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In Store on the Shores! Feb. 19th – Mar. 11th 2020

The month of February brings lots of interesting and unique items to the Pirate Emporium! There are of course the items we have grown to expect such as emotes for your pirate and cute outfits for your pet. What might come as a surprise are newly added cursed pets and the Pirate Appearance Potion!

Yes, the first ever potion has made its way to the Sea of Thieves and is available now in the Pirate Emporium!

So let’s dig into all the goodies we have this month starting with Pets!


This month the Pirate Emporium has stocked two new pet outfits as well as introduced as two new cursed pets!

Cursed Pet Collection

The Cursed Pet Collection brings two new pets to the Sea of Thieves. The new pets that comprise this cursed collection are the Reaper’s Heart Monkey and the Reaper’s Heart Parrot!

These are not outfits for your existing pets but standalone pets similar to the Skeleton Cockatoo and the Skeleton Marmoset released last October.

These pets have been brought back to life with dark magic! Each brands a cute little heart on their chest while the rest of their look is rather terrifying!

You can purchase them each separately for 499 Ancient Coins each.

Admiral Pet Outfit Collection

The Admiral Pet Outfit Collection brings an Admiral Outfit for each one of the current pets in the Sea of Thieves. These outfits are sure to make your companion look the part of an accomplished captain. Just be sure the fancy new look doesn’t go to their head and they start bossing you around!

Each outfit is available for 249 Ancient Coins.

Rose Pet Outfit Collection

The Rose Pet Outfit Collection also brings a Rose Outfit for each one of the monkeys and parrots available. The outfits add some much needed cuteness to those ragamuffins you call pets.

As with the Admiral Pet Outfit, these Rose Pet Outfit costs 249 Ancient Coin for each pet.


If you are in love with the Reaper’s Heart pets then you will most definitely love the Reaper’s Heart Weapon Bundle. Though, before we go over the Weapon Bundle we want to dive into one of the biggest additions to the Pirate Emporium, the Pirate Appearance Potion!

Pirate Appearance Potion

If you have been wanting a way to change the look of your pirate without losing all of your progress, this potion is your answer.

The Pirate Appearance potion will allow you to change your pirate’s appearance while retaining your currency, progress and purchases!

You will be prompted to use the Pirate Appearance Potion each time you login to the game until you use it. If you want to set sail immediately and don’t have the time to pick a new pirate, don’t accept the prompt to use the potion and you will be asked next time you login.

Once you decide to use your potion, you will be taken back to the initial pirate generator that you originally chose your pirate from. You will literally have an infinite amount of pirates to choose from. Finding that perfect pirate is an adventure all on its own!

Pirate Appearance Potion

Reaper’s Heart Weapon Bundle

If you could paint the month of February it would be colored red! Which is the color you will find infused in these twisted but romantic weapon cosmetics.

The Reaper’s Heart Weapon Bundle can be purchased for 499 Ancient Coins. Inside this weapon bundle is the Reaper’s Heart Blunderbuss, Cutlass, Eye of Reach and Pistol.

If you primary a particular weapon and are not interested in the bundle, each Reaper’s Heart weapon cosmetic is available to purchase separately for 249 Ancient Coins.

Ship of Love Emote Bundle

If you have a special someone you sail the sea with you or you just want to show someone you care about them then this bundle is for you!

You can purchase the bundle for 499 Ancient Coins and it includes the I’m Flying! emote, We’re Flying! emote, Pirate Posing emote and Pirate Painting emote. You can also purchase each emote individually for 149 Ancient Coin.

Hopefully you can find your Rose or Jack to share the flying emotes with!

Ship of Love Emote Bundle

Order of Souls Emote Bundle

Jealous of all the skull tricks the Order of Souls traders can do? Well now you can show them who can handle a skull best with the Order of Souls Emote Bundle.

The Order of Souls Emote Bundle includes the Mystical Divination, Good Fortune, Dire Omens and Talking Dead emotes for 499 Ancient Coin. Or you can purchase each one separately for 149 Ancient Coin.

Order of Souls Emote Bundle

Sea Dog Emote Bundle

Have you been feeling cocky in the Arena but haven’t found just the right emote to show off with yet? The Sea Dog Emote Bundle is bound to have an emote that will let you strut your stuff in style!

The Sea Dog Emote Bundle comes with 8 emotes including the Sea Dog Cheer, Sea Dog Clap, Sea Dog Dance, Sea Dog Point, Sea Dog Make Friends, Sea Dog Sit, Sea Dog Sleep and Sea Dog Wave.

Sea Dog Emote Bundle


Just when you thought the Elemental Power Ship Collection could not be beat the Paradise Garden Ship Collection sails up with a giant rainbow!

Paradise Garden Ship Collection

Yes, you read that right. The Collector’s Paradise Garden Figurehead emits a colorful rainbow as a halo around the figurehead!

The Paradise Garden Ship Collection pays homage beautifully to one of Rare’s Xbox 360 era titles, Viva Piñata! In Viva Piñata, you play the role of a gardener building a space welcoming to all kinds of plant and animal life. You will see creatures found in Viva Piñata cleverly included in some of the ship cosmetics included in this bundle from the goose on the cannons to the worm on the hull.

The Paradise Ship Collection includes the Paradise Garden Figurehead, Sails, Hull, Wheel, Cannons, Capstan and Flag.

Separately you can purchase the Collector’s version of the Figurehead and Sails.


The Noble Pathfinder sails were a smashing success! Rare recently put out a press release stating that the sales of the Noble Pathfinder Sails through their in-game store raised a whopping $76,205.90 for SpecialEffect!

Hopefully this generous community can pull another grand fundraising effort for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital!

Valiant Dawn Sails

Rare has partnered up with St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital this month for another charity Pirate Emporium event! All proceeds from the purchase of the Valiant Dawn Sails will go to this wonderful charity.

If you have some coin about you and looking to put it to a good cause, these stylish sails are just the answer!

Valiant Dawn Sails

It is a fine month for the Pirate Emporium! We are super excited to see one of the larger fan requested features being addressed with the Pirate Appearance Potion! If you plan on using this potion, let us know what pirate you will be turning into when using it in the comments below!

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