Ships of Fortune

Sea of Thieves: Ships of Fortune

The second anniversary update, the Ships of Fortune, has just been released and with it more shiny new content than we can handle! The Sea of Thieves team has celebrated the second anniversary of the game with one of the heftiest updates yet!

If there is one thing we are most excited about it would be…well we can’t bring ourselves to choose just one! From a brand new Trading Company to the next chapter of the Arena, there are too many new pirate shenanigans we can’t wait to get ourselves into!

Below are a list of articles we have compiled that dive deep into each of the new features introduced in the Ships of Fortune update.

Trading Company Emissaries

The biggest feature to release with Ships of Fortune are Trading Company Emissaries. Emissaries allow players to show allegiance to the Trading Company of their choosing in return for some very generous compensation in the form of gold and exclusive cosmetics.

You and your crew will have to make some tough decisions next time you set sail together!

To learn everything there is to know about Emissaries, check out our article here: Trading Company Emissaries.

Trading Company Emissaries
Click the image to explore Trading Company Emissaries.

How to Raise Your Emissary Grade

Being an Emissary is not so simple. While you are representing your Trading Company you will be leveling up your Emissary Grade. The higher you Emissary Grade, the higher return you will get for treasure turned in to that Trading Company.

How you go about progressing your Emissary Grade will depend on the specific Trading Company you represent.

We have all the details on what actions you need to preform for each Trading Company to efficiently raise your Emissary Grade right here: How to Raise Your Emissary Grade.

Ships of Fortune
Click the image to discover how to raise your Emissary Grade.

Emissary Ledgers

The Emissary system not only has us working towards our Emissary Grade but also something much larger. The Emissary Ledgers!

These Ledgers are a global leaderboard for each Trading Company. The higher you are on the leaderboard, the better rewards you will receive at the end of the Ledger’s monthly cadence.

To delve more into the Emissary Ledgers, check out our coverage of them here: Emissary Ledgers.

Gold Hoarder Emissary Cosmetics
Click the image to learn about Emissary Ledgers.

Introducing the Reaper’s Bones Trading Company

A new PVP focused Trading Company has set up camp in the Sea of Thieves and is looking for ruthless pirates to join their ranks!

The Reaper’s Bones are unlike any Trading Company before them. To get the full scoop on what this fearsome Trading Company has to offer, follow the link here: Introducing the Reaper’s Bones Trading Company.

Reaper's Bones Trading Company
Click the image to find out what the Reaper’s Bones are all about.

The Next Chapter of the Arena!

While Adventure Mode saw a huge overhaul to some of the foundational elements of the game, Arena is also getting a fresh new take. The next chapter of the Arena has arrived and with it the Sea Dog’s Beacon!

To learn about all the changes happening in the Arena so you can best prepare for your next contest, follow us on over to this article: The Next Chapter of the Arena! What’s New?

The Next Chapter of Arena
Click the image to prepare yourself for the newest Arena contest.


We have all been enjoying our monkeys and parrots as we sail the Sea of Thieves. Though, some of us have been lonely as we wait for the long teased feline companion, the cat!

Well, the wait is over cat lovers! You can now purchase yourself a fluffy companion from the Pirate Emporium this month.

To find out which of the three breeds suits you best, head on over to our article: Everything You Need to Know About Cats.

Click the image find your new best friend.

What is Duke Selling?

Our good friend Duke is feeling a little down this month. After an epic betrayal he has decided to focus on the Black Market and not worry about offering a new Mercenary Voyage.

That’s alright with us! Duke is offering some sweet cosmetics for the month of April. Follow on over here to see what you can purchase with your gold and doubloons: What is Duke Selling? Apr. 22nd – May 13th 2020.

Click the image to see Duke’s latest wares.

In Store on the Shores!

Aye, the pirate emporium now has cats—but there’s still so much more in store!

The Pirate Emporium never fails to amaze with its monthly product updates, and this month is no exception. 

We have everything new offered this month in the Pirate Emporium over here: In Store on the Shores! Apr. 22nd – May 13th 2020.

Pirate Emporium April Update
Click the image to see the latest Pirate Emporium offerings.

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  1. Great summery guys. It will be interesting to see how this evolves over time. The Reapers faction has already started to see some interesting game play in adventure. lets hope they can get the balance just right.

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