What is Duke Selling?

What is Duke Selling? Jan. 15th – Feb. 12th 2020

Hooray! Thank you, Pirate Lord! Duke is back!

With Duke’s post filled by its rightful owner once again, Stitcher Jim is now nowhere to be seen. And if we are being honest, we don’t quite care where Jim went. It just feels good to have our friendly neighborhood Bilge Rat back!

While the Black Market has been available under Stitcher Jim’s watch, it is nice to be doing business with the owner himself, Duke.

Duke does look a little banged up, though. After his death-defying adventure to the Heart of Fire, it looks like he could use some cheering up. Why not purchase a few things from Duke to brighten his spirit?

So, let’s see what goodies Duke has brought us this month!

Ashen Dragon

The number of Ashen Dragon cosmetics is now spilling over onto a second page in the Black Market!

Aye, a new volume of Ashen Tomes out in the wild means that there is also a new batch of Ashen Dragon cosmetics to unlock and purchase.

If you collect and return each Tome of Fire to Duke, you can unlock and purchase the Drum of the Ashen Dragon, the Hurdy Gurdy of the Ashen Dragon, the Concertina of the Ashen Dragon, the Banjo of the Ashen Dragon, the Speaking Trumpet of the Ashen Dragon, and the Blunderbuss of the Ashen Dragon.

The Blunderbuss of the Ashen Dragon sure will feel good to fire into any skeleton who dares to cross our path!

Desirables for Doubloons

Hopefully you made some decent scratch last month from all of those gifts that Stitcher Jim wanted you to hand over to the Masked Stranger.

You’ll need those doubloons to purchase this month’s desirables—items that will make for rather handsome additions to your personal collection.


Last month, we got a taste of the fancy new Aristocrat cosmetics. Wearing the Aristocrat jacket, dress, or hat made us feel like we were wearing our piratical Sunday Best.

This month, Duke has treated us to a whole ship and weapon set of Aristocrat cosmetics!

Aristocrat Weapons

Complete your dapper demeanor with the Aristocrat Pistol, Blunderbuss, Eye of Reach, and Cutlass.

Aristocrat Ship Cosmetics

Aye, and since most pirates will see your ship before they see you, you can announce your posh presence with the creamy peach Aristocrat Flag, Hull, and Sails—complemented perfectly with the handsome Aristocrat Cannons, Capstan, Figurehead, and Wheel.


We are not done with the Mercenary cosmetics just yet! Duke has offered up some nice Mercenary instrument cosmetics for us to purchase in that ever continuing goal to complete the set!

Handing over your doubloons for these will get you the Mercenary Banjo, Drum, Concertina and Hurdy-Gurdy.

Goodies for Gold

Doubloons are fun and all but nothing beats gold. Duke is selling some goodies indeed this month that you wont want to miss while the prices are good!

Nightshine Parrot

Our favorite cosmetic set, the Nightshine Parrot, is back and this time in the form of weapon and clothing cosmetics!

For some of that gold in your pouch you can purchase the Nightshine Parrot Flintlock, Blunderbuss, Eye of Reach and Cutlass, as well as the Nightshine Hat, Jacket and Dress.

Crimson Corsair Sea Dog

This month’s twist on an Outpost favorite is the Crimson Corsair Sea Dog cosmetics. I am sure at one point during our pirating on the Sea of Thieves we have equipped one of the Corsair Sea Dog cosmetics.

Well now for gold, you can purchase and equip the rustic Crimson Corsair Sea Dog Belt, Boots, Dress, Eyepatch, Gloves, Hat, Hook, Jacket, Pegleg, Shirt and Trousers.

Black Market Archive

If you missed the release of The Black Market archive last month, it’s your one stop shop for all previously introduced Black Market items.

As each month passes, the cosmetics introduced the previous month will be moved to the Black Market Archive. You can expect the prices of the items to rise as they move to the Archive. Their first month being available have a lower introductory price set.

To see what all has been previously released in the Black Market, you can always go to our easy to remember hub:


This hub will be a one stop shop for anything and everything Black Market! You can scroll through past offerings to see if there was something you missed and still dying to have!

Duke sure did deliver with his reappearance of running the Black Market. Let us know which of these new cosmetics are your favorites in the comments below!

For those looking to earn some extra doubloons and explore the lore of the Sea of Thieves, be sure to check out the Legends of the Sea adventure that Umbra has brought. You will need to hunt down fifty legendary pirates and their story for Umbra who is looking to document them all.

We have this handy guide here to help you uncover the secrets of each Legend of the Sea!

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Legends of the Sea

There are also Gilded Voyages to experience and Ashen Tomes of Fire to collect this month! We have everything you need to know about each in the following articles!

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