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Sea of Thieves: Trials of Adventure Guide

There are four types of “Trials” available to complete during Season One. In this article, we’ll be going over the “Trials of Adventure.”

The deeds in this trial focus on the various adventures you embark upon while sailing the seas—namely trading company voyages and Tall Tales. 

There are over a dozen Trials of Adventure to complete, and each trial contains several deeds.

We’ll begin each Trial by listing the deeds. Below each list, we’ll then offer any information we think pirates might find helpful.

Some of this information will be geared to very new players.

So, we’re hoping this format will help the more experienced pirates to skim and skip ahead.

Some of this information will be geared to very new players.

Hopefully, this format will allow the more experienced pirates to skim and skip ahead.

Then again, we once met an otherwise competent crew who’d been sailing for a year without knowing flocks of circling birds indicate a shipwreck…

Luckily, some deeds require no explanation—even for new players. Either the deeds are rather self-explanatory—or they are explained in the actual game (i.e. “Purchase a Trading Company Voyage”).

For such deeds, we’ll simply list the deeds for your offline or secondary screen reference.

Other deeds might be a little more difficult—particularly for newer pirates. There might just be a few key things you’ll need to know, or a few tips and tricks you’ll want to know. 

Finally, there are some deeds for which including the necessary information would inflate this article to a treatise!

“What are Tall Tales?”

*Oh, you sweet summer child.*

So, for deeds that might require a much longer explanation, we’ll provide links to our in-depth guides on the topics.

Of course, if you have any questions on the deeds below, feel free to ask in the comments—particularly for the deeds we simply listed.

After all, having sailed the seas for so long, there’s a chance we’ve forgotten how confusing this all might be while you’re still getting your sea legs.

Alright, me hearties, let’s set sail!

Novice Voyager

Take part in a swift Trial to learn the basics of embarking on Trading Company Voyages.

Deeds to Complete:

Purchase a Trading Company Voyage. (0/3)

Vote on a Voyage proposed by another pirate. (0/1)

Sail miles across the sea while on a Voyage. (0/5)


A Quick Note about “Miles”

Given that there are several deeds involving the number of miles sailed—we thought we should note at the outset:

You must be physically on your ship for your miles to count.

This might seem obvious. However, we thought it worth mentioning because we were once a bit flummoxed by a discrepancy in our crew’s miles.

After all, we always sail together. (Cue: “We Shall Sail Together…”)

It then dawned on us that some crew members tend to remain on the wheel at all times, while others compulsively cannon themselves out to every island arguably in range to search for resources.

It you are the scavenging type, maybe resist that temptation until you’ve ticked the miles deeds off your list.

Novice Sailor

Even the longest journey begins by setting sail. Find your sea legs with this swift Trial.

Deeds to Complete:

Perform a sharp ‘anchor turn’ move.

Sail miles across the sea. (0/5)

Sail with all your sails billowing in the wind.


How to Perform an Anchor Turn

If you’re new to the seas, there’s a chance you’ve not yet tried this particular maneuver. That’s why we’re here. 

Step 1: Sail in a straight line.

Step 2: Turn your ship’s wheel in one direction until you cannot possibly turn it any more.

Step 3: Lower your anchor.

Step 4: As soon as you hear and feel that anchor hit the ocean floor, immediately begin raising it back up.


What counts as “all your sails billowing”?

Again, if you’re new, you might assume this simply means all sails must be down. We actually encounter quite a few ships at sea that don’t seem to know how to properly use their sails.

While angling your sail, there is a distinct moment when you’ll hear and see the sail snap taut.

When all of your sails have hit this sweet spot, you’ll actually hear a musical cue, telling you that you have fully harnessed the wind!

Novice Story Seeker

The Sea of Thieves if full of Tall Tales. Experience one for yourself as part of this swift Trial.

Deeds to Complete:

Speak to the Mysterious Stranger in any tavern.

Begin any Tall Tale. The first is ‘The Shroudbreaker’, a book found next to the Mysterious Stranger in any tavern.

During ‘The Shroudbreaker’ Tall Tale, recover the ship log of the Magpie’s Wing.


Speak to the Mysterious Stranger in any tavern.

This one is really easy. Mostly, we just thought we’d provide an image of the Mysterious Stranger, so new pirates know who to look for.

You can find the Mysterious Stranger in the back of any tavern in the Sea of Thieves. Since your session at sea always begins with waking up in a tavern, you can complete this Deed rather quickly.

Wake up. Walk to the back left of the bar. Talk to the Mysterious Stranger, and the Deed will be complete.

Mysterious Stranger

Begin any Tall Tale. The first is ‘The Shroudbreaker’, a book found next to the Mysterious Stranger in any tavern.

Just to the right of the Mysterious Stranger will be The Shroudbreaker Tall Tall book. Walk up to the book and you’ll see a prompt to vote on the Tall Tale.

Just like a Trading Company Voyage, you’ll need a sufficient number of crew members to vote on it, too (sloop = 2; brig = 2; galleon = 3).

Really we’re just clarifying that you don’t need to do anything beyond this. Simply voting will count as “beginning” the Tall Tale, and the Deed will be complete.

We might also mention…

Beginning a Tall Tale will not prevent you from doing anything else.

So, if you’d like to quickly check this deed off the list, there’s no reason to put this deed off until you “have time to do a Tall Tale.” 

Shroudbreaker Vote

During ‘The Shroudbreaker’ Tall Tale, recover the ship log of the Magpie’s Wing.

Completing the Tall Tale will help with another Deed in another Trial. So, for an in-depth guide helping pirates on every step of the Shroudbreaker Tall Tale, you’ll want to sail over here: Shroudbreaker Tall Tale Guide

For this Deed, we’ll just quickly get you through this step.

Once you have started The Shroudbreaker Tall Tale, your first task is to recover the Magpie’s Wing ship log. To find the ship log, you will need to sail to the Uncharted Island at coordinates N-13.

Once you arrive at the island, you will find a shipwreck below the water’s surface on the island’s West side. In this shipwreck’s Captain’s Cabin you will find the ship log. Interact with it and the Deed will be complete.

Sea of Thieves Rare Thief Shroudbreaker Guide
Click the image to visit the article!

Novice Merchant

Join forces with the Merchant Alliance and ferry goods across the waves in this swift Trial.

Deeds to Complete:

Deliver a Cargo Run’s items to their destination in any condition.

Hand in a Gunpowder Barrel to the Merchant Alliance.

Hand in an animal to the Merchant Alliance.

Novice Bilge Rat

Bilge Rats crave adventure and excitement. Get a taste of it by completing this swift Trial.

Deeds to Complete:

Speak to Larinna outside any tavern.

Kill a shark using a Gunpowder Barrel.

Hand in an Ashen Key, Chest or Tome to Larinna or to the Reaper’s Bones.

Proficient Voyager

Take on varied Voyages from the Trading Companies and earn their trust in this grand Trial.

Deeds to Complete:

Finish a voyage for each of the Trading Companies. (0/3)

Use the Captain’s Table to vote on a Voyage. (0/10)

Sail miles across the sea while on a Voyage. (0/50)

Proficient Sailor

Prove that you can fearlessly steer your ship by completing this grand Trial.

Deeds to Complete:

Race alongside another crew’s ship – no firing!

Sail miles across the sea. (0/50)


This is really more of a fun fact. Racing alongside another crew’s ship without firing will also unlock an Xbox Achievement worth 20 Gamerscore Points.

It’s called, “The Greatest Race of All Time!”

Several actions you do for Trial Deeds might be tied to an Xbox Achievement, but this is a lesser known achievement that fewer players have unlocked (only 2.15% as of this writing.)

So, we thought it might be worth mentioning. Cheers to raising that Gamerscore!

Proficient Story Seeker

Seeking out and conquering Tall Tales from across the Sea of Thieves will also conquer this grand Trail.

Deeds to Complete:

Discover and read Journals while on a Tall Tale. (0/3)

Successfully complete Tall Tales. (0/3)

Reach a Checkpoint in at least 6 Tall Tales. (0/6)


Where to find Tall Tale Journals

Each Tall Tale has a minimum of five journals you can read.

Tall Tale journals will not appear, unless the Tall Tale is active!

So, first, vote on the Tall Tale of your choice. Then, track down its accompanying journals.

To complete this Deed, you must simply read any three journals from any Tall Tale.

How are you supposed to find five little books strewn throughout the Sea of Thieves? Never fear, me hearties! We’ve got you covered: The Tall Tales Journal Locations Guide.

Fate of the Morningstar
Click the image to visit the article!

Timeline Considerations when Choosing your Tall Tales 

There are currently eleven Tall Tales in the Sea of Thieves. To complete this Deed, you only need to complete three Tall Tales.

Nine Tall Tales take you on a journey to reach the “Shores of Gold”—Tribute Peak. The first in this series is “The Shroudbreaker.”

Two Tall Tales follow Flameheart’s return to the seas. The first of these two is “The Seabound Soul,” and the second is “Heart of Fire.”

All three of the Tall Tales we just named are unlocked for all players. So, theoretically, you could begin with any of those three.

However, the entire Shores of Gold timeline takes place before Flameheart’s return.

So, from a story perspective, you might want to begin with The Shroudbreaker.

Completing The Shroudbreaker will unlock The Cursed Rogue, and completing the Cursed Rogue will unlock four more Shores of Gold Tall Tales.

So, you will still be able to complete three Tall Tales without starting The Seabound Soul or Heart of Fire.

Eventually, you will need to complete all 11 Tall Tales for a different Deed. So, from a Deeds perspective, it really doesn’t matter which three you choose now.

How to Successfully Complete the Tall Tales

How to Successfully Complete the Tall Tales

If you are looking for guides on any of the Tall Tales, we’ve definitely got you covered.

Other than perhaps the interactive SoT companion map, Rare Thief is probably best known for our Tall Tale Guides.

We absolutely love Tall Tales, and we have continued to enhance and refine these guides ever since Tall Tales first entered the seas. We have solutions to almost every puzzle and variation a Tall Tale can throw at you.

Though we’ll be eagerly looking for any additions Rare might have snuck into this update…

We’ve collected them all onto a Tall Tales landing page, here: Sea of Thieves Tall Tale Guides.

Tall Tales Shores of Gold
Click the image to visit the article!

Reach a checkpoint in at least 6 Tall Tales.

To complete this Deed, you must reach a checkpoint in six different Tall Tales.

Tall Tales are not the quickest adventures—and some would be rather difficult to ever complete with an enemy ship always on your tail. So, checkpoints were added.

Checkpoints allow players to leave a sailing session, and resume their Tall Tale at their most recent checkpoint on another day or in another server.

Every Tall Tale has at least one checkpoint, and many have several.

So, you will naturally acquire these checkpoints as you work on completing the Tall Tales for other Deeds. 

For any curious pirates, here you can learn a bit more about checkpoints and find out where the checkpoints are for each Tall Tale: A Guide to Tall Tale Checkpoints.

Proficient Merchant

Precision and punctuality will be needed to please the Merchants and finish this grand Trial.

Deeds to Complete:

Deliver a Cargo Run’s Items on time and in perfect condition.

Hand in a chicken, pig and a snake. (0/3)

Hand in a Stronghold Gunpowder Barrel.


How to find Chickens, Pigs, and Snakes

You could always just sail around until you find an island with the animal you seek, but it is far easier to use your handy interactive SoT companion map.

Click on the filter button in the top left corner, and scroll down until you see the beacons for Chickens, Pigs, and Snakes. Toggle those beacons on, and Voilà!

Now, you can see which islands spawn which animals—if they spawn at all.

For example, on the map you might notice the beacon for pigs on Lookout Point. This simply means that if animals spawn, the animals will be pigs—not chickens or snakes.

However, there is still the possibility that you arrive at Lookout Point only to find that no animals have spawned. 

Your safest bet is to go to bigger islands. Bigger islands virtually always have animals roaming about.


How to find Stronghold Gunpowder Barrels

Stronghold Gunpowder Barrels can be found randomly throughout the sea like most other treasure. However, they do not appear very often.

So, to get your hands on a Stronghold Gunpowder Barrel you’ll likely want to tackle an active Skeleton Fort, or to activate and conquer the Fort of the Damned.

Upon completing a Skeleton Fort, you should find one Stronghold Gunpowder Barrel among your treasures.

Upon completing the Fort of the Damned, you should open the vault to find four Stronghold Gunpowder Barrels.

Careful sailing with those…

Gunpowder Barrels

Proficient Scorcher

You’ll need to overcome fire, ash and falling rocks to conquer this heated grand Trial.

Deeds to Complete:

Set foot on any island within The Devil’s Roar.

Collect a red Flame of Fate from the Ferry.

Complete any Gold Hoarders, Order of Souls or Athena’s Fortune Voyage within The Devil’s Roar.

Deliver Devil’s Roar Cargo Run items in any condition.

Hand in a Chest of Rage.


How to collect a Red Flame of Fate from the Ferry

To collect a red flame of fate you must die by fire. 

When the Flames of Fate were first introduced, the only way to die by fire was to get hit by falling volcanic rock. This is still an option, but there are quicker and easier ways.

Nowadays, the quickest and easiest way to set yourself ablaze is by throwing Firembombs down at your feet.

Of course, one firebomb alone won’t do the trick. So you might want to deal yourself some damage in other ways first. If you get your health bar below 33%, the Firebomb should take care of the rest.

Alternatively, you could use the Ashen Winds Skull. You could also light a campfire and and walk straight into it.

You could be set on fire by lightning or a gunpowder barrel, but you won’t get the red flame if you die from the strike or the explosion.

Once you arrive on the Ferry of the Damned, approach the beacon known as the “Well of Fates.” Raise your lantern, and you’ll see the option to take the flame. 

Red Flame of Fate

How to get a Voyage for the Devil’s Roar

This is just a quick note: to obtain a voyage for the Devil’s Roar—also known as “Ashen Voyages”—you must purchase the voyage at the Outpost in the Devil’s Roar: Morrow’s Peak.

There is one exception: Ashen Athena’s Fortune Voyages are purchased from the Pirate Legend Hideout—regardless of whether you enter the hideout from a tavern in the Devil’s Roar or not.

How to find a Chest of Rage

Like any treasure, you could just get lucky and stumble upon a Chest of Rage. If you’d like a guaranteed method, you have two options.

Option #1:  complete an active Skeleton Fort at the Molten Sands Fortress in the Devil’s Roar. Upon completing the Fort, you’ll find a Chest of Rage tucked away in the vault.

The trouble with Option #1 is that Skeleton Forts rotate with other world events, and—even if a Skeleton Fort becomes active—there’s no guarantee that it will be Molten Sands Fortress.

Option #2: complete an Ashen Lord World Event. Upon vanquishing the Ashen Lord, you’ll find loot scattered around the battlefield. Within that loot you are guaranteed an Ashen Chest.

If you’ve not yet completed an Ashen Lord World Event, you might get a little glimpse at what to expect—it just might help you keep your boat afloat: Ashen Lord World Event Guide.

You might really have to scour the area. The radius for the treasure after the Ashen Lord World Event can be surprisingly large.

Nevertheless, this is probably your best option for securing that simmering, seething chest.

Ashen Lord

Proficient Bilge Rat

Earn some real respect form the Bilge Rats by handing in valuable treasures in this grand Trial.

Deeds to Complete:

Deliver both an Ashen Chest and Ashen Key to Larinna or the Reaper’s Bones. (0/2)

Deliver an Ashen Tome to Larinna or to the Reaper’s Bones.

Locate and speak with Duke, former Bilge Rat, wherever he maybe be lurking.

Where to find Duke?

As the one-time head of the Bilge Rats, ever since the seas opened to us pirates, you could count on seeing the affable Duke in any tavern throughout the seas.

Over a long and winding course of events, Duke got himself into a bit of trouble.

So, now Larinna heads up the Bilge Rats, and Duke is visiting his friend Umbra on Lagoon of Whispers.

Expert Sailor

Only those who can claim to tame the waves will succeed at this epic Trial.

Deeds to Complete:

Hit ships with Chainshots. (0/20)

Sail miles across the sea. (0/100)

Sail miles across the sea while on a Voyage. (0/100)

Expert Story Seeker

When you’ve completed this epic Trail, you’ll have plenty of Tall Tales of your own to tell!

Deeds to Complete:

Speak with the Ferryman, Madame Olivia, Grace, Tallulah and the Mysterious Stranger.

Complete all available Tall Tales.

Find all Journals within the Tall Tales.


Speak with the Ferryman, Madame Olivia, Grace, Tallulah and the Mysterious Stranger.

The Ferryman

To speak with the Ferryman you will need to visit the Ferry of the Damned. The only way to get to the Ferry is to die and leave the land of the living.

Perish by any means. Once you arrive on the Ferry, approach the Ferryman floating at the helm. Talk to the Ferryman, and you will have checked one off the list.

Madame Olivia

You can find Madame Olivia in the Order of Souls tent on Plunder Outpost. Walk into the tent and speak with her to complete this part of the Deed.

If you don’t want to make a special trip, you might just wait until you complete the Tall Tales. You’ll need to speak with her quite often in The Cursed Rogue. 


You will find Grace Morrow in front of the tavern on Morrow’s Peak Outpost. This means you’ll need to sail into the Devil’s Roar to speak with her.

After you’ve spoken with Grace, don’t leave just yet! You’ll find the next person of interest on Morrow’s Peak, too. 


While you are on Morrow’s Peak Outpost you’ll want to step into the tavern and speak with the woman behind the bar: that’s Tallulah. After your little chat, you will be one step closer to completing this deed.

The Mysterious Stranger

If you stay in that tavern on Morrow’s Peak, you can actually check one more character off your list: the Mysterious Stranger.

Because the Mysterious Stranger can be found in the back of any tavern throughout the seas, you’ll find him in the tavern on Morrow’s Peak, too.

Oddly enough, you’ve likely already spoken with the Mysterious Stranger for the Novice Story Seeker Trial mentioned near the beginning of this article.

Ah, but if you haven’t, now would be as good a time as any.

Complete all available Tall Tales.

Huzzah! Tall Tales again!

We’ve already touched on this above. So, we’ll just leave you with this little link: Sea of Thieves Tall Tale Guides.

Tall Tales Shores of Gold
Click the image to visit the article!

Find all Journals within the Tall Tales.

Each Tall Tale has a total of five journals to find and read. There is one exception: the Shores of Gold Tall Tale has ten. This brings us to a grand total of 60 journals.

Deep breaths. You’ll find every last one of those journals right here: The Tall Tale Journal Locations Guide.

Fate of the Morningstar
Click the image to visit the article!

Expert Scorcher

Only embracing the geysers and volcanoes on The Devil’s Roar will see this epic Trial completed.

Deeds to Complete:

Complete the ‘Heart of Fire’ Tall Tale.

Complete a Legendary Voyage in The Devil’s Roar.

Deliver Devil’s Roar Cargo Run items, on time and in perfect condition. (0/8)

Hand in a Chest of Rage stolen from another crew.

Set foot on all islands in The Devil’s Roar. (0/17)


How to Complete the Heart of Fire Tall Tale

Well, we linked to the landing page for all of the Tall Tale Guides, but we can certainly give you a more direct route for Heart of Fire: Heart of Fire Tall Tale Guide.

Hand in a Chest of Rage stolen from another crew

Given how uncommon it is to find a Chest of Rage—and given that most crews don’t prefer to sail around with a Chest of Rage for very long—it is highly unlikely that you will simply stumble upon another crew with a Chest of Rage aboard.

For an item to be considered “stolen,” it simply must have been touched by another crew first. 

You have two solid options. Your choice largely depends on whether you’d like to be naughty or nice.

Option #1: Form an alliance for the express purpose of swapping Chests of Rage. Each alliance crew goes and gets a Chest of Rage. Then, you meet back up and switch.

Option #2: if you see a crew completing an Ashen Lord World Event or a Skeleton Fort at Molten Sands Fortress, keep watch on them as you lie in wait.

Once they’ve completed the event or the fort, wait just a bit longer until you think they’ve gotten all of their treasure aboard. Then, do your worst.

If you’re tucking on the island and you want to sneak the Chest of Rage away before they load it onto their ship, just make sure they’ve at least touched it. Otherwise it won’t count as “stolen.”

Stockpiling Chests of Rage

Enjoy the Adventure!

We hope you’re as excited as we are about these Trials of Adventure. Sometimes it’s just nice to have an excuse to do things you and your crew haven’t done in awhile—like sail around the Devil’s Roar, or visit your favorites characters from the Tall Tales.

(I’ll likely be headed over to visit Sudds, first.)

Whether you’re actively checking off these trials one-by-one, or simply seeing where the wind takes you, we hope you enjoy the adventure!

Happy Sails!

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