Reaper's Bones Trading Company

Sea of Thieves: Introducing the Reaper’s Bones Trading Company

The Reaper’s Bones introduction to the Sea of Thieves has been a long time coming! Those of you that have been keeping a keen eye on the mysterious construction project on The Reaper’s Hideout might have had their suspicions.

The ominous structure on the island is now complete and its purpose revealed. Welcome to the base of operations for the latest Sea of Thieves Trading Company, the Reaper’s Bones!

This new Trading Company not only adds more to the world of Sea of Thieves in terms of lore, but also serves an important function in terms of gameplay. The Reaper’s Bones offers PVP-minded players a new path for progression.

Sea of Thieves is all about allowing players to be the pirate they want to be. Until now, there hasn’t been a true way for players who enjoy battling other crews to progress in the Sea of Thieves for their actions. The Reaper’s Bones is the answer to this missing representation.

Let’s plunge into everything we know about this new Trading Company and what their presence on the Sea of Thieves means for you!

The Reaper's Hideout

Who are the Reaper’s Bones?

As free as the sea, as fierce as the flame!

The Reaper’s Bones are a Trading Company who pride themselves on being the most ruthless Trading Company the Sea of Thieves has ever seen. They do not honor the Pirate Code and what it stands for. To them, the Pirate Code gets in the way of true freedom.

The Reaper’s Bones instead focus on self-reliance, strength and the will to follow your passion. Obeying the Pirate Code is a hinderance to these beliefs in the eyes of the Reaper’s Bones.

Pirates who will fearlessly battle their way to The Reaper’s Hideout with the most expensive loot will prove themselves as true Servants of the Flame.

In defiance of all other Trading Companies, they accept all kinds of treasure from chests to skulls!

Reaper's Bones

Where are the Reaper’s Bones located?

The Reaper’s Bones have representation on each Outpost along with the other Trading Company representatives. Though, the headquarters for this new Trading Company appears to be on The Reaper’s Hideout.

This is important to note as you must first purchase the Reaper’s Bones Emissary Flag from the Servant of Flame on The Reaper’s Hideout before you can vote on any of the Reaper’s Bones Emissary Tables found at the Outposts.

Reaper's Bones on The Reaper's Hideout

How do you gain reputation with the Reaper’s Bones?

The Reaper’s Bones are welcoming of all treasure! They are looking to acquire any kind of chest, skull or cargo. You can turn in any treasure you find to the Servant of the Flame found at The Reaper’s Hideout.

The Servant of the Flame replaces the Masked Stranger on The Reaper’s Hideout so don’t be nervous to hand over your precious loot to this new masked stranger.

They also don’t care how you came across the loot you are turning in. Whether you dug up the loot on your own or took it from some poor soul on the sea, the Reaper’s will gladly take it off your hands.

Since the Reaper’s Bones do not offer any voyages, you can play however you like to accumulate your hoard of treasure. You can throw down a Gold Hoarder voyage if you like to gather some chests. If you feel like going on an animal hunt, vote on a Merchant Alliance voyage and collect some chickens.

No matter how you get the loot, just be sure to return it to the Reaper’s Bones for credit towards the Reaper’s Bones Trading Company.

One of the best ways we have found to work towards your Reaper’s Bones rank is by completing forts. Since all the loot inside the vault is accepted by the Reaper’s Bones, it is a quick way to accumulate a ship full of treasure from one location!

Reaper's Bones

Where do you turn in loot for the Reaper’s Bones

Just as before, you can only turn in loot for Reaper’s Bones reputation at The Reaper’s Hideout. You can expect The Reaper’s Hideout to be heavily contested by other Emissaries, even other Reaper’s Bones Emissaries!

Hand in your loot to the Servant of the Flame standing vigilant inside the Reaper’s Bones structure.

Servant of the Flame

Becoming an Emissary for the Reaper’s Bones

There is no level cap requirement before representing the Reaper’s Bones as there is with the other Trading Companies. The only requirement you must complete before becoming a Reaper’s Bones Emissary is purchasing the Emissary Flag from the Servant of the Flame on The Reaper’s Hideout for 20,000 gold.

Just as with the other Trading Companies, you can raise your Emissary Grade for them by performing actions in the Sea of Thieves. Since the Reaper’s Bones accept all treasure, interacting with almost all loot in the Sea of Thieves will raise your Emissary Grade.

You will also begin to contribute to the Reaper’s Bones’ Emissary Ledger similar to the other Trading Companies. Any loot you deliver to the Reaper’s Bones while representing them adds value to the company.

There are two very unique elements about being a Reaper’s Bones Emissary.

Collecting Emissary Flags

Something special about the Reaper’s Bones that the other Trading Companies do not offer is Emissary Grade progression from collected and sold Emissary Flags.

How do you collect Emissary Flags?

When an Emissary ship is sunk, any Emissary, its Emissary Flag will break off and float to the surface similar to how loot would. The flag is now retrievable and an item you can can interact with.

If you are representing the Reaper’s Bones, you will want to swim out and collect this flag. Turning it in to The Reaper’s Hideout will grant you a large amount of gold and reputation.

Sell Emissary Flag


Becoming a Reaper’s Bones Emissary will show your location on everyone else’s map tables, similar to if you had raised the Reaper’s Mark flag.

On the flip side, once you reach Emissary Grade 5, the Reaper’s Bones will provide you with the insight to see the locations of all Emissary Ships on your map table, no matter what Trading Company they are representing. This ability to see all other Emissary ships only lasts as long as you and your crew are Emissary Grade 5.

Reaper's Bones Emissary Grade 5

Level Cap

While the other three Outpost Trading Companies were introduced with a level cap of 50, the Reaper’s Bones start their venture in the Sea of Thieves with a level cap of 75.

Reaper's Bones Cosmetics

Reputation, Commendations and Rewards

As with all other Trading Companies, gaining reputation for the Reaper’s Bones, Emissary or not, will unlock commendations, promotions and cosmetic rewards.

You can expect to unlock exclusive Reaper’s Bones ship cosmetics as you make your way through the 75 ranks of the Reaper’s Bones Trading Company.

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