Festival of Giving

Sea of Thieves: Festival of Giving Guide

Celebrating the Holidays without Duke!?

Duke! Where are you?! We miss you!

The Bilge Rats’ poster child, Duke, is still missing from his station at your local Sea of Thieves outpost. Why could Duke still be missing?

Perhaps he is struggling to locate Larinna? The Bilge Rats happen to be less structured than the other Trading Companies. So, finding Larinna could prove difficult. I suppose we will just keeping waiting for you, Duke.

In the meantime, Stitcher Jim continues to uphold his duty in Duke’s absence. As such, you will be interacting with Stitcher Jim to purchase the latest Mercenary Voyages and cosmetics from the Black Market.

Festival of Giving Tavern

Holiday Spirit in the Sea of Thieves: The Festival of Giving

While we are sad that Duke still hasn’t returned, it’s hard to be down in the dumps for long when each outpost has been decked in festive decorations!

Wreaths and garlands cover the outposts, celebrating the Festival of Giving!

There are also gifts throughout the seas for finding and—yes—giving!

What are these Gifts?

There are Humble Gifts and Generous Gifts. As the names suggests, Humble Gifts are worth less and are more common; Generous Gifts are more expensive and less common.

Where did these Gifts come from?

It seems that a shipment of festive gifts drifted through the Shroud to the Sea of Thieves. Ah, but it seems their vessel sunk! Consequently, the gifts have been lost—scattered across the sea.

Where are these Festival Gifts now?

Skeleton Forts. Apparently Skeleton Crews have already recovered the scattered gifts and have started hoarding them on these Skeleton Forts for protection.

Aye, some gifts can be found in Fort Vaults. More on this below…

However, there are quicker ways to gather your gifts than battling an entire Skeleton Fort.

Stitcher Jim knows where the skeletons have hidden gifts outside of the fort vaults, and he has his own reasons for wanting us to retrieve them. 

Humble Gift

Pirates Ye Be Warned: Skeleton Forts are now a Riskier Destination

With Skeleton Forts as the destination for finding these Festival Gifts, these Gift Seeker Voyages pose greater risk you might initially think.

A new Skeleton Cloud haunts the skies, portending a more treacherous battle with a more tempting reward! Aye, if you see a crimson Skeleton Cloud glowing on the horizon, it marks the awakening of a new Skeleton Fort:

The Ashen Skeleton Fort.
Ashen Skeleton Fort

Since your x-marks-the-spot quests taking you only to Skeleton Forts, there is a chance that you acquire a map that leads to an active Ashen Skeleton Fort! 

Before you sail for a fort awash in that crimson glow, you might want to know a bit more about these Ashen Skeleton Forts: How to get an Ashen Tome of Power? The Sea of Thieves Ashen Treasures Guide.

Skeleton Lords

How to Find Gifts for The Festival of Giving

Gift Seeker Voyages

Stitcher Jim is selling a brand new type of Mercenary Voyage: Gift Seeker Voyages.

These voyages will consist of two chapters. Each chapter will have one quest each: an x-marks-the-spot map. As we mentioned above, the island shown on this map will always be a Skeleton Fort.

Gift Seeker Voyage Chapter 1

Head to the fort on your quest map and dig where directed. Each X will uncover a gift—either a Humble Gift or a Generous Gift.

Although there is always a chance that your shovel will unearth a Generous Gift, during this Gift Seeker Voyage you will mainly be digging up Humble Gifts.

Regardless, a gift is a gift, and we want to shower the Masked Stranger with as many as we can for Stitcher Jim!

Humble Gift

A New Foe: The Mutinous Helmsman

At first glance, this voyage might appear to be a couple of simple x-marks-the-spot quests. Pirates, ye be warned! A new threat guards these gifts!

During the second chapter of this voyage, one of the gifts you dig up will awaken this guard: A Skeleton Lord named The Mutinous Helmsman.

The Mutinous Helmsman

The Mutinous Helmsman can switch between his mighty blunderbuss and deadly sword at will. So, you will need to be on your toes at close or long range!

At either distance, a fistful of Firebombs will surely help you take down this boss.

This slippery villain can also teleport—disappearing just when you’ve got him on the ropes, and reappearing just out of reach.

Killing the Skeleton Lord is not required to complete the voyage.

Nevertheless, there are two reasons you might still want to slash him to bits!

First, ridding yourselves of the Mutinous Helmsman will make it much easier to get the gifts back on your ship.

Second, once the Skeleton Lord is defeated, he will drop Skeleton Orders for you to pick up. This is an extra x-marks-the-spot quest, and it is on the very same fort! No sailing required.

Even better, when you dig on that “X” you should find a Generous Gift!

Gift Seeker of Legend Voyage

The Legendary take on the Gift Seeker Voyage will also consist of two chapters with one quest each. These quests will also be x-marks-the-spot maps. Alas, these maps will also have you going to Skeleton Forts to retrieve the lost gifts.

So what makes the Gift Seeker of Legend Voyage so special?

The Gift Seeker of Legend Voyage Rewards with Better Loot

You are guaranteed high-value gifts during this voyage. You might come across a Humble Gift here and there, but you will mainly be digging up Generous Gifts!

Generous Gift

The Gift Seeker of Legend Voyage Tests your Mettle!

With better loot up for grabs means greater danger. While the Gift Seeker Voyage had you facing off against The Mutinous Helmsman, this voyage will have you going toe-to-toe with two Skeleton Lords.

Even better—or perhaps even worse—each of these Skeleton Lords is a more formidable foe than The Mutinous Helmsman.

If you embark upon the Gift Seeker of Legend Voyage, prepare to fight The Two-Faced Scoundrel and The Duchess! These two mighty Skeleton Lords will be guarding those coveted Generous Gifts.

Like The Mutinous Helmsman, these The Two-Faced Scoundrel and The Duchess can both teleport—disappearing and reappearing at will. 

Ah, but look sharp! You will also need to counter their additional special Skeleton Lord moves…

The Two-Faced Scoundrel
The Duchess

Similar to the Gift Seeker Voyage, upon killing each Skeleton Lord they will drop Skeleton Orders with an x-marks-the-spot quest for that very fort. This will allow you to dig up two additional Generous Gifts!

As with any voyage, once it is completed, you must still turn in your loot.

If your voyage has been relatively uneventful until now, it is likely to become quite eventful as you attempt to deliver your newly acquired gifts.

Where do you turn in these Festival Gifts?

You will not be selling these gifts at an outpost. Instead, you will need to sail for the Uncharted Island East of Wanderer’s Refuge.

A New Island in the Sea of Thieves!

Blimey! This island is no longer uncharted! Scroll to I-12 on your map, and you will see…

The Uncharted Island at I-12 is now:
The Reaper’s Hideout.

This island is poised to celebrate its new “charted” status with quite a ruckus! Because The Reaper’s Hideout is the only location to turn in the gifts, you can bet it will be a highly contested area.

If you hope to successfully deliver your gifts, you will likely need to approach clandestinely or fill your hull to the brim with firebombs and cursed cannonballs!

To Whom do we Give these Festival Gifts?

When you arrive on The Reaper’s Hideout, you will need to decide to whom you would like to give your gifts. You have two options.

The Masked Stranger

Ah! So, this is why Stitcher Jim was so keen for us to retrieve these gifts.

Stitcher Jim is asking that all pirates give the recovered gifts to his beloved—the Masked Stranger—as a tribute of his love for her!

It seems the Masked Stranger has decked the island in jubilant holiday décor well-befitting a pirate! You will find her standing under a—shall we say—nautical-themed makeshift Christmas tree.

Makeshift Tree
Sell Generous Gift to The Masked Stranger

Fellow Pirates!

Ah, blimey. Ye be me best mates!

Pirates aren’t always such a hardened lot. If you’ve listened to your fair share of shanties, you’ll know we pirates can be a bunch of blubbering softies! We are also quick to band together if we share a common cause.

Well, me hearties, this is one such instance in which helping your fellow pirate will actually help you! If another crew turns in your gift, you get rewarded!

So, find a crew and shower them with gifts!

Don’t see any crews around? Behind the Masked Stranger, you will notice a decorative table. This is a convenient place to drop off any extra gifts you might have.

You can also turn in any gifts you find there. It could help a kindred crew. Plus, it’s easy doubloons for you!

You must be on the same server as the other crew when they turn in your gift.

Logging off or switching servers will prevent you from earning progress towards your Charitable Giving commendations.

Gift Table


The commendations for the Gift Seeker Voyages are fairly straight forward.

You unlock commendations for delivering Humble and Generous Gifts, having other crews turn in your dug up gifts, completing a Gift Seeker Voyage in each region, and completing a Gift Seeker of Legend Voyage.

Humble Giving – Deliver a Humble Gift. (5 doubloons)

Humble Giving for Many – Deliver 25 Humble Gifts. (10 doubloons)

Humble Giving for All – Deliver 50 Humble Gifts. (15 doubloons)

Generous Giving – Deliver a Generous Gift. (10 doubloons)

Generous Giving for Many – Deliver 25 Generous Gifts. (20 doubloons)

Generous Giving for All – Deliver 50 Generous Gifts. (30 doubloons)

Charitable Giving – Give a Humble Gift to another crew and have it delivered. (5 doubloons)

Charitable Giving for Many – Give 15 Humble Gifts to other crews and have them delivered. (10 doubloons)

Charitable Giving for All – Give 30 Humble Gifts to other crews and have them delivered. (15 doubloons)

Bountiful Giving – Give a Generous Gift to another crew and have it delivered. (10 doubloons)

Bountiful Giving for Many – Give 15 Generous Gifts to other crews and have them delivered. (20 doubloons)

Bountiful Giving for All – Give 30 Generous Gifts to other crews and have them delivered. (30 doubloons)

Gift Seeker of The Shores of Plenty – Complete the Gift Seeker of The Shores of Plenty Voyage. (5 doubloons)

Gift Seeker of The Wilds – Complete the Gift Seeker of The Wilds Voyage. (5 doubloons)

Gift Seeker of The Ancient Isles – Complete the Gift Seeker of The Ancient Isles Voyage. (5 doubloons)

Gift Seeker of the Sea of Thieves – Complete the Legendary Gift Seeker of the Sea of Thieves Voyage. (15 doubloons)

Dedicated Gift Seeker – Complete a Gift Seeker Voyage in each of the three main regions. (25 doubloons)

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