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What is Duke Selling? Apr. 22nd – May 13th 2020

Duke is feeling a little down at the moment and we can’t blame him. The big reveal regarding Stitcher Jim that takes place in the Heart of Fire is a big blow to Duke. Duke vouched for Jim and Jim repaid him with dishonor.

Duke is now solely focused on his Black Market this month so you won’t find a new Mercenary Voyage to partake in from the Bilge Rats.

With Stitcher Jim’s absence, you will also not find the Ashen Dragon section of Duke’s Black Market. If you still need to purchase any of the Ashen Dragon cosmetics, you can find them sold in the Clothing Shop found at any Outpost.

Enough about the past though. Let’s focus on the present and what precious items Duke has secured for us this month!

Desirables for Doubloons

Fearless Bone Crusher

More Fearless Bone Crusher cosmetics are for sale this month in the Black Market! You can now complete the look and dress yourself as a Fearless Bone Crusher as you sail the seas in hunt of Skeleton Ships.

For doubloons you can purchase the Fearless Bone Crusher Eyepatch, Hook, Pegleg, Shirt, Trousers, Gloves, Belt and Boots.

Goodies for Gold

Inky Kraken

Are you a fan of the mighty beast that lives below the water in the Sea of Thieves? You can pay tribute to the monstrous Kraken with the latest Inky Kraken cosmetic sets that are now in the Black Market.

For Gold you can purchase the Inky Kraken Hat, Jacket, Dress, Blunderbuss, Cutlass, Eye of Reach and Flintlock.

Black Market Archive

As each month passes, the Black Market Archive grows larger and larger.

If you are unfamiliar with the Black Market Archive, it holds each month’s previous Black Market cosmetics. Come the middle of May, each of the cosmetics detailed above will move to the Black Market Archive.

There is one caveat though! Once the items move to the Black Market Archive their prices go up. When they first arrive to the Sea of Thieves they have a low introductory price.

To see what all has been previously released in the Black Market, you can always go to our easy to remember hub:

While there might not be a new Mercenary Voyage from the Bilge Rats this month, Duke sure has treated us pirates well with his latest Black Market offerings!

Hopefully you have pocketed away enough gold and doubloons to take advantage of the Black Market this month. If not, sail on out to the seas and hunt down those Reaper’s Chests and Reaper’s Bounties to fill those coin pouches!

In Store on the Shores! Apr. 22nd – May 13th 2020

Looking to spend your Ancient Coin? There is plenty to be excited about with this month’s Pirate Emporium lineup! Head on over to our article covering everything new in the Pirate Emporium for the month of April!

Ah, but we also have an entire article devoted to the most exciting new addition to the Pirate Emporium: cats.


More in the Ships of Fortune Update

Cats and Duke’s latest offering were not the only new additions with the Ships of Fortune.

The Reaper’s Bones are looking for pirates to pledge their allegiance and the new Emissary Ledgers will likely entice you to set sail more often and sail for longer than every before!

Head on over to our Ships of Fortune update page. There you’ll find articles on all the wondrous new features this update introduced to the Sea of Thieves.

Ships of Fortune

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