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Sea of Thieves: Fate of the Damned Week 1 Challenge Guide—Fate of the Wild Shores

UPDATE: The second Fate of the Damned challenge, Fate of the Ancient Sands, is now active. To learn what new goals there are and how to achieve them head on over to our Week 2 challenge guide here!

The Fate of the Damned Update has arrived, ushering in the annual Festival of the Damned!

’Tis the season to celebrate the haunted and the hallowed! In the Sea of Thieves, this means paying tribute to the Ferryman—the one who decides if we return to the land of the living.

Remember that bilge rat Duke? Affable and colorful, it’s no surprise he spearheaded this tradition. Long story short, Duke has had better times. So, the head of the bilge rats has taken over, Larinna.


A bit more serious, Larinna likely would not have dreamt up such a festival. Nevertheless, she’s more than willing to continue the tradition.

Besides, with our fate in the Ferryman’s hands, it’s never a bad idea to show a bit of humble reverence.

So, we engage in festivities to honor the Ferryman. Every year the festivities are new, but one element remains the same: we always celebrate with the Flames of Fate!

What are Flames of Fate?

That is an excellent question! Happily, we’ve devoted an entire article to explaining and exploring the various Flames of Fate—including a few helpful tips for getting themFlames of Fate: Light your Lantern in Colorful Flames!

Speaking of which, with this update there is a new way to get these flames! You can get some of these flames by doing the new Fate of the Damned Voyage.

Do we have a guide for these new voyages? Of course! You can check out the guide here: Fate of the Damned Week 1 Voyage Guide.

Fate of the Damned
Click the image to visit the guide!

Fate of the Damned Event

Larinna has set forth Festival Challenges for pirates to complete to celebrate the Festival of the Damned. Completing these challenges will allow you to earn special rewards in the form of brand new Soulflame cosmetics.

Each week during the festival a new Challenge with a new set of goals will be made available. These challenges will be part of the Fated Fortune Challenges.

Below you will find the list of goals you can complete during the Week 1 Challenge, Fate of the Wild Shores, each with a small guide to help you along.

If you enjoy watching your guides, we also have this handy video here!

Fate of the Wild Shores

As the Festival of the Damned begins, a new threat haunts both The Wilds and The Shores of Plenty. These goals will have you in these two regions slaying Shadows of Fate, lighting beacons and picking fights with snakes.

A Light in Dark Places

Be they purple or green, you or your crew must find and defeat 10 Shadows of Fate.

Where can you find and defeat 10 purple or green Shadows of Fate? Thanks to Larinna, you have a couple of options.

While doing the Fate of the Damned voyage, The Search for Wild, Plentiful Shadows of Fate, you will come across both purple and green Shadows of Fate skeletons. The voyage is free and you can easily complete it over and over again.

Each time you do the voyage you will have the chance to defeat at least three to five of each type of Shadows of Fate skeleton.

For dozens of Shadows of Fate at a time, you can always take on the Fort of the Damned! You are guaranteed to destroy plenty of purple and green Shadows of Fate helping you complete this goal.

Blue Flame of Fate

A Reading Festival

Travel to Crooked Masts and read Umbra’s notes on the Festival of the Damned.

Reaching Umbra’s notes on The Crooked Masts is going to take some precision and a little luck to get. You will need to sail and anchor your boat on the North side of The Crooked Masts.

Up high on the North peak you should see a platform. For those who partook in the Festival of the Damned activities, this platform will be very familiar.

Jump in your ship’s cannon and aim to land on this platform. On the corner of the platform you will one of Umbra’s books. Read it and you will complete this goal.

While you are up here, it wouldn’t hurt to light the beacon on the platform either. You need to light this beacon as part of another goal in this challenge. Just make sure you use a green or purple Flame of Fate when you do it!

See where this book resides on your map: Legends of the Sea IV

A Dying Light

Collect both a green and purple flame from the Well of Fates.

Collecting a flame from the Well of Fates requires a trip to the Ferry of the Damned. You must light your lantern with the correct color from the Well of Fates on the Ferry. Collecting the color you are looking for by any other way will not count towards this challenge.

To get the green Flame of Fate you must die from a skeleton. Simply sail to any island and wander around until you find a skeleton. Let it kill you and when you arrive on the Ferry of the Damned you will find a green Flame of Fate waiting for you in the Well of Fates.

To get the purple Flame of Fate you must die from snake venom. Sail to any island with snakes on it and let the venom from the snake kill you. It might be helpful to inflict damage on yourself so you have very little health before a snake spits its venom on you. Dying from the venom otherwise could take a long time.

For an in-depth guide on the best ways to obtain these two Flames of Fate as well as the other four, head on over to our Flames of Fate guide here.

Flames of Fate
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Tavern Talk

Speak with Larinna outside any tavern and learn what has the Bilge Rats so concerned.

The head of the Bilge Rats, Larinna, can now be found near the entrance of all seven taverns found in the Sea of Thieves. Approach Larinna and simply speak with her to complete this challenge.


Wild Lights of Plenty

You or your crew must light all beacons green or purple across The Shores of Plenty and The Wilds.

There are a total of six beacons you will need to light. Make sure when you find them you use a green or purple Flame of Fate. Using a different color or your default flame will not count for this goal.

If this is your first time hunting down beacon locations, be sure to check out our written guide here detailing where to find each beacon. We originally wrote it for the first ever Festival of the Damned, but it works just as well for this year’s celebration. It will tell you which islands they are on and how exactly to reach them.

Festival of the Damned
Click the image to visit the guide!

You can also watch our video guides here on where to find and how to light the beacons in The Shores of Plenty and The Wilds!

Light ‘Em Up

Have all your ship’s lanterns lit with a mix of green and purple Flames of Fate.

As you collect the green and purple Flames of Fate while doing the The Search for Wild, Plentiful Shadows of Fate voyage you’ll want to light the lanterns on your ship. All lanterns must be lit with either a green or purple flame. It doesn’t matter how evenly they are spread across your ship. You can have all purple and one green and the challenge will complete.

Set Lantern flame

Congrats on completing Larinna’s first weekly challenge! You are now ready for whatever the next week throws your way!

You can count on us to have a guide next week’s Challenge so be sure to check back when Larinna has unlocked it!

You can also check out all the Soulflame cosmetics just waiting to be earned in Larinna’s Black Market!

Soulflame Captain
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  1. During the week 1 challenge, Initially It showed on my site that we had killed 10 purple/green skellies and we got the voyage completed tag. the next day we were only at 8/10 but since the next week challenge has started we can’t get the voyage for the purple/green anymore?? Anyone have a work around? Do we need to finish up the current week completely before it will allow us to go back to complete??

    1. Ahoy there! You can always kill Shadows of Fate at the Fort of the Damned. Those will count towards your goal. You can also wait until Week 4 comes around as all three voyages will be available then. You’ll be able to grab the voyage with Duke and kill the purple and green Shadows of Fate along the way.

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