bright Belly Macaw, the Flame Feather Macaw, and the Plumcap Macaw.

Click Images to Enlarge

The Parakeets

The Parakeets have distinct markings in five color palettes: the Grey Wing Parakeet, the Palm Grove Parakeet, the Blue Water Parakeet, the Sun Kissed Parakeet, and the Blue Moon Parakeet.

Click Images to Enlarge

The Capuchins

The Capuchins are so adorable we can hardly choose our favorite: the Cloud Capuchin, the Lagoon Blue Capuchin, the Whitebeard Capuchin, the Pink Paw Capuchin, and the Sunset Capuchin.

Click Images to Enlarge

The Barbarys

The Barbary color names sound rather demure, but somehow they always look a bit mischievous to us: the Red Sun Barbary, the Shadow Barbary, the Pale Ghost Barbary, the Midnight Indigo Barbary, and the Silver Mane Barbary.

Pictures of each feathered and furry friend to come. Apologies, we keep getting kicked from the server.

Click Images to Enlarge

How much do pets and pet cosmetics cost?


Whether you purchase a macaw, a parakeet, a capuchin, or a barbary, they each cost the same: 499 Ancient Coins.


Pet Cosmetics

We can’t be sure if all pet cosmetics will cost the same. After all, our pirate cosmetics certainly have a range. However, each breed has its own unique “Sea Dog Outfit”—no this outfit is not a one-size-fits-all situation. These Sea Dog Outfits cost 249 Ancient Coin each. 



For its Grand Opening, the Pirate Emporium is offering a couple bundles of joy: a Pet and its Sea Dog Outfit! You can save a bit of coin bundling these purchases together.

Bundled together, your pet and Sea Dog Outfit costs 649 Ancient Coins, saving you 99 Ancient Coins.

But! There is a catch! These bundles only available for certain breeds and only for certain colors. You can get a bundle with the Crimson Macaw, or you can get a bundle with the Cloudy Capuchin.

Pirate Emporium Home

Where do you equip your pet?

Once you’ve purchased your pet, you’ll need to “equip” it so to speak. You will find your little buddy in a “Pet Chest.” There is a Pet Chest just outside the Pirate Emporium and also aboard your ship.

Pet Chest

Will Pets have their own cosmetics?

Yes! You can purchase pet cosmetics from the Pirate Emporium. These, too will be equipped using the Pet Chest. 

Can my pet and I match outfits?


In the September 9th stream, the only outfit we got a glimpse of in the shop was the “Sea Dog Outfit.” In the screenshot below you can see the “Macaw Sea Dog Bundle” and the “Capuchin Sea Dog Bundle,” the descriptions of which both mention the Sea Dog Outfit.

The Sea Dog Outfit seems to be designed with rather neutral hues of black and brown—complementary to most pirate cosmetics. But, we get it: it would be really cool to see an ocean crawler eyepatch on your monkey.

Pirate Emporium Main Menu

The good news is that the launch day cosmetics are hardly the last we shall see. There will be many more to come. Will they match our pirate cosmetic sets? It may be too soon to tell. 

But, YO HO HO, me hearties! In the recent “Live Q + A: Adventure with Joe Neate, Mike Chapman and Ryan Stevenson” we saw this exciting little exchange…


Hi All, 

What do you think of the idea of having Pirate legend exclusive pets and pet cosmetics. Not new pet models, just Legendary colourings of existing pet models probably.

Would be so cool to equip my Legendary parakeet with a Legendary Eyepatch 🙂


Joe Neate:

This is actually a pretty nice idea. We’ll discuss.

Thank you, Micro666. Ye be a legend to us all!

Can I name my pet?


How can I name my pet?

As with pet cosmetics, you will be able to name your pet in your Pet Chest. In the preview stream, we saw the image below displaying this feature. There’s a little capuchin monkey with his name hovering above his head in bright green—just like the rest of his crew.

Can I change my pet’s name?


As you get to know your pet, you might find that another name might suit them better. Great news! You can change your pet’s name as often as you’d like.

Turns out this little one is less of a “Sweetling” and more of a “Scalawag”…

Name Your Pet

How can you interact with Pets?

Ah, this is the section we’re likely to update the most after the official launch of the Smuggler’s Fortune update.

It seems there are a myriad of ways you and your pet can have fun!

You can pick up your pet and carrying them around. Perhaps most importantly for your initial bonding, you can pet your pet.

Carry Parrot

We even got this little teaser in the aforementioned Live Q&A: if you would like to—because why not—you can even fire your pet out of a cannon!

You can take a little swim with your pet. Although this little monkey does not appear to be enjoying himself very much…

Monkey Under Water

In the preview stream, emotes were mentioned, too! Try a few emotes out with your pet and see how they react!

Entertain your pet with song and dance! Do you have a musical crew? Strike up the band! Your little buddy will join in the merriment with its own little jig.

Dancing Monkey

You might even try feeding your pet. On the preview stream, there was an adorable little pet consultant: Antonio the squirrel monkey. Alas, poor Antonio got a wee bit sick during the stream. This prompted the confirmation that your in-game pets can get sick, too.

Whether it’s true or not, our natural assumption then was that we might be able to feed our pets.

Again, once the update goes live, there will be far more we can add to this section. The 11th of September can’t come soon enough…


Do I need to take care of my pet?

No. This is not a tamagotchi. You do not need to feed it, bathe it, or otherwise tend to it in any way.

You can always choose to interact with your pet, but if you were required to interact with your pet in specific ways that could obviously interfere with your ability to play the game.

Pets aren’t supposed to be an advantage, but they’re certainly not supposed to be a disadvantage.

What do pets do when you’re not interacting with them?

If you are not actively interacting with your pet, this does not mean they just sit there. Like pets in the world beyond the Shroud, pets in the SoT have a life of their own.

Pets have little lives of their own

If you’re otherwise engaged in other task on deck, out of the corner of your eye you might find your pet walking about, preening, or even heading up to the crow’s nest to get their own look out at the horizon.

You might just catch your monkey dozing off on the map table as you go to plan your next voyage! A map nap.

Pets in Crow's Nest

Pets join in the Fun!

However, pets are by no means aloof. They very much so want to be part of your adventures. So, even without prompting your pet to do anything, they will join in the fun!

Well, maybe “join” is not always the best word choice. If you’re fighting a Kraken or another ship, you’ll likely see they’ve scurried to find cover. You might want to console them after such a traumatic experience.

In other times of peace, your pet might also perch near the ship wheel and watch you navigate the seas. That’s fine, as long as they don’t start “back seat sailing”…

Parrot Hanging Out

How do I bring my pet with me?

Want to bring your pet ashore? Your pet will automatically follow where you lead, and react to the world around as your adventure unfolds. This way you can have your trusty friend by your side, but stay focused on your task at hand.

Monkey Following on Island

What if I don’t want my pet to follow me?

I know. It sounds harsh. While you might adore your new best friend, there are times when this sweet, innocent companion might sweetly and innocently ruin your stealth.

If you’d like your pet to stay behind, you have four options.

The Pet Chest

First, you can always put your pet back in its pet chest. However, then no one gets to enjoy your pet in your absence, and you’ll need to reequip your pet when you get back on the boat.

Pet Management

By opening the SoT Game Options menu, select My Crew and then Pet Management. From here you will be able to “Dismiss Pet” which will send your pet back to the Pet Chest.

The Pet Cage

Second, you can put your pet in the pet cage. This way, other crewmates can interact with your pet if they so choose, and you won’t need to reequip your pet.

Place Pet in Cage

Perching your Pet

Third, there are several perching spots on the ship. If you place your pet on these spots, your pet will stay there until you or another pirate picks them back up. So, if you are in stealth mode, you might want to tell your crewmates not to move your pet.

These perch spots even include your rowboat! So if you’ve already ventured out away from the ship, you can place your pet on the rowboat and have them watch you work away on those paddles—or await your return, while you take that gunpowder barrel over to an enemy ship.

Parrot By Helm

MUCH More to Come!

Once that Smuggler’s Fortune update has officially launched there will be so much more we can add to this article. We’ll be updating throughout the day as we discover more we think our fellow pirates might like to know about their potential new recruit. 

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    1. You can only equip one pet at a time but if you are in a crew of four, each of you could have a pet and stroll around with four!

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