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In Store on the Shores! Dec. 11th 2019 – Jan. 8th 2020

The Festival of Giving has arrived to the Sea of Thieves! As expected, there are some shiny new Seasonal cosmetics in the Pirate Emporium. Not so expected are several new pet outfits, three more bundles of emotes and a way for you to give back during this giving season!


The second month into the Seasonal section of the Pirate Emporium does not disappoint. You will find a brand new weapon cosmetics set to celebrate the Festival of Giving!

These cosmetics have plenty of holiday cheer infused into each of them! Each weapon is covered in bright red bows, green holy and red wrapping tape.

For 249 Ancient Coin each, you can purchase the Festival of Giving Cutlass, Festival of Giving Flintlock, Festival of Giving Blunderbuss and Festival of Giving Eye of Reach.

If you know you want all four for your Weapon chest you can purchase the Festival of Giving Weapon Bundle for 499 Ancient Coin.

Similar to last months Festival of Plenty, this months Festival of Giving has brand new pet cosmetics for your cute little sidekick!

Your pet will look like Santa’s little helper after equipping the Festival of Giving Outfit to it. The red and green throughout set the proper festive tone!


The Festival of Giving Outfit in the Seasonal section is the end of the pet cosmetics this month. There are two brand new outfits that you can dress your pal in!

Pirate Legend Outfits

The Pirate Legend cosmetics strike fear into any pirate that comes across it. It shows that the pirate wearing these cosmetics know the ins and outs of the Sea of Thieves and are not to be messed with.

Why not attach that fear inducing presence to your pet? The Pirate Legend Outfit available will show every pirate on the sea that your pet is not to be crossed!

Kraken Outfits

The Kraken Outfit has always been a fan favorite since its release. Getting to wear unique colors while paying respects to the mightiest creature to roam the sea is something us pirates enjoy.

Well now you and your little companion can both show your appreciation for the monstrous foe! The Kraken Outfit is now available for each pet!


The list of emotes in the Pirate Emporium grows and grows! But hey, we aren’t complaining. This latest batch of emotes has some of our favorites in it!

Storyteller Emotes Bundle

Have an epic story to tell but don’t quite have the words to do the story justice? Why not show people your grand adventure with one of the new Storyteller Emotes?

The Storyteller Emotes Bundle contains the Black Powder Story, Fishing Story, Sneaking Story, Shark Story, Shooting Story, Swashbuckling Story, Swabbing Story and Bailing Story.

It can be purchased for 999 Ancient Coin or you can purchase each emote individually for 149 Ancient Coin.

Hide & Sneak Emote Bundle

Now this is a fun emote bundle! Nothing like a good game of pirate hide and seek aboard a galleon or on your favorite island. This emote bundle contains four goofy emotes that let you hide behind barrels and pillars.

You are not completely stationary while in these motes for those looking to tuck away on unsuspecting pirates. You will always be moving while in this hiding emotes whether that be from side to side to sneak a peak or popping your head up.

For 299 Ancient Coin you can purchase the bundle that includes Hide, Barrel Hide, Deck Hide and Pillar Hide. You can also purchase them individually for 149 Ancient Coin.

Bilge Rat Emote Bundle

Are you one of the many pirates in love with Duke’s smooth swagger? Well now you can be just like him with these cool new emotes.

For 999 Ancient Coin you can purchase the Bilge Rat Emote Bundle which includes Bilge Rat Cheer, Bilge Rat Clap, Bilge Rat Dance, Bilge Rat Point, Bilge Rat Make Friends, Bilge Rat Sit, Bilge Rat Sleep and Bilge Rat Wave.

These emotes are not sold separately.


Another brand new section in the Pirate Emporium and this one could be the best yet! As we mentioned above, Rare has added an easy way for us all to participate in the season of giving.

Rare has partnered up with SpecialEffect to create brand new sails for purchase. All proceeds from the purchase of these sails are donated to the SpecialEffect charity.

So if you have any spare coin this month and are looking to donate to a great cause, this would be a fantastic way to do so!

Noble Pathfinder Sails

For 599 you can purchase the Noble Pathfinder Sails and donate money to the SpecialEffect charity.

Noble Pathfinder Sails

That is a lot for this month’s update to the Pirate Emporium! With new seasonal cosmetics, pet outfits, emotes and charity section, there is something for everyone!

The latest cosmetics in the Pirate Emporium were not the only new content to hit the Sea of Thieves! You can check out our articles on the latest in the Black Market, the current Ashen threat and the celebration of the Festival of Giving below!

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