What is Duke Selling? Feb. 19th – Mar. 11th 2020

We will just tell you right away that Duke is alright. No need to worry! He is at his post in the tavern leaning against the bar and looking dapper as ever. He was looking a little worse for wear last we saw him but he seems to have healed up quite nicely.

Though Duke was in recovery, the Sea of Thieves waits for no pirate! Knowing this, Duke has been hard at work acquiring some new items for the Black Market. There are plenty of great new items to purchase including another assortment of ember burning Ashen Dragon cosmetics!

Ashen Dragon

This latest batch of Ashen Dragon cosmetics will grab the attention of any pirate who enjoys showing off their ride! The new cosmetics will complete the ship cosmetics of the Ashen Dragon collection as well as the weapon set.

You will need to turn in the entire five chapter Tomes of Resurrection volume to unlock these cosmetics for purchase first. We have a handy guide here that will help you on your journey of finding all five.

Once unlocked, for gold you can purchase the Flag of the Ashen Dragon, Cannons of the Ashen Dragon, Capstan of the Ashen Dragon, Wheel of the Ashen Dragon, Figurehead of the Ashen Dragon and the Eye of Reach of the Ashen Dragon.

Desirables for Doubloons

Wild Rose

The Wild Rose continues to deliver some fantastic cosmetics. This month you have the opportunity to complete the ship set in the Wild Rose collection. That is if you have completed the Wild Rose Tall Tale five times to acquire the ship wheel that is awarded for doing so.

For doubloons you can get your hands on the Wild Rose Hull, Wild Rose Sails, Wild Rose Flag, Wild Rose Capstan, Wild Rose Cannons and Wild Rose Figurehead.

Fearless Bone Crusher

Hopefully you have been keeping up with your doubloons as there is plenty to buy with them this month. The Black Market has more Fearless Bone Crusher cosmetics to collect! Who doesn’t want to own cosmetics that have been crafted from the bones of the dead?

Hand over some doubloons and get yourself the Fearless Bone Crusher Banjo, Fearless Bone Crusher Drum, Fearless Bone Crusher Concertina and Fearless Bone Crusher Hurdy-Gurdy.

Goodies for Gold

Deep Ocean Crawler

The Deep Ocean Crawler cosmetics are back! This time they are available with the full clothing set as well as the ship set.

For Gold you can purchase the deep Ocean Crawler Belt, Boots, Cannons, Capstan, Dress, Eyepatch, Figurehead, Flag, Gloves, Hat, Hook, Hull, Jacket, Pegleg, Sails, Wheel and Trousers.

Black Market Archive

As always, if you missed purchasing any of the items from last month, you can now find them in the Black Market Archive.

As each month passes, the cosmetics introduced the previous month will be moved to the Black Market Archive. You can expect the prices of the items to rise as they move to the Archive. Their first month being available have a lower introductory price set.

To see what all has been previously released in the Black Market, you can always go to our easy to remember hub:


Duke has once again made our coin pouch pathetically light. Let us know in the comments below which of the newest Black market additions are your favorite!

If you are looking for some new items to spend your Ancient Coin on, head on over to our In Store on the Shores page for February. There are new emotes, a new ship literary and the first ever potion available to purchase!

In Store on the Shores! Feb. 19th – Mar. 11th 2020

Pirate Appearance Potion

Duke is also offering up brand new Mercenary Voyages! We have everything you need to know about the Raging Bounty Voyage and the Chest of Rage here:

Crews of Rage Raging Bounty Voyage Guide

Chest of Rage

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