Summer of Sea of Thieves

Summer of Sea of Thieves Adventure Guide

The Summer of Sea of Thieves Time-Limited Event is live and there are dozens of fun goals to complete while in Adventure Mode.

Some goals need to be completed in a specific location while others can be performed anywhere in the Sea of Thieves.

Below you’ll find every Summer of Sea of Thieves goal that can be completed in Adventure Mode. They are categorized by location and type of goal making your time on the seas more efficient!

You can always check your progress on the official Summer Event page here. For those looking on some guidance on their Arena goals, you can head over to our Arena guide here!

In Any Tavern

Speak to the Mysterious Stranger

Inside every Tavern on any Outpost in the Sea of Thieves you’ll find the Mysterious Stranger leaning against the back wall. Head to the left of the bar and talk to the Mysterious Stranger to complete this goal.

Mysterious Stranger

Speak to Duke of the Bilge Rats

You will also find Duke in every Tavern found on any Outpost in the Sea of Thieves. Walk up to Duke and talk to him to complete this goal.

Duke's Black Market June

In a tavern, drink a grog with another crew.

You’ll have to find another friendly crew to complete this goal. Once you find a crew who is willing to set aside their weaponry, head to the closest Tavern.

Once inside, equip your grog from the Item Radial and drink it down at the same time the other crew does. Drinking your grog together in the Tavern will complete this goal. You don’t need to be in an Alliance for this to work.

The Shores of Plenty

Speak to Umbra

Sail on over to Lagoon of Whispers found at the coordinates D12 on the map. You will find Umbra on the North side of the island behind a table. Talk to her to complete this goal.

Talk to Umbra
See where Umbra is on your map.

Speak to the Servant of the Flame

The Servant of the Flame can be found at The Reaper’s Hideout in The Shores of Plenty.

Once on the island head to the large structure there. Inside against the back of the structure will be the Servant of the Flame near the Reaper’s Bones Emissary Table. Talk to them to complete this goal.

Servant of the Flame
See where the Servant of the Flame is on your map.

The Ancient Isles

Speak to Madame Olivia

You’ll have to speak to Madame Olivia on Plunder Outpost for this goal. She is the leader of the Order of the Souls and can be found in the Order of Souls tent on the Outpost. Talk to her to complete this goal.

Madam Olivia
See where Madame Olivia is on your map.

Clear the Fort of the Damned

The Fort of the Damned can be found in The Ancient Isles. Unlike other forts in the Sea of Thieves, this one can be activated by pirates at any time. You’ll just need to have all the Flames of Fate and a Ritual Skull to activate it.

Once activated, clear the waves and the final boss encounter to complete this goal. As long as you or anyone on your crew is on the Fort of the Damned when the final boss is killed and the vault is opened, you’ll get credit towards this goal.

Fort of the Damned

The Devil’s Roar

Speak to Grace Morrow

You’ll find Grace Marrow just outside the Tavern on Morrow’s Peak Outpost. Simply talk to her to complete this goal.

See where Grace Morrow is on your map.

Speak to Tallulah

Inside the Tavern on Morrow’s Peak Outpost you’ll find the tavern keeper Tallulah behind the bar. Talk to her to complete this goal.

See where Tallulah is on your map.

The Glorious Sea Dog Tavern

Speak to Amaranta

Head on over to the coordinates K11 on the map to find the Glorious Sea Dog Tavern. Make your way up to the level of the rock formation where the tavern sits.

Walk around the tavern until you find the large tavern doors where you’ll find Amarantha. Talk to her to complete this goal.


Complete the Sea Dogs’ jumping challenge

The Sea Dog’s jumping challenge takes place on the Glorious Sea Dog Tavern found at K11 on the map. The finish line is a bell you must ring at the very top of the structure.

From Amarantha on the Glorious Sea Dog Tavern, you can either walk around the shops to the start of the jumping challenge or walk to a ladder just South East of Amarantha. This ladder will take you straight to the bell that you must ring.

Once you ring the bell found on top of the Glorious Sea Dog Tavern you will complete this goal.

Sea Dog Ladder

The Ferry of the Damned

Speak to the dour, spectral Ferryman

The Ferry of the Damned is for those pirates who have made a mistake or two in the land of the living! Once you have been killed and sent to the Ferry, be sure to talk to the Ferryman before walking through the doors back to the land of living. Once you talk to the Ferryman you will complete this goal.


Anywhere in the Sea of Thieves

Use the Make Friends emote to befriend another pirate

Be sure to have your Make Friends emote equipped before finding another pirate to do this with. You can always adjust your emotes in the Vanity Chest found at any Outpost or on your ship.

Once you’ve found a friendly pirate, on your own crew or another crew, perform the Make Friends emote at the same time they do. You’ll complete this goal when both of you perform the emote at the same time.

This goal can also be completed in Arena.

Play a shanty alongside a member of another crew

Find another crew who looks like a friendly bunch of pirates. Only one member from the other crew needs to play any instrument at the same time that you play yours. Though it might just be more fun if every member of each crew gets into it too!

This goal can also be completed in Arena.

Be a generous pirate and let another crew cash in a chest of yours

For a chest to be yours your crew must be the first one to dig it up or touch it. Once you have a piece of treasure, find another crew to give it to.

They must sell the chest to the Gold Hoarders or Reaper’s Bones while you are still on the server with them. If they sell it after you leave it will not count. As soon as they sell the chest you will complete this goal.

Form an Alliance with another crew

Sail the seas in hunt for another ship. You’ll want to approach it as friendly as can be to state your intentions of forming an alliance. It will probably help to head to your crow’s nest and equip your Form Alliance flag. This will make it easier for other ships to join you.

As soon as one other ship joins your alliance or you join another ship’s alliance you will have completed this goal.

Sit together with another crew in a Skeleton Throne

There are a total of ten Skeleton Thrones hidden away in the Sea of Thieves. Five of them are bigger thrones that require two crews to each sit in to activate. These larger thrones are the ones you will want to find and sit in.

Once you find another crew looking to knock this goal out and head over to a large throne.

You can use our handy Skeleton Throne guide here to find one of the five large Skeleton Thrones in the Sea of Thieves! You don’t need to be in an Alliance with the other crew for the this to work.

You’ll also want to make sure you have the original, default Sit Emote equipped for this. Other Emotes that have your pirate sitting on the ground might not work for this.

Skeleton Thrones

Cook up some healthy food on a campfire at night

Campfires can be found on all large islands in the Sea of Thieves as well as at Outposts. Once you have either a piece of Chicken, Pig, Snake, Kraken or Megaladon meat, place it on any campfire at night.

Start the fire underneath the pan with some wood and your lantern. Let it cook until it is golden brown and the goal will be completed.

You can find where every campfire is in the Sea of Thieves with our handy guide here!

Eat all 5 types of fruit that grow on the Sea of Thieves

You’ll want to eat five different types of fruit for this goal. Eating a banana, a coconut, a pomegranate, a mango and a pineapple will complete this goal.

You will find lots of fruit on the Outpost you first start at when entering the Sea of Thieves. You could get lucky and find all five types here.

If not, continue to look in every resource barrel you come across on your adventures until you have found all five types. Pineapples will be the hardest to come across as they are the best fruit a pirate can find.

Defeat one of these emergent threats that lurk in the world: a Skeleton Ship, Kraken, Megalodon, Ghost Fleet or Ashen Lord

While sailing the Sea of Thieves in open waters there will be a chance for a Skeleton Ship or Megalodon to attack you. These encounters are random and not guaranteed to happen.

Once one does spawn, instead of running away as you might other times do, go ahead and fight! Defeating an emergent Skeleton Ship or Kraken will complete this goal.

If you are looking for a less random way to complete this goal, keep an eye out for Flameheart’s floating head or a red tornado on the horizon. A Ghost Fleet encounter will be waiting for you under Flameheart and the red tornado will direct you to an Ashen Lord. Defeating the Ghost Fleet or Ashen Lord will also complete this goal.

Ghost Ships Flameheart

Explode Gunpowder Skeletons in a chain reaction of at least 2

An easy way to find Gunpowder Skeletons is to do an Athena’s Run of Thieves’ Haven voyage. As you dig up Xs during the voyage you are bound to hit one X that is booby-trapped with Gunpowder Skeletons.

If you are not a Pirate Legend and can’t find one to purchase the voyage for you, you’ll also find plenty of Gunpowder Skeletons when doing a Skeleton Fort.

Once you found a pair of Gunpowder Skeletons, get them close together and blow one of the kegs up with the weapon of your choosing. The nearby keg should also blow up from the first’s explosion and you will complete this goal.

Perform a ‘handbrake turn’ by dropping the anchor during a full turn

To perform a handbrake turn in Sea of Thieves you must be sailing your ship at a decent speed. When you have plenty of room to pull off this maneuver you will want to turn your ship’s steering wheel all the way in either direction. Once your steering wheel is all the way left or right, drop your anchor!

Dropping your anchor while your ship is moving and the wheel is turned all the way in one direction will result in a handbrake turn. Once your anchor is dropped and your ship turns you will complete this goal.

This goal can also be completed in Arena.

Drink so much grog that you’re sick

You’ll want to find a keg to refill your grog at to complete this goal. Drinking just one cup of grog will not be enough to get you sick. You’ll want to consume three full cups of grog back-to-back. This will be enough grog to cause your pirate to get sick.

You can refill your grog on any ship or at any tavern.

This goal can also be completed in Arena.

Kill 10 skeletons affected by Grogballs

You will want to scrounge through every resource barrel you can find to acquire enough Grogballs for this goal. Once you have several start up an Order of Souls voyage for an easy way to find skeletons. You’ll want to get a quest from that voyage that is a smaller island. This will make it easier to group skeletons up on a beach for your ship

Gather a group of skeletons up on the beach and fire a Grogball into the center of them. Switch to a cannonball immediately after and fire it into the group. Hopefully you kill them all quick enough before the Grogball wears off.

You can also have a crew member on the ground next to the group of skeletons to mop them up with their sword.

Defeat an Ashen Lord

Ashen Lords can be found at any Ashen Lord World Event marked by a large red tornado in the sky. This world event is mixed in with the other world events such as Skeleton Forts and Skeleton Fleet Battles.

Ashen Lords are large Skeleton Lords that have fire-based abilities that will prove challenging during a fight! Defeating one will complete this goal. As long as you are on the island when the Ashen Lord is defeated and your crew has done some damage to the Ashen Lord it will count.

For a guide on the most efficient way to take out one of these mighty foes, head on over to our Ashen Lord World Event Guide here.

Ashen Lords

As a Reaper’s Bones Emissary, sell another crew’s Level 5 Emissary Flag

To complete these goal you’ll want to sell another crew’s Level 5 Emissary. You can tell the grade of another crew’s emissary flag by the number of stripes their top mainmast flag has. If you count 5 stripes on their mainmast’s top flag then you know they are Emissary Grade 5. Sink them before they get to an Outpost to lower their flag.

Once you sink their ship wait for the flag to float up with the rest of the loot they might have and grab it. Once you have the flag head straight to The Reaper’s Hideout.

Before you sell it to the Servant of the Flame there, be sure you have your Reaper’s Bones Emissary Flag raised. If you forgot to do it up until this point, you can raise it at The Reaper’s Hideout just before you sell the flag.

Deliver 20 Trophy Fish to The Hunter’s Call at one of the Seaposts

You’ll need to catch 20 Trophy Fish and sell them to any Hunter’s Call representative at a Seapost. Trophy Fish are larger versions of fish found in the Sea of Thieves. They are worth more and are harder to catch.

A simple way to do this would be to just fish at a Seapost. You will have the opportunity to catch Trophy Splashtails here without using any bait. If a fish grabs your line that isn’t a Trophy, you can pull your line back up and cast again. No need to waste your time catching those small fish!

Reach Athena’s Fortune Emissary Grade 5

To reach Emissary Grade 5 in Athena’s Fortune you’ll want to complete a couple of Athena’s Voyages or a couple Athena’s Runs of Thieves’ Haven voyages. You’ll need to at least do two of either of these to reach Emissary Grade 5.

If you sink you will lose your current Emissary Grade so be sure to have a watchful eye on the sea for any feisty crews looking to take you down!

For more on how to raise your Emissary Grade, you can read through our guide that goes into detail here.

Athena's Fortune Ship Emissary

Let another crew cash in your Chest of Legends

You are guaranteed a Chest of Legends at the end of an Athena’s Voyage. Dig one up and find another crew that is willing to tango. Hand them your chest and ask them to sell it for you.

If your Chest of Legends happens to get stolen that is alright too. As long as the Chest of Legends that you dug up gets sold while you are on the server you will get credit for goal. If it gets sold after you leave you will not complete this goal.

Now that you have your Summer Event goals all sorted for Adventure, why not head on over to our Arena guide and check out your next set of challenges!

Summer of Sea of Thieves

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