Sea of Thieves: All Campfire Locations

Welcome to an index of every campfire found in the Sea of Thieves! With so many fish and animals to cook and only one stove aboard your ship, knowing where to find another cooking spot in a pinch is a must!

Below you will find a list of each campfire categorized by the island they can be found on. Each campfire description will direct you to our Sea of Thieves map which shows you the exact location to help you get your tasty pirate meal started!

If you come across a campfire we do not have here, feel free to leave a comment, reach out to us on Twitter or send an email to [email protected]

Have fun cooking!

Ancient Spire Outpost’s CampfiresIn front of the tavern.

Ashen Reaches’ CampfiresAcross from the bouy near the camp on the East side of the island.By the ‘Forgotten Rowboat’ on the South East side of the island.

Cannon Cove’s CampfiresAt the beach camp in the cove.Near cave entrance found in the middle of the island.

Crescent Isle’s CampfiresIn the cave where the water passes through the island.Near the South entrance to the cave.

Crook’s Hollow’s CampfiresBy the ‘Lone Painted Crab’ rock painting on the North beach.By the waterfall to the South East of the island.

Dagger Tooth Outpost’s CampfiresOn the North East side of the island by the broken dock.In front of the stairs South By South East from the Gold Hoarder’s tent.

Devil’s Ridge’s CampfiresUpper level of island near cannon that faces West.Just left of Martha the Fierce on the West beach.

Discovery Ridge’s CampfiresIn front of the broken rowboat shelter to the West of the island.In front of the ‘Seahorse’ rock painting found on the East beach.

Fetcher’s Rest’s CampfiresBy the camp found on the North East side of the island.By the camp found on the West side of the island.

Flintlock Peninsula’s CampfiresBy the ‘Long Abandoned Shipwreck’ to the West of the island.By the camp to the South East.

Galleon’s Grave Outpost’s CampfiresBy Gold Hoarder tent.

Golden Sands Outpost’s CampfiresIn front of Clothing Shop.North East side of island in the middle of a goruping of palm trees.

Kraken’s Fall’s CampfiresUpper level of island to the North.By camp to the East.West side of island, North of cove.Near Lootin Penelope to the East.

Lone Cove’s CampfiresNear North camp and Captain’s Hammock.South East of main center rock.Next to Deadshot Charlotte to the West of the island.

Marauder’s Arch’s CampfiresNorth side by camp hammock on outter beach.North side of island in kraken skull mouth on inner beach.Near cannon found on the lower level South side.

Mermaid’s Hideaway’s CampfiresFound on the North beach.North East side of island on beach.Near ‘Mermaid’s Lagoon’ next to Five Paces Frank.

Molten Sands Fortress’ CampfiresOn the south side of the broken rope bridge, under a little campsite.

Morrow’s Peak Outpost’s CampfiresBy the main dock.

Old Faithful Isle’s CampfiresNear hanging cage and lever to the North.Found on the South beach.

Plunder Outpost’s CampfiresAcross from the Gold Hoarder tent.By the back dock on the North East side of the island.

Plunder Valley’s CampfiresTo the North on the second level of the island by the ammo crate on the rocks.Just to the left of Salty on the East side of the island.

Ruby’s Fall’s CampfiresOn little bald patch of sand on the North East prong.Near the camp by the bridge.

Sailor’s Bounty’s CampfiresNorth side of island near shipwreck.Upper level of main island near camp.South beach of main island.South West side of island near barrels.

Sanctuary Outpost’s CampfiresNext to dock on East side of island.South of Tavern.

Shark Bait Cove’s CampfiresJust in front of the Shark Statue to the North West.Just in front of Merrick’s Camp to the South West.

Shipwreck Bay’s CampfiresBy resource barrels on north west corner of main island.By IOnEI Falcon player imortilization.On south outcrop near shipwreck.

Smuggler’s Bay’s CampfiresNear ‘Drunken Sailor’ on upper North West side of island.In front of cave near camp at the center of the island.

Snake Island’s CampfiresJust a few paces South West of the ‘Red Flower’ rock painting.On the main island on the North beach.On the main island near the ‘Sun Rock’ rock painting on the South Beach.

The Crooked Masts’ CampfiresUpper level of the North spire.Middle level on South side of island near ‘Three Painted Tentacles’ rock painting.

The Devil’s Thirst’s CampfiresOn the Northern tip of the island.By the fate of Old Coop on the North peak of the island.

The Sunken Grove’s CampfiresUnderneath hanging cage to West.Found at the West fishing camp.In South cave in grove.

Thieves’ Haven’s CampfiresIn front of the ‘Survivor’s Camp’ to the East.

Wanderer’s Refuge’s CampfiresLower level of island in main tunnel in middle of island.Found on the South beach.

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  1. Ancient Spire Outpost actually has two. The second one is found in the cave leading to the Pirate Legend Hideout from the tavern’s floor. There’s a similar one at Dagger Tooth Outpost, but that one you cannot cook food on it.

    1. Great catch! I am remembering that one now that you mention it. We will get it added very soon. Thanks again 🙂

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