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What is Duke Selling? Dec. 11th 2019 – Jan. 8th 2020

Well, well, well…look who it is. Stitcher Jim is still hanging around the Outpost and Duke is no where to be found. It appears that Duke is still out looking for Larinna to confer with her about the growing skeleton threat in the Sea of Thieves. Stitcher Jim will continue to be our point pirate for all things Bilge Rat.

That means you can purchase the latest Mercenary Voyages from him as well as all the new items that have arrived in the Black Market. There are brand new twists on old classics, cosmetics that have been missing to complete sets and even more Ashen Dragon cosmetics!

Ashen Dragon

The Ashen Dragon section in the Black Market was introduced last month with The Seabound Soul update. This recently added section in the Black Market is dedicated to the burning hot Ashen Dragon cosmetics. While most of the cosmetics are available immediately, there are a few that require unlocked commendations.

These commendations can be found in the Ashen Treasures section in your Reputation tab. You will need to collect all five Tomes of Curses and Tomes of Power to unlock every cosmetic.

We have this handy guide here to help you unlock each of the cosmetics tied to the Tomes of Curses. Check out this guide for cosmetics tied to the Tomes of Power commendations.

Once you have unlocked the commendations, you can use your hard-earned gold to purchase the Spyglass of the Ashen Dragon, Compass of the Ashen Dragon, Shovel of the Ashen Dragon, Bucket of the Ashen Dragon, Fishing Rod of the Ashen Dragon, and Flintlock of the Ashen Dragon.

Desirables for Doubloons

You should have plenty of doubloons to spend if you have been hard at work turning in those Tomes of Curses, Tomes of Power and Ashen Chests to Stitcher Jim! A brand new cosmetic set as well as the rest of a previous one is up for grabs!


Want to make a great first impression? Then these new Aristocrat cosmetics might be what you are looking for. We would put these in the Sunday Best category in your Clothing Chest.

For doubloons you can purchase the Aristocrat Jacket, Aristocrat Dress and Aristocrat Hat.


Stitcher Jim looks to also be a completionist. Those itching to round out their Mercenary cosmetic set should be pleased to see the Mercenary Equipment cosmetics for sale.

Available for doubloons are the Mercenary Bucket, Mercenary Fishing Rod, Mercenary Lantern, Mercenary Compass, Mercenary Shovel, Mercenary Speaking Trumpet, Mercenary Spyglass and Mercenary Tankard!

Goodies for Gold

All you pirates who open every Collector’s Chest should have plenty of gold to purchase some of these lovely new cosmetics.

Stonewall Imperial Sovereign

The Stonewall Imperial Sovereign cosmetic set is a fresh take on the classic Imperial Sovereign cosmetics that you can find at any Outpost.

Up for sale is the full Stonewall Imperial Sovereign clothing set so you can replace every piece of your old and tired Imperial Sovereign clothing set.

For gold you can purchase the Stonewall Imperial Sovereign Belt, Boots, Dress, Eyepatch, Gloves, Hat, Hook, Jacket, Pegleg, Shirt and Trousers.

Nightshine Parrot

One of our favorite animal themed ship cosmetics was most definitely the Parrot ship cosmetics. Naturally, we were delighted to see the Nightshine variant of these awesome cosmetics.

For gold you can deck out your ship in the very appealing blue Nightshine Parrot Cannons, Nightshine Parrot Capstan, Nightshine Parrot Figurehead, Nightshine Parrot Flag, Nightshine Parrot Hull, Nightshine Parrot Sails and Nightshine Parrot Wheel.

Black Market Archive

If you thought it was hard choosing between all the new cosmetics hitting the Black Market already, now you will have the Black Market Archive competing for your attention.

The Black Market Archive has all previously released Black Market Cosmetics available to purchase!

As each month passes, the cosmetics introduced the previous month will be moved to the Black Market Archive. You can expect the prices of the items to rise as they move to the Archive so if you are looking for a good deal, best act on the initial offering!

To see what all has been previously released in the Black Market, you can always go to our easy to remember hub:


This will be a one stop shop for all things Black Market! You’ll be able to scroll through past offerings to see if there was something you missed but would still really like to purchase!

Another fun month of cosmetics added to the Black Market! Let us know what your favorites are in the comments below!

The latest cosmetics in the Black Market were not the only new content to hit the Sea of Thieves! You can check out our articles on the latest in the Pirate Emporium, the current Ashen threat and the celebration of the Festival of Giving below!

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