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Sea of Thieves: Fate of the Damned Week 2 Challenge Guide—Fate of the Ancient Sands

The Festival of the Damned celebration is well under way! Pirates across the Sea of Thieves continue to pay their respects to the one and only Ferryman. Shadows of Fate are being destroyed, beacons are being lit and the Ferry of the Damned is packed with pirates grabbing flames from the Well of Fates.

The second week of the Festival of the Damned brings a brand new challenge! This new challenge, Fate of the Ancient Sands, has six new goals to complete. Completing these goals will unlock a couple more Soulflame cosmetics and get you one step closer to collecting the entire set!

The first challenge is still active and it’s goals can still be completed. You’ll want to complete each challenge if you are looking to get each Soulflame cosmetic. If you still need to work on the first challenge, be sure to check out our guide here!

If you knocked the first challenge out then you are ready for Larinna’s next flame-filled contest. Continue on and discover what the next six goals are and how to achieve them!

If you would like to follow along with a video, you can check out our walkthrough here:

Fate of the Ancient Sands

The second week of the Festival of the Damned brings shadowy enemies to The Ancient Isles. The goals in the Fate of Ancient Sands challenge will have you in this one region slaying Shadows of Fate, lighting beacons, picking fights with sharks and sailing into storms.

Fire of the Ancients

You or your crew must light all beacons throughout The Ancient Isles with a blue or white flame.

There are a total of three beacons you will need to light. Make sure when you find them you use a blue or white Flame of Fate. Using a different color or your default flame will not count for this goal.

If this is your first time locating beacons, be sure to check out our written guide here detailing where to find each one. The guide was originally written for the first ever Festival of the Damned, but it works just as well for this year’s celebration.

This walkthrough will tell you which islands the beacons are on and how exactly to reach them.

Festival of the Damned
Click the image to visit the guide!

You can also watch our video guides here on where to find and how to light the beacons in The Ancient Isles.

Light and Shadow

On behalf of the Bilge Rats, you or your crew must destroy 10 blue or white Shadows of Fate.

Where can you find and defeat 10 blue or white Shadows of Fate? Larinna has provided a couple of options for you.

While doing the voyage, The Hunt for Hidden, Ancient Shadows of Fate, you will come across both blue and white Shadows of Fate skeletons. The voyage is free and you can easily complete it over and over again.

Each time you do the voyage you will kill at least three to five of each type of Shadows of Fate skeleton.

If you are looking for dozens of Shadows of Fate at a time then you’ll want to raid the Fort of the Damned. The Fort of the Damned will provide you with plenty of opportunities to destroy blue or white Shadows of Fate.

Between the free voyage and taking on an active Fort of the Damned you should be able to find and destroy 10 blue or white Shadows of Fate in no time!

Shine White Lantern

Time to Dialogue

Pluck up your courage and speak with the Ferryman about the Ferry of the Damned.

You’ll be visiting the Ferry of the Damned many times while working on this challenge. During one of the trips be sure to speak with the Ferryman found at the helm of the ghostly ship. Talking to him will complete this goal.


Dead Letters

Travel to the Fort of the Damned and read Umbra’s musings on its secrets.

This goal will have you traveling to the Fort of the Damned to find one of Umbra’s books. Head to the top of the fort and climb up the the watchtower just West of the vault. The book will be leaning against a pillar just next to the ladder.

Once you read the book the goal will be complete.

See where this book resides on your map: Legends of the Sea X

The Light at the End

Collect both a blue and white flame from the Well of Fates.

Collecting a flame from the Well of Fates requires a trip to the Ferry of the Damned. You must light your lantern with the correct color from the Well of Fates on the Ferry. Collecting the color you are looking for by any other way will not count towards this challenge.

Blue Flame

To get the blue Flame of Fate you must die from a shark. The best way to find a shark is simply jump in the water and wait. If you want to increase your chances of seeing a shark you’ll want to find a shipwreck. Sharks generally spawn more frequently near shipwrecks.

It takes two shark bites from full health to die. You can speed up the process by inflicting damage on yourself before hopping in the water. Once you find a shark let it kill you. Upon your arrival to the Ferry of the Damned you will find a blue Flame of Fate waiting for you in the Well of Fates. Take the flame and you will be halfway done with this goal.

White Flame

To get the white Flame of Fate you must die from a lightning strike. Sail towards the one and only storm and pull out your sword. Having your sword equipped increases the chances that you will be struck by lightning while in a storm.

Additionally, you will want to have less than half health before you are hit. You see, one strike from a lightning bolt will not kill you from full health. To make the lightning strike count, you’ll want to inflict damage on yourself so the one strike will kill you. Once you die from a lightning bolt, grab the white Flame of Fate from the Well of Fates and you’ll have completed this part of the goal.

For an in-depth guide on the best ways to obtain these two Flames of Fate as well as the other four, head on over to our Flames of Fate guide here.

Flames of Fate
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A Shining Example

Have all your ship’s lanterns lit with a mix of blue and white Flames of Fate.

As you collect the blue and white Flames of Fate while doing the The Hunt for Hidden, Ancient Shadows of Fate voyage or from dying the appropriate method you’ll want to light the lanterns on your ship.

All lanterns must be lit with either a blue or white flame. It doesn’t matter how the flames are dispersed across your ship. You can have all blue and one white or all white and one blue. As long as each color is represented at least once the challenge will complete.

Set Lantern flame Pink

You have now completed the second week’s Festival of the Damned challenge! Three of the Soulflame weapon cosmetics should now be available to you. Head to your Weapon Box and equip your shiny new cosmetics!

We will have the following two challenge guides ready to go as soon as each unlocks over the next two weeks.

You can check out the full Soulflame cosmetic set in Larinna’s Black Market!

Soulflame Captain
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