Sea of Thieves

Sea of Thieves Essentials—Need-to-Know Guides for Beginners and References for Old Salts

Yo Ho Ho! Welcome to the Sea of Thieves! Perhaps you’re a novice sailor just waking up in a tavern. Perhaps you’re an old salt, who might like to brush up a bit. No matter what brought you,

we’re glad you made it!

Sea of Thieves is a vast and wondrous world. Shrouded in mystery, the seas invite you to explore, experiment, tinker, and discover. Aye, and even with the best of guides, you’ll have plenty of that!

Yet, since the seas were first opened to us all, we’ve discovered so much that we often forget how little we knew when our feet first hit the sand.

With this in mind, we went through all the resources we’ve created over the years, and began curating a list of essential guides.

Rare Thief Sea of Thieves Guides

We began with guides that were written back when their features first appeared in the Sea of Thieves. Then, we began thinking about new guides specifically for new players.

We’ve written a fair few, and we plan to write many more!

It is our hope that these guides will help any and all new pirates get their sea legs!

Then again, some weather-worn pirates have simply never come across certain little nuggets of wisdom.

We once encountered a crew who had sailed the seas for over a year, yet did not know that a dense circle of birds in the sky likely means there’s a shipwreck below. And we all know an old salt or two who can’t fish…

So, while newcomers might find these guides particularly helpful, these are for everyone! Raise yer grogs! Here’s to ye! Here’s to the sea! Sing the shanty!

“We Shall Sail Together!”
We Shall Sail Together

Maiden Voyage Guide

Maiden Voyage
Click the image to set sail!

What Treasure Goes Where?

Trading Companies
Click the image to become a treasure expert!

Riddle Guide

Riddle Guide
Click the image to solve a riddle!

Trading Company Emissaries

Trading Company Emissaries
Click the image to pledge your allegiance!

Fishing Guide

Hunter's Call
Click the image to learn how to fish!

Tall Tale Guides

Tall Tales Shores of Gold
Click the image to break the shroud!

Fort of the Damned Guide

Fort of the Damned
Click the image to master the Fort of the Damned!

Pets—All You Need to Know!

Click the image to find your new best friend!

Ancient Skeletons

Ancient Skeleton
Click the image to hunt down an Ancient Skeleton!

Black Market

Black Market
Click the image to discover your new favorite cosmetic!

Pirate Emporium

Pirate Emporium
Click the image to peruse the Emporium!

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