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Sea of Thieves: Rare’s 35th Anniversary Time-Limited Event

It’s time to party! Why? Well, it’s time to celebrate Rare’s 35th anniversary! That’s why!

To commemorate this historic milestone, Rare is throwing a little Easter Egg hunt in the Sea of Thieves! Aye, Rare is sending us pirates out to hunt down five different Easter Eggs—each of which pay tribute to one of their previous games.

Find all five connections to Rare’s heritage, and you will unlock an all-new exclusive Rare Legend Figurehead!

Anniversary Figurehead

To make sure each Easter Egg counts, you must interact with these hidden gems. If you’ve earned a few commendations for the Legends of the Sea player Immortalizations, then you know the drill.

Approach the Easter Egg, and follow the prompt to “Inspect.”

You’ll have from August 3rd: 05:00pm to August 24th: 04:59pm to interact with each of the Easter Eggs and grab the elusive reward! As always, you can check your progress on the official event hub website as you activate each Easter Egg.

The following guide will lead you to each of the Easter Eggs necessary for the Rare Legend Figurehead. If you are more of a visual pirate, you can always check out our video walkthrough here:

Blackwyche on Shipwreck Bay

Visit Shipwreck Bay and interact with Blackwyche

The mighty Blackwyche shipwreck resides on Shipwreck Bay. Head to the South side of the island to find the wreckage on the beach.

Climb up to the entrance of the Captain’s Cabin on the East side of the wreckage and look up at the nameplate found above the door.

To activate the Easter Egg, you’ll want to “Inspect” the nameplate. Once you’ve read a bit about the Blackwyche, you will be rewarded with a tidy sum of 7 Doubloons and 3,500 Gold Coins!

You’ll also be one step closer to that shiny new figurehead!

You can learn a bit more about Sir Arthur Pendragon in the Tall Tales! He first appears in Seabound Soul, and we see him again in Heart of Fire.

See where the Blackwyche Easter Egg is on your map.

Battletoads on Snake Island

Venture on Snake Island and find the painting of mighty toads

Sail on over to Snake Island and walk on up to the highest point of the middle isle. Walk on over to the North side and peak out over the edge to find the Battletoads rock painting.

Inspect the painting to learn the legend of these ‘Fightin’ Frogs.’ Once you do, you’ll hear the lovely sound of Doubloons and Gold Coins clinking into your pockets.

You are yet another step closer to earning that Rare Legend Figurehead.

Want to know a bit more about this toad trio? You’re in luck! Rare teamed up with Dlala Studios to create an all new Battletoads, releasing August 20th, 2020!

We got to play this game at E3, and we have been waiting in eager anticipation ever since! In our excitement, we wrote a rather in-depth article: E3 2019: Battletoads Hands-On Impressions.

In that article, we discuss the new art style, the evolution of the toads’ design, tons of new gameplay mechanics, and the all new Turbo Tunnel!!

See where the Battletoads Easter Egg is on your map.

Banjo-Kazooie on Plunder Valley

Visit on Plunder Valley and seek the picturesque bear & bird duo

“Guh-huh!” The Banjo-Kazooie Easter Egg resides on a large island already quite bedecked in avian art—Plunder Valley.

Plunder Valley has a rather iconic silhouette—topped by a large bird shaped rock formation. The Easter Egg you seek is at the base of this rock formation.

Climb on up to the middle level of the island, working your way around to the east side of this base. You’ll find this painting on the side of the rock formation facing towards the East sea.

Inspect this rock painting to successfully activate the Easter Egg. You’ll earn Doubloons, Gold Coins, and another check marking off yet another step on your quest to that beautiful figurehead.

See where the Ancient Bear and Bird Easter Egg is on your map.

Viva Piñata on Thieves’ Haven

Stop by Thieves’ Haven and look for colourful animals at the top

Hungry for candy? Why not stop by Theives’ Haven and find yourself a piñata or two?

Head into the cave system found on the middle level of the island from the North side. Follow the caves westward and you’ll come across the Viva Piñata rock painting.

Walk up to the painting and inspect! More Doubloons and Gold Coins will trickle into your coffers. More importantly, you’ll have another Easter Egg checked off the list!

Viva Piñata
See where the Piñata Easter Egg is on your map.

Perfect Dark in a storm

Sail through a storm with all your lanterns off for a Perfectly Dark moment on the seas!

Remember how we said you’ll activate “most” Easter Eggs by inspecting them? Well, this Easter Egg is much more interactive than the others!

For this Easter Egg, you’ll need to sail through a storm at night with all your lanterns off.

Make sure all your lanterns, above and below deck, are turned off while in the storm. You’ll know you are truly in the storm when you hear your ship’s bell ringing!

The smaller the boat, the less lights you’ll have to turn off. So, it might be easiest to head into a storm on a sloop.

It might take a bit of time to fully unlock this Easter Egg. So, keep those buckets and planks handy! You’ll know you’ve successfully navigated this challenge when you hear those Doubloons and Gold Coins.

If you haven’t already, you’ll also unlock the achievement associated with this Easter Egg.

Perfect Dark

Completing each of the five challenges will unlock the very special Rare Legend Figurehead! On top of owning this unique figurehead, you will now also know a bit more lore behind the legendary studio: Rare Ltd.

Pirates, ye be warned! It could take up to 48 hours for your local shipwright to receive your Rare Legend Figurehead. Once it does, you’ll find it in your Ship Customization chest.

Equip it and sail the seas with pride, celebrating a studio whose been captivating hearts and minds for 35 years—a rare legend, indeed!

Anniversary Figurehead

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  1. Great walkthru! Does it all have to be done consecutively, or can you leave and come back in to complete the rest of the hunts?

    1. Thanks! You don’t have to do it all at once. You can complete them across multiple sessions if you choose!

  2. Anyone else have trouble with the storm? I waited in the storm for it to be night time and sailed around all night with all my lanterns off and nothing

    1. It could take a few times. We have heard from lots of pirates that they sailed through a storm at night several times before it finally unlocked.

  3. I would like to give you a big round of applause, and a big thank you to all the guides to Sea of Thieves. I am a diligent visitor to your site and without your guides I would have been completely lost.

    So again – Thank you for taking the time

    Stefan Löf

    1. Thank you so much for the kind words Stefan! It means a lot to us that you would take the time to let us know how much you have been enjoying our guides. We will continue to do our best to help this awesome community in whatever way we can!

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