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Sea of Thieves: Trading Company Emissary Ledgers

With the introduction of Trading Company Emissaries comes Emissary Ledgers. These leaderboards add another level of depth to the way players currently sail the Sea of Thieves.

If the newly added Reaper’s Bones Trading Company wasn’t going to bring enough competition to the sea already, the Emissary Ledgers will have you entrenched in this world like never before in hopes of finishing in highest tier!

What is an Emissary Ledger?

Emissary Ledgers are a brand new leaderboard system introduced in the Ships of Fortune update. They allow the Trading Companies to show off their most valuable Emissaries for all to see!

Ledgers track your contribution to a Trading Company while you are representing them as an Emissary. Your contributions will earn you “Company Value” towards the Trading Company’s Emissary Ledger. This Emissary Value is what determines your position in the Ledger.

Emissary Ledgers not only track your value, but the value of every pirate who’s sailed the sea. So, you’ll get a chance to see how you stack up against other pirates.

Order of Souls Emissary Cosmetics

The Emissary Ledger Resets

The Trading Companies will record all contributions over a given period of time. At the end of this time, your position in the leaderboard will be locked and your position secured.

The Ledger will then be refreshed and your valuation will start again from scratch. In other words, all contributions will be reset to zero, and everyone will get another go with an even starting point.

There will be no downtime between the previous Ledger’s end and the new Ledger’s start.

The time allotted for this first ledger is 30 days. However, it is possible that the amount of time for subsequent ledgers could vary.

SoT Emissary Ledger Duration

The Emissary Ledger has Contribution Tiers

There are four tiers of Emissary Value. The highest two tiers have cosmetic rewards. You will earn these rewards if you can raise your Emissary Value high enough to place in them—and stay there through the end of the ledger’s duration.

The valuation numbers tied to these tiers are constantly shifting throughout the month as they are based on player activity. Because your standing is relative to other players’ activity, your standing will shift, too. 

As more players that become an Emissary for a Trading Company and make contributions, you’ll see two things occur. First, the targets for each tier will become wider. Second, the requirements to reach each tier will become higher.

So, finishing in the highest tier will require dedication throughout the month! While you might be placed in the top tier when you leave the sea for the night, you could wake up and find yourself knocked down, as more pirates try to climb the ranks!

SoT Emissary Ledger Contribution Tiers

Where can I see the Emissary Ledger in the Game?

You can find the Emissary Ledger for each Trading Company in the Reputation Pane. Find the Trading Company you wish to see the Ledger for and then select Emissary Ledger.

From there you can see your current Emissary Value and the possible rewards that can be unlocked for each tier of the Ledger.

Viewing the top Emissaries will show you the competition for each tier! This will help you better understand what targets you need to aim for to reach the next tier. If you are already in the top tier you can see how much work you are going to have to put in to stay there!

View Emissary Ledger

View the Emissary Ledger Online!

The fine folks at Rare have created an online leaderboard for us all to obsess over while we are not playing the game! You can see your rankings in each of the five different Trading Companies as well as the cosmetics unlocked for placing in each of tier.

You can visit the online Ledgers here:

Sea of Thieves – Emissary Ledgers

Simply scroll down a bit and you’ll see where you can select each Emissary Trading Company, as well as the days remaining before the ledgers reset.

SoT Trading Company Emissary Ledger Online

Once you’ve clicked on the Trading Company you’d like to check, you can scroll down a bit further to get all the details! You’ll see the tier you’ve reached and your global position.

By comparing your global position to the positions above or below your tier, you’ll know how far you need to go to move up, or how much padding you have before you’re at risk of dropping down.

SoT Emissary Ledger Online Global Position Example

How do you increase your Emissary Value?

As long as you are an active Emissary for the Trading Company you wish to represent, you will be contributing to your Emissary Value each time you turn in a piece of loot to that Trading Company.

Treasure turned in to other Trading Companies you are not representing will not add to your Emissary Value.

Your Emissary Value is based on the worth of the treasure you hand into the company as well as your Emissary Grade at the time of handing it in.

The higher the worth of the treasure, and the higher your Emissary Grade is, the higher the value you’ve contributed to the Trading Company. As you become more valuable to the Company, the higher you’ll appear in its Ledger.

Turning in an Ashen Villainous Skull at Order of Souls Emissary Grade 5 will up your Emissary Value much more than turning in a Foul Skull at Emissary Grade 1.

If you are looking to level up your Emissary Grade, check out our article on how to progress your Emissary Grade for each Trading Company in the most efficient way possible!

Ships of Fortune
Click the image to master your Emissary Grade.

Emissary Ledger Rewards

At the end of the month, the Emissary Ledger will end and your standing will be locked into place.

If you manage to finish the ledger with a standing above the bottom tier, you’ll earn more than bragging rights!

What Rewards do you get for each Emissary Contribution Tier?

Bottom Tier

Finishing in the bottom tier will earn you nothing, but you will have made your mark in the history books for that month. Plus, you’ll know that you forced other pirates to up their game to get into that next tier up.

Third Tier

Finishing in the third tier will earn you the Title associated with that tier. You can wear this title with pride as you try to place higher the following month!

Second Tier

This is where it starts to get good! Finishing in the second tier will earn you the second tier title and the sail cosmetic for the second tier. You will also unlock the title associated with the third tier.

Top Tier

Hooray! You’ve done it! Finishing in the top tier will earn you the top tier title, the top tier sail as well and the previous two tier’s rewards!

Top Emissaries Ledger

How and When will I Receive Emissary Rewards?

When? You will receive your rewards at the end of the ledger’s duration, when everyone’s standings have been locked into place.

How? All rewards will automatically, magically appear in their respective chests. It is important to note that this can take up to 72 hours from the end of the Ledger.

Will the Emissary Rewards Change?

Perhaps. However, if you did not earn the rewards on your first attempt, take heart!

First, they won’t change without warning. Second, it seems that the same rewards will be available for several ledgers in a row, giving pirates ample opportunities.

So, never fear. If at first you don’t succeed, you’ll have another opportunity to grab those exclusive Trading Company sails!

Trading Company Emissaries

How do Alliances Affect the Emissary Ledger?

The short answer: they don’t.

Loot turned in from Alliance members will still grant you some of the gold the treasure is worth. That gold will also increase your reputation within the Trading Company, just as before.

However, this gold will not be counted toward your standings in the Ledger.

So, let’s pretend you’ve completed a skeleton fort with an alliance crew, and you’re splitting the loot. If you’re trying to increase your standings with a particular Trading Company, you might want to request the items for that Trading Company—whether politely or by the tip of your sword.

Climb those Ledgers!

We are excited to view the Ledgers as the months go to see which pirates are the toughest and most competitive in the entire Sea of Thieves!

We will also be keeping an eye on each Ledgers cosmetic rewards as the months go on as they are sure to be something worth fighting for!

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